Chapter 30:

Summoner's Department (3)

My Demon Queen

Bingo. Called it. I had been anticipating this question so I knew exactly how to answer.Bookmark here

"It happened in my room, a summoning circle appeared on the floor— initially I thought it was a portal but when it settled down what I found was her— Liliath," I said. It's the truth right? That said, I think it's essential that I hide the information regarding my phone. I know that there are people who possess TALENTS that could read one's mind but.. if that's the case then there's nothing I can do. However, I will try my best to avoid leaking this information— at least by not making what I say sound suspicious.Bookmark here

"A summoning circle? Have you ever thought that it may not be your TALENT?"Bookmark here

"Not my TALENT?"Bookmark here

Hm.. he has a good point..Bookmark here

"Mister Keaton, I believe you have understood it wrong. He was the one who summoned me without a doubt; however he himself cannot explain how such an event occurred," Liliath spoke on my behalf.Bookmark here

"Hm? I see," for a second I saw Keaton look towards his Secretary's directions, she gave a nod— was that a sign?Bookmark here

"So it's like that.. then can I assume that you are Noel's familiar?"Bookmark here

"Yes," Liliath replied with a firm tone.Bookmark here

My mom chuckled, breaking the mood.Bookmark here

Seriously..Bookmark here

"Sorry," she said, covering her mouth.Bookmark here

I had already briefed Liliath about hiding the matter in regards to my phone so I don't doubt she would adeptly twist her words in some unimaginable way to avoid exposing anything.Bookmark here

Fortunately there were less questions directed at me than there was towards Liliath— the expert here.Bookmark here

The conversation went on with Liliath and I answering a number of questions thrown at us by Keaton. Basic questions that confirmed our identity as a summoner and a summoned. Also included was a simple test for Liliath to test her general knowledge of this world.Bookmark here

By simple I mean...Bookmark here

'A picture of a plane'Bookmark here

— A divine mechanical dragon.Bookmark here

'A gothic church'Bookmark here

— The demon's chapel.Bookmark here

'A long haired female ghost with white clothing dripping in blood'Bookmark here

— A slave with long hair.Bookmark here

'A conceal flask with some blue acid'Bookmark here

— Mana potion.Bookmark here

'A round egg-shaped pudding with frosting on top'Bookmark here

— Christmas slime.Bookmark here

"When Keaton said 'answer honestly' he didn't mean it in a literal sense you know Liliath?"Bookmark here

I really wanted to say that but it was impossible now...Bookmark here

I wasn't allowed to help her. Liliath had been asked to go to a separate room to fill in the forms while we— still in the office was watching her do so from the surveillance camera.Bookmark here

Eh wait.. Liliath celebrates Christmas in her world?! Wait.. how... or it could be the effect of direct translation. Like how 'duck' could mean 'dodge' in another language—Bookmark here

I had my fingers pinched between my nose bridge, Keaton let out a surprise noise at every answer, the Secretary was clenching her stomach with a puffy mouth and tears in her eyes, the Principal remained quiet or was rendered speechless while my mom had sparkling eyes.Bookmark here

When she returned the printer on Keaton's desk started rolling out the form in a printed state.Bookmark here

"D-did I do something wrong?"Liliath asked hesitating when she saw my mom's sparkling eyes.Bookmark here

Hearing that the Secretary bawled out laughing.Bookmark here

"You did well Liliath. YOU DID ASTRONOMICALLY WELL. AHAHAHAHA,"she continued to laugh like that while holding onto her stomach.Bookmark here

Liliath hung her head.Bookmark here

"It's alright.. at least it proves that you're from a different world," I said it as a means to console Liliath.Bookmark here

"I understand," Liliath sat back down.Bookmark here

"With this I would like Rachel to stay while the rest of you wait outside while I discuss with her the possible actions we can take to support you in this situation," Keaton got up from his seat and opened the door for us.Bookmark here

"Alright, thank you."Bookmark here

"Sorry for troubling you mister Keaton.."Bookmark here

"It's alright, you gave me some useful information to work on, please don't be too down Liliath."Bookmark here

When the three of us left, Keaton, instead of returning to his desk, he sat on the couch facing Rachel.Bookmark here

"You found an interesting one," he crossed his legs and smirked.Bookmark here

"And so? He's going to leave again?"Rachel frowned.Bookmark here

"Unfortunately so... his TALENT.. it's a troublesome one. I can't seem to wrap my mind around it."Bookmark here

"Huh? So he has a TALENT," the Secretary raised a surprised voiceBookmark here

"They didn't lie during the questioning session did they?"Bookmark here

"They didn't ... but there was a half-truth mixed inside once."Bookmark here

The Secretary, Quin's TALENT was the ability to perceive truths, lies and half-truths.Bookmark here

"Let me hear it."Bookmark here

"It seems the boy is doubting whether or not summoning the girl was his TALENT."Bookmark here

"That's strange indeed... something doesn't add up," Keaton contemplated. "That boy Noel.. he holds a TALENT that is a combination of internal and external."Bookmark here

"WHAAAT?! That's so rare!"Bookmark here

"No. It isn't all that rare in fact, the white haired girl— I think her name was Prune, she had a minor external TALENT too. In fact, most TALENTS are both internal and external TALENTS, the difference is the degree and distribution."Bookmark here

"So you're saying my student is somewhere around 50/50?"Bookmark here

"40/60, more or less.."Bookmark here

"How about the girl? I'm curious?"Bookmark here

"My TALENT didn't react to her, I think it's due to the fact that she isn't from this world. Even a TALENTLESS possesses some kind of frequency I can perceive but for her.. I sensed nothing."Bookmark here

Keaton's TALENT was the ability to vaguely analyze one's TALENT.Bookmark here

"So what's your conclusion Keaton?"Bookmark here

"I believe it's best to move him, Rachel. I have a feeling that something isn't right.. it's best we put him under observation. It's the second time I've seen someone with such a powerful TALENT— he could become a dangerous existence if not treated carefully."Bookmark here

"Eh? He isn't even sure if he has a TALENT though?"Bookmark here

"Quin, I'll confirm with you one more time here, you are sure he did not lie— correct?"Bookmark here

"Correct. I can tell if there's something jamming my TALENT but I'm 100 percent sure what they said was genuine."Bookmark here

"Hah.. another top student gone just like that," Rachel dropped her weight on the sofa.Bookmark here

"Is that so.. my condolences," Keaton said with a sympathetic smile. "That said.."Bookmark here

Keaton looked at the answer sheets that had been filled up by Liliath.Bookmark here

"What exactly is his TALENT?" He murmured in wonder.Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

"In the end it has been decided by the government that you would be changing schools— isn't that great?" My mom said while keeping her eyes fixed on the road. She turned the steering wheel and pulled up to a curb.Bookmark here

Swaying in the car I read the forms that had been given to me. Liliath holding a ball of light in the air since the sky was now glowing orange.Bookmark here

Liliath would have to do a medical check-up.. review her abilities.. receive her identity card.. school transfer form..Bookmark here

There are a lot of documents. I have to look through them one by one to understand what in the hell Liliath has to do before she can officially become a citizen of this country— the thing that bothered me was the creature register form.. Liliath wasn't a creature so why did I have to fill in this form? I think I'll have to ask Keaton again.Bookmark here

Apparently Keaton wasn't in charge of the summoners department and a letter of approval isn't necessary to actually go to the summoners department to register one's summoned creature. Rather, the letter of approval was required because Keaton was a big shot in the government department that dealt with troublesome TALENTS. A chairman of sorts you could call it? But I wasn't too sure about his rank or posting and all that confusing hierarchical order..Bookmark here

In any case, he asked me to contact him if I found any issues to the form he prepared. Since my case was the first of it kind, he had trouble attaining the required documents. Moreover, not everything had been approved yet so there were still more documents coming my way..Bookmark here

Ugh...Bookmark here

"We'll pick up Novelle and head over to Prune's place for dinner, any objections?"Bookmark here

I turned to Liliath, she just smiled.Bookmark here

I had no idea what that implied.Bookmark here

"No problems.. I guess."Bookmark here

Getting out of the car I first placed the documents in my room before checking in my laptop— which fortunately wasn't found out by the little devil. She had apparently been binge watching that same cartoon on television.. what's up with that? I was expecting something to happen.. I can't believe that exception was betrayed..Bookmark here

Still though..Bookmark here

So Prune's TALENT had been classified as a troublesome TALENT? Why though?Bookmark here

Hm.. wait..Bookmark here

From what I heard those who have troublesome TALENTS would attend a special school built just for them which meant..Bookmark here

'Prune, I'm headed over to your family restaurant.'Bookmark here

I texted her and left it at that. I wasn't sure if she would come meet Liliath and I but it's worth a shot. And about Liliath.. it seemed that I have yet to regain her trust..Bookmark here

I wonder if letting the two meet is a good idea? I think I understand why Prune felt that Liliath was a dangerous person. Prune is a half-human, half-animal now, and Liliath's presence naturally scares the shit out of other creatures— as seen back at the summoners department... I wonder why pigeons don't drop dead though..Bookmark here

I think I should try to clear up this misunderstanding.Bookmark here

Liliath isn't a dangerous being— she's honestly just a frail princess that went through hell in her previous world.Bookmark here

The best I can do is to not let her experience such a thing in this world ever again..Bookmark here

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