Chapter 28:

Summoner's Department (1)

My Demon Queen

Another peaceful day went by without any crazy developments.Bookmark here

I finally received the letter of approval my school Principal told me about but.. the informant wasn't the Principal but rather a staff from the summoner's department, which was a surprise. Today would be the date that had been assigned to us where we would need to head over to the department to have Liliath registered as a 'summoned' person or.. if possible get her a proper identity certificate. Regarding Liliath as my summon honestly just sounds weird.Bookmark here

That said, the thing before.. it still bugged me..Bookmark here

Liliath acted as if that night never happened at all— However, she was no longer as talkative.Bookmark here

She continued studying the materials on mathematics and science I gave her, independently searching for answers to things she didn't understand.Bookmark here

If anything, she opted to ask my sister whenever she got stuck rather than me.Bookmark here

Guilt.Bookmark here

This feeling.. it's heavy.Bookmark here

It's crazy. There's still this one part of me refusing to believe Liliath wasn't plotting something.Bookmark here

Damn it..Bookmark here

Liliath helped out with the chores, slowly learning the do's and don'ts of the family.Bookmark here

In the late afternoon, at the kitchen table, I saw Liliath dipping a tea bag into a cup of warm water— I think my sister helped her with that since she was playing around with the laptop I borrowed from her, my earphone sandwiched between her head.Bookmark here

Up and down and up and down.Bookmark here

Liliath continued to lift and drop the tea bag... it was a weird habit I noticed her do a number of times.Bookmark here

I casually sat down on the empty chair opposite to Liliath and acted as if I was reading a manga.Bookmark here

Liliath didn't say anything, still playing with her tea.Bookmark here

My mom was making a call out in the living room, which was why the three of us were holed up in the kitchen. Something to do with stock portfolio, real estate, economic trends, company PA ratios and share prices.Bookmark here

I'm not into economics— no idea what she was talking about.Bookmark here

"Hey Liliath um.."Bookmark here

She drank her tea, placing it down, she asked, "Anything?"Bookmark here

"I'm sorry about the other day."Bookmark here

About Prune... she never replied. There was nothing I could do— I have no idea what she was thinking. I also crossed out the 'Liliath may be a succubus' entry in my journal.Bookmark here

"Nevermind that, I was wondering how the people of this world drink tea. Does the repeating motion of lifting and dropping the tea bag signify anything?"Bookmark here

"..."Bookmark here

Hm.. there are two different trains of thought going on in my mind at the moment. First was that Liliath had been skillfully avoiding the topic by dragging the conversation elsewhere— everytime. Second was— WTF. Moving the tea up and down, does it signify anything?? What does she mean by that? Did I teach her something wrong? I was the person who first introduced her to instant tea right?Bookmark here

"There isn't any meaning behind lifting the tea bag.. it's just a lazy way to stir the drink."Bookmark here

"Is that so? I thought there was a deeper meaning behind it.." she placed her finger to her chin. After which she drank the tea again, staring into the cup.Bookmark here

An awkward silence ensued accompanied by the background sound of my mom's economic conversation. My sister was using headphones so no sound— go figure. And I doubt she could hear anything from the outside world.Bookmark here

"Liliath, do you know what my sister is watching?"Bookmark here

Liliath tilted her head a little to peek. "It's that same thing she frequents on the television. The chicken and farmer chasing each other."Bookmark here

Ah.. that cartoon again. Why in the fuck was my sister interested in that kind of show when her bookshelf was filled with porn— ahem. I did or did not take a peek inside her room at one point in time.Bookmark here

"Heroes were destined to subjugate the demon— in one record, there was once a hero summoned with an unbearably low basic status. He was kicked out of the castle due to the excuse of uselessness— though not being trained or told of the dangers of the world, he killed the demon lord and demon queen nonetheless, treated as a hero by the kingdom afterwards."Bookmark here

Liliath spoke as if reminiscing. I was surprised to hear her say that.Bookmark here

"Do you feel that way?"Bookmark here

"Quite so," she stood up, I grabbed her hands.Bookmark here

"Hey Liliath. Don't leave.."Bookmark here

"..what are you trying to imply?"Bookmark here

If my understanding was correct, Liliath's anecdote meant that she was planning to leave. She must have thought that there was a secret purpose in her life she was meant to accomplish. Not that she had any..Bookmark here

"Don't go. I'm sorry about.. everything.."Bookmark here

"And why should I comply?"Bookmark here

"Because you're mine. I summoned you,"Bookmark here

She stayed silent for a moment, before sitting back down with a straight posture.Bookmark here

"Noel. Just tell me what I need to do already. What is my purpose? Why did you summon me here?"Bookmark here

"It happened on a whim, just live life. That's it."Bookmark here

She was misunderstanding. Totally misunderstanding.Bookmark here

"I don't believe it."Bookmark here

"That's the truth Liliath."Bookmark here

Maybe Liliath does have a secret purpose? I have no idea.Bookmark here

"Or is my purpose to serve you like a maid?" She glared at me.Bookmark here

"No. Not in that sense..."Bookmark here

"So what is it then?"Bookmark here

What is Liliath's purpose? A purpose comes from oneself.. I understand Liliath came from a world where fate and destiny are intertwined but this sort of concept just doesn't apply in the current world. If anything, these things are really just a concept to make life all the more dramatic and sentimental.Bookmark here

Or should I decide a purpose for her?Bookmark here

No. I should really first understand why she's so adamant about finding her purpose.Bookmark here

"Liliath, is a purpose so important to you?"Bookmark here

"It isn't about the importance of having one, everyone has a purpose they need to fulfill in the world."Bookmark here

Ah.. talk about being dramatic..Bookmark here

Oh, I just remembered, she's a demon queen.. go figure.. maybe that's why. She grew up as a demon queen, thinking that it was her fate, pushing herself through hell because of this divine 'purpose'... I think?Bookmark here

Wait.. I got an idea.Bookmark here

"Maybe the quest board has a clue," I said.. it's a lie.Bookmark here

"The quests... sounds plausible."Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

Current Points: 160Bookmark here

Quests: Gaining affection:Bookmark here

Play around with her hair. 10PBookmark here

...Bookmark here

Quests: Introductions:Bookmark here

Learn about her favorite food. 20PBookmark here

...Bookmark here

Quests: Gaining trust:Bookmark here

Regain Liliath's trust. 20PBookmark here

...Bookmark here

Quests: Utilization:Bookmark here

Allow Liliath to speak on your behalf. 5PBookmark here

...Bookmark here

Quests will be refreshed daily. Quests that have been completed will be prioritized else the user can select up to 1 quest per category to remove. (removed quests will be refreshed the next day)Bookmark here

Max quest for each category: 1 (Upgradable) (11/20)Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

Hahah..Bookmark here

Haha..Bookmark here

Ha..Bookmark here

..Bookmark here

Ok.. no way. There's no way the answer to Liliath's life purpose lies within these stupid tasks.Bookmark here

Huh?! There are two quests with 20 juicy points up for grabs?! It's been a while since I've last seen quests with this many points.. but..Bookmark here

Liliath sent me a sideways glance, a pained look.Bookmark here

Ah yeah.. looks like I lost Liliath's trust.. I can't believe it was listed so here in such a blatantly obvious way.Bookmark here

There's no way I can regain Liliath's trust all that easily.Bookmark here

Like damn these quests do really tell Liliath and I about ourselves.. the random tasks are somehow presented based on our current situation...Bookmark here

Could it be that someone is stalking us..?Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

"It's almost time. Please get ready, and how about we stop by Prune's place for dinner," my mom who finished her call came in to inform us.Bookmark here

Liliath froze at her words.Bookmark here

Um yeah.. my bad. I honestly have no clue if that was a good idea for my mom to suggest that but.. perhaps I would have a chance to explain the situation to Prune— also perhaps attempt to mend their somewhat odd relationship— I don't know. Prune might not even be at the diner.Bookmark here

"I'll go change my clothes," I stood up.Bookmark here

Liliath was already in a black dress— as usual but the attire was a little too stimulating...Bookmark here

"Liliath, um.. are you sure you're going to wear that?"Bookmark here

"It's alright Noel. I'll wear something to cover up my skin," Liliath remarked.Bookmark here

To her words I remembered that she got herself an outer coat or something.. perhaps it was for this occasion. I guess I'll leave it at that.Bookmark here

"Noel, have you prepared Liliath's photo?"Bookmark here

"Done," and I was brought back to some pretty annoying memories.. I could barely keep the camera still when trying to take a photo of Liliath.. I wasn't too sure if it was because my photo taking skills suck or that Liliath's cuteness somehow shot up to 200% when she posed for the photoshoot.Bookmark here

Why a photo? Well, it's a requirement by the summoner's department, a photo of the summoned 'creature' has to be prepared beforehand. And thus why..Bookmark here

"Mom. Can we use a different photo? The one big brother took isn't nice at all," the little devil who I thought wasn't listening to our conversation turned the laptop screen to face our way and, "I recommend this one!"Bookmark here

My mom gasped in astonishment.Bookmark here

Liliath and I cramped and...Bookmark here

"DELETE THAT!" "REMOVE IT!"Bookmark here

We retorted at the same time.Bookmark here

That fucking devil— I will kill her someday.Bookmark here

The picture in question was me holding Liliath's hand..Bookmark here

"Eh? Why? Big brother told Big sister Liliath that she was your's didn't you? This is a commemoration photo!" The shitty devil giggled.Bookmark here

Fuck. She heard our conversation after all?!Bookmark here

My mom giggled in the background while I heard Liliath gritting her teeth and.. blushing..Bookmark here

Ah crap.. did I say that? DID I REALLY SAY THAT?Bookmark here

I said in the heat of the moment.. I didn't mean it seriously... CRAP.Bookmark here

I reached over and forcefully shut down my laptop.Bookmark here

"Liliath, I did't mean it literally what I said that to your earlier!"Bookmark here

"I understand, I understand.." she repeated the phrase covering her face while nodding hastilyBookmark here

Damn it she's so cute... I grind my teeth and glare at the little devil who had both hands covering her giggling mouth.Bookmark here

"Ooppss. I think I already sent it to father."Bookmark here

"YOU!!"Bookmark here

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