Chapter 38:

Period (3)

My Demon Queen

Fucking seriously quest board? You know what? I think I should be grateful, I had been given a forewarning before anything bad happened. Yeah, I should hijack the system and make the quest board as some kind of future-radar or something.Bookmark here

"I'm sorry Liliath.. about just now... um.. I'll ask my mom first and see what we solution I can come up with."Bookmark here

Of course, by that I mean where my mom placed the sanitary pads.Bookmark here

I wonder if my mom's size would fit.. I doubt so.Bookmark here

And DaFuaq why am I even thinking about these things? It's not like I have a choice do I? It's a sensitive topic but I'm here actually dealing with it.. I'm sorry Liliath. Please endure a little longer.Bookmark here

I wished I had seen this coming beforehand.. I wonder what else I should prepare for in the future? For example: I can't have Liliath not know how to use a phone can I now?Bookmark here

"Gimme a second," I picked up my phone and contacted my mom via text.Bookmark here

"I-It's alright Noel, you don't need to go through all that trouble.. I-I just need a towel," Liliath put in a brave smile.Bookmark here

"There's something called a s-sanitary pad in this world and that's typically what girls use during.. these sort of times."Bookmark here

"I-I see.."Bookmark here

An awkward silence ensued.Bookmark here

My mom hasn't replied..Bookmark here

"Um.. Noel.."Bookmark here

Fuck. I honestly have no idea how periods work and all that.. is there a time limit of sorts? All I know is that once you see blood you should change into a sanitary pad right away..Bookmark here

This is.. awkward.. embarrassing... please pick up the phone..Bookmark here

"I'm sorry Liliath.. just a little longer.."Bookmark here

Pick up your phone mom.. there's a serious issue going on.. like serious serious.Bookmark here

Liliath lowered her head.. there was not doubt she was embarrassed, "Sorry for troubling you.."Bookmark here

"No.. it's my fault for forgetting to prepare for this scenario," I tried to calm her down, but I myself am in a turmoil. MOM WHEN ATE YOU GOING TO PICK UP?!Bookmark here

Another minute passed. Liliath was still as a statue.Bookmark here

I didn't want to imagine what was going on down there..Bookmark here

Wait.. I should've just called my mom.Bookmark here


Finding my mom's mobile number, I called her right away.Bookmark here

Doot. Doot.Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

Doot. Doot.Bookmark here

Please pick up..Bookmark here

Doot. Doot.Bookmark here

"Hello? Yes? What is it Noel?"Bookmark here

"This is an emergency, mom.. what should I do in a situation where Liliath is.. is having her period."Bookmark here

"Oh my.. really now? Well.. um.. I forgot about that.."Bookmark here

"How about using Novelle's? Since they are around the same size."Bookmark here

Uh... it's sickening just to have this conversation.Bookmark here

I wanna cry..Bookmark here

I can understand the sentiment girls go through now... somewhat..Bookmark here

"That could work as a temporary solution. I'll get some for Liliath on the way back home. Please have Liliath use that for now."Bookmark here

"Got it."Bookmark here

Action plan get.Bookmark here

"Good luck~"Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

The phone call ended. I had no energy to waste on retorting how excited my mom was with the situation.Bookmark here

"Liliath, I'm sorry but please wait here a while."Bookmark here

"Y-you need to find the sanitary pad-thing r-right? I can still move, I can help."Bookmark here

"No, you just wait there."Bookmark here

I have conflicting feelings about this.. as a brother, I'll have to intrude my sister's room... worse, I'm searching for that item.Bookmark here

...Bookmark here


I headed up the stairs towards her room.Bookmark here

It's been a while since I've actually snuck a look at the place but it's fairly nice. It's got that female charm to it. Books here, book there— uh.. she's reading business books?Bookmark here

Wherever. There are other import matters at the current moment.Bookmark here

Shuffling through the drawers of the low cupboard, cabinets and shelves— I couldn't find it.. I COULDN'T FIND IT?!Bookmark here

Shit.. how much dedication does my sister have when it comes to hiding this— I'd really like to commend her on this but now I really wished she just placed it in a convenient, easy-to find spot..Bookmark here

I found her stash of porn— quite literally.. but she hid her sanitary pads in some maximum security location that outwitted the likes of me. Like.. what the hell.Bookmark here

"N-Noel.. you were searching for this right?"Bookmark here

"..."Bookmark here

Ah. She's sharp. Her senses are superb. She didn't even need to take two steps into the room and already found what we were looking for..Bookmark here

The best place to hide the sanitary pads.. in fact, it wasn't even hidden..Bookmark here

I didn't know when Liliath came but she pointed her hands at the bag hanging on the hooks latched behind the door.Bookmark here

— I repeat, it was behind the door.Bookmark here

"Y-yes.. that's the one.."Bookmark here

I walked over, ruffled my hands through the bag and took out a packet that was in a light green colour.Bookmark here

I'm sorry little devil.. your brother will be borrowing this.. for Liliath.Bookmark here

"I remember Novelle taking one of these but I don't know how it works.." Liliath , I understand you're trying your best to keep your cool, but you don't need to try to smile like that all the time.. it breaks my heart.Bookmark here

Ah. Wait. What Liliath said has a point. How does sanitary pads work again?Bookmark here

"Um.." holding the packet in hand.. I tried to think of a way to solve this impossible situation.Bookmark here

There's no way I got to demonstrate it right?! I myself have no idea how it works?!Bookmark here

Shit. Calm down. Alright. Let's think things through logically. For one, I could decide to actually experiment with how the adhesive fits and stuff but I'm not sure if Liliath would understand.. no, she's smart so I think she would be able to figure it out.Bookmark here

Another option would be to help fit it on her.. that sounds super enticing but I doubt she would allow me to look at her.Bookmark here

The third would be to allow Liliath to put it on, having her go through trial and error, hopefully not messing up everything.Bookmark here

Alright. With this.. I think the first option is better. I might waste a sanitary pad or two trying to figure it out but it's worth it.Bookmark here

"I guess we'll have to go through trial and error..."Bookmark here

To the start of our experiment with the sanitary pad acting as our lab rat, Liliath nodded with a serious face.Bookmark here

I ripped open the packaging and then opened the sanitary pad out. It's in somewhat of an 8-figure. Tabs here, tabs there.Bookmark here

Skipping the part where Liliath was desperately trying her best to understand my crappy explanation on how to put it on..Bookmark here

"I suppose I can do it?" Liliath looked at the finished 'product' that should be attached to her lower waist.Bookmark here

"Now go to the bathroom to do it.." I pushed her with my words.Bookmark here

"Thank you,"Bookmark here

"Just go already.."Bookmark here

And she left.Bookmark here

Now.. how should I deal with her panties.. ah fuck..Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

How is it that I never paid attention to how women deal with these things behind a man's back? Like seriously? Am I a frog or what?Bookmark here

Wait.. why didn't I use internet-sensei?Bookmark here

//Bookmark here

//Bookmark here

//Bookmark here

Author's note: You know... I kind of wonder if I putting my novel as 'for all audience' when there's a lot of profanity involved is a good idea.. should I switch it to 'mature'? It's ecchi, no doubt, but I don't plan to push it too far though..Bookmark here

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