Chapter 47:

Otherworld Church (1)

My Demon Queen

[LILIATH]Bookmark here

"We're going to do your medical checkup tomorrow so—"Bookmark here

Was what I had been told by Noel. When I asked Novelle-sama about it, she looked frightened, declaring that 'needles are scary'. I wonder what she meant— could it be an urchin-like beast? If so, I will certainly have to prepare myself.Bookmark here

However— such an expectation was shattered by the reality of it as I was brought to a large building that held a similar semblance to a church.Bookmark here

Coming to this world, there were many things I still have yet to understand. There is an absence of mana in the air— stifling, in a sense. Mana recovery is suppressed as I, a demon lord possess the ability to absorb mana directly from the surrounding. I had initially thought it would be dangerous, however, it seemed that the people of this world were incredibly weak. I have yet to meet a single individual with a high combat prowess capable of rivalling myself. Thus I deemed that it was an unnecessary worry.Bookmark here

Though however slow mana regeneration may be, I am confident that my current mana pool has the capacity to wipe out an entire kingdom without the need for recovery.Bookmark here

Though, one question remains. Why do people of this world have TALENTS? From records I've read in the past, heroes were said to come from a world absent of abilities. Why was it that people of this world were capable of activating skills? I could not comprehend. Alas, I do have a theory— which that, this could perhaps not be the hero's world, though, strikingly similar to the descriptions written in the archives.Bookmark here

"I remember your mom telling me that Liliath got scared by the glass door," Dylan-sama was conversing with Noel.Bookmark here

"Yeah.."Bookmark here

Bookmark here

I have no doubts that Novelle-sama's personality was inherited from her father. Noel looked at me with a wry smile, I averted my gaze.Bookmark here

After walking a little in what seemed to be a geometrical underground structure, we arrived at the sliding glass door. And it was from there we entered the so-called hospital.Bookmark here

The most noticeable point wasn't just the design of the place, but the temperature. The coldness was a stark difference from the immense heat outside. I've come to realize that many buildings are built with 'air conditioners'.Bookmark here

It was crowded, though not hard to manoeuvre. I could feel their intermittent stares on myself.Bookmark here

That's right.. as an otherworlder, my hair stood out.Bookmark here

Perhaps the garment I wore contributed to the attention? For this occasion, I picked out this black dress for official purposes with an embroidered coat, a 'cardigan'.Bookmark here

Though it may be slightly late to mention this, the pair of black shoes fit me well, it could even be said as superiorly comfortable— many times better than the footwear I knew of.Bookmark here

I saw numerous posters that I initially thought were bounties— I still remember the shock I felt when seeing the bounty on my own self..Bookmark here

These posters instead, contained comprehensive information regarding certain diseases and methods to prevent them. Things like avoiding sick people and being 'vaccinated'. There were many things I did not know, it was immensely complex.Bookmark here

I was in awe of the floor, it was shinny beyond measure. I was able to see my own reflection off the surface. I felt as if I was in a goddess' domain, however, there was the presence of death.. Though it was light compared to my own world, this would be the first time I've felt such this since coming to this world.Bookmark here

Pandemics do happen back in my world— a common occurrence whenever new heroes would arrive— the reason for such is unknown. But the diseases brought about due to the repercussions of the hero summoning were easily dealt with under the supervision of the church. Unlike curses which could only be treated by a high priest, the disease brought upon by the summoning could be easily cured with the most basic of healing spells.Bookmark here

Many people went about their errands, it was a calm, unrushed atmosphere. Though, the slight death put me in unease, tension. I passed by a number of individuals in wheeled chairs, others with an odd fluid bag connected to their arm, some with anomalies wrapped in bandages. Everything about this church was seemingly novel. Was this how a society without magic treated the sick? I felt sympathy towards them as obtaining treatment in this church wasn't 'perfect' without healing magic.Bookmark here

I could treat them with my magic however.. I understood that if I did such a thing, it would cause an issue with the current system used by the people in the world. I don't plan on starting a revolution with myself positioned in the centre of it all.Bookmark here

We waited for someone— It was supposed to be a person with the rank of 'doctor'. A rather odd title.Bookmark here

"Liliath, can you talk a bit about the world you came from?" Dylan-sama asked.Bookmark here

I froze at his sudden question.Bookmark here

"Sorry, I don't mean to dig into your past, I just want to know what kind of world you came from. Are there like— demi-humans? Elves? Dragons? Those kinds of things. Oh, and kingdom histories of legends and what-nots."Bookmark here

"I understand."Bookmark here

I spoke what I knew, answering the questions that Dylan-sama threw at me that were somewhat relatable. It was odd, how Dylan-sama knew so much about my world when I barely knew anything about this world.Bookmark here

The kind of world the heroes came from— or somewhere similar— perplexing.Bookmark here

"Father, the doctor is here, she's calling us," Noel interjected, bringing Dylan-sama out of our conversation.Bookmark here

Fuhh~Bookmark here

The 'doctor' was a short female wearing a white coat that stretched to her ankle. It looked nothing like the priest clothes I knew. And between her eyes were the so-called 'glasses'. This would be the first time being up close to someone wearing this accessory that was said to help improve vision. I've seen people wear it back at the demi-human, Prune's restaurant, but at a distance.Bookmark here

"So this is your summon?" the 'doctor' said with a stunned expression, confirming whatever was on the file to my face.Bookmark here

"Yeah.."Bookmark here

"Hahahaha, what an exotic TALENT. Now then, Liliath, I'm Trisha, and I'm the doctor assigned with guiding you through your medical check-up today. If you have any questions, feel free to ask, okay?"Bookmark here

I nodded at her kind words.Bookmark here

Noel and Dylan-sama accompanied me to different designated rooms for different tests. Though, they would separate from me when I was to take the 'test'.Bookmark here

The first one was called a blood test? It involves the intrusion of a weird needle into the skin, like a leech, it would sap up the blood from my body. I suppose this was what Novelle-sama warned me about?Bookmark here

"Trisha-sama, do these so-called 'needles' possess a side effect?"Bookmark here

"T-The blood test requires your blood, so I'll be extracting a little bit of it with the needle. There's no need to be scared alright, it'll prick just a little and we'll be over with it. " Trisha spoke as she donned elastic gloves, it looked like they were made from hardened slime, but I'm inclined to think that it's that super convenient material called 'plastic'.Bookmark here

"Un," I nodded. such was the truth. If this process merely involved taking a little bit of blood then I suppose there was nothing to fret. Why was Novelle-sama so wary over it? I should have asked Noel about this earlier.Bookmark here

"Put your arms here and relax," Trisha brought my outstretched arm to sit on the arm of the chair. There, after wrapping my upper arm with a belt, she applied an ointment that made my skin feel cold. "If you're scared you can look away."Bookmark here

"Not particularly."Bookmark here

With half-closed eyes, I watched as the needle was inserted into my arm, blood being drawn up into the tube— there wasn't any particular significance that could explain why Novelle-sama thought of it as a threat.Bookmark here

After the 'trigger' of the needle was pulled to the very edge, Trisha pulled it away from my skin. quickly switching it out for a soft white ball.Bookmark here

"Press onto this," she told me.Bookmark here

I stared in puzzlement. Why was it necessary to put a fluffy object on the wound? Was this what Novelle-sama was afraid of? Could this soft cotton-like ball be the source of her fear? No, perhaps it was like a bandage— if that were the case.Bookmark here

"It's alright Trisha-sama, the bandage is unnecessary as the wound should be closed already."Bookmark here

"Huh?"Bookmark here

I took away the white bandage piece and showed her the part that had been healed. As a demon lord, I would be fine even if I were to be inflicted with a fatal wound, it would recover in a blink of an eye so long as the philosopher stone remained intact within me.Bookmark here

Trisha blinked twice and nodded, injecting my blood into another tube. She wrote something on it before ushering me out of the room.Bookmark here

She had some other things she had to tend to. I was asked to wait outside until she completed.Bookmark here

"So.. did you get scared? Did it hurt?" Dylan-sama showed a smirk as he spoke, legs crossed, sitting on the cushioned chair. I was rather irritated by his attitude so I think I would like to retort.Bookmark here

"It's nothing compared to the time I had my heart ripped out," I smiled.Bookmark here

Dylan-sama looked at me dumbly for a moment before visibly trembling.Bookmark here

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