Chapter 53:

[Intermission] Washing Her Clothes

My Demon Queen

BLARE. BLARE. BLARE.Bookmark here

Fucking shit. Damn it. So today's the day huh?Bookmark here

I got up from my bed, my head incredibly fucking heavy-- hey Noel, remind me why i need to wake up at 3 am again? Oh right, I'm going to wash Liliath's panties. Fuck.Bookmark here

I brought my phone to my face after shutting the alarm off and looked at the quest list.Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

Current Points: 810Bookmark here

Quests: Passion:Bookmark here

Kiss Liliath. 30PBookmark here

Have Liliath lean against your shoulder. 20PBookmark here

...Bookmark here

Quests: Commitment:Bookmark here

Say 'yes' to one of Liliath's ridiculous, selfish request. 30PBookmark here

Wash Liliath's clothing. 20PBookmark here

...Bookmark here

Quests: Intimacy:Bookmark here

Make a cup of tea for each other. 20PBookmark here

Kill 100 ants each. 15PBookmark here

...Bookmark here

Quests will be refreshed daily. Quests that have been completed will be prioritized else the user can select up to 1 quest per category to remove. (removed quests will be refreshed the next day)Bookmark here

Max quest for each category: 2 (Upgradable) (5/100)Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

Wow.Bookmark here

Alright, these quests never fail to amaze me damn. So what happened was that I discussed with LIliath about how we should go about the quests. And for some fucking reason, the discussion turned into a crazy shame fight.Bookmark here

Well.. i won't go into detail what exactly happened but the end result of the discussion was that Liliath and I decided to wake up one hour earlier than usual just to complete quest number 4. Wash Liliath's clothing.Bookmark here

I'm damn sure this system is not going to tolerate half-baked actions so Liliath suggested that i should do it 'thoroughly'. Which meant washing every single garment she wore-- her panties included.Bookmark here

And for my 'convenience', Liliath wore her one-piece night gown instead of the normal long sleeved pajamas. SO instead of 3 pieces of clothing, it's 2.Bookmark here

Not that it makes it any easier. If anything, i think washing her 'erotic' nightgown would be harder than logic suggests.Bookmark here

And quest number 6. Oh please-- i'm not a sadist. Ant's have their own lives to live don't they?Bookmark here

Groggily getting out of bed, I went out of my room and headed downstairs. To my surprise, I saw Liliath curled up into a ball on the couch. I think i was fortunate enough that LIliath knew how to turn on the lights because if the lights were off and i saw her in the dark like that, i would undoubtedly think that a ghost had appeared.Bookmark here

I got a glass of water from the kitchen before waking her up.Bookmark here

"Ngmm.. T-Thank you. Good morning Noel," she said, her fleeting voice echoed in my mind.Bookmark here

Seeing her beautiful hair in such a mess as she drank the cup of water I passed to her like a cute hamster tugged at my heartstring.Bookmark here

SO...CUTE…Bookmark here

"I'll take a bath first," those were the words she said after emptying the glass. She headed for the bathroom while-- i sat on the couch waiting for her to complete the obvious..Bookmark here

The sound of water seemed to slowly chip away at my sanity-- more so when my mind is at its worst in the morning, all defenseless and stuff, prone to indecent thoughts and lewd ideas.Bookmark here

Speaking of which, I wonder if Liliath had completed volume 17 of my father's porn, cough, manga. She hasn't returned it to me yet--Bookmark here

Browsing through the store section of the gacha app, my eyes shot towards a never before seen item called a 'baby doll'. Which in my eyes, is a super erotic looking nightgown where the fabric was semi-translucent. It's like a mix of the opaque nightgown Liliath wore and lingerie.Bookmark here

The most notable point about the item was its price-- at only 10 points. The developer must have intended for me to take the roadless-- suicidal path to hell.Bookmark here

Liliath got out of the bath wrapped in a towel, one wrapped around her hair like a turban, the other clinging to her body-- barely covering the intimate parts-- especially her chest area..Bookmark here

I didn't know why but my eyes were glued to her standing there as she stared back at me.Bookmark here

The fuck was going on? I had no idea.Bookmark here

"Umm.."Bookmark here

"I think you should go ahead and change your clothes.." my subconscious mind backed me up-- luckily.Bookmark here

"No.. i was thinking.." Liliath's voice trailed off, squeezing her arms together bashfully, making a certain part of her body more pronounced.Bookmark here

Gulp.Bookmark here

The fuck was she thinking? The fuck was I thinking?Bookmark here

NO way right? She can't possibly be thinking of THAT at this sort of time? No way, no way.Bookmark here

As such thought ran through my mind, Liliath continued.Bookmark here

"I should've brought my change of clothes down with me.. i'll have to disturb Novelle's sleep in this case.."Bookmark here

"I-I think there's no problem with that.." yeah.. totally not disappointed-- yup. I;m relieved it didn't happen. Yup. Can't fool me there.Bookmark here

"T-Then i'll leave my clothes in your c-care.. Noel.. be careful not to brush the fabric too hard and break them!" she said in a quick flustered tone before rushing upstairs.Bookmark here

And I was left dumbfounded by her words.Bookmark here

She warned me-- i better be careful.. I don't know how fragile her clothes are but seriously, what are the chances of me destroying something as precious as her elegant nightgown? I dont get her logic.Bookmark here

I proceeded into the bathroom-- gingerly.Bookmark here

I saw her clothes neatly folded, placed on top of the sink.Bookmark here

Taking a deep breath-- or rather, I held my breath.Bookmark here

I got the brush and detergent ready, spreading the clothes on the floor of the tub.Bookmark here

Her alluring white panties were really eating at my soul-- i fought against my not-so-appropriate instincts while i did my best to gently scrub away at the clothes while white bubbles foamed the clothing.Bookmark here

I did the work-- now knowing the drudgery of cleaning a woman's clothes-- since most of the time, our clothes would be cleaned by Mr. washing machine, the ultimate cleaning service.Bookmark here

If anything, i would say i did a pretty okay-ish job-- i was genuinely clueless on traditional cleaning methods.Bookmark here

In any case, the last thing I need to do would be to forget Liliath's scent that clung to the clothes before my mind destroys itself inside out. Was it just me or do demon lords smell like roses and iron? By iron-- i mean: blood. It's pretty odd.Bookmark here

Getting out of the bathroom, a towel wrapped around my waist, I saw Liliath sprawled on top of the couch, her hands in the air while she browsed through my phone-- probably the store.Bookmark here

She wore a black dress-- and in that position-- let's just ignore that..Bookmark here

Liliath tilted her head and looked at me-- and continued looking without looking away.Bookmark here

Conscious of that, I quickly rushed upstairs to put on my clothes.Bookmark here

Really now-- I should remember that LIliath's is a woman that ISN'T blood related to me in any way. Seeing her stare at me like that is-- quite embarrassing. Gosh, what the fuck is wrong with me..Bookmark here

Now then--Bookmark here

I went back downstairs to see Liliath sitting on her knees, almost like kneeling, staring at me with blank eyes and a pout.Bookmark here

"W-what?" i asked.Bookmark here

She didn't reply to my words, merely turning the screen of my phone towards me-- the baby doll.Bookmark here

Owh crap. Did I forget to close that tab? HAhahhahaha-- my mistake Liliath-- sorry, it was just a 'little' accident-- i didn't mean that.. seriously.. uah.. don't stare at me like that..Bookmark here

Feeling the chill crawl up my spine, Liliath who turned her head away as if she was angry placed my phone on the table and walked to the bathroom.Bookmark here

Yeah..Bookmark here

Wait.Bookmark here

The quests--Bookmark here

I checked my phone just to learn that the quest completion was set at 50 percent, so there's more I need to do?Bookmark here

WHat the hell.. can't the quests be more specific about what it wants? It's so annoying to guess the nuance details ughh..Bookmark here

I tapped on the 'further details' of the quests and learnt that I needed to do one extra thing...Bookmark here

Surprised at the discovery, I followed LIliath to the bathroom where I saw her deliberately checking her nightgown.Bookmark here

Heavign a relieved sigh, she turned to me and said, "Thankfully you were careful with it."Bookmark here

I looked at her with a funny face.Bookmark here

Uh.. alright? I dont get why she's so particular about it? It's not like i could easily tear her clothes even if i tried..Bookmark here

"The second half of the task-- based on what had been describe, was to hang the clothing so to speak," Liliath held out the clothing to me, "I don't understand why it was necessary to kill my clothes when it's an inanimate object in the first place."Bookmark here

'Hang' as in hanging people, was she saying that on purpose? Or did she genuinely not understand the difference between hanging clothes and hanging people?Bookmark here

Seeing my still dumbfounded look, Liliath laughed.Bookmark here

"That was a joke."Bookmark here

"Yeah right."Bookmark here

"Take it already."Bookmark here

"Fine.."Bookmark here

I'm sure we're both aware that the quest would only be counted as complete when I do it.Bookmark here

Hanging the nightgown with a hanger nearby, I realized something.Bookmark here

"Our initial plan was-- after I clean the clothes, we dump it back into the dirty clothes bin, correct?"Bookmark here

"Right.. though.." Liliath looked towards her right hand-- the hand she was holding onto her white panties. WIth her face flushed, she handed me that piece of clothing, turning the opposite direction she said "Do it quickly and have it be over.."Bookmark here

"Y-yeah!"Bookmark here

Having a girl pass you her panties is not something you see-- or in my case feel and experience every day. Damn you quests. Damn you developer..Bookmark here

"Hoh, good morning, what chya' doin t.."Bookmark here

I heard my father's voice-- at the exact moment I pulled the panty over the hanger.Bookmark here

Ding.Bookmark here

It was a quest completed.Bookmark here

But I felt a chill down my back.Bookmark here

"You two are.." my father said, happy that he had discovered something he shouldn't have.Bookmark here

I turned my head around much like a creaking doll, there I saw Liliath, with her moist eyes, glaring at me. It was a few seconds later that she slowly fell to the floor-- resuming her infamous rolled-into-a-ball pose..Bookmark here

With her panties in hand, and my father's shit eating grin..Bookmark here

All I can say is...Bookmark here

Fuck.Bookmark here

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