Chapter 35:

[Intermission] Flies and Cockroaches

My Demon Queen

"Are you sure about this? Why here?" Lilith turned to me and asked.Bookmark here

"It's kinda a quest you need to do.." i said with a lisp. It wasn't a lie but still...Bookmark here

Liliath raised an eyebrow at me but didn't question the dubiousness of my statement.Bookmark here

It was a prank.Bookmark here

Speaking in specifics-- revenge.Bookmark here

Liliath pointed her hands at the shelves stacked full of dusty boxes, I crooked a smile. Oh boy, she's going to flip out. I didn't think she'd fall for my trap. MUAHAHAHAHA.Bookmark here

Anyways, to understand what in the heck I am doing and the incidents that led to this, we must first go back to the incident that sparked it all.Bookmark here

"A bug."Bookmark here

I heard Liliath's voice as I drew on my sketchbook, looking up at her, I saw her staring at a weird round bug that was crawling on the science reference book she was reading. Yup, Liliath is heck diligent, props to her for that.Bookmark here

Seeing her intense stare that seemed to burn a hole into the bug itself, an idea came to mind.Bookmark here

"Hey Liliath, you remember how you told me creatures are generally scared of you? How about bugs? Why isn't that one scared?" if anything , i feel like that bug flew into the living room and of all places it could have landed, it just had to land in front of her as if it had been planning to do so right from the very start. Dragging her out of focus and stealing the limelight. If the book were human, I'd feel pretty bad for it.Bookmark here

"True, then the conclusion must be that these 'insects' have an indescribably low intellect, usually, insects would come to fear myself. Now that you've mentioned it, it does seem to be the case.."LIliath held an expression of shock and contemplation. "I want to try something."Bookmark here

She pointed her finger at the oh-so-innocent bug that was crawling on her book-- after which i saw the bug fall off all of a sudden.Bookmark here

"What did you do?" I put my sketchbook away and come closer to her-- or closer to the bug.Bookmark here

It seemed that the not-so-innocent bug had died in an overturned manner.Bookmark here

Well, I suppose that's what you get for distracting her huh little buggy?Bookmark here

"I merely directed a pint of bloodlust at it, it seemed to have died from the inability to tolerate it," Liliath too observed the bug.Bookmark here

Bloodlust--Bookmark here

Ah right, I remembered Liliath using it the last time we went to the summoner's department. I bet the guy with the smile must have been totally soaked to the bone-- in a bad sense. I hope the smile didn't digest him...Bookmark here

Thinking that, we looked at each other, out faces barely inches away.Bookmark here

And i must say, in this position where we were both bending down our bodies as if prostrating on the floor just to take a good look at the dead bug-- it somehow felt incredibly awkward..Bookmark here

"You two look intimate~ So...what are you two doing?"Bookmark here

""NOTHING!""Bookmark here

At the little devil's sly voice, we both shot to a straight sitting position.Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

"Look! Look!" from a distance, i saw the little devil idiotically poking the flat ground with a stick she found-- or so it seemedBookmark here

Liliath whose attention shifted away from magic practice went over in curiosity. Likewise, I too wanted to know what was so great about poking a mosaic tile.Bookmark here

And learnt that the little devil wasn't vandalizing the mosaic tile on the ground by smacking it with a stick, she was instead harassing the ants moving in a no-longer single file.Bookmark here

"Insects again.." Liliath remark, "It appears that insects in this world are rather weak.. that's fortunate," she then sighed in relief.Bookmark here

WEAK?! So you're saying that there are insects in your world that are capable of killing people? Like giant spiders or pray mantis'?Bookmark here

I shivered at the thought.Bookmark here

"Big sister Liliath, can you create a small ice wall to separate the ants?" the little devils pleaded in a cute tone. What a devil she was to try disrupt the lives of these innocent ants. But well… I mean, I may or may not have had my share of fun in the past-- spraying insecticide at those pesky bitches that tried to infiltrate the kitchen.Bookmark here

Liliath thought for a bit before pointing her finger at the ants and they shot into a frenzy. Some of them dropped dead on the spot, other's ran wild and tore at each other's little flesh.Bookmark here

"Wow! I didn't know you could do that big sister Liliath!" The little devil spoke in an astound tone, her eyes shining...Bookmark here

"It's just a little bloodlust to confuse them, that's all" Liliath made a not-so-friendly smile that seemed eerie instead.Bookmark here

I gulped.Bookmark here

I understand Liliath is cute, innocent and al' but recalling that she's a demon lord that sometimes exalts her sadistic qualities-- is super scary..Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

I was half-eating, half paying attention to the obnoxious fly that flew around the kitchen.Bookmark here

Damn fly go die already!!!Bookmark here

Buzz. Buzz.Bookmark here

As if it could hear my inner voice, it landed on my nose. I waved my hand at it and it flew away. That said, I wasn't left unscathed. Some food particles flew up together with my sudden erractiness and dirtied my clothes, a piece of vegetable I was holding on my spoon stuck on my hair.Bookmark here

Fuck.Bookmark here

"PFffftttt. AHAhahahahahaa," the little devil laughed.Bookmark here

"Novelle--"Bookmark here

Hearing my mom's voice, her laugh stifled to a silent chuckle. Liliath on the other hand, had a smile on her face, thoroughly enjoying her food. I don't know what she did but the fly seemed to be avoiding her's and the little devil's food. It must've been the usage of a minimal amount of bloodlust.Bookmark here

I wonder if that was on purpose. Like.. what the heck? I didn't bully Liliath or anything alright? Don't tell me she's a sadist by nature?!Bookmark here

This time, our sitting positions were switched a little. LIliath was sitting beside Novelle opposite to me, and my mom sat beside me.Bookmark here

"Jeez, I didn't think the fly would come this time around," my moment said accompanied by a troubled expression.Bookmark here

"Well, that's because the fly likes mom's cooking too!" the devil flattered.Bookmark here

I pinched away the vegetable stuck to my hair.Bookmark here

"I have an idea, Big sister Liliath.." Liliath leaned over, and the devil in question whispered something incredibly suspicious.Bookmark here

Nodding, Liliath looked at me and flashed me a troubled look as if to say sorry? Her eyes then darted around to chase the fly, her fingers pointed like a wand.Bookmark here

MY guess is that she's going to shoot down the file with superhuman accuracy.Bookmark here

Liliath OP.Bookmark here

"Liliath? What are you doing?" my mom asked.Bookmark here

"It's alright mom, Liliath is going to deal with the fly using magic, just watch!"Bookmark here

Finding it amusing in anticipation of the fly to die, I picked up my soup bowl and brought it to my mouth.Bookmark here

I downed the soup and at the same moment I saw something black flash from the corner of my eye.Bookmark here

Hm? Bloodlust condensed into a projectile looks like that?Bookmark here

Finishing the soup, I placed the bowl aside to notice the stunned expression of the rest of the family.Bookmark here

"What?" I asked, not registering the shock on their face.Bookmark here

My mom's jaw slacked.Bookmark here

The little devil's mouth grew to a smirk, her cheeks then puffed as if trying to hold back her laughter.Bookmark here

"I'm sorry Noel!" Liliath grimaced.Bookmark here

"That was too perfect big sister Lililath, AHAHAHAHA!"Bookmark here

The fuck? What happened… wait..Bookmark here

Bloodlust shouldn't have a corporeal form then.. that black thing i saw..Bookmark here

I looked down at my stomach.Bookmark here

DON'T TELL ME I ATE THE FLY???!!!!!!Bookmark here

I wanted to speak but no words came out from my mouth-- and it was then that the devil's laughter burst through the kitchen.Bookmark here

At my expression it seemed my mom started to laugh too.Bookmark here

"I ate the fly..?" i said, stutteringBookmark here

Liliath smiled, "I apologize but it is apparently so…"Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

And that was what led to this revenge plot.. well.. not really. I really just wanted to experiment to see if it were possible for Liliath to drive away cockroaches. And the most well known place in the house that housed cockroaches was the garage. More specifically, the part of the garage we dumped unnecessary or broken stuff to.Bookmark here

Liliath turned to me once more.Bookmark here

"Are you sure?"Bookmark here

"I'm sure of it!"Bookmark here

I'm toootally sure… there's a task that requires Liliath to use magic other than elemental magic. I believe that bloodlust counted as magic outside elemental magic. Though there were many many other ways I could have Liliath complete the quest..Bookmark here

But honestly, I could still feel my skin crawl when I tried to recall the dinner that made me conscious of a fly inside my stomach. The fly should've died but-- i'm not sure if you know this but when a fly dies-- it would unconsciously start laying its eggs inside of me with its remaining energy. That thought ate away at my mind and I was left nauseated the rest of the evening..Bookmark here

Liliath narrowed her eyes at the shelf, I took a step back.Bookmark here

Then it happened, one by one cockroaches started to fall off with it's six legs wriggling about, overturned. After which I ran when a wave of cockroaches ran amok, scampering to escape.Bookmark here

Liliath's scream resounded, and so did the 'ding' stating that the quest was complete.Bookmark here

"BETRAYAL!!!"Bookmark here

With an explosion of fire, the rest was history.Bookmark here

Liliath's magic sure is useful~Bookmark here

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