Chapter 43:

Secret (1)

My Demon Queen

Medical report Huh?Bookmark here

I mulled over the documents required to register Liliath as a citizen of Gilgamesh.Bookmark here

Oh right. I haven't explain where the frick Gilgamesh actually is huh? It's actually a fairly recent country built around 70 years ago.Bookmark here

It's an island like Singapore below the right wing of Russia, Hokkaido to the left and the United States to the right. It's a raised-to-land region of the emperor seamounts in the North Pacific Ocean. And it's MAN-MADE.Bookmark here

Man made you say? Yeah. A lunatic named Gilgamesh, the founder of this country had an incredibly stupid TALENT. Rather, the story goes like this.Bookmark here

One day Gilgamesh was flying from Japan to the United States. His plane crash— whoosh— dramatic sound effect— WHOOPOSSSHH. BBBOOOOOMM.Bookmark here

Nope. It's more like-- bloop.Bookmark here

The plane didn't explode. It just floated on the water. The engine apparently shut down all by itself. And the system denied access to the pilot. I don't know what that means but the plane basically crashed.Bookmark here

And so, the survivors were out at sea.. and people were 'dying'..Bookmark here

And so Gilgamesh who's had a sort of earth mounding TALENT he apparently doesn't use all that much managed to raise a small piece of land from the sea, and that was basically what saved the survivors. Though I imagine how disgusting the sea bed was.. welp. Creatures caught up in Gilgamesh's TALENT became free food. There has got to be someone in there with fire magic or water purification TALENT so a good number of people survived when rescue arrived a month later.Bookmark here

That small land Gilgamesh created— became the impetus that became the Gilgamesh we all know and loved today. Gilgamesh spent his life raising the sea bed of the emperor seamounts— that's why it no longer exists today.Bookmark here

And that's how this literally man-made country was created.Bookmark here

The other details pertaining how the fuck development happened so quickly after the Second World War was a mystery. My grandparents were converted Gilgamesh citizens. So you could say Gilgamesh is one of the most impossible country built till date. Everything is.. artificial.. so to speakBookmark here

Like heck, even the trees and grass we have here had to be imported from other countries.. It basically started at ground zero.Bookmark here

So basically, I'm living a dream— Gilgamesh's dream. He never had the chance to experience the country he built— my condolences..Bookmark here

Eh wait. Where was I? Oh right. Medical report. Um, mom and father already knows about it so all we need to do is notify Liliath. I wonder if demon lords are scared of needles?Bookmark here

The car pulled up into a parking lot and we went inside Prune's restaurant. Is it just me or did I just realize that Prune has a rather pitiful name? No, perhaps the restaurant is named after prune and not the other way around.Bookmark here

We were guided to a private room that was separated from the main dining hall.Bookmark here

A large round table and cushioned seats, table wares prepared in abundance— no fork and knives though.Bookmark here

I glanced at Liliath. She averted my gaze.Bookmark here

What's up with that?Bookmark here

I sat down— Liliath to the left, my father to the right. My father to the left of my mother and Liliath to the right of Novelle.Bookmark here

Hm.. this is a weird getup. Why was everyone sitting so close together..?Bookmark here

Something is suspicious. My father usually sat opposite to me.Bookmark here

"Do your best Liliath," My mother cheered.Bookmark here

Liliath nodded with a serious expression, and I looked at their exchange dumbfounded.Bookmark here

"You can do it Noel. As a father, I am proud that you got yourself a girl at this age,". My father came close and whispered this to my ear with a smirk.Bookmark here

"What do you mean by that?" I raised an eyebrow.Bookmark here

"You'll see, You'll see.."Bookmark here

Shit. Something scary is about to happen isn't it..Bookmark here

What is this.. The person behind this must be Liliath right? It has to be..Bookmark here

The waiter— Prune, surprisingly, came over with the menu. Those wolf ears piqued my father's interest. If he hadn't raised self-constraint, I could imagine him asking some pretty weird stuff like— can I do your ears or bushy tail? My father wasn't around when Prune got her TALENT so it was no wonder a surprise.Bookmark here

And— I'm sad to inform you of this but Prune wasn't wearing some maid costume, just normal clothes, don't let your expectations run to high peeps.Bookmark here

This time around, Liliath made the option to choose a dish. Last time it was all on mom since she knew the regular dishes to order and Liliath was still new to it all. This time around, it was sort of a special dinner to celebrate and welcome Liliath— officially.Bookmark here

Liliath got a weird dumpling thing.. Is that... ghost pepper sauce?!Bookmark here

No.. fuck..Bookmark here

"Are you sure? This might be very spicy you know?" My mom decided to warn.Bookmark here

"I don't think you should.." Prune advised..Bookmark here

Hm.. Prune is no longer scared of Liliath? What's up with that? It's good and all but it doesn't make sense. Liliath generates an aura that scares other creatures away right? So how come it's no longer affecting Prune?Bookmark here

"Spicy?" Liliath asked.Bookmark here

Ah seriously? Liliath doesn't know spicy? WWWWHHHHUUUTT?! And she's aiming straight for the boss?!Bookmark here

Liliath, you shouldn't order that.. please.. you will die.. or at least feel like dying.. trust me..Bookmark here

I retorted in my mind. And fortunately she changed her mindBookmark here

Liliath chose something tofu instead.Bookmark here

"This pudding— did I say something wrong?" Liliath pointed at the dish... noticing the weird look on Prune's face she askedBookmark here

"N-nothing. That's tofu."Bookmark here

"Tofu? The legendary tofu dish?!" Liliath opened her eyes wide in surprise.Bookmark here

To Liliath apparently, tofu is legendary.Bookmark here

"Uh.. yeah.." Prune took two steps backwards.Bookmark here

"Then could you please?"Bookmark here

"'Could you please'.. what do you mean?"Bookmark here

"The Princess here plays arounds with words a lot.. basically she just means, yes add that to the menu," my father chided.Bookmark here

"Hah?" Prune seemed to fall into a processor issue. Um.. give her a second to process it all, um..Bookmark here

"Could It be that my speech is weird," Liliath asked.Bookmark here

"I think it's unique. Just go with it, no problems there," my father shrugged.Bookmark here

"It makes big sister Liliath feel more like a Princess.. though, big sister really is a Princess though.." the little devil commented.Bookmark here

"There's a lot I don't know hah..." Prune said in a weak voice, jotting down Liliath's order.Bookmark here

The dishes were finally settled and so was the same for drinks— Liliath opted for iced tea.. a tea wizard indeed.Bookmark here

While waiting, my father took a sauce plate, added chilly, garlic and soy sauce to create a mix. Liliath looked at the scene confused.Bookmark here

"Ah? You've never seen this? It's called self service," my father said, pouring the soy sauce.Bookmark here

"I didn't see this the last time I came?"Bookmark here

"That's because only my husband eats the chilies." My mom added.Bookmark here

"Chillies?"Bookmark here

"Heh?" My father looked at Liliath, then at me in astonishment.Bookmark here

What? Now you know how much of an out of place goldfish Liliath is now?Bookmark here

"You should try some," my father smirked.Bookmark here

"Then I'll gladly accept."Bookmark here

"Liliath.. you've never eaten anything spicy.. are you sure? I don't recommend it.."Bookmark here

Seriously Liliath.. no.. don't..Bookmark here

"Is there anything wrong?"Bookmark here

"Noel, you can't be too overprotective can you now?" My mom laughed.Bookmark here

Seriously... I didn't know how to retort my mom there.. I'm i overprotective? Perhaps… I suppose I should let Liliath try a bunch of different things in this world that she couldn't experience back in her world.Bookmark here

My father mixed another sauce plate worth of soy sauce and chilli-- without garlic-- and passed it to Liliath.Bookmark here

Liliath was about to dip her chopsticks and have a taste when my father stopped her saying that it should be eaten together with the dishes.Bookmark here

The dishes came in accordance and then we started the meal.Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

Author's Note: AHahahahaa. thank you for 2k view~ Thank you very much!!Bookmark here

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