Chapter 2:

Break Wallkin- Number 0: The Joker

An Adventure Beyond Greatness!

I'm gonna take a break...Bookmark here

You readers must have noticed the difference in title layout, right? I'm doing that on purpose.Bookmark here

No, it doesn't mean I'll be breakdancing. Bookmark here

'Break Wallkin' is just me taking a break...Bookmark here

I won't even remember the things I said in this break period, because it's technically non-canon.Bookmark here

Either that, or the omnipotent author is showing his power over me, this world's omniscient narrator.Bookmark here

Damn the Author and his 'artistic liberties'...!Bookmark here

Anyway...Bookmark here

This will be the first in my introductions to new characters, with the first being 'Alex Stuman'.Bookmark here

Consider this the Prologue after the first chapter...Bookmark here

The insight that will let you have a better understanding of 'The Joker' of my narrative.Bookmark here

Someone destined to flip the tables...Bookmark here

That sounds like mess, doesn't it? Who in the world puts their Prologue AFTER their first chapter?Bookmark here

After all, it breaks the flow of narration.Bookmark here

Here you are trying to immerse yourself into the character perspective, and here I am breaking it.Bookmark here

Like I'm prying you from his point of view...Bookmark here

But that's necessary for me...Bookmark here

Actually, this isn't your normal Portal Fantasy where someone gets transported to another world.Bookmark here

In fact, this was different from the very beginning.Bookmark here

Notice the constant jests I was making at my main character's expense. What did it make you think?Bookmark here

Of course, you readers may think it was bad taste.Bookmark here

To hit a main character down while they were at their lowest point... was a low blow for a narrator.Bookmark here

But you readers yourselves were worse than me.Bookmark here

From what I was told by the Author, there were readers who thought reincarnation was enviable.Bookmark here

Those guys had no idea what they're talking about!Bookmark here

Even when a loser like Alex reincarnated, he was instantly thrown into a bad situation with poor luck.Bookmark here

Though that was normal for your average protagonist, I ask you to look at him 'humanely'.Bookmark here

What kind of life did a 'Protagonist' live? How was living in a world of swords and magic like anyway?Bookmark here

Nothing 'enviable', I assure you readers of that.Bookmark here

Learning magic may seem like a wonder to many at first, but it would eventually get old one day.Bookmark here

The same could be said for the scenery.Bookmark here

Even on Earth right now, there were people who didn't care for new sights. They had the Internet.Bookmark here

Since they already saw a picture online, it became less impactful. The same happened in this fantasy.Bookmark here

Alex had found living in his new 'reality' a chore.Bookmark here

It was too foreign, too illogical, nonsensical, and even flimsy. This was after studying the world itself.Bookmark here

He was self-aware enough to see it how it was...Bookmark here

Carrying the burden of being the only 'foreigner' in this new world, he grew up feeling melancholic.Bookmark here

Ignoring the tragedies that happened to him just because he was a 'Protagonist', his life was empty.Bookmark here

Even in another world, one could not ignore laws.Bookmark here

Unless one was powerful and inhuman enough, any and all 'foreigners' would have the same feeling.Bookmark here

You could have the freedom of having no parents telling you what to do, or even have the freedom to go wherever you want, but if going back home wasn't an option, then it was no freedom at all.Bookmark here

None would be able to understand Alex's pain...Bookmark here

The youth cried whenever he remembered his strict but loving dad, or smart yet awkward mom.Bookmark here

His tears flowed down endlessly whenever he was struck with homesickness. He was just a teenager.Bookmark here

How long could he stay away from his family?Bookmark here

Perhaps there was a time he was glad about being able to live a new life, but it didn't last for long.Bookmark here

Like a Joker in a suit of cards...Bookmark here

Like a Protagonist on a Hero's Journey...Bookmark here

He was always met with troubles and situations that would be reversed thanks to his presence.Bookmark here

Such a 'reversal' wasn't always in his favour...Bookmark here

If having an exciting life meant that nothing would stick to his plans, then wasn't that hell already?Bookmark here

A prolonged state of happiness would always lead to sadness, even if the opposite was also true.Bookmark here

Life had many up and downs, but sometimes the life of a 'Wild Card' wasn't always the best one.Bookmark here

The only thing that never got old to him was the study of magic, and the wonders of 'Magic Skills'.Bookmark here

Even while being untalented at first, he was able to bring himself up through applying his wisdom.Bookmark here

But that wasn't the point...Bookmark here

The important part was: Do any of you readers ever feel the thirst for knowledge when ignorant?Bookmark here

Perhaps so, but not to THIS extent...Bookmark here

So what's the point I'm getting at? What was all the words I narrated leading to? What was the payoff?Bookmark here

In short: It was that even dogs had their days, and even losers could sometimes become the winners.Bookmark here

Alex didn't know if hard work make for talent, but he felt his 'personal narrative' was an underdog.Bookmark here

Rising up to the occasion and flipping the script...Bookmark here

He was unknowing of his existence as a 'protagonist', and that his true nature wasn't that.Bookmark here

However, a strong personal narrative could sometimes affect the greater narrative overall.Bookmark here

It was rightly called: 'Having a purpose in life'.Bookmark here

And as this story's narrator, I knew my purpose.Bookmark here

It's because I have a purpose that I exist. In fact, all characters in stories come from the same place.Bookmark here

There's always a reason for them to exist.Bookmark here

However, Humans in real life tended to be way more complex. They existed, therefore they had purpose. Some may not know what that purpose expressly was, but others realised it eventually.Bookmark here

And those who did come to this realisation ended up becoming those who stood out from the crowd.Bookmark here

Usually, in terms of fighting, those who found their obsessive drive to become stronger were the so-called 'Losers' of competitive fighting. Those who brag about working harder than others, even though rewards weren't only given to hard workers.Bookmark here

Effort doesn't betray you, but working hard was a steep climb that sometimes wasn't worth the effort. If you had no talent in fighting, then it was better to work at something else for a satisfying life. It's about weighing the costs and benefits.Bookmark here

Why work hard for years trying to sharpen your craft? Everyone has infinite possibilities...Bookmark here

You can become a boxer, or you could become a cook. It's common sense that the easier one you can succeed at becomes what you come back to later on. Success was much better than failure.Bookmark here

Perhaps only people like 'him' were different.Bookmark here

Alex Stuman had always been an Anomaly. Even as someone adopted into a special family of fighters.Bookmark here

Genuine combatants of old...Bookmark here

They were the hidden 'Internal Martial Artists' of the modern age. People who passed on their craft.Bookmark here

From the very beginning, the frail youth had no inclination towards succeeding in Martial Arts.Bookmark here

His body was too weak. To grow it enough for him to have the potential to learn 'Internal techniques' required perseverance and effort on the level of risking his life, but he desired to master this craft.Bookmark here

He had two reasons...Bookmark here

The first was the phrase: "You are only part of our family once you mastered your own personal 'Art'."Bookmark here

Initially, he didn't feel that alienated from the famous 'Dragon Family' he entered into. Despite it being known to the modern Pugilistic World as the bloodline that produced many geniuses of martial arts each generation, he had always felt at home.Bookmark here

At least, that was until his abusive older brother told him the difference between the two of them.Bookmark here

It was at that moment, Alex became a 'complete' person who both existed and had an inner drive.Bookmark here

Because of that incident, his older brother became the second reason he wanted to get stronger. Bookmark here

Not in a positive way. In fact, the young boy kept on challenging and losing against him over the years.Bookmark here

But because of his obsession, his skills started to improve regardless of what his initial limits were.Bookmark here

He lost again and again. So he challenged his brother again and again. His 'fire' was intense...!Bookmark here

This carried on even in his next life... The drive he had in the past was what had once sustained him.Bookmark here

Perhaps one day, surely, that 'devil' would be brought down, and he would finally succeed.Bookmark here

In front of his father's 'Dragon Impact'.Bookmark here

In front of his brother's 'Devil Break'.Bookmark here

His own personal technique, mixing his fighting style and Internal Energy, would be a lot better...!Bookmark here

The young boy's strong sense of purpose could practically move mountains with its sheer might.Bookmark here

He became an individual who sought perfection!Bookmark here

Much less of a 'Protagonist', he had become an 'Antagonist' that moved his story forward himself.Bookmark here

That was the benefits of a 'personal narrative'.Bookmark here

Sadly, he died without ever having achieved it...Bookmark here

Alex lost his life in an accident at school, and like in those novels he read, was transported into a fantasy world that ran on RPG logic. As you readers already know, he tried to brush everything off.Bookmark here

Using 'the META' as an excuse, he tried to forget everything that had lead up to that exact moment.Bookmark here

Hiding a deep melancholy. Those who didn't know him wouldn't find out that his heart had broken.Bookmark here

His sense of purpose had been meaningless...Bookmark here

In the first few years after reincarnating into another world with a new life, he had been chained by the embarrassment he felt from dying... despite having gone through so much backbreaking effort.Bookmark here

This was the start of his 'homesickness'...Bookmark here

It nearly sent him into depression just thinking about it. The vexation and self-ridicule was...Bookmark here put it simply: 'Overwhelming'.Bookmark here

And yet, the embers of that flame that once existed in his heart couldn't be erased by such feelings.Bookmark here

Just as his body had been reborn, so was his heart and soul. He continued to search for his own 'Art'.Bookmark here

He dabbled in many forms of magic, went on a perilous adventure with a friend by his side, and continued honing himself further. Now, without a frailty holding him back, his talent had bloomed.Bookmark here

He gradually forgot about his older brother to fulfil at least one of his goals; what he'd once lived for.Bookmark here

One day, his efforts finally came to fruition. The fruits of his labour finally manifested himself.Bookmark here

[Silver Art- Arcane Fingers!]Bookmark here

His mastery of magic and martial arts created a new technique never before seen in two worlds.Bookmark here

But things didn't end there...Bookmark here

Once he finished that move, it was as if he went through a metamorphosis. Feeling that this much wasn't his limit, Alex pushed further and further until reaching the enlightened state of 'The Zone'.Bookmark here

A ball of energy appeared in his hands and charged up before being released into a linear energy blast.Bookmark here

This move was called... Bookmark here

[Divine Art- Dragon Breath!]Bookmark here

Finally, he reached the end of his road. The burning desire within him had been quenched, albeit imperfectly. Even if he couldn't defeat his brother in hand-to-hand combat, he fulfilled his 'mission'.Bookmark here

So... what could he do now?Bookmark here

For fifteen years in his past life, he'd spent it fighting his older brother. For another fifteen years after gaining a second chance, he went on adventures and finally finished his unique 'Art'.Bookmark here

This caused a rush of fatigue to permeate his entire existence. Eyes becoming hollow over time.Bookmark here

He had a lot of money, a mansion, cooking skills, mastery of magic and martial arts, and 'freedom'.Bookmark here

After finally completed his purpose, Alex... lounged around while tinkering with gadgets in his basement. He was so bored he even created a machine that recreated the flavour of potato chips.Bookmark here

It was a sad and meaningless way of existing...Bookmark here

He even created an Android that did all the menial chores for him and started to become real isolated.Bookmark here

Scratching his stomach while watching the otherworldly version of a Television set on Earth, it looked like nothing would ever happen, but little did he know that... his life was never so 'simple'.Bookmark here

Forces of the past, future, and present were gathering at this moment without his knowledge.Bookmark here

They would definitely make his life 'interesting'.Bookmark here

That was how the life of someone who'd once driven himself further than his 'archetype' lived...Bookmark here

Even now, after moving his stuff to a new mansion in Lancia, his feelings were the same as before.Bookmark here

Perhaps he just wanted to live a noble life this time.Bookmark here

He wasn't really 'driven' this time...Bookmark here

One day, I believe this will have a negative impact on him. A slowly unravelling tragedy in the making.Bookmark here

But for now, I'll let him be...Bookmark here

Let us both observe him in the meantime. What kind of shenanigans can he get himself into?Bookmark here

What was his conflict with this 'Cult' in his past?Bookmark here

Who were the other people who'd have their fates crossed with his own? Many questions were left.Bookmark here

So let's read on and wait for each answer...Bookmark here

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