Chapter 31:

Reconciliation (1)

My Demon Queen

Drop.Bookmark here

"..." I saw Liliath staring at the table, her hands wobbling as she was gripping onto a pair of chopsticks. At the end of the chopstick was a sauce of sorts, and the thing she was staring at was the piece of meat she dropped.Bookmark here

"I think it's alright if you use the fork and spoons.." I glanced at the specially prepared plastic fork and spoon— the washable kind with cute emoji templates to the shaft.Bookmark here

In short, it was the kind meant for kids to use.Bookmark here

"I believe it isn't good to use the wrong etiquette to relish a meal," Liliath quivered as she spoke.Bookmark here

But I knew.. she was hesitant not because of etiquette.. no, no. It was because of the cutesy utensils.Bookmark here

Unfortunately, Prune's family restaurant did not have normal forks and spoons in store, they only prepared things like these for kids.Bookmark here

I'm sorry Liliath but at this rate you're going to mess up your whole table.. I can see almost a dozen pieces of wasted vegetables and meat scattered across the dead zone outside your safe zone that is your plate... talk about etiquette.Bookmark here

Prune's family restaurant served Chinese food, the kind where a family would share various dishes arranged in the centre.Bookmark here

The restaurant was packed full of people, waiters going around pulling carts and taking orders. Well... the restaurant itself isn't all that big but it was certainly popular amongst the locals.Bookmark here

Liliath grinded her teeth, staring at the meat that seemed to ascent to heaven— or fell to hell, never to be eaten again— whichever metaphorical fits.Bookmark here

"Big sister Liliath, just use the fork and spoon already, it's bad to waste food." Novelle spoke after chewing her food.Bookmark here

"One.. more attempt.. just one more attempt.."Bookmark here

I'm sorry this restaurant doesn't have proper utensils for a Princess.. but I think using kid utensils would only make the Princess look all the more cute.Bookmark here

"Big sister Liliath, let's make a bet, if you manage to get the next piece of food on your plate and not mess up the table I will show you the rest of 'that' book!" Then the little devil skillfully moved her chopsticks and chuck a ball of rice into her mouth.Bookmark here

Liliath shuddered, and contemplated.Bookmark here

Well... if anything I wonder if it's alright for mom to be allowing this... under normal circumstances, there would be no problems grabbing the dishes in the centre using our own personality chopsticks directly, but with Liliath around— who had no clue what in the hell is going on— it's like we're all indirectly kissing her or something..Bookmark here

Thinking that, I tried my best to avoid places where Liliath had touched her chopsticks with.Bookmark here

Careful now..Bookmark here

Liliath's expression brightened all of a sudden. As if she had found a solution, she reached over to the spinach with her chopsticks, amateurishly gripping the leaf, she lifted it up into the air.Bookmark here

Wobbling, she brought it closer to herself— I had no doubts it would drop...Bookmark here

And it did..Bookmark here

But it stopped mid-way, did a somersault in the air and flew right into her mouth.Bookmark here

My jaws fell open.Bookmark here

The little devil stared at her with hollow eyes, mouth agape.Bookmark here

Liliath showed a look of triumph.Bookmark here

"No playing around with food," my mom's voice brought us back to reality.Bookmark here

"My apologies," Liliath said after swallowing the spinach.Bookmark here

"That's cheating!"Bookmark here

"You never stated the rules all that clearly Novelle," Liliath spoke in a reproachful tone.Bookmark here

Oh wow, since when did their relationship become shit? I mean shit in a good way since they've definitely become closer to each other now and— Liliath's true colours were showing.Bookmark here

Oh right... since Novelle plotted with my mom to take a bunch of photos of me together with Liliath. Welp, at least Liliath and I have common enemies..Bookmark here

In the end, Liliath managed to eat without the aid of the kid-friendly utensils. If I were to guess what was happening, it is that Liliath was skillful maneuvering the food on the top of her chopstick using magic to make it seem as if it was being properly held onto without dropping... nice trick there..Bookmark here

I wonder how proficient Liliath actually is in magic? What else can she do with magic I wonder? She talked about ice runes or something in the past.. I wonder if she's able to recreate that here in this world.Bookmark here

Placing the chopsticks down Liliath removed her outer coat. Sweat trickling down from her cheeks to her now exposed collarbone.Bookmark here

"Where should I put this?"Bookmark here

"It is quite warm here.. Hm, you can hang it on your chair," my mom replied.Bookmark here

"How should I hang it?"Bookmark here

"Let me do it, don't lean against the chair for a moment," I took the coat from Liliath and then spread it out on top of the splat.Bookmark here

"Wouldn't it dirty the clothing in this way?" Liliath asked, twisting her body to take a look— which was rather stimulating because of her cleavage at this angle...Bookmark here

Darn it.Bookmark here

"I don't think you're going to wear it anymore after this, besides, you'll have to put it to wash later."Bookmark here

"I suppose then," Liliath returned to cheat-eating with magic.Bookmark here

But there was a subtle difference— there were more stares.. I could feel it..Bookmark here

Again.. Liliath's velvet hair was garnering a lot of attention since she was the only velvet in the sea of black.. now with her coat off, she was exuding a bewitching allure that seemed to suck in the eyes of everyone in the restaurant..Bookmark here

It was.. I don't know how to put it.. I feel like I've gotten back to all those normies all these years..Bookmark here

And I'm surprised I'm even paying attention to this...Bookmark here

The more that I think about, the more convinced I am that Liliath is a succubus— but I didn't want to believe that.. she sensed my distrust last time— and I hurt her because of that..Bookmark here

Right.. I have yet to gain her trust.Bookmark here

Finishing the dishes, Liliath dabbed her mouth with a tissue that had been provided.Bookmark here

"She's here," she said.Bookmark here

"She?"Bookmark here

"The beastkin."Bookmark here

Ah.. she meant Prune. Seriously though? Beastkin? I wasn't too sure if I should have Liliath correct that..Bookmark here

The restaurant's rush hour was over, but there were still a number of customers present. Taking this opportunity, Prune's father and mother came out to greet us... of course it was my mom who guided the flow of the conversation.Bookmark here

"Your son is going to transfer to that school too?"Bookmark here

"Apparently so,"Bookmark here

Conversation in regards to.. blah, blah.. me transferring to the school meant for individuals with troublesome TALENTS... blah, blah.. about Liliath being my summon.. blah, blah.. about Prune also going to that same school..Bookmark here

Oh right. That makes sense. But why?Bookmark here

"Prune, did you hear that? Noel is going to transfer there too," Prune's mother called out, her voice directed to the kitchen— but it was met with silence. Not really silence since there was still the sound of clanking plates and food being tossed around in a wok.Bookmark here

"Did something happen to her?"my mom asked.Bookmark here

"I suppose it's part of why her TALENT is troublesome to begin with," Prune's mother showed a troubled smile.Bookmark here

Liliath sucked at iced tea she ordered— or more accurately, tea is the only beverage she knows. Every now and then she would poke the ice cube with the straw, seeing it bob up and down in the water, a gentle expression would spread across her face. Is this her form of ASMR or something? She looked like a kid who's never seen ice cubes before despite being able to create ice out of literally thin air..Bookmark here

"Liliath, have you not tried adding ice to your drinks in the past?"Bookmark here

"This is the first for me. Now that I think about it, there are many things we could have done with the resources we had where I came from but never thought of. Never would I have imagined ice would turn normal tea into an entirely different experience."Bookmark here

"I guess.."Bookmark here

Ok.. that just sounds funky... she's definitely a tea connoisseur. Next time she should Roy tea with milk— do Princesses normally drink tea as is without additives? I thought they'd be like milk or sugar cubes and stuff they could add? I mean.. I've seen these sort of things in otome manga before.Bookmark here

"Big brother, so what happened in the afternoon at the summoners department?"the little devil asked.Bookmark here

"Alright. I'll verbally give you the questions Liliath was asked to answer. What do you call an airplane?"Bookmark here

"Huh? What do you mean? An airplane? I don't get it."Bookmark here

"What's an airplane?" Liliath's aloof expression is so cute..Bookmark here

"A divine mechanical dragon."Bookmark here

"That— I see," Liliath muttered as if understanding.Bookmark here

The little devil gave me a weird look.Bookmark here

"Here's another, what do you call a ghost. The female kind with long hair."Bookmark here

"Hm..." the devil thought long and hard, and finally an answer surfaced, "A wig?"Bookmark here

"What's a ghost?"Bookmark here

"A slave with long hair."Bookmark here

"That..Noel... could you be.."Bookmark here

"Big sister Liliath answered that?" Novelle giggled.Bookmark here

I nodded with a smug.Bookmark here

The little devil turned to face Liliath and with an astounded expression said one word—Bookmark here

"Wow."Bookmark here

"D-did I do something wrong? We're my answers incorrect? No wonder I felt something was off when I returned.. Noel.. what did I do?"Bookmark here

"Make every laugh. That's what you did." I smiled.Bookmark here

I mean like seriously though.. the Secretary lost her head because of Liliath's 'perfect' answers.Bookmark here

Liliath narrowed her round velvet eyes at me.Bookmark here

I sighed. "It's no big deal. If anything, that's a good thing. Your lack of common sense about our world is funny to look at. "Bookmark here

"How exactly is that good?" Liliath twitched at my words.Bookmark here

"You made people laugh,"Bookmark here

"Yeah, yeah. Big sister Liliath is funny— sometimes.." Novelle's line of sight directed at the kid's utensil.Bookmark here

Liliath pouted, then directed her gaze to the kitchen, "I wonder how long that woman is going to hide."Bookmark here

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