Chapter 52:

[Intermission] Saria's Misunderstanding

My Demon Queen

Shivering not from the cold but from fear, Saris hid herself under the white blanket.Bookmark here

"I-i won't tell anyone.. I won't say anything.. i-i promise.. I -promise.." hugging her head, she muttered repeatedly like a broken record.Bookmark here

That girl dressed in black, it was as if her name had been wiped clean from her memory-- or it could be said that because of the fear she felt, her mind had been forced to seal her name away.Bookmark here

She was a boy, whose age was similar to Saria herself. The peculiar thing was that the boy's colour was like a small dende, iridescent diamond. It was however bound to the vast, endlessly eroding darkness that the girl possessed.Bookmark here

Saria didn't understand why their colours were connected like that-- the only other time she had seen two colours connected to each other was between a person with his summoned slime.Bookmark here

"Saria?"Bookmark here

"Saria!"Bookmark here

The blanket was pulled over, Saria's parents looked at her with a worried expression.Bookmark here

"Mom, dad.." Saria jumped at them to an embrace, weeping.Bookmark here

"What happened?"Bookmark here

The nurse on standy could only shake her head, showing them that sheh too had no idea what had happened. She had called in the doctor in charge but could not do anything about Saria's behaviour.Bookmark here

The doctor rushed in and the first thing that happened when he was in range where his TALENT would work was that-- his jaw dropped.Bookmark here

"H-how.. Saria, how did this happen?"Bookmark here

"What is it doctor? Did something serious happen?"Bookmark here

"No.. this it's a miracle.. her cancer is gone," he spoke in a hush.Bookmark here

Hearing that, everyone's eyes shot wide open.Bookmark here

Saria trembled.Bookmark here

"Is that true doctor?"Bookmark here

"We should run some tests.. Saria, could you follow me?"Bookmark here

Nodding, the doctor had Saris undergo blood tests to determine the presence of any abnormalities that come about from cancer and a CT scan.Bookmark here

And to their surprise-- the cancer was wiped out entirely. Her body was as healthy as ever.Bookmark here

Inside the doctor's office, Saria had been questioned about the incidents that occured but-- she could never speak the truth. Fumbling through her words and deviating the topic.Bookmark here

"My hypothesis is that Saria had accidentally encountered someone whose TALENT is capable of removing cancer cells but-- it's too abnormal considering how her body condition had drastically improved all of a sudden.."Bookmark here

"It's a miracle.." tears overflowed from the mother's eyes.Bookmark here

"How about the trauma?"Bookmark here

"That's also another problem.. she doesn't want to talk about what happened. But she's fine in all other respects, the fear should be a temporary side-effect, just avoid tempting her to confess."Bookmark here

"I see.."Bookmark here

"Mom.. dad.. I-i made a promise that's why.."Bookmark here

"I understand, you did properly say thank you to the person right?"Bookmark here

Hearing that, Saria hung her head.Bookmark here

"It's alright, it's alright.." her father tried to sooth her in a flustered manner.Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

A few days later..Bookmark here

"So today's the day you can be discharged, congratulations." the doctor, reading the report said to Saria and her family.Bookmark here

"Thank you doctor," her parents bowed.Bookmark here

Saria, who was ready to return home, jumped off the bed with a smile.Bookmark here

She was grateful, despite the fear-- she was grateful that she had cured her cancer.Bookmark here

"Also," the doctor passed an envelope to Saria's parents, "I suggest Saria comply with the government regarding the matter."Bookmark here

Reading the letter, her parents furrowed their brows.Bookmark here

"There's an officer here that came for this specific purpose so you can be at ease," the doctor said, after which a knock came from the door and Keaton came in together with Quinn.Bookmark here

"Good afternoon mister and miss Hyn, and hello Saria, do you mind if I ask you a few questions?" Keaton spoke.Bookmark here

Saria smiled, "Urn."Bookmark here

The matter regarding a person with a TALENT capable of curing cancer was a serious one. People who had TALENT that could do so were incredibly rare and sought after, not to mention the physiological burden said person would have to face due to his or her own potential. There was a limit on how many people with cancer can be cured by a single person. Because of this, the government has the duty to come in and maintain order and the right's of the person who has such a TALENT.Bookmark here

This ability to cure cancer is also deemed as a troublesome TALENT. TALENTS that either could affect the person in question or affect the world in a large way had to be managed properly to maintain peace and stability of the country.Bookmark here

WIth this in mind, it was necessary for the government to hold a database of everyone's TALENT. Which meant that every person possessing the ability to cure a disease such as cancer with a TALENT had been recorded down except-- the one Saria bumped into.Bookmark here

Which was an unprecedented thing as everyone had to announce their TALENTS the moment they were bestowed one.Bookmark here

TALENTS could also be abused in such a way that the person who had the ability to cure cancer could charge exorbitant prices just to heal a single person.Bookmark here

"I made a promise so I can't tell you who it is. All I can say is that the person has a black colour when seen through my TALENT."Bookmark here

Saria was going to stay true to her promise.Bookmark here

"Is there any specific reason why you can't tell me? It would be difficult for the person if other's were to find out that the person could cure diseases you know? We need to know so that the government can protect him or her from the troubles that would arise from the TALENT," Keaton said in a troubled tone.Bookmark here

Saria shivered, gritting her teeth. She knew Keaton was right. But..Bookmark here

"I'll die.."Bookmark here

"Come again?"Bookmark here

"I'll die if I tell you the person's identity.. that was the exchange for my life."Bookmark here

Keaton turned to Quinn who nodded, showing a stunned expression.Bookmark here

It was the truth-- only to Saria-- that is. There was a limit to Quinn's ability.Bookmark here

If a person truly believed that the world was flat, Quinn would pick up the person's statement as 'not a lie'. And thus, the world was indeed round and flat cause who the hell believes the world is flat anyways?Bookmark here

If LIliath was here, she would say that she never intended to kill Saria. It was but a misunderstanding on her part.Bookmark here

"I see. So you made a deal with the devil huh?" Keaton laughed.Bookmark here

Saria nodded timidly. Her parents flashed a troubled smile.Bookmark here

"One more thing before I leave-- about your TALENT Saria," Keaton passed her an envelope, "I hope to see you during enrolment."Bookmark here

Keaton left with Quinn, leaving Saria stunned with the envelope in hand-- the documents to enroll into the school for troublesome students.Bookmark here

"Any luck with the cameras?" Keaton, who came to the surveillance room, asked his subordinate.Bookmark here

"I tracked the patient's movement but found nothing out of place. It's really weird. Although, there was one thing that I found suspicious. A few days ago, she went around the hospital and talked to a few random people."Bookmark here

"Can you provide me with the visuals of everyone she talked to?"Bookmark here

"Done, take a look," he passed Keaton a small stack of pictures.Bookmark here

Keaton looked through it all, none of the people which he recognized.Bookmark here

"Well, I'll bring this to the search team, maybe it's among these people. Thank you for your hard work."Bookmark here

"With pleasure."Bookmark here

Then Keaton left.Bookmark here

The image of Noel and Liliath wasn't among them.Bookmark here

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