Chapter 50:

Otherworld Church (4)

My Demon Queen

She moved her hands and-- that was when i felt a touch-- a squeeze.Bookmark here

I inadvertently blushed,Bookmark here

"So the bones are intact, well, that's all I wanted to know." Trisha then sat back down on her seat.Bookmark here

That was it? All that fear ended with Trisha fondling my breast slightly?Bookmark here

"Those horns are real right?"Bookmark here

"Y-yes."Bookmark here

"I can touch them?"Bookmark here

"By all means."Bookmark here

She reached out her hands and brushed her fingers across the tip of the pulsign red-black horn. A shiver was sent down my spine. Horns were sensitive to the touch.. an odd sensation.Bookmark here

"Hm.. thanks," she then went back to recording notes on a paper.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

So indifferent...Bookmark here

"Now i'll give you a vaccine injection, you know what a vaccine is right?" after a while, Trisha spoke again.Bookmark here

"SOmething to ward off disease?"Bookmark here

"Something like that. It's to stimulate your body to produce more antibodies."Bookmark here

"Antibodies?"Bookmark here

Anti-bodies. Live-deads? Was this some sort of curse?!Bookmark here

"Nevermind.. all you need to know is that it's there to protect you from diseases. Can you take off your cardigan?"Bookmark here

"Alright.."Bookmark here

Trisha came back with a needle filled with some liquid in hand.Bookmark here

"This is a vaccine, I'll be injecting this into your shoulder."Bookmark here

Though it was harmless, the fear of not knowing anything that was being done to my very being frightened me. There was a sting, but the light pain disappeared before I knew it.Bookmark here

"And it just recovers like that huh? That's amazing, if normal people had regenerative abilities like you then many things would've been easier."Bookmark here

"Is that so?"Bookmark here

"Here's some medicine, take these tablets once a day, also, these ones are for when you have a fever. I don't think you have hookworms in your intestine but it's just a precautionary measure."Bookmark here

Looking at the white round cylinders inside a metal sheet with a star imprinted in it, I shivered. Hook worms in my intestine?! There was something living inside my body?!Bookmark here

"Alright, with this we're done, and here, be sure to come back in a week's time to get your second injection," she smiled.Bookmark here

I forced a smile in response.Bookmark here

I learnt today that a hospital is a scary place.Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

"I'm sorry you had to reveal your secret."Bookmark here

I shook my head, "It was going to happen eventually,"Bookmark here

While waiting for Dylan-sama who was in a queue to make a payment, Noel and I sat on a bench conversing with each other.Bookmark here

It was inevitable, though I learnt that it was alright for people to learn the fact that I am a demon lord-- candidate. Though, Noel did warn me not to speak too much about it. I assume my status was both a good and bad thing.Bookmark here

"Noel.. do you have hookworms?"Bookmark here

"Hookworms? I don't think so, oh, so you got that medicine?"Bookmark here

"How do these work?"Bookmark here

"You swallow it with water."Bookmark here

"Is that so?"Bookmark here

"Trust me.. you don't want to chew on that.." Noel had a look of disgust. Could it be that it tasted bad? It could be just like the high grade mana potion I tried in the past. It had a pitiful taste, since there were no other flavor components, it tasted so bland, I wanted so much to vomit it out.Bookmark here

"You have a weird colour."Bookmark here

"Hm?"Bookmark here

Noel and I turned to the source of the voice, and standing there wearing pale-green clothing was a girl with short hair-- it could be said that her hair had been cut short just recently. She was certainly older than me.Bookmark here

"I'm Saria, nice to meet you two," Saria spoke with a smile.Bookmark here

"Ah, yeah, uh, nice to meet you Saria.." Noel was avoiding her.Bookmark here

"I'm Liliath, pleasure to meet you."Bookmark here

"Liliath, that's a nice name," she giggled.Bookmark here

"And you are here for?" Noel asked.Bookmark here

"Uh.. i think i'll start with my TALENT, er.. i can see people's colours and.. it's the first time i'm seeing black, a very deep black. I found it interesting so I just wanted to ask. LIliath right? You two have a peculiar colour."Bookmark here

"And so?"Bookmark here

"No, nothing, um.. i just wanted to make friends," she responded in a flustered tone.Bookmark here

Something felt off about her, though she may look joyful and frolic, I knew that she was hiding her weakness.Bookmark here

"Could you be stricken with a disease?" asking that, i noticed an obvious response from her shocked expressionBookmark here

She looked down on the ground before murmuring, "Stage 4 lung cancer."Bookmark here

Noel was baffled by her words while I tilted my head. I had no idea what the disease cancer was..Bookmark here

"Hey Liliath, um.." Noel looked as if he was to swallow a bug. From his gaze I could tell she wants me to..Bookmark here

"Is stage 4 cancer something serious?"Bookmark here

"Hah? You dont know what cancer is?!" Saria's astound voice rang.Bookmark here

"That's how LIliath is…"Bookmark here

"Noel.. could you perhaps want me to help her?"Bookmark here

Noel pulled closer and whispered his doubts to me.Bookmark here

"BUt the problem is what comes after that isn't it.. it would cause a problem if someone were to find out that she had been cured all of a sudden by your magic..."Bookmark here

"Um..Thank you for your time, um, i'll get going, sorry for disturbing you," she said with a smile.Bookmark here

I could understand what Noel meant, but having contemplated the matter, I held onto her hand before she could leave. Saving one life wouldn't do any harm would it now?Bookmark here

"Eh?"Bookmark here

"Don't tell anyone about this alright? That's the price for your life."Bookmark here

Deploying a barrier that distorted the surrounding from seeing us, I invoked a saint-class healing magic on her. She illuminated in a soft blue light, her eyes open wide, while her legs trembled.Bookmark here

At the moment everything was complete, she fell flat on the floor, looking at me as if I were a grim reaper? What was that look for?Bookmark here

"..Wha.. what did you.." she shivered.Bookmark here

"Remember what price you have to pay," I smiled, she trembled at my words.Bookmark here

Letting out a weak laugh, she stood up with unsteady legs and in a quivered voice, "Thank you?" she spoke before scampering away as if a fleeing rat.Bookmark here

Seeing her off up the stairs disappearing at the next turn, I felt elated. I managed to help someone..Bookmark here

"Hey Liliath.."Bookmark here

"I did what I thought was right.. I understand the risks Noel.."Bookmark here

"No.. not that i mean.."Bookmark here

"It was selfish of me to respond so.. I'm sorry,``I bowed. If any trouble were to befall on me, Noel would be subjected to it likewise…Bookmark here

His expression was not one of troubledness but one of fear?Bookmark here

"Liliath.. i mean.. you were really scary.. look, I've even gotten goose bumps all over me."Bookmark here

"Really?"Bookmark here

"Yeah…"Bookmark here

Scary? Was I scary? Speaking of which, she never mentioned what colour Noel was..Bookmark here

"What colour do you think you would be Noel?"Bookmark here

"Uh.. you're switching topics huh? I'm not buying into that-- seriously.. what you said just now was really scary.."Bookmark here

Noel diverting the conversation back in its initial course I wondered if it was due to the effects of being a demon lord.Bookmark here

"Did i do something wrong?"Bookmark here

"I'm sorry it's like the hundredth time you've said that but.. yes and no.."Bookmark here

"That's indecisive," I pouted.Bookmark here

I don't understand what I did wrong though? I saved a girl's life, didn't i?Bookmark here

"Uh yeah. There's no black and white.. only grey.. just.. pay attention on how to phrase your words.."Bookmark here

I did something wrong.. but everything it happened, no one would speak out the blatant truth.Bookmark here

"But.. also thank you."Bookmark here

I nodded.Bookmark here

"I wonder if it's just me but for some reason i feel like we can read each other's minds."Bookmark here

I also feel the same way-- thought if that really were the case, I wish you understood how troubled I am with the lack of knowledge regarding the culture of this world..Bookmark here

"I'm done, let's go.. did something happen?" Dylan-sama returned at this timing.Bookmark here

Sending him a smile shook my head in denial.Bookmark here

"Not really, well.. let's go," Noel supplemented a lie.Bookmark here

After this.. i would need to properly explain my past as a Demon Lord.. such was what Dylan-sama requested.Bookmark here

I felt a little fuzzy when leaving the church-- hospital.Bookmark here

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