Chapter 48:

Otherworld Church (2)

My Demon Queen

"So Liliath has become infected too huh?" Noel spoke in a far away voice-- was that retort directed at me?!Bookmark here

"D-did i do something wrong?"Bookmark here

"Nope, but you're eventually going to have an all out word war with my father if this continues on.Bookmark here

"Word war?"Bookmark here

"War of retorts..."Bookmark here

War of retorts.. so wars do still exist in the world, just a different variant… Bookmark here

"Seriously? You had your heart ripped out? How are you still alive?!" Dylan spoke in a voice not too loud to avoid the others from hearing, he however, was clearly on the verge of shouting.Bookmark here

"You should not be easily swayed by my lies," I pouted, astounded at my own expression.Bookmark here

A truth within a lie, the incident where my heart was ripped out from me-- it did happen.. I nearly lost my life.. it was one of the worst pains i've felt till date.. I wonder why I brought it up.Bookmark here

"For a second there I thought you were a demon lord," Dylan-sama laughed.Bookmark here

I sent him a bitter smile. Dylan-sama knows too much..Bookmark here

Noel looked at me with a questioning gaze.Bookmark here

Right.. I have yet to discuss the matter regarding my identity as a demon lord to someone other than Noel.Bookmark here

Odd. It seems Noel and I could understand each other at a tacit level with a simple glance-- Bookmark here

Thinking about such, Trisha came out of the room, and called out.Bookmark here

"Let's go~" Dylan-sama seemed to have recovered from the shock-- i wondered if he was even shocked about my claims in the first place.Bookmark here

"Hey, um, Lilith. You haven't told my sister or my mom about it yet, right?" Noel came to me and whispered.Bookmark here

Gazing down at my own reflection, I shook my head to voice my agreement to his statement.Bookmark here

"You're not human are you?" Escorting me to the next location, Trisha asked.Bookmark here

Hearing that I froze.Bookmark here

"That was a joke," Trisha followed up. I heaved a sigh..Bookmark here

"T-that was a joke right?"Bookmark here

"What? Are you not a human? Ah, i saw from the notes that you're a human from another world, i guess you're kinda not a 'normal' human.." she mulled.Bookmark here

"Trisha, what kind of TALENT do you possess?" I changed the topic, hoping that the direction of the conversation would go elsewhere.Bookmark here

"Me? I wouldn't say it's a good TALENT.. it's something like being able to control my body a little bit better than normal people."Bookmark here

"I see.."Bookmark here

"Take for example this," she balanced the small file she had on her pinky as we continued walking, vertically.Bookmark here

"That's quite incredible."Bookmark here

"It makes some things easier sometimes. Like during surgeries or taking blood."Bookmark here

I nodded to reaffirm her words. Just as Noel described, not all TALENTS had high efficacy.Bookmark here

We turned past a corner and the sound of a siren could be heard echoing softly.Bookmark here

"In the hospital, it's important that there are those who can heal wounds, lighten objects with a touch, and a TALENT that allows the suppression of another individual's TALENT," Trisha explained.Bookmark here

"Suppression of TALENT?" Were there such things as TALENTS that brought about death?Bookmark here

"There are some people who lose control of their TALENTS at times, so it's a requirement in all major hospitals. Though, most of the time, it's usually because the patient goes wild due to mental issues. It can cause injury to the staff here if not properly taken care of."Bookmark here

I nodded somewhat understanding the plight of those who had to tend to these kinds of people.Bookmark here

After the blood test was a urine test? I was given a small bottle and was told to fill it with my bodily fluid. This.. wasn't it dirty? Why would this be a requirement?Bookmark here

I didn't question the purpose since i doubt that i would understand the complexities behind anything that works in this world to began with.. and since Noel was showing me an expression as if this was a normal thing during a checkup and the annoying Dylan-sama who directed me a thumbs up, i deemed this test absent of any form of danger.Bookmark here

Having to do it in the bathroom, though embarrassing, I learnt that water magic was all the more useful in this world. I couldn't imagine how other women would go about filling the bottle without the aid of magic..Bookmark here

After that was brought to a different room for an 'x-ray' test? I was told to lie down on a machine-- it apparently did something to me as I could feel an extremely faint shock run through my body, though it would usually go unnoticed. The only reason I felt it was due to my constitution as a demon lord.Bookmark here

"To check for your bones," was the explanation I received when asked about the purpose of the test. And there I thought they were going to pull my bone away one by one to determine the health of my skeleton.. why was it necessary to determine the health of my skeleton?Bookmark here

There were a few other odd tests such as hammering my knee to see a jerking reaction of my leg, which was a surprise because I never thought it was possible. Such was an automatic response of my body I suppose?Bookmark here

We were told to return after an hour. Trisha would be compiling the reports and tests before giving me a final assessment-- hopefully I didn't fail, or should I hope to fail? The tests were odd..Bookmark here

The churches in my world, from what I heard, would conduct examinations to find and recruit potential healers. Was this a similar thing?Bookmark here

"Noel, what are the medical tests for? I don't intend to become a priest though," I asked in worry. It was true, i don't intend to work as a 'doctor' just yet.Bookmark here

"What?" Noel's eyes turned hollow..?Bookmark here

Dylan-sama blinked at my words.Bookmark here

Did I say something wrong?Bookmark here

"What did you just say? A priest? What? Why a priest?"Bookmark here

"Are these tests not supposed to determine a potential healer candidate?"Bookmark here

Noel opened his mouth, waiting to speak but no words could be formed… had i said something wrong?Bookmark here

"Liliath, could it be that you're thinking this hospital is a church?" Dylan-sama spoke up.Bookmark here

"Is it not?" I replied.Bookmark here

Was this not a church?Bookmark here

A dumb smile surfaced on Dylan-sama's face, he lookede to have lost it? His gaze was somewhat far away.Bookmark here

"Dylan? Noel?" I called out.Bookmark here

"Let's go, you must be hungry since you haven't eaten breakfast.. yeah, father, let's go have lunch."Bookmark here

"Oh, yeah, g-good idea, come on Liliath."Bookmark here

I tilted my head at their sympathetic smile..Bookmark here

I wonder why..Bookmark here

Though, I was slightly hungry. It was still a mystery why not eating breakfast was a necessary requirement to undergo the medical check up. Though, I was glad to have finally eaten something after a long morning.Bookmark here

We were at a place inside the church that served food for visitors-- or could this not be a church?Bookmark here

I opted for tea and found myself taking interest in a chicken pie.Bookmark here

Noel went with spaghetti while Dylan-sama ate a 'burger'.Bookmark here

"Liliath, just so you know.. this is a hospital. Unlike where you came from, a church and hospital are two separate things in our world," Noel explained.Bookmark here

I nodded to his words.Bookmark here

"Simply speaking, the healing services of a church was separated into another association called a hospital?"Bookmark here

"Father.. help," Noel pleaded in a desperate voice?Bookmark here

I feel apologetic because of my lack of common sense..Bookmark here

"There's no magic in this world right?" Dylana spoke while chewing on his meal-- wasn't that impolite? "The church can't heal people, it's purpose is to mainly act as a congregation site for believers. The hospital is where injured or sick people are brought to get treatment, of course, since we don't have magic here, treating a patient is a difficult thing, and that is why there is a hospital. I'm not sure if my explanation got you anywhere though.. it's just somehow 'like that' because of the difference in world history and the absence of magic."Bookmark here

"Then treatment is done through science?"Bookmark here

"Something like that," Dylan-sama said and then took another bite of his 'burger'.Bookmark here

I sought after Noel and he gave me a wryly smile.Bookmark here

Our lunch ended in peace, the chicken pie tasted amazing-- which reminded me. There was a quest in regards to my favourite food. I think this chicken pie would be a candidate, I should notify Noel. That way the quest would be deemed complete.Bookmark here

"Noel."Bookmark here

"Yes?"Bookmark here

"I have a feeling chicken pie can be considered my favourite food."Bookmark here

"..."Bookmark here

Noel's silence pervaded the surroundings, a weird feeling swept over me.Bookmark here

"D-did i do something wrong?"Bookmark here

Noel brought his hand up to his face, repeatedly muttering the word 'why' under his breath.Bookmark here

"What happened?" Dylan asked, noticing the change around Noel's air.Bookmark here

"I deleted it.."Bookmark here

"Deleted it?"Bookmark here

"That quest.. just when i thought it was impossible.."Bookmark here

Huh?Bookmark here

Does that mean Noel removed the quest?Bookmark here

"I'm sorry Liliath.. i'm so sorry.." Noel brought his phone with a shaky hand.Bookmark here

//Bookmark here

//Bookmark here

//Bookmark here

Current Points: 755Bookmark here

Quests: Passion:Bookmark here

Kiss Liliath. 30PBookmark here

Have Liliath lean against your shoulder. 20PBookmark here

...Bookmark here

Quests: Commitment:Bookmark here

Be there for Liliath when she feels uneasy. 20PBookmark here

Wash Liliath's clothing. 20PBookmark here

...Bookmark here

Quests: Intimacy:Bookmark here

*Catch Liliath lying. 10PBookmark here

Learn basic rune drawings from Liliath. 15PBookmark here

...Bookmark here

Quests will be refreshed daily. Quests that have been completed will be prioritized else the user can select up to 1 quest per category to remove. (removed quests will be refreshed the next day)Bookmark here

Max quest for each category: 2 (Upgradable) (2/100)Bookmark here

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