Chapter 54:

[Intermission] Cooking

My Demon Queen

This happened when Noel and Dylan-sama were having a conversation that night. I and Novelle-sama were watching these clips of 'videos' much like an advanced performance on a laptop.Bookmark here

The show displayed on the screen was pertaining to odd cooking methods of ingredients I have never seen before.Bookmark here

"Novelle, do you know how to cook?" I asked.Bookmark here

"Cook? NO, not really.." she said, dragging her words as she moved the white triangle, and with a click, changed the show.Bookmark here

I had been told by Novelle that these shows were available for the masses to watch due to the power of the thing called the internet. It functioned like a compressed wave that could not be perceived by human beings. That being the case, I realized that there were indeed many waves coursing around the world when I tried enhancing my hearing, which the ability would usually be used to perceive prey from a distance. It was something natural to elves though I was unsure why a demon lord such as me possessed this ability.Bookmark here

However, listening to the high and low waves-- that shall never do such a thing again in this world…Bookmark here

"Are you alright big sister Liliath? Why are you shivering?"Bookmark here

"Please assume you didn't see that.." I smiled wryly, happy that Novelle-sama was sensitive enough to catch my light reactions.Bookmark here

"If you say so-- um Liliath, are you interested in cooking?"Bookmark here

"TO be honest, my answer would be yes. Back in my world, it was common knowledge that otherworlders possess exquisite culinary abilities that revolutionized the food industry throughout the world."Bookmark here

"Ah? That's so cliche~"Bookmark here

"Cliche?"Bookmark here

Another word I seem to and seem to not understand.Bookmark here

"You'll understand if you read more light novels and mangas soon enough," Novelle spoke as if hinting at me to search for the answers by myself.Bookmark here

Fried meat; curry.Bookmark here

That was the show being shown as of the moment. I watched as the person dip the battered meat into bread crumbs before tossing it into a pot of oil. Curry-- which was said to be a legendary staple of the heroes was cooked using an assortment of yellow and red powder.Bookmark here

Which was odd because the ones mentioned in the archives mentioned 'instant curry'.Bookmark here

"How about you ask mom about it? I think she can teach you how to cook?"Bookmark here

"I suppose that is a good idea. I should think about it."Bookmark here

"Yup, yup."Bookmark here

Novelle-sama switched the show again.Bookmark here

This time, it was something about a person eating a large platter of ribs in thick gravy. The amount was insurmountable-- seeing the girl on the show eat it all, accompanied by succulent sounds-- i felt my own stomach hurt.. how could one eat so much..?Bookmark here

At the same time, the sounds of Dylan-sama's laughter echoed in the room. Turning towards his direction, I saw Noel wave to disregard it before his expression turned a little off.. he had a funny look on his face.Bookmark here

Did I do something wrong again?Bookmark here

"Opps.." Novelle-sama voiced, quickly diminished the volume of the sucking sounds as the girl ate away at the ribs.Bookmark here

Once Noel looked away, I felt that my face had become hot.Bookmark here

He surely hadn't misunderstood right?Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

"Diana, can I ask of you to teach me how to cook," finishing my statement, I bowed.Bookmark here

"You want to cook? Hm.. how about helping me in the kitchen first, i'll teach you along the way," Diana-sama smiled, she looked rather happy-- unusually so..Bookmark here

"Thank you very much."Bookmark here

"Today we'll be cooking fired meat cutlets and mixed vegetables." Diana-sama brought out the ingredients that had been sitting inside the 'frwidge', which acted much like a convenient cold cellar. Various types of vegetables and meat slices that had been soaking inside a white liquid that I was informed to be milk. The process was marination as the meat had been sitting inside the liquid since last night.Bookmark here

Half way through preparations, Noel came into the kitchen.Bookmark here

"Liliath?"Bookmark here

"Ah, Noel, it's alright, I got a new helper. Thanks for your help~"Bookmark here

"Alright.. so Liliath will be assisting you.. well, thanks Liliath."Bookmark here

"Did i do something?"Bookmark here

"No.. you did nothing wrong.. um.."Bookmark here

"Usually it's Noel that helps me in the kitchen but because you're here this time, it's alright for Noel to take a break, is that right?"Bookmark here

"Yeah, what my mom said. Something like that..."Bookmark here

"So shuu--" Diana-sama made a gesture as if to shun Noel away. "I'll teach Liliath to be the best chef ever,"Bookmark here

"Yeah right.. do your best LIliath, and thanks again.Bookmark here

Nodding at Noel's wryly smile, I returned to assist Diana-sama.Bookmark here

I was able to help cut a portion of the vegetables albeit creating a few dents on the soft wooden chopping board… before Diana-sama took away the knife from me saying that she would do the rest with a wary look.Bookmark here

I suppose I put in too much strength? The chopping board was rather easy to break though..Bookmark here

The easier task of dipping the meat cutlets into beaten eggs before rolling it in flour was done without any issues.Bookmark here

After the mixed vegetables were done, Diana-sama added oil to the large cooking pan that was shaped into a bowl-- it was called a wok?Bookmark here

The cutlets were fired until it turned brown and moved to a large plate with white paper to absorb the oil.Bookmark here

I was given the opportunity to try my hands on frying the meat cutlets myself under Diana-sama's tutelage. The result was a success, though, since the timing was slightly different, mine looked a little darker than the rest, presumably burnt a little.Bookmark here

Though, Diana-sama didn't comment on it.Bookmark here

Lunch came and everyone came to sit around the table.Bookmark here

This was where the so-called war of retorts Noel mentioned before began..Bookmark here

As I was eating the meal, I noticed that everyone had been purposefully avoiding the cutlets that I had cooked.Bookmark here

To describe it in more detail, it seemed that everyone other than Noel had filled their plates with the cutlets beforehand, leaving Noel no choice but to choose those pieces. Even the ones currently on my plate were picked out by Diana-sama.Bookmark here

"Seriously.."Bookmark here

"Seriously, seriously," Novelle-sama said with a triumphed look.Bookmark here

"Come on know, LIliath put in a lot of effort to cook that you know?"Bookmark here

"And why exactly do I have to specifically eat the ones she cooked? There's no difference right?"Bookmark here

I smiled wryly at Noel's words, rather-- would deem it a stiff wry smile.Bookmark here

I didn't plan this-- it was incredibly embarrassing. Diana-sama, Novelle-sama and Dylan-sama had planned this before-hand, they held no disregard to his retorts at all..Bookmark here

Though I do agree with Noel, to say the truth, Noel's words did sting-- a bit..Bookmark here

"Liliath cooked those you know?" Diana-sama pressed on, "There's nothing wrong with letting Noel eat your cooking, isn't that right Liliath?"Bookmark here

I said nothing.Bookmark here

This family was to.. how to put it.. honest? Blatant?Bookmark here

They were pushing me to marry Noel weren't they?Bookmark here

I felt a cold sweat run down my cheeks, likewise, I saw Noel holding a troubled look. He locked gazes with Dylan-sama to seek help, the response was a smirk.Bookmark here

"If you're not going to take it then i'll take it, that's fine right big sister Liliath?"Bookmark here

"If, like me, you are concerned about the matter of eating the food I cooked, how about switching plates with mine for the ones your mother cooked?" I said out of desperation.Bookmark here

As if eaten a bug, Noel furrowed his brow.Bookmark here

"No.. I don't mean that Liliath.. ugh, whatever, fine. I'll be sure I will pay all of you back twofold next time," Noel said with a light coercion in his tone and placed the two pieces of meat I cooked onto his plate.Bookmark here

He took a bite out of it and glanced at me slightly embarrassed.Bookmark here

"It's good."Bookmark here

He complimented with a troubled smile on his face, a sense of accomplishment and relief welled up inside of me. At the same time, out of embarrassment, I could only avert my eyes.Bookmark here

I suppose this is what it feels like to cook for someone.Bookmark here

Diana-sama and Novelle-sama slapped their hands together in victory.Bookmark here

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