Chapter 27:

Nightmare (2)

My Demon Queen

Novelle's room.Bookmark here

Such a plain door possessing a dull pattern to it.Bookmark here

Refined craftsmanship yet boring.Bookmark here

With a light tap on my feet, I gave the door two short knocks.Bookmark here

I'm excited— so excited— my sweetheart did a wonderful job— I must praise her.Bookmark here

"Who is it," Novelle's head peeked through the slightly door that made not a creek.Bookmark here

I smiled.Bookmark here

"Oh, it's you, Liliath..." her voice trailed off, her eyes opened wide in an instant.. "If you are Liliath then.."Bookmark here

I understand your confusing Novelle darling, but now isn't the time for it. I'm eagerly awaiting to visit my Liliath.Bookmark here

Novelle pulled the sheets of the bed to reveal Liliath in her beautiful nightgown. I must say, I do look quite alluring in those clothes. This world has some amazing products I have yet to unearth.Bookmark here

"Liliath! Liliath! Wake up!"Bookmark here

Patience, patience.. patience is virtue.Bookmark here

I must wait until she wakes, then should the show commence.Bookmark here

Liliath rubbed her eyes, her confused face at the sight of the frantic Novelle— what a wonderful sight. I never thought I had such a cute look.Bookmark here

Finally, her gaze met mine.Bookmark here

"Oh, sweetheart, I came to play— do you miss me?"Bookmark here

""Bookmark here

"Liliath.. who is that.. w-why are there two of you," Novelle trembled as she spoke.Bookmark here

"Times up, it's my turn to play, would that be alright?"Bookmark here

To my request. I was met with silence. Oh, I suppose I'll have it my way.Bookmark here

First, I shall take care of Novelle. Sorry dear, but I need to space with myself so could you die in front of us?Bookmark here

I teleported in front of Novelle and grabbed her by the neck.Bookmark here

Struggle, cry, fight.. the desperation to survive. What a wonderful face it is Novelle.Bookmark here

"Uhsghahij.."Bookmark here

I tightened my grip, digging into her flesh. Her eyes slowly rolled back into the socket.Bookmark here

No fun. I should use magic.Bookmark here

I tossed her to the floor, she started a coughing fit.Bookmark here

It must hurt does it? I understand.. the pain shall last only a little longer— I will liberate you from further suffering.Bookmark here

I pointed my fingers down at the curled up Novelle— however it was met with an obstacle.Bookmark here

"Oh sweetheart. Do you not want to see Novelle die in front of you?"Keeping my smile, I turned to Liliath.Bookmark here

"Please.. don't.. I beg you.."Bookmark here

Her sweet trembling plea rang in my ears. What a wonderful sound.Bookmark here

"I will consider that sweety, thank you for the suggestion."Bookmark here

So I decided to use a different spell. I should make it less bloody. It would only dirty our clothes after all.Bookmark here

Jet black shadow tentacles shot out from the ground, wrapping itself around the lifeless Novelle, groping her skin and digging into her flesh, the shadow swallowed her whole.Bookmark here

There. Not a speck of blood to be seen— oops. I was mistaken. I got some of her blood on my hands.Bookmark here

At the moment I noticed Liliath take a step back from me, a pair of hands came holding on my waist.Bookmark here

"Liliath," putting his weight in me, he placed his head on my shoulder.Bookmark here

"Oh Javiel. I miss you too," with my hands, I stroke his gorgeous dark red hair— this wonderful demon lord, how naive it was of me to think that he could become my one and only,"But do me a favor and die for me."Bookmark here

I gave him an elbow to his lower chest area, blowing a hole through his upper abdomen. His wrist loosened and his entire body flopped to the ground.Bookmark here

I bent over and picked up a shiny red crystal, a virgin philosopher's stone.Bookmark here

Oh no, my black dress has been stained. How can I approach my darling now? She's afraid of blood.Bookmark here

Troubled as to what I should do, I turned to face my sweetheart who had been tied to the black throne with red satin.Bookmark here

"Sweetheart, what should I do? I got blood all over myself.."Bookmark here

My beautiful other-self shivered in silence.Bookmark here

I suppose it means it's alright to get close.Bookmark here

"G-go away.."Bookmark here

"My sweetheart Liliath, you did a good job, a good job," I wrapped my hands around her head and gave her a hug.Bookmark here

In the truest sense, I would advocate that she deserves this reward.Bookmark here

"I made so many mistakes, Noel became wary. But you did well to mend my blunder. If it weren't for you, our plans would have failed. You did well sweetheart, I'm so proud.. so proud," in my arms, her trembling body could be felt.Bookmark here

"D-don't hurt.. him.."Bookmark here

"Noel? Oh don't worry. I vouch for him. He's an intelligent fellow albeit naive in various respects— I believe he can become a suitable vessel for ourselves."Bookmark here

"N-no.. don't.. hurt him.."Bookmark here

"No, no," I pulled away and traced her tear-streamed cheeks with my finger, "I won't hurt him. He can be a good replacement for Javiel. We don't need someone who would betray us again right?"Bookmark here

My sweetheart stared at me dumbfounded. Even her tears stopped.Bookmark here

I can understand her sentiment. Just earlier we were merely playing around with words. That boy didn't betray us, but rather gave us the beautiful gift of wholehearted support.Bookmark here

"The last thing we need is this," I showed darling the philosopher's stone I got from killing Javiel.Bookmark here

I traced my fingers down from her neck, to her collar bone to her chest.Bookmark here

The philosopher's stone located just above her beating heart.Bookmark here

"Let's work together to achieve our goals sweetheart," her eyes slowly lost light, "I can't do it alone."Bookmark here

Then I impaled her heart.Bookmark here

And raised my eyelids. There were no tears this time.Bookmark here

I sat up to see Novelle-sama sleeping soundly beside me.Bookmark here

"..."Bookmark here

Another dream.Bookmark here

I looked out the window, the cloud and moon shining in the sky. I saw no stars.Bookmark here

I gazed at my hand, the very hand I had used to kill myself with.Bookmark here

Letting loose a sigh, I fell back onto bed and spoke to myself.Bookmark here

"Noel, you have every right to be wary of me.. be careful."Bookmark here

I prayed.Bookmark here

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