Chapter 42:

Upgrade (3)

My Demon Queen

"Y-yes?"Bookmark here

"You will do your best to help complete my share as compensation right?" Liliath's show a dazzling smile, one that seemingly sucked my entire being into it.. I couldn't avert my eyes let alone move a finger.Bookmark here

Is this bloodlust? I can't move..there's like something pressing on me.. cold sweat trickled down my forehead.Bookmark here

I opened my mouth but could form no words.Bookmark here

Liliath then pouted.Bookmark here

The bloodlust was lifted and I could breathe again.Bookmark here

"Remember what you gave me permission to do. Don't put the blame on me the next time this happens." Her horns scattered into glowing particles that dispersed into the air.Bookmark here

"Y-yeah.."Bookmark here

Scary..Bookmark here

It's fine for Liliath to get angry but.. please tone down on the bloodlust? Please?Bookmark here

..Bookmark here

Pretty please?Bookmark here

I wanted to tell her that but my fear got the better of me.. I'll shut up for now.Bookmark here

Gulp.Bookmark here

"In regards to what I mentioned earlier. You will cooperate with me to complete my special quest. Is that a deal?"Bookmark here

"Yes. I'll do my best," I took in a deep breath to calm myself down.Bookmark here

Liliath gritted her teeth, "It's a d-difficult one but I believe we can manage it. 100 points would be granted after completion."Bookmark here

Difficult one huh? Something perverted? No. Perhaps not. I doubt she'll do 'that' with me for the sake of 200 points. So this must be something within 'moral boundaries'.. like it even exists in the first places.. damn quests.Bookmark here

"Thank you Liliath."Bookmark here

"Hm? In regards to?"Bookmark here

"Your cooperation. It helps a lot."Bookmark here

"T-That..." Liliath didn't complete her sentence. But she did show a pained expression.. I wonder what that was about.Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

Noel. Be careful.Bookmark here

Did I not warn you?Bookmark here

Hearing him thank me caused me to fall into a trance.Bookmark here

One part of me understood that I'm merely cooperating for my own sake, to complete my goal. Another part of me wants to protect Noel, I had no intentions of betraying him..Bookmark here

However..Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

Noel was reading a peculiar book. It seemed to be something philosophical, 'Thinking fast, thinking slow', so was the title. Was there a difference between the two? I personally do agree that it may be the case. If the chance arises, I should ask permission to read said book.Bookmark here

As for myself, I was reading the final volume of the 'manga'— I believe that was what Novelle-sama corrected me in replacement of the book— that Diana-sama first introduced to me since I first arrived. Volume 17.Bookmark here

It was sentimental to think that this was the end..Bookmark here

Of course, I made sure to hide it behind another book as Noel doesn't see it.Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

Not good. What have I become?Bookmark here

To be enjoying a taboo object freely?Bookmark here

Could this be how it feels when those people who frequented harlots would regard it as 'I can't help it'?Bookmark here

O how many times have I asked for forgiveness.. I've been thinking that nothing would happen.. there wasn't a divine retribution I was told about if I came into contact with such a wonderful— Er, I mean dirty story.Bookmark here

I flipped to the next page.Bookmark here

Reading the scene of the two beings.. one being an elf the other being a half-demon doing..Bookmark here

Tied to the bed with legs opened wide..Bookmark here

Erotic..Bookmark here

I can't help it.Bookmark here

Nm..Bookmark here

I imagined the pleasant sounds.Bookmark here

Uh.. no.. I can't.. I shouldn't..Bookmark here

I tore my eyes away from the pages with all my strength and then secretly peeked at Noel.Bookmark here

He retained his focus on his book.Bookmark here

I can't help but imagine all the lewd stuff that goes through his mind.. Novelle-sama did say Noel had read many variations of what I'm currently experiencing for the first time.Bookmark here

Moreover.. he did see my 'that'.Bookmark here

I cannot underestimate him.Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

My thoughts have gone astray..Bookmark here

Thought said. I am no longer a Princess. The responsibilities that I once had— the fate I was bound to— I was relieved of it all yet..Bookmark here

I was incomplete.Bookmark here

Shaking my head to get rid of the thought, I closed the book.Bookmark here

I shall read the final part later in the evening, in Novelle-Sama's room where it is the safest.Bookmark here

I heard the mechanical sound of moving parts which cited the return of Diana-sama.Bookmark here

Noel reacted and rushed to the direction of the place where the 'car' arrived. I followed behind.Bookmark here

"Welcome back father," I heard Noel say.Bookmark here

"Yo, I'm back, how's your girl."Bookmark here

"..."Bookmark here

I peeked over the door.Bookmark here

"Ah, there you are, nice to meet you Liliath," Dylan-sama said with a smile— or smirk? It resembled Novelle-sama. He had a bag strapped to his back and one being held in his arm— which was taken by Noel. "Thanks."Bookmark here

"Welcome back, Diana, Novelle. Pleasure to meet you too D-Dylan," I bowed.Bookmark here

I still find it difficult to mention the other party's name with the lack of honorifics. However, I knew the deed must be done. I had to properly ground my identity as a person that now lives in this world Noel brought me to.Bookmark here

"Big sister Noel!" Novelle-sama with a pleasant smile on her face in her uniform.Bookmark here

"We're back," Diana-sama was giggling.Bookmark here

"Hah! A Princess! I knew it. Right? Liliath, you're an ex-Princess right? Right?!"Bookmark here

"Uh.."Bookmark here

I didn't understand why Dylan-sama was looking at me with those sparkling eyes— it was scary.Bookmark here

"Yes, Liliath is a Princess and Father, please?" Noel answered in my stead.Bookmark here

"I get it, I get it. Sorry Liliath, I'm just really surprised that you're really an 'isekaied' person. A nice reverse isekai.. Noel, I hope you build a harem."Bookmark here

Noel spoke not and only glared at his own father— who averted his gaze.Bookmark here

Noel with multiple wives? W-why could I see myself standing there with him? That's not right...Bookmark here

Could it be a vision? If so.. I'd be glad to accept it..Bookmark here

I-I meant that that path would be better than the one w-which I betray Noel.. t-that's all alright?!Bookmark here

Anything besides betraying Noel..Bookmark here

Everyone entered the 'house', Dylan-sama went to wash up. He had apparently been out on a long journey and just came back. I wondered where he went? To pay visits to other like-minded nobles? To build connections?Bookmark here

All I knew was that I was teased again with the phrases mechanical divine dragon.Bookmark here

That's so unfair Novelle-sama... I still lack understanding of this world, I should be given a grace period at least..Bookmark here

Diana-sama is kind enough to teach me about how I should manage my 'period' at times like these. Novelle-sama had no issues with lending me a helping hand..Bookmark here

"I've booked a place at Prune's restaurant, so that's where we'll go for dinner," Dylan said.Bookmark here

I supposed that would be the same restaurant we visited a few days ago? I wondered how the beatkin, Prune was doing. Dylan-sama wanted to pay a visit after a while.. could it be because of that?Bookmark here

Ah. I can take this chance to complete the special quest..Bookmark here

I can do it.. it doesn't require much effort.. I need merely but to act.Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

Special Quest:Bookmark here

Feed Noel with a spoon you used. 100PBookmark here

RULES: Noel cannot find out about the specifics of the task. If found out, the quest will be terminated. Special quests cannot be removed and will be refreshed weekly. Special Quests completed before the week ends will only be refreshed the following week.Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

I don't understand why these tasks are all related to Noel.. not that I hate it.. I kind of.. look forward to it in fact..Bookmark here

That's a rather embarrassing confession..Bookmark here

Also, Noel did try to experiment with the system. But we had failed to find the threshold, and instead completed the quests by accident.Bookmark here

I'm worried that Noel may find out what my intention is before I manage to execute the action. I have a feeling that as long as Noel comes up with a fitting assumption to what my special quest is, it would be terminated at the instant.Bookmark here

It's just a feeling.. I have to take precautions..Bookmark here

Then..Bookmark here

I'll need assistance.Bookmark here

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