Chapter 44:

Secret (2)

My Demon Queen

After enjoying the meal for a few minutes, Dylan-sama gave me a suggestive look.. he must be wondering when the assault should commence.Bookmark here

Sigh..Bookmark here

How did this turn into such a difficult battle..Bookmark here

"Novelle, what should I feed Noel?" I leaned over and whispered for help.Bookmark here

Novelle-sama looked straight into my eyes and smirked.Bookmark here

This dreadful feeling.. how embarrassing.. to ask such a thing from another person.. Moreover, the person is his sister.Bookmark here

"Add this and this meat with the red vegetables together with rice," Novelle-sama deftly directed my line of sight to the target dishes that would become the food I will feed Noel.Bookmark here

"The chillies. I haven't tried but isn't it something to be avoided..?"Bookmark here

"No, no, trust me big sister. Big brother Will absolutely love it," and Novelle-sama grinned again. The smile of a devil...Bookmark here

"Alright.. I shall heed your advice."Bookmark here

"What are you two talking about."Bookmark here

Noel noticed!?Bookmark here

"I was asking what dishes those are, It's the first time I've tasted this.." I put on a feint, smiling delightfully.Bookmark here

"Seriously?" Noel looked at me with a perplexed expression, but he didn't question further.Bookmark here

It was fortunate that I was able to cover it up. Novelle-sama didn't panic either so we were safe.Bookmark here

Dylan-sama met my eyes again.Bookmark here

What should I do..Bookmark here

Could it be that I should act now?Bookmark here

It's necessary to resolve myself..Bookmark here

I took the spoon out of my mouth, covered in my saliva shimmering slightly.Bookmark here

This was akin to an indirect kiss.Bookmark here

But it must be done..Bookmark here

Noel did say he would comply wholeheartedly?Bookmark here

"Hide the chilly under the rice," Novelle-sama hinted.Bookmark here

Nodding, I filled the spoon with rice, a few small pieces of the red round vegetable known as chilly hidden underneath. On top of the rice, I decorated it with some meat and vegetables, also the 'tofu' I requested. It had a surprisingly delicate taste that I enjoyed. I believe Noel felt the same way since he took the initiative to eat most of the dish.Bookmark here

I glanced at Dylan and gave him a nod.Bookmark here

Then I made contact with Noel by touching his hand, I evoked a confusion spell, charm, to divert his consciousness for a small amount of time.Bookmark here

Then Dylan-sama acted and restrained Noel wha was stunned from confusion.Bookmark here

"Now," Diana-sama chuckled.Bookmark here

With the spoon in hand, I shoved it into Noel's half open mouth with prudence.Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

The fuck?Bookmark here

Where am I?Bookmark here

This is Liliath's hand?Bookmark here

My mind became numb, the only thing I could think of was Liliath for some odd reason.Bookmark here

Everything became a blur.Bookmark here

If I were to put it into a wordy illustration.. It's like there's a bunch of small Liliath flying around me, and all of them are attractive beyond measure..Bookmark here

Like wut da faq?Bookmark here

Then someone-- or something fixed me in place.Bookmark here

Was it Liliath?Bookmark here

I had no idea.Bookmark here

Something was placed into my mouth gently.Bookmark here

And at that moment I regained consciousness. In front of me was Liliath with a difficult to describe expression.Bookmark here

Cute.Bookmark here

Hm?Bookmark here

My mouth.. and her hand..Bookmark here

Huh?Bookmark here

WWWWHHHATT?!Bookmark here

I stared at Liliath and she stared at me. Like we were in our own world, nothing else mattered.Bookmark here

My mouth.. there was something there.. wait.. Liliath was feeding me?Bookmark here

"Eat it already," my father who held my shoulders in a twisted position so that I faced Liliath prodded me.Bookmark here

Eat it?Bookmark here

I looked down to see her hand on the spoon in my mouth.Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

Liliath... feeding me?Bookmark here

Why?Bookmark here

"Are you not going to accept it?" Liliath quivered.Bookmark here

Shit. No.. I don't mean that..Bookmark here

I clenched my teeth together and pulled the food into my mouth from the spoon.Bookmark here

The flavor was enchanting somehow.. Was she feeding me with her spoon?Bookmark here

A-AN INDIRECT KISS?!Bookmark here

Liliath pulled the spoon out of my mouth and let out a sigh of relief.Bookmark here

'Liliath's Special Quest Complete'Bookmark here

The sound of the system rang in my ear.Bookmark here

A heat slowly enveloped my mouth.Bookmark here

This..Bookmark here

CHILLY?!Bookmark here

I behind Liliath I noticed the smug of the little devil.. a few inches longer than usual.Bookmark here

FUCK!?Bookmark here

SPICY!Bookmark here

Tears spilled from my eyes..Bookmark here

"Noel?" Liliath looked at me worried, and puzzled.Bookmark here

Fuck.. I can't possibly spit this out right?! Liliath fed this to me after all?! Dammit! DAMMIT!Bookmark here

I forcefully swallowed it all without tasting it any further.Bookmark here

Heat spread through my esophagus and then into my stomach. My throat and tongue burned from the pain.Bookmark here

"Water.." I requested in a meek voice.Bookmark here

Damn fuck it's so spicy..Bookmark here



"Here you go," my mother passed my drink over and I hurriedly downed the ice cold passion fruit tea. Yes, also tea but a different kind from the one Liliath ordered.Bookmark here

"Why Liliath.. why.." though the heat quelled down somewhat, the pain still persisted.Bookmark here

"D-did I do something w-wrong? W-why is your face so red.. w-why are you in pain?"Bookmark here

"..."Bookmark here

In all seriousness, I wanted payback.Bookmark here

"Ah, you added chilli didn't you?" my mom announced.Bookmark here

"But Novelle said it was alright though..."Bookmark here

I see...Bookmark here

Yea sure, of course the little devil was the person who instigated you.. but you were at fault too you know?Bookmark here

"Payback."Bookmark here

"Huh?"Bookmark here

I filled my own spoon with rice chunky and random dishes. I made it somewhat 'palatable' at least.Bookmark here

"Open your mouth."Bookmark here

"W-what are you trying to do?!" Liliath wanted to move away but the little devil was there to hold her in place.Bookmark here

"Fight big brother! I'm rooting for you!" The devil cheered.Bookmark here

Damn. I wonder how I should punish that devil.. she's the root cause..Bookmark here

"Novelle?! Betrayal!"Bookmark here

I shoved the spoon into Liliath's mouth.Bookmark here

"Good job," my father nodded in satisfaction, jesting.Bookmark here

"Oh my," My mom covered her mouth, a joyously surprised tone leaked from her words.Bookmark here

Liliath had no choice but to accept it... I pulled the spoon away from her mouth.Bookmark here

Her face reddened, and tears spilled from her eyes, her hands covering her mouth.Bookmark here

"Here's your drink," The little devil was kind enough to offer support. Liliath hurriedly accepted it and drank her tea.Bookmark here

Revenge served.. not yet.. there's still the little devil..Bookmark here

I felt a sense of satisfaction despite still feeling the burn in my mouth, throat and stomach.Bookmark here

I already warned her.. she took the little devil's advice instead... have a gate of your own medicine!Bookmark here

Oh fuck.. when did I become a masochist?!Bookmark here

Shit.. the fuck did I just do?!Bookmark here

"It hurts," Liliath cried, sucking in the straw while flying at me.Bookmark here

"Yeah, of course it does. I warned you.."Bookmark here

"But you didn't have to do that!" Liliath retorted.Bookmark here

Before I could reply a different voice chided.Bookmark here

"Noel.. y-you.."Bookmark here

Everyone turned to the person in question— Prune?Bookmark here

WAIT, PRUNE?!Bookmark here

When did she get here?! She didn't see that right?!Bookmark here

She stood there with a dish in hand, staring blank at my exchange with Liliath.Bookmark here

Shit.. there was no doubt. That reaction of hers.. she saw it.. she saw everything. She was staring blankly into space despite her line of sight directed at us..Bookmark here

"Ah.. youth is so wonderful, isn't that right honey?" my father said to add oil to the fire.Bookmark here

"I agree," my mom chuckled.Bookmark here

"Me too!" The little devil supported.Bookmark here

Leaving me and Liliath embarrassed out of our wits!!Bookmark here


\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

It was awkward.. really awkward. The rest of the dinner was enjoyed with Liliath and I not speaking another word.Bookmark here

I.. didn't know what I was doing. I acted on impulse. I wasn't thinking at all.. and.. Prune saw what happened. Not just Prune but my entire family.Bookmark here

Fuck.Bookmark here

How did this happen?Bookmark here

That was charm magic right? I lost consciousness there for a moment and a bunch of small little Liliath clouded my mind before she stuck her spoon into my mouth.Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

And indirect kiss huh?Bookmark here

I can't believe it..Bookmark here

Just was the purpose of the quests anyways? For me to grow closer to Liliath to eventually marry her off?Bookmark here

That's stupid but pleasant to think about at the same time..Bookmark here

Ughh.. why..Bookmark here

Hey developer-- are you trying to raise a flag or something? Because it's working a little too well..Bookmark here

"Princess Liliath the fourth of Toren Kingdom, please take care me of now on Dylan."Bookmark here

While I was thinking that, my father was busy introducing himself and asking about Liliath in kind.Bookmark here

"Ho.. That's interesting. Fourth princess of Toren Kingdom, so what's it like to live there?"Bookmark here

"..."Bookmark here

"Father um.." It surprised me that Liliath was unwilling to tell my father about her past--Bookmark here

"I got it, sorry for asking," Father let out a sigh, I saw him glance at mom for a second. Looked like she filled him in on some parts of her history. "I guess you had a pretty dark past. Well, I won't ask about it too much but-- welcome to our family Lilith," my father said holding up his drink.Bookmark here

Lilith understood the intention and made a toast with my father, her half-empty iced tea.Bookmark here

"What's with the mood?" my father looked around. It was-- quite quiet especially how this dinner is concerning Liliath's welcome party-- well, It's only my father who hasn't met Liliath for more than a day so..Bookmark here

"Welcome to our family Liliath," my mom chuckled as if to break the ice of the awkward atmosphere.Bookmark here

"Big sister Liliath is now official," the devil nodded in satisfactionBookmark here

"I guess.. welcome to our family Liliath-- please take care of us too from now on," Last to speak was me.Bookmark here

Liliath smiled, "Thank you-- I will forever be grateful."Bookmark here

A debt she can never repay.Bookmark here

I still remember what she told me that night-- pretty deep stuff in fact. It is true in a sense but-- it's only true if she thinks it is true. And from my viewpoint, wasn't I the one responsible for this in the first place? I was the person who summoned Liliath so I had to take responsibility right? I should remind Liliath about this point next time.Bookmark here

The door of the private room suddenly opened, interrupting my thoughts and standing there was Prune's father.Bookmark here

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