Chapter 37:

Period (2)

My Demon Queen

Current Points: 320Bookmark here

Quests: Gaining affection:Bookmark here

Tell Liliath she's cute. 5PBookmark here

...Bookmark here

Quests: Introductions:Bookmark here

Learn about her favorite food. 20PBookmark here

...Bookmark here

Quests: Gaining trust:Bookmark here

Help Liliath deal with her period. 50PBookmark here

...Bookmark here

Quests: Utilization:Bookmark here

Hold a tea party with her. 10PBookmark here

...Bookmark here

Quests will be refreshed daily. Quests that have been completed will be prioritized else the user can select up to 1 quest per category to remove. (removed quests will be refreshed the next day)Bookmark here

Max quest for each category: 1 (Upgradable) (17/20)Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

I've been completing a good number of these quests over the past few days, and the accumulated points are closing in on 500. Which is great but annoying because it's so tedious..Bookmark here

At the same time.. it does make sense why it would so valuable because the points are literally a one way ticket to cheating life— I mean the last time we manage to get Liliath to eat a 'dictionary', giving her the ability to understand, write and speak quite literally every single language on earth.Bookmark here

That didn't mean she could speak 'bark' or 'chirp'. Though if it did.. I wouldn't want to imagine what would happen..Bookmark here

It sounds stupid to say this but I should eat that book someday~Bookmark here

I glanced at Liliath who was reading a science reference book with both her hand supporting her head. The pages would turn itself automatically to the next page without the need to lift a finger— that's magic in a nutshell. But she seemed to be reading at an abnormally fast pace.Bookmark here

Liliath OP.Bookmark here

That said. It was only me and Liliath at home today.Bookmark here

Novelle, the little devil was out in school. Her school holiday starts next week— serves ya right!Bookmark here

And my mom was out dealing with apparently some real estate stuff. She said she needed to kick out a tenant or something.. I hope she didn't mean what she said literally. Also, she would be picking up my father from the airport, he will arrive by evening.Bookmark here

And speaking of real estate, I should probably learn about how real estate works. I'm not sure if it's necessary for my future... but it seems that real estate is what's generating most of the income we use for our day to day expenses.Bookmark here

Hm..Bookmark here

I heard a stomach growl.Bookmark here

I'm pretty sure that wasn't mine.Bookmark here

My gaze left the phone and landed on Liliath.Bookmark here

Upon closer inspection, she was sleeping...Bookmark here

The page of the book flipped again.Bookmark here

Oh I see.. so this is what Liliath had learnt back in her time as a Princess.. pretty good stuff. I'm sure it had its uses.Bookmark here

I moved myself over and poked her shoulders.Bookmark here

"Hngh?" Such a sound was let out from her mouth. Her elbow dragged on the table and started to slip, losing the foundation of the pillar that is her hands— her head fell to the table— almost.Bookmark here

I held her up with my palm on her forehead.Bookmark here

Adding strength to my arms, I pushed Liliath back up to a seating position— or rather, she fell back on the sofa.Bookmark here

But that was enough of a shock to wake her up.Bookmark here

She rubbed her forehead.Bookmark here

"I fell asleep," she said in a somnolent tone.Bookmark here

"You don't need to wake up so early in the morning if you're tired you know?" I said. To be honest, Liliath should just rest. These episodes of dozing off during the day became more frequent since she started waking up before dawn.Bookmark here

"I understand. However, that is no excuse to not do so. I would only trouble you if I don't learn to wake up early," she said with her eyes closed, her head bobbing up and down.Bookmark here

"I don't think that would trouble me in any way?"Bookmark here

"No, you don't understand.. nmm..." Liliath's words trailed off to dreamland.Bookmark here

Ah welp. I suppose that's that.Bookmark here

I should properly lie her down right? I don't think she should sleep in this sort of posture.Bookmark here

And so I did.. carefully.Bookmark here

She was quite light to say the least. I managed to shift her position to one where she was sprawled across the couch. I think I could carry her in a Princess carry if I really tried— which serves as a reminder that I should probably exercise and not sit around all day long.Bookmark here

With her body on the couch, all that's left would be her legs that were left in an awkward dangling position.Bookmark here

She was wearing a pleated skirt and.. I was afraid to see what I shouldn't.Bookmark here

Clam down. Deep breaths, deep breath.Bookmark here

I brought my arms to her calf. And then lifted it up.Bookmark here

Unfortunately, though I successfully brought her legs atop the couch, the skirt she wore had been folded up a little, revealing a little bit of her white..Bookmark here

I guess i'll have to do something about it.Bookmark here

Reaching over to adjust her skirt—Bookmark here

It was at that same moment where Liliath awoke and tried to sit up straight while bending one of her legs.Bookmark here

And that only made the opening even more obvious and I was seeing her full panties from here!!Bookmark here

"I slept again.. sorry, um.. Noel were you touching me?"Bookmark here

"..."Bookmark here

She yawned, sitting in a weird position with 'that' exposed. I had no idea if she realized what was going on.. where was the etiquette of a Princess? I don't think they teach students how to flash their panties, do they?Bookmark here

However, that wasn't the most concerning part of it all..Bookmark here

I turned around with my back facing her.Bookmark here

"Fix your clothing."Bookmark here

I said before retreating to the kitchen.Bookmark here

Calm down, calm down. Deep breaths.Bookmark here

I wasn't too sure to say I was fortunate to discover 'that'— or should I be embarrassed? Darn it I knew that something was bound to happen.. I had a bad premonition the moment I saw that quest.Bookmark here

It's too late— I understand that.. all I can do is accept my punishment.. but first I need to ask for Liliath's forgiveness and contact mom and ask about it.Bookmark here

I wonder if she made preparations...Bookmark here

My phone is in the living room..Bookmark here

I made up my mind and decided to face fate— Liliath.Bookmark here

But before I could voice my apologies.Bookmark here

"I-I'm sorry to ask but do you perhaps have a small towel I can use, Noel?" Liliath spoke with a shaky voice. She was standing her legs sandwiched together.Bookmark here

It seemed that she had noticed too—Bookmark here

—Her period.Bookmark here

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