Chapter 33:


My Demon Queen

Outside his room, I fell to my knees.Bookmark here

This was for the best wasn't it?Bookmark here

I could still acquire the philosopher stone in this way? Not betray him whilst achieving my goal?Bookmark here

It's impossible to fight it.. this instinct..Bookmark here

No matter the difficulty, I am to be awakened as a demon queen. Try as I might, there was no way to deprive myself of this fate..Bookmark here

Such was ingrained within me as a pre-demon queen.Bookmark here

If only I never saw the philosopher's stone.. how would my life be now?Bookmark here

Getting back up, I heard a rustling noise from a distance. I also sensed Diana-Sama's presence in that direction. She wasn't in her room.Bookmark here

I gingerly treaded forward.Bookmark here

Light leaked from the half-door to the office.Bookmark here

I could hear Diana-sama's voice together with an unknown person.Bookmark here

"So he's in possession of a troublesome TALENT. But I think it's a man's dream," a giggle of a male.Bookmark here

"What do you think of my proposal dear? Since the current tenant has plans to move out of the property there, I think it's a chance for him to learn how to live independently."Bookmark here

"It's perfect. The typical setting where the protagonist stays together with another girl in the same dorm. A development is bound to happen! —But it has already started hasn't it... Those photos of Noel together with her are real aren't they?"Bookmark here

Diana-sama and an unknown person conversing in the sanctuary containing my favorite books. Novelle-sama was the first person to introduce me to this location.Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

Should I ask Diana-sama for recommendations? Lately, I've been able to keep my reading out of Noel's sight. Though I know I would run out of material soon.Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

Pardon my desires oh high heavens.Bookmark here

I pushed open the door.Bookmark here

Diana-sama looked at me bewildered.Bookmark here

"Honey? What's wrong," the machine seemed to be speaking? How, the voice sounded too human-like to be called a machine. A homunculus?Bookmark here

"It's Liliath," Diana-sama replied to the flat machine that looked like a television.Bookmark here

I remember Novelle-sama teaching me about a lap top, could this be the same thing?Bookmark here

"Really?!"Bookmark here

"Liliath, can you come here?"Bookmark here

I followed her instructions obediently.Bookmark here

So it is similar to the lap top.Bookmark here

On the screen I could see a person's face— he resembled Noel.. his father?Bookmark here

"Could you perhaps be Noel's father?"Bookmark here

"Good guess," he struck a pose. It seemed that he was stuck inside the lap top, an abstract painting could be seen in the background. "Nice to meet you Liliath. You can call me Dylan, Noel's father. Wow, you really do have reddish colored hair."Bookmark here

"Thank you, I am undeserving of that praise. I-it's an honor to meet you Dylan-sa.."Bookmark here

"Were you just about to add honorifics there? That's nice but unnecessary, it'll only make you look like you're cosplaying," he laughed.Bookmark here

Cosplaying? I've never heard of that word before?Bookmark here

I feel that Novelle-sama takes up her father Dylan-sama while Noel-sama resembles more of Diana-Sama's personality.Bookmark here

"Now onto the main topic. What do you think about living together with Noel, Liliath?" Diana-sama passed this question to me. Dylan-sama seemed eager to listen to my answer.Bookmark here

"Am I currently not living together with Noel?"Bookmark here

What a confusing question.Bookmark here

However, with my remarks, the confusion only became even more profound with Dylan-sama bawling out in laughter.Bookmark here

"I see. Honey, I think your suggestion is great. Noel needs to grow as a man."Bookmark here

"Then we'll go with this plan then. In this way, we can save some cost on accommodation."Bookmark here

"Should I leave? Is this something I shouldn't be hearing?"Bookmark here

There was some information I couldn't quite understand. Me with Noel? Plan? Save cost on accommodation? What about property? What do these links refer to? How does it relate to me and Noel?Bookmark here

"Keep it a secret from Noel alright Liliath," Diana placed her finger on her lips, I saw Dylan-sama grinning, "I'm planning to move you two to an apartment after the holiday when school opens so that you can learn how to live independently."Bookmark here

I tilted my head.Bookmark here

Live independently?Bookmark here

Me and Noel?Bookmark here

Just the both of us?Bookmark here

I still don't understand?Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

Author's Note: And with this, Volume 1 comes to a close~ Thanks for reading!Bookmark here

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