Chapter 45:

Secret (3)

My Demon Queen

"Long time no see Dylan."Bookmark here

"Likewise Ugine."Bookmark here

They shook hands.Bookmark here

"Aren't you busy? Or you pushed all the work to the other chefs?"Bookmark here

"It's not that busy at the moment so.. i suppose it's alright.." Ugine said, unsure if that was the case.Bookmark here

"Take a seat, oh, where's your daughter?" My mom beckoned.Bookmark here

"I appreciate it. Uh, I don't know, she stormed into the kitchen, did anything happen?"Bookmark here

"She must have been jealous?" my father questioned.Bookmark here

"I don't understand my daughter all that much but let's not jump to conclusions?" Ugine had a strangely cramped smile on his face.Bookmark here

Prune is jealous? Hm… now that's tricky.. I don't think she liked me in the first place?Bookmark here

Hah.. again with my delusions.. Liliath is going on the offensive here and I'm still thinking about Prune. What's wrong with me..Bookmark here

I saw Liliath's questioning gaze on me.Bookmark here

"What is it?"Bookmark here

Liliath glanced away for a moment before asking, "Who is Prune to you?"Bookmark here

"A friend."Bookmark here

I said blatantly. If anything, It's true that I liked her but.. when I found out that she was going to transfer schools i just accepted it as was. I think my 'like' towards wasn't all that deep, which could be the reason why I didn't feel much about losing her. THough the situation now.. I could very well be going to the same school as her.Bookmark here

And there was the thing with Liliath.Bookmark here

Wait, Liliath asked me this question so could it be that Liliath is jealous?!Bookmark here

No, no, no.. I shouldn't jump to conclusions.Bookmark here

"Ah? So that's your intention?"Bookmark here

"Yup, so what do you think? The monthly rental is decent for the location of the rental and it's 20 percent cheaper than the fees the in-school dormitory charges~" my mom, being the real estate professional, persuaded.Bookmark here

I missed out on some parts but huh? Monthly rental?Bookmark here

"I would have to discuss this with my wife and my daughter before coming to a conclusion," Ugine spoke as if troubled.Bookmark here

"It's alright, we can schedule a later date to give you some time to finalize a decision."Bookmark here

"Then give me some time to think about it."Bookmark here

Did I miss something important there?Bookmark here

Huh?Bookmark here

Why do I have this bad premonition..Bookmark here

"I better get back to the kitchen, my boys are waiting for me," Ugine stood up and stretched his back, "Thanks for the offer. And I'll have Prune come over to receive the bills if that's alright?"Bookmark here

"Yes, thank you. And please give it some thought," my mom showed a business-like smile.Bookmark here

"I understand," he sighed before exiting the room.Bookmark here

It could've been another awkward silence if it were not for the sound of the little devil teaching Liliath how to eat ice.Bookmark here

That was literally bribery to have Liliath create more ice for the devil to suck on with such useless knowledge as the price of exchange.Bookmark here

Business-minded people are scary..Bookmark here

"Hey mom, what was that about?"Bookmark here

"HM?" my mom showed a surprised expression, a suggestive one at that.Bookmark here

"What is it?"Bookmark here

"Should we tell you?" she contemplated, "What do you think dear? Do you think it would spoil the surprise?"Bookmark here

"Noel, listen up. This is what you call anticipation. So brace yourself for what's to come," my father talking nonsense to me…Bookmark here

"What.."Bookmark here

"Liliath, don't tell Noel alright~" my mom said in sequence.Bookmark here

Wait, Liliath knows?!Bookmark here

"Tell what?" Liliath spoke in a cute, muffled tone where a piece of ice in her mouth impeded her normal voice.Bookmark here

Or not..Bookmark here

"I guess the secret is safe in her hands," my father sounded relieved.Bookmark here

SO SHE KNOWS ABOUT IT?!Bookmark here

"What is it? What about monthly rental and the school dorms?"Bookmark here

"You'll know in time, protagonist Noel," my father said with a natural smirk.Bookmark here

Seriously..Bookmark here

This is bad..Bookmark here

"Liliath?" I turned to the innocent face cutie beside me chewing on ice.Bookmark here

"Don't tell him Liliath, it's a surprise."Bookmark here

Mom.. don't instigate her.. I'm shitty curious. I really, really, absolutely fuckign really want to know what the hell this is all about.Bookmark here

Liliath merely tilted her head.Bookmark here

My shoulders dropped at the instant and I just stared at her with dead eyes, I didn't notice this but apparently a frown surfaced on my face.Bookmark here

She pouted. So cute.Bookmark here

I've been telling myself that LIiliath is cute quite often these past few days.. it's strange.Bookmark here

"They're flirting again."Bookmark here

At the words of the devil, I switched targets and fired imaginary laser beams at her. Speaking of which, I still haven't gotten my revenge on this twerp.Bookmark here

But no ideas come to mind.. she's too 'perfect', no weaknesses no, gaps. I wish she got herself a boyfriend so I could tease her to the point of hell. Heck, I doubt telling mom and father about her stash of porn i found in her room would really do anything at this point. Because as I said, it runs in the family.Bookmark here

The door of the room slid open again and came Prune-- i felt her gaze brush past me for a moment but it's obvious she's avoiding Liliath's gaze. Holding the credit card machine, she went straight to my mom's direction.Bookmark here

Liliath was staring intently at the exchange of Prune and mom-- or more accurately-- at the machine and card, and the receipt being spit out from the head of the machine. I'm sure LIliath must be thinking somewhere along the lines of the credit card being some sort of ancient artifact.Bookmark here

Just as Prune was about to leave, my mom tugged at her shirt and whispered something into her ear-- to find out that she whispered at the wrong place because her ears were no longer there, replaced by the wolf ears up on top.Bookmark here

Embarrassing.. i understand how you must feel mom.. because that's what i felt a few minutes ago..Bookmark here

Ignoring my father who was desperately holding in his laughter, my mom told Prune something in a voice so soft I couldn't discern the contents. Prune nodded a few times and sent me a weird look for some reason.Bookmark here

"Don't tell Noel yet alright?" was the last thing i heard my mom say 'loudly' on purpose so that I could hear before releasing Prune. Grrr… what in the world..Bookmark here

Prune nodded and left towards the direction of the door, seemingly dazed. Just before she exited, she looked at me one last time-- with a smile, a trace of sorrow could be seen from her eyes.Bookmark here

Then she left.Bookmark here

"What?" I spoke my thoughts.Bookmark here

"What?" just as the little devil repeated a second after.Bookmark here

"I still haven't had my payback on you, stop repeating my words as if you don't understand what's going on," I glared at her.Bookmark here

"But i really don't know what's going on though? Big sister Liliath, what is this about, why am I and big brother left out?" the little devil showed a genuinely confused expression-- seriously? The omnipotent devil doesn't know?Bookmark here

But that was just temporary.Bookmark here

"..."Bookmark here

"So that's what it is.." the devil showed me a grin.Bookmark here

"Liliath.. you.."Bookmark here

"I only spoke what I knew?"Bookmark here

"So what did you tell my sister?"Bookmark here

"I dont know?"Bookmark here

SERIOUSLY?!Bookmark here

I gave up, not even giving Liliath another glance, I sipped on my tea and tuned my mind elsewhere.Bookmark here

I'm sure i'll figure out what it is in the future. It's something to do with real estate, renting and Prune.Bookmark here

Prune..Bookmark here

That look of hers.. i might just be imagining things.. yeah. There's no way she likes me.Bookmark here

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