Chapter 51:

Liliath's Story

My Demon Queen

Wow.. the trip totally sucked.. seriously? Hospital=Church? Doctor=Priest? Not to mention the realization that Liliath could apparently cure stage 4 cancer with a simple touch. That's just… surreal.Bookmark here

If her abilities were to be known by en masses, I can imagine all the disease stricken males rushing over for her maiden's touch— not a good scene.. I wonder if it could cure erectile dysfunction?Bookmark here

Oh boy does my mind go yonders.Bookmark here

Ignoring that, unfortunately, Liliath's cover was blown. I didn't think the philosopher's stone would show up so obviously on the x-ray scan. In fact, I wanted Liliath to wait until she was comfortable enough to open up to us herself. But since it came down to this.. she decided that it was time she properly explained herself to us.Bookmark here

And so. A family meeting was called upon.Bookmark here

That was after picking up the little devil from school, she whined saying that we were late-- which was technically the case but i'm sure she's just mad she never got to joining us for western food. Speaking of which, I now know that LIliath likes chicken pie-- which was also one of the little devil's favourite foods.Bookmark here

"Chicken pie?! NO!!!"Bookmark here

"D-did i say something wrong?"Bookmark here

"Nope, LIliath, that was a good roast."Bookmark here

"Roast?"Bookmark here

"Father, I want chicken pie! No fair!"Bookmark here

"When we get the chance next time~"Bookmark here

The little devil sulked during the entire journey back home.Bookmark here

And now, sipping my cup of tea-- yes, tea.. somehow i feel as if i'm drinking a lot more tea with Liliath around-- seated at the kitchen table with the five of us.Bookmark here

"First of all, i would like to apologize for keeping this a secret," Lilith bowed with her head pressed against both her hands on the table.Bookmark here

Wow.. chill.. this isn't some interrogation scheme.. you aren't going to die..Bookmark here

"Ah, you don't have to do that Liliath, everyone has their own secrets after all," my mom supported Liliath as she raised her head.Bookmark here

Yeah.. everyone has a secret… somehow i felt like that was supposed to be directed at me..Bookmark here

Huh...Bookmark here

"I'm a demon lord," Liliath confessed.Bookmark here

"Really?" the devil tilted her head cutely--Bookmark here

Liliath nodded, four horns manifested on her head.Bookmark here

My gasped, holding her hands up to her mouth while the little devil stared in amazement-- she looked like she was drooling. I could imagine the chills Liliath was feeling from such an expression.Bookmark here

"Oh my, that's amazing dear."Bookmark here

"She's the real deal, she even has a philosopher's stone inside her heart."Bookmark here

That-- I explained to my father when he begged me for the information when we were kicked out of the doctor's room. I had no choice, my father threatened to throw me out of the house.Bookmark here

"Heh?! Big sister LIliath is a demon lord! Amazing! Can I touch your horns?"Bookmark here

Well, I suppose the little devil's reaction is normal… I mean, Liliath did show us magic the last time. I feel like that was more of a shock than this.Bookmark here

Liliath leaned over, the devil's hands reached over and--Bookmark here

What I heard was a moan. Rather, everyone heard a moan-- the amorous kind. The little devil who froliced the horns with her fingers also froze in place.Bookmark here

"Uhg.. s-sorry.." Liliath who came to sat back straight, her face flushed in embarrassment. And sure enough, she curled up into a ball.Bookmark here

"Liliat.."Bookmark here

"No, give her some time.."Bookmark here

The little devil wanted to say something but I interjected.Bookmark here

"Well… this is good inspiration for volume 18," my father said to himself.Bookmark here

Yeah.. i'm sure Liliath would enjoy that.. a porn manga inspired by her. Right, I learnt yesterday that Liliath had apparently read all 17 volumes of my father's manga under my awareness. I applaud her for that feat.Bookmark here

After a while and a sniffle later, Liliath returned back to normal and timidly sipped on her tea.Bookmark here

"Now i shall continue with my past.. would everyone be alright with that?"Bookmark here

"Yeah."Bookmark here

"Go on."Bookmark here

"OOOooo, Liliath's story~"Bookmark here

"Yup."Bookmark here

"Thank you," Liliath bowed once more, showing a troubled smile before continuing.Bookmark here

And i must say.. her story was.. rather depressing.Bookmark here

So to break it all down in my words since it would be too boring and confusing to fill her story with all the questions the little devil and my father threw at her, it goes like this.Bookmark here

Liliath, or Princess Liliath the fourth of Toren Kingdom was found to be a demon lord candidate when she was 5 years old. Because of this, she was avoided by her family, though of course, it wasn't all the way to the point of leaving her to the dumps or being holed up in her room-- it's more like her father and mother together with her other siblings interacted with her in reverence.Bookmark here

Because of her treatment and her constitution as a demon lord, she became a prodigy in terms of knowledge and magic. Well, that explains why she's well informed about the church.Bookmark here

In any case, because she was a demon lord candidate, she was fated to become the Demon Lord Queen to the Demon Lord King. Forced marriage-- that kind of thing, except her marriage tramples upon multiple kingdoms and millions of lives.Bookmark here

Every hundred years or so, a number of demon lord candidates would appear, and a male and female would come together as one to awake as the true demon lord. Well, that's why Liliath was a special case. Normally, if a noble child or commoner child were to be found having the curse of the Evil God-- aka being a demon lord candidate-- execution was mandatory.Bookmark here

Liliath was the exception, which meant that her parents seriously doted on her-- MAYBE?Bookmark here

When the next demon lord candidate (male) was found ruling the demon continent and with news that Liliath was a demon lord spreading in the kingdom, causing the political stability to crumble, Liliath took it upon herself to negotiate with the Demon Lord candidate (male) that was ruling demon of the demon continent.Bookmark here

Which technically means that Liliath could also control the demons-- not. Apparently, only the males have this ability, that was until Liliath became a true demon queen, then would she gain the ability to control demons. Darn.. being a queen must be hard..Bookmark here

And so, with the negotiations done, Liliath being the piece that keeps everything in balance-- she was thrown into the dungeon of her own kingdom after she came back.Bookmark here

And that was when shit happened.Bookmark here

Because the possibility of the demon lord (male) finding another demon lord (female) was incredibly low-- since most of them were killed off at a young age-- Toren Kingdom decided to use Liliath as a hostage to keep the demon lord in check. Well, until the demon lord (male) awakes as a true demon lord, his control over the demons was too weak to overthrow a nation.Bookmark here

And with this, they domesticated the demon lord-- pretty funny if you ask me.Bookmark here

Demons were killed on the pretense of resources for the kingdom and the likes.. demons assisting in construction of the kingdom. All well and swell while Liliath whittles away inside the dungeon that is..Bookmark here

And it was a year later when Liliath received news that the demon lord was planning to bust her out of jail, hearing that she was like a princess in waiting. The fateful day came, she escaped and was led to the demon continent's castle. You know-- the one humanity needs to destroy-kind of castle?Bookmark here

And when she thought to take revenge on her own kingdom-- she was thrown into the demon continent's dungeon.. talk about trust and betrayal..Bookmark here

O U C H.Bookmark here

She was tormented out of her life-- i won't go into detail but it involved whips and indecent acts, and apparently that was also the time she had her heart ripped out.. ugh.. sorry that wasn't a lie father, I can sympathize with you on the grotesqueness of her story..Bookmark here

Moving on, eventually the demon lord got bored of Liliath being a play thing… Moreover, unless Liliath wills it, it would be impossible for the demon lord to even evolve into a true demon lord-- wait.. I thought Liliath said maritomony was the answer? Apparently there were more nuanced conditions that have to be met.Bookmark here

The demon lord took in another woman-- a human. He had apparently found a way to convert a human into a demon lord candidate based on a forbidden scripture-- super fantasy-like-- which would require the philosopher's stone in Liliath's heart to be transplanted into the other woman.Bookmark here

Yeah… you could basically guess what was going to happen next but.. Just before her doomsday, she was summoned by me on a whim.Bookmark here

That's the basic gist of it in a nutshell.Bookmark here

A pretty fucking messed up story.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Compared to my own life.. it's like heaven and hell..Bookmark here

Oh, did I mention that Liliath never mentioned the name of the bastard demon lord's name?Bookmark here

"I'm sorry you had to go through all that, Liliath," I said, afraid to meet her gaze. The cup of tea in front of me had already been emptied out.Bookmark here

A heavy atmosphere dawned upon the discussion room-- the kitchen, that is.Bookmark here

"Do you need a hug?" Novelle asked.Bookmark here

"It's alright," Liliath said with a wave of her hand.Bookmark here

Either way, Novelle got up from her seat, walked over to Liliiath and hugged her.Bookmark here

"It must have hurt a lot.."Bookmark here

"It's over now though," Liliath tried to excuse herself.Bookmark here

"If you ever have anything you want to share, we'll always be here to listen alright Liliath?" my mom said, embarrassing Liliath from the back.Bookmark here

"I-I am undeserving of this treatment.. I have nothing to repay you all back with except for words of thanks.. Thank you.." Liliath, as the patty of the human sandwich started shedding tears.Bookmark here

"You can borrow my shoulder like you always do," Novelle gave permission in a serious tone.Bookmark here

"Thank you.. thank you.."Bookmark here

Liliath's weeping echoed in my mind.Bookmark here

Left speechless, all i could say is--Bookmark here

She had been through hell.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Well. I already predicted this and know that I shouldn't be crazy sentimental over it because it's a pointless waste of energy…Bookmark here

Think logically Noel, as Liliath said, her past is long gone, now she lives a new life now…there's hope for her so.. she can start over fresh. In a world where she doesn't need to worry about her fate as a demon lord. She's now just a normal human being with special abilities albeit a demon lord candidate.Bookmark here

Yeah. Let's not drown in self pity.. i know my life cannot compare to her's.. there isn't a point to compare. I should just follow what I told myself in the past:Bookmark here

Have Liliath live the best life she never could in this world. Simple as that-- hopefully.Bookmark here

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