Chapter 1:

BIO: Raibarumura (The land of rivals)

The World After: Bio and information

Raibarumura (Raiba for short), is a city that is home to two of the top four most powerful clans, them being the dragon clan and phoenix clan. Bookmark here

Though they are said to be both at a time of peace, they have gone through countless wars due to the hate they had for one another. Even after 2000 years of both clans' existing, there has been no love lost between the two. Within the last 100 years before they became a whole city, they had fought 60 wars. it wasn't until the other 10 clans of the world came together to convince both parties to become one city.Bookmark here

They do not share a specific leader, instead, leaders of both clans meet at the center of the city within a wall 95.25 meters high, 2160000 meters wide, and 840 meters thick with the meetings taking place at the Fifth floor. this wall is what separates the clans from each other and has had to be built 20+ times through the 100 years of "unity" this clan possess.
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The city is perfectly circular, and can be found far west of any one of the ten other clans. Rules are put in place to stop clans from one side of the wall going to the other.Bookmark here

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