Chapter 4:

Let’s Talk

The World After

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‘This is such a bad idea. What am I doing’ I thought to myself as I slowly opened the door making sure it doesn’t make a sound. ‘Maybe I should head back?’ I thought “This is really none of my business… W-What if they see me?” I mumbled, still trying to convince myself to go back to my room, but my curiosity was just too overwhelming. I slowly followed them down the stairs listening to their conversation.Bookmark here

“So sensei, have you found an Apprentice yet?” Rancour questioned Bookmark here

“Well, you know the answer to that Rancour.” Furoto responded “I don’t have one, but I want Kai to be the next.” Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

They were close to the end of the stairs before he spoke again. “Sensei, with all due respect, didn’t that boy say he doesn’t want the job.” Rancour continued. “He hates the village right? A boy like that being an eventual Guardian is very risky. That’s why I want you to let my son become your Apprentice instead.” Bookmark here

“Rancour, we’ve talked about this almost a thousand times. Your son is powerful yes but…” Furoto didn’t want to say more for obvious reasons. They were finally out of the stairs and onto the road. Bookmark here

“I understand sensei, but is Kai any better?”Bookmark here

Furoto kept quiet. That normally indicates what someone says is true. “Common Gramps, you’re not goanna defend me even a little?” I muttered to myself as I slowly walked down the stairs. Bookmark here

“Kai is a good kid at heart” Furoto explained, he just needs time to-” Bookmark here

“I understand sensei but, he doesn’t have a lot of time left…” “He’s turning fifteen in a week. At that point you can’t vouch for him anymore. The next crime committed, no matter how small will label him a criminal.”Bookmark here

“I know, but there is still a week left before that happens! I won’t give up on that boy until the end at least!” Furoto exclaimed. Bookmark here

“Hmm… well if you’re sure sensei, then I won’t argue with you.” Rancour said smiling Bookmark here

“Thank you Rancour.” Bookmark here

“Of course.” Bookmark here

“But, that’s not all I wanted to discuss.” Rancour’s voice had a now more serious tone “Shitakusa are not willing to sell us enchanted weapons anymore.” Furoto turned in shock as he wasn’t expecting such bad news. Bookmark here

‘Shitakusa, that Goblin kingdom?’ I thought to myself.Bookmark here

“What?! But why?” Furoto asked “They were our main suppliers.”Bookmark here

“I don’t know. When I went there to supervise the gathering process, they said they weren’t interested in doing business with our clan anymore.” He explained. “I begged and even promised to double the payment, but they said no.”Bookmark here

“*sigh*, well what do we do now?” Furoto asked still shaken from the news. Bookmark here

“Well… I was thinking about buying from the DS.” Rancour said. Bookmark here

“But isn’t that an assassin organization?” Furoto asked “That’s dangerous Rancour.” Bookmark here

“I know sensei, but they have Goblins in their ranks that can enchant weapons as well, so I think it’s a risk worth taking.”Bookmark here

“You know a lot of the high nobles don’t like you,” Gramps explained, still not sure of the plan “You do things that don’t favor them, they could easily send assassins from that group.”Bookmark here

“We don’t really have much of a choice. The next war could be any day at any time. If we’re not prepared… I can’t let that happen Sensei.” Bookmark here

“I understand, just be careful Rancour.”Bookmark here

Both Furoto and Rancour where now at the gates of his (Rancour’s) palace, while I was still keeping a large distance. I could see and listen to the conversation because of my very strong senses. (Probably cause of my Dragon clan side idk). Bookmark here

A carriage stopped beside them “I should come with you just in case.” Furoto insisted. Bookmark here

“No sensei. We need someone powerful enough to fight in case anything happens.” Rancour explained “This city has seen ten wars in the last 30 years. We can’t risk anymore.”Bookmark here

“I-I understand…” Furoto said “Just please, be safe…”Bookmark here

“I will sensei” after this, they shook hands. As Rancour boarded the carriage, he exclaimed “Ohh, and sensei,” Gramps turned, “Don’t let Kai cry like that again. Honestly, it’s both sad and embarrassing.” As soon as Furoto and I heard this, our faces got red really quickly. Bookmark here

“S-So you heard the conversation?” Furoto asked embarrassed. Bookmark here

“Well, Kai was really loud. I’ve never heard him yell like that before, but I guess when it’s you, it’s going to be difficult.” Rancour teased.Bookmark here

“What!?” Bookmark here

“Ohhhh, nothing.” he chuckled. “See you later sensei.” With this, Rancour got into the carriage, closed the door and rode away.Bookmark here

…1 week later…Bookmark here

A week has passed since Grandpa’s and king Rancour’s discussions, my birth day finally came. I don’t usually celebrate it like other kids do though. Normally, when I do my birthday, gramps just makes the training less stressful. Bookmark here

“Let’s take it easy today kai, it’s your birthday after all.” He would say, although it never felt different from any other day.Bookmark here

I was on my bed relaxing by myself on a cool night. Just climbed those 200 plus stairs and my legs were killing me. ‘I wonder were gramps is. Haven’t seen him in the last week.’ The training gramps and I normally did didn’t happen and I pondered what he could be doing at this time. ”well, I just hope he’s safe.’ And as the cool wind blew into the room through a window beside my bed, I slept off in no time at allBookmark here

‘What was that!?’ I thought to myself, I heard footsteps coming up the stairs to my room. I couldn’t tell who or what was coming, so I stayed laying down in bed.Bookmark here

‘It’s probably gramps. This is fine.’Bookmark here

Just then, I heard another set of footsteps coming from the window. ‘W-What’s going on?!’ ‘I-Is it Rai playing a dirty prank on me for my birthday?’ Just then, the door opened. I peeped from under the blanket to see a person wearing a mask. Walked in and was coming straight to my bed. ‘What should I do? S-Should I run now?’ I thought to myself as i squeezed the bed covers tight. ‘No, maybe I should just stay here. It could be a prank.’Bookmark here

The figure was now in front of me, staring down on me. He then held the handle of a sword around his waist. He pulled the handle from its sheath, revealing a long and sharp sword which he then raised above me. I stayed shocked and scared hoping for this to be some kind of crazy nightmare. Bookmark here

The figure then moved his hands in a downward motion attempting to cut through me and the bed, I was shocked at how fast it was. I dodged just at the nick of time, rolled under its legs and stood up at the other side of the room. The figure was wearing a demon dog sculptured mask, a long black jacket and had rough black hair. Bookmark here

“YOU WERE GONNA KILL ME!!!” I shouted. My bed was cut clean in half.Bookmark here

“Is this some kind of joke?!” I asked. The figure didn’t respond. Then I noticed a cut from my hand, blood coming out of it.Bookmark here

“T-T-This isn’t a joke… is it?” I realized then and there that I was about to fight for my life.Bookmark here

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