Chapter 1:

In This World, There Is Only Love

In This World, There Is Only Love

Tsurumaki Airi never noticed when Hirata Kana became a huge influence in her life. Perhaps it all began that day when she stuck her face towards that small glassed windowpane of the Music Class's door. They went through hardships together, alongside the other members of their idol group, they even won the biggest competition of their hometown and went their separate ways. However, Airi felt empty once the second years became third years, to later graduate and now she and her two friends, Rie Sekiguchi and Momoko Yoneda were the only ones left in the school. In fact, they used their old clubroom to pass time during recess or just… reminiscence about everything that transpired there.
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Today was no exception.Bookmark here

Airi was alone, feeling empty and sighing, wondering why she missed Kana's never-ending smile and unwavering spirit. Being this her last year, the red-headed girl had already gotten a ton of letters of recommendations to fantastic universities to pursue a medical career. It was to be expected, she was part of the Tsurumaki family after all.Bookmark here

Under the summer sun, Airi felt the warmth of those brilliant rays, of light granting her new vibrant colors, softly brushing smiles upon faces and hearts. She was unable to close the curtains and let the summer come inside the room.Bookmark here

Suddenly, the door opened.Bookmark here

It was Momoko.Bookmark here

"Hey, Airi." She sat down happily, with a cookie on hand. "Want some?"Bookmark here

"Hello to you too, Momo. And no, no thank you." Airi replied, unable to hide anymore these mixed feelings of anxiety and uneasiness.Bookmark here

Every time she saw Momoko, jealousy sprang towards her. Not in a horrific way nor did she hate her. It was just the fact that the amber-eyed girl was dating Etsuko Igarashi ever since they both reached their feelings towards each other before the third years graduated. You could say they have been in a relationship for the past two years and she seemed filled with light and happiness. Airi sometimes wondered if she should have done the same with Kana.Bookmark here

However, she was scared. What would her parents think of her dating someone older than her, plus not even studying a worthy career? After all, Etsuko was pursuing an unusual choice, well, you couldn't even call it a proper career. The emerald-eyed girl was mastering her fortune telling techniques by being an apprentice in different places. Right now, she was focusing on Tengen-justsu.Bookmark here

"Say, Momo… how did your parents take it?" Airi asked without thinking.Bookmark here

"Whatcha mean?" she blinked, partially confused.Bookmark here

"Dating Etsuko."Bookmark here

"Oh, that, they took it surprisingly well. I mean she is two years older than me but when we reach twenty or so it won't make much of a difference."Bookmark here

"What did they say about her career choice?"Bookmark here

"About that… again it was unexpected. Like, they said that if Tsuko made me happy, and Tsuko was happily pursuing her dreams then it was okay. I mean, they want both of us to be happy, after all. If Tsuko is unhappy, then that would make me sad. So, yeah."Bookmark here

"Hmm…" Airi pondered.Bookmark here

"Why do you ask, though?" with her cat-like instincts, Momoko almost there herself towards Airi who was sitting right in front of her.Bookmark here

"It's nothing, it doesn't concern you!" slightly blushing, the purple-eyed girl stood up. "I need some fresh air."Bookmark here

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In this world, there is only love. I have to start searching for you right away. Even if someone opposes me. That is my identity.Bookmark here

Airi wanted to confess to Kana. They saw each other now and then since she was studying a musical career. Their leader wanted to become someone who could shower the world with the power idols brought to her life, and, in consequence, Airi knew she would be an excellent teacher. After all, she changed Airi's life with that and more.Bookmark here

Even still, hypothetically speaking, if she managed to enter a relationship with her, her parents wouldn't be happy about her future partner's career path.Bookmark here

Airi ran up a sloping bridge, the blue summer sky filled her vision.Bookmark here

She knew she would never be able to reach it.Bookmark here

But she stood on her tiptoes and reached her hand out as far as she could.Bookmark here

And another person took hold of it.Bookmark here

"Hi, Aiai, long time no see!"Bookmark here

Her beautiful orange hair and blue eyes just like the sky above them greeted her, a twinkling smile that never broke and pushed her to try new things ever since their meeting while she played the piano.Bookmark here

Airi just kept on staring, like she couldn't do anything else. Her feelings for Kana overflow from her chest, impatiently.Bookmark here

"W-What are you doing here?" pretending to be unfazed by her presence, she spoke.Bookmark here

"Just visiting!… Wish that could be the case but I came to see some teachers and get some experience from them!"Bookmark here

The pure white cumulus clouds came drifting closer, and somewhere the cicadas were crying in unison. For a split second, it seemed like the sun faded out.Bookmark here

This world that seems so complicated moves according to such simple feelings.Bookmark here

"Huh…" for some reason, Airi felt displeased.Bookmark here

What was she thinking, honestly? That Kana came to see her?Bookmark here

That was too much.Bookmark here

However, she knew it was now or never.Bookmark here

She didn't care if she had to defy her parents for them to accept Kana.Bookmark here

Even if she was rejected, she had her conviction ready to overcome that hurdle if it happened.Bookmark here

When was the last time I defied an adult?Bookmark here

"K-Kana… there is something I want to tell you."Bookmark here

"Hm? What is it? What is it?" the energetic girl asked.Bookmark here

"The moment I met you, it was like I regained something. A rainbow arched through the sky. You gave me a lot of things I thought I would never have. And… one of those is… love. And well, you see…"Bookmark here

"I like you too Airi! I love you since the day I saw you playing the piano!"Bookmark here

Airi was dumbfounded. She gathered all her courage to start confessing, just to be out straight cut by Kana's confession.Bookmark here

"I… excuse me?"Bookmark here

"Wait, it wasn't a confession? Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry!" Kana quickly apologized.Bookmark here

"No, no I mean… I… love you too, Kana. Nonetheless, this wasn't the way I expected things to go."Bookmark here

The wind blowing past begins speaks to Airi: In just a little while, there will be an evening shower.Bookmark here

"Mind if we… talked for a while in private?" the redheaded girl boldly asked.Bookmark here

"Sure!"Bookmark here

Kana held her hand, both walking side by side.Bookmark here

Yes, this world moves according to simple feelings even if it seems complicated.Bookmark here

Because I ran with all my might, I still hadn't caught my breath. Being honest with myself about my feelings was refreshing. Now I believe. In this world, there is only love.Bookmark here

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Tengen-jutsu: is a Japanese fortune-telling method. It is based on yin and yang and the five elements and uses a persons birth date in the sexagenary cycle and physical appearance to predict one's fate.Bookmark here

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