Chapter 1:


Reborn as a Magical Girl Villain

Her eyes opened to a wavering void before her, distorting what little light found its way down to her in this place. She gasped, expecting to hear her own voice clearly, but the sound was muffled as if it came from farther away than her own body. The space around her felt heavy, suffocating, yet each breath came effortlessly through her lungs.Bookmark here

She closed her eyes, trying to remember the moments before she found herself in this place. But…nothing. Nothing but darkness…Bookmark here

The faint light in the distance above returned. She reached forth, her limbs mere shadows in these dim depths. As thick as the air around her felt, her body glided effortlessly through it. Some vague memory drifted through her mind, of moments just like this, as if it was more instinct than recollection.Bookmark here

Despite the weight upon and around her, her movement in this void felt natural.Bookmark here

The higher she pushed herself, the brighter her surroundings became. What were once mere shadows became pale arms, tipped with clear nails. The way the air wavered…it soon clicked in her mind. She was underwater. Some part of her felt like she shouldn’t have been able to breathe, that she should have suffocated long ago, yet her body didn’t crave for oxygen or give up beneath the pressure and exertion.Bookmark here

Rather, as she reached for the shimmering surface of the water above, it felt like she was emerging from some invigorating, cleansing experience.Bookmark here

Her hands broke through, pushing herself upward into the light of the sun. Its warmth was nice, and only now made her realize how bitterly cold it had been when she’d first awakened…not that it had been any less pleasant than the sunlight, strangely enough.Bookmark here

Above her was a clear sky, a blue as beautiful as the ocean depths, accented with scattered but small clouds. The sun shone brightly in the sky, yet staring at it didn’t burn into her vision as she felt it should.Bookmark here

Her gaze lowered, to the tops of tall white and grey buildings further inland. Most near the beach before her were smaller, with a few that towered over their neighbours, but beyond the sandy shore was a dense, bright city.Bookmark here

She blinked several times. This place…where was she? Where had she come from? Just as she was about to glance down, as if expecting to see through the gentle sparkling waves, she noticed something about the water…or rather, her position.Bookmark here

She was floating not within the water, but above it.Bookmark here

As she looked down, she spotted what she thought was some kind of skirt. A wide-belled skirt, made of a violet material that looked opaque but might have let strong-enough light through. Some kind of strands of something grazed against her legs, but she couldn’t see what they could be. Above the skirt, her torso was clad in a dark-green vest, sleeveless and with a prominent upright collar. A hand reached for her garment, out of wonder of what it was made of.Bookmark here

The hand itself was a pale purple, slender, with translucent pointed nails perhaps half an inch long. The same hands that had propelled her through the water. She stared at the hand, lifting it before her face, looking over its smooth surface. It was so unfamiliar, yet with certainty she knew it was her own.Bookmark here

A sudden gale over the waves snapped her attention back to the world around her. The skies above had darkened, though the sun was faintly visible through the night-blue. Thick grey clouds had formed overhead, rumbling with echoing thunder and crackling with flashes of electricity.Bookmark here

Some faint instinct told her that it was not safe being in or near the water now.Bookmark here

As if guided by that mere thought, her body began to drift over the water’s surface towards the beach. Her toes brushed against the rising waves, the waters becoming as uneasy as the sky. Before her, figures dotted the beach—people who’d been enjoying the sunny weather, the cool water, the beautiful day.Bookmark here

Now, they fled in panic, most leaving behind chairs and belongings. Some lost their footing in the sand, and several would pass them by before someone would finally help them. Of course…they were more concerned about their own safety than anyone else.Bookmark here

But what was happening? Some kind of storm?Bookmark here

As her feet passed the threshold between ocean and beach, her feet dropped onto the moist sand. She nearly tumbled over herself before regaining her balance. The beach was all but deserted now, with only a few stragglers hiding behind umbrellas or structures on the beach—people who started running the moment she glanced in their direction.Bookmark here

Were they really so distrustful of a stranger?Bookmark here

Her eyes returned towards the strange city, when a massive column of violet lightning erupted from the sky, crashing down deeper within the maze of roads and buildings.Bookmark here

Unsure of why, she started running in the direction of the lightning.Bookmark here

* * *Bookmark here

Traffic had stopped throughout the streets. Cars remained in the road, still, a few with engines rumbling. No pedestrians were visible on the sidewalks, though she had the strange idea that people were watching her. None of the streetlights showed any colours or symbols, and she didn’t notice any lights on within any of the buildings in this place. Her movement upon land wasn’t as graceful or smooth as her swimming or levitation above the water, but she didn’t tire or grow weary, even without any sort of footwear.Bookmark here

Were it not for her wonder about that surge of purple lightning, she would have wondered about her surroundings. Many of the buildings were elegant structures, with artistic architecture and statues adorning their fronts. Yet none of it seemed familiar. Everything before awakening in the water was still a mystery, but she was certain she’d never seen this place before in her life.Bookmark here

Her wandering mind was almost enough that when she turned at one of the many intersections, she almost didn’t notice the five-storey-tall golem swatting someone to the ground. Whoever had been at the wrong place at the wrong time tumbled along the pavement, rolling into a car and setting off its alarm.Bookmark here

The golem itself…given the jagged, coloured metal that formed most of its body and the mechanical-looking parts visible between the pieces of its outer shell…had it been created from a bunch of cars, somehow fused together?Bookmark here

How in the world was such a thing possible?Bookmark here

Just as the golem was about to swing its fist down on the person it’d sent to the ground, another figure swept by, lifting them up and hopping away before they were crushed. Voices, female-sounding voices, rang out in unison beyond the golem.Bookmark here

Some shining light, both golden and bright-pink, erupted from beyond the golem, striking it center-mass. A deep roar echoed through the street—was it from the mechanical monstrosity?Bookmark here

Between her and the golem, another figure floated down to the ground. This person was clad in a black dress, tattered at the edges of its long skirt and wide sleeves. Their hair, a near-white with just a tinge of purple, hung just below their shoulders beneath the wide-brimmed pointed hat they wore.Bookmark here

This woman glanced over her shoulder. One eye was visible, a wide red-irised eye. A smirk spreading over her lips, she said, “So you’re finally here, Chrysa.”Bookmark here

Chrysa? Was that her name? It sounded right, somehow.Bookmark here

“I was going to let these three brats have their little victory,” the witch said. “But now that you’re here, introductions are in order.”Bookmark here

Behind the witch, the radiant light burst through the golem, its form dissolving away within the pink and golden glow. Shards of metal and engine crashed into the pavement, and Chrysa stepped behind the witch as if hoping her body would shield her own.Bookmark here

The light faded, and over the witch’s shoulder, Chrysa spotted three figures in the street.Bookmark here

Stepping forth, the witch said, “Bravo, bravo! Such a simple creation, and yet you struggled so much against it. What will you girls do when you must face one of us ourselves?”Bookmark here

One of the girls stepped forward. She was clad in a frilly, pretty pink-and-white dressed, with ribbons tied around her wrists and waist. Her hair was thick and long, a vibrant pink as deep as part of her garment. “Then we’ll stand against you as we always have! We won’t let you hurt a single person!”Bookmark here

“But would they do the same for you?” asked the witch, with a taunting tone in her voice. “You watch as they cower in fear, placing their hopes in you—a bunch of children! If you were to fall, none would take your place! None would sacrifice themselves for the good of their kind!”Bookmark here

Chrysa’s mind flashed back to the beach, watching people flee…running past people who’d tripped and fell without even slowing. The ones who’d helped—would they be so willing if danger was right before their eyes?Bookmark here

“We chose to protect the city!” shouted a girl with bright blonde hair, clad in a frilly top and long skirt adorned with flowing ribbons. “And I’m sure there’s many others who’d do so in a heartbeat!”Bookmark here

“Is that so? How many did your familiars seek out before resorting to children like you? You’re mere weapons to them, soldiers to do what they cannot—and which they will never grant you the power to accomplish.”Bookmark here

Was that true? These girls…they didn’t seem like they were adults. Were the only people willing to fight such a monster mere children? And what kind of people would force such children into danger?Bookmark here

“Enough of your nonsense, Electoria!” snapped the last of the three girls, this one clad in an orange and yellow blouse and short skirt with knee-length pants; her outfit was still frilly, but less so than her partners. “We’ll never let your Queen Malys take over our world, no matter what it takes!”Bookmark here

Queen Malys…? If the unfamiliarity of this place, of the form she now possessed, of witches clad in black and massive golems formed of vehicles wasn’t enough to convince Chrysa, then such a claim of this Queen attempting to conquer the world settled it.Bookmark here

This was not Chrysa’s home in the slightest.Bookmark here

The witch, Electoria as she was called by the girls, began to laugh. “Then challenge us, magical girls. If your hearts shine bright enough to drown out the darkness of our approach and of your own kind’s sins, then prove it to us.”Bookmark here

The three magical girls—were they magical? They must have been, to challenge such a monster. The three charged forth, each brandishing a brightly-coloured wand.Bookmark here

Electoria raised a hand, and a massive surge of violet lightning burst along the street, tearing apart the pavement into jagged spikes. The three girls jumped above the electricity, far higher than any human should have been able to.Bookmark here

The first, the one in pink, lunged at Electoria first. “Banish your heartless soul from our world! Love Ray!” She pointed her wand, a beam of gold and pink blasting from the end. With a sharp cackle, Electoria jumped from the ground, dodging the beam and dashing towards the pink-clad magical girl in the blink of an eye. Lightning crackled around her right hand before she thrust it forward, launching the pink girl down the street.Bookmark here

As Chrysa watched her go, the orange-clad girl landed before her. “It doesn’t matter how many creeps Queen Malys summons!” she spat. “We’ll never relent! Gaian Aegis!”Bookmark here

A thick shield of stone formed on the orange girl’s arm, and she charged forward, straight at Chrysa. Had Chrysa said a thing to them, acted in offense towards them?Bookmark here

No…and yet they attacked.Bookmark here

A roiling anger rose within her, and as she thrust out a hand, it was like a dam bursting within her. A surge of water materialized before her, crashing into the orange girl’s shield, doing nothing to slow her.Bookmark here

A direct attack wouldn’t work, then. Lowering her hand, Chrysa glanced to the orange girl’s eyes. Full of rage…her reckless charge was defended from the front, but her fury would blind her from other directions.Bookmark here

Faint mist swirled upon the ground between them, and the moment the orange magical girl stepped within it, Chrysa raised her hand, feeling her own fury erupt like a geyser. A torrent of water blasted the magical girl into the air, where Electoria caught her within a field of crackling static before blasting her into the ground.Bookmark here

That left the green-clad girl, dashing in from the side. As she closed in, she took a short hop off of the ground, swinging her leg in. Chrysa couldn’t react in time, and her kick struck Chrysa to the ground. “Take that, you overgrown jellyfish!”Bookmark here

…jellyfish?Bookmark here

As Chrysa rose, her fists tightening and trembling, she watched the green girl begin to twirl. “Blow away the black wind! Whirling Aura!” Currents of green-tinted wind began to envelop her, lifting her off of the ground.Bookmark here

Her mouth drawn into a sneer, Chrysa swung out her arm. A fierce whirlpool erupted beneath the green magical girl, swirling in the opposite direction of her whirlwind. The girl’s eyes widened, as her own magic dissipated in the wake of Chrysa’s overpowering force. She began to scream as she spun around, only prompting Chrysa to focus her power more. Faster, tighter, spinning her helplessly around until—Bookmark here

With a thrust of her hand, Chrysa directed the magical water into one mighty torrent, flinging the green-clad magical girl at the nearest building. Her body only just missed the door, but crashed through the wall nonetheless, leaving the girl lying in a pile of rubble and glass.Bookmark here

Electoria landed next to Chrysa, her laugh ringing out in the street. “Remember this day, you pathetic children! The darkness is an ever-growing tide, and before long it shall crash down upon your entire world! Your hopes, your dreams, your souls—this world will be another excellent feast for our Queen Malys!”Bookmark here

This world? Had other worlds…perhaps even…Bookmark here

The witch turned to face Chrysa. One of her eyes remained concealed behind her hair, while the other still shone with demonic fervour. “Come. It is time for you to meet our master in person.”Bookmark here

All that Chrysa had heard of this Queen Malys—even the sound of her name—would have intimidated her. Should have intimidated her. And yet everything that Electoria had said, about the selfishness of the people these girls struggled for…Bookmark here

She was right, wasn’t she?Bookmark here

Chrysa nodded, and as Electoria took her hand, the world around them dissipated into a haze of violet and black.Bookmark here

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