Chapter 6:

Out of Raibarumura

The World After

“G-G-G-Grand…pa…?” I was in soo much shock, I couldn’t believe what was happening “N-No… h-how. This is some kind of joke right?”Bookmark here

“This is reality boy.” His voice was cold, his yellow intimidating eyes pierced into my soul. The hair was a wig as I could see his white hair underneath. He wasn’t the same gramps I knew anymore. He became a solider on duty with a task to destroy the enemy.Bookmark here

I was going through soo many emotions. I didn’t know what to think all my feeling was stripped away from me. I felt numb, I couldn’t move my hands or legs. “B-B-But…” I stuttered. Just then, gramps punched me in the stomach in an attempt to shut me up. But I couldn’t. I couldn’t accept what was happening.Bookmark here

While he was still holding me up in the air by the hand, I gritted my teeth “YOU SAID YOU CARED ABOUT ME! WAS THAT A LIE!!!?” all I could feel right then and there was anger. Anger at everything with not just him, but the village.Bookmark here

“YOU SAID YOU CARED DAMMIT!!! “ I was sobbing, angry but, I didn’t know what else to feel… I didn’t know what else to do…Bookmark here

“I did… but you shouldn’t take any man’s words to heart boy.”Bookmark here

As I heard this, I attempted to kick him on the face, but of course, he blocked it. I kept trying and trying but to no avail. My anger was still on auto pilot to the point where whatever gramps said or did just pissed me off more.Bookmark here

Grandpa’s patience was wearing thin, “Stop fighting Kai, the sooner you stop trying, the better it is for both of us.” Bookmark here


“…Yes… I know…”Bookmark here

Tears began to form in my eyes. “Then why?” I sobbed while asking “IF YOU HATE ME, THEN WHY?!!”Bookmark here

Furoto punched me in the stomach again before throwing me to the ground. “Just stop fighting kai… just stop…”Bookmark here

“LIKE HELL I’LL LISTEN!!!” I barked even more infuriated by what he was saying “I WON’T STOP UNTIL I GET SOME ANSWERS DAMMIT”Bookmark here

I dashed at him with all my speed aiming to punch him, but he just took the hand, raised me up and slammed me soo hard on the ground, it formed a crater on impact.Bookmark here


“Wasn’t that the plan for you?” I raised my head up at Furoto, and looked him straight in the eye “To kill me?”Bookmark here

Grandpa’s eyes were cold again devoid of any emotion or life “Yes… it was.”Bookmark here

“Why…?” I couldn’t believe what was happening, I still couldn’t. “You said you wouldn’t give up on me didn’t you? …then why…?”Bookmark here

“So you heard my conversation with Rancour?” he asked “Didn’t I say not to be nosey boy?”Bookmark here

Knowing I was about to die, I requested one thing from Furoto. “Just answer me one question… p-please.” Furoto glanced, his eyes still devoid of life. “Who sent you to kill me…?” Bookmark here

“The King.”Bookmark here

“KING RANCOUR?!!” I quarried shocked that he was in this too.Bookmark here

“Rancour is dead boy.” Furoto responded calmly not a hint of sadness in his voice.Bookmark here

“W-What?” Bookmark here

Before I could have asked what happened, gramps kicked me soo hard I was knocked unconscious while still in mid-air.Bookmark here

….Bookmark here

2Bookmark here

“N-No I’m just shocked. I thought you were trying to negotiate with King Ryukk so he could call off his men.” Araya justified, though he was still confused by Rancour’s presence.Bookmark here

“HAHAHAHAHAHAAHA.” Rancour chortled “sorry Ars, but that ship has sailed.” he explained turning his head to smile at Araya.Bookmark here

“FOCUS RANCOUR!!” Furoto exclaimed standing in the phoenix dance battle pose.Bookmark here

“O-Of course…”Bookmark here

“ARAYA, GET YOUR WIFE AND CHILD OUT OF HERE BEFORE THEY GET HURT!!!” Furoto yelled as he was about to attack the dragon clan soldiers in front of him.Bookmark here

“Yes sir!!” Bookmark here

Araya ran still carrying his wife while she carried me. He was running, and not long, they met more soldiers in the way.Bookmark here

“I don’t have time for this.” Araya muttered as he pulled out his sword while still holding my mother with one hand. He began cutting the body part of every dragon soldier he passed, be it their hand, leg or head he didn’t seem to care.Bookmark here

The exit was just in sight. But then, he immediately came to a halt.Bookmark here

“Why did we stop?” Mariam asked looking slightly perplexed.Bookmark here

“There are traps and dragon soldiers near the exit.” Araya noticed “You just stay riiiight here.” He said as he teleported us to a small opening not too far from where we stood before.Bookmark here

Before he left, Mariam tugged his shirt “Don’t die… please?”Bookmark here

Araya smiled before speaking “Look at you being all sweet. Ha-ha.” Bookmark here

“I’m serious Araya… D-Don’t die. H-He needs both his parents.” Bookmark here

“…Man you’re cute.”Bookmark here

“Just shut up and fight already, I’m hungry!!” she demanded while blushing a little.Bookmark here

Araya nodded as he got up with a stronger resolve. He stood still for almost a minute, before sneaking through a hole in the wall leading out of the city. Bookmark here

Not long after, a body flew over the wall, and not long after that, swords could be heard clashing against each other.Bookmark here

My mother looked at me as I slept peacefully “Ohhhh Kai, I hope you’re more like your dad, and not your lazy, hot tempered and beautiful mother.” she self praised.Bookmark here

“I’m… back…” Araya’s body was full of scars, and not to mention, he was obviously exhausted. He closed his eyes as he collapsed in front of I and my motherBookmark here

“ARAYA!!” she lifted his arm onto her shoulders as they walked through the gates of Raiba.Bookmark here

They were not even barely outside the gates as she got excited and smiled with joy. They made it through the gates of Raibarumura. The sun was rising as we made it out onto the pavement.Bookmark here

“Thank goodness, we made it Araya, Kai!!” she giggled in excitement.Bookmark here

“Not just yet…” a voice said from the shadows.Bookmark here

“Damnit Ryu” Araya exclaimed as he turned to fight the dragon Guardian.Bookmark here

Ryu was covered in scars and looked like he was on his last two legs.Bookmark here

“I won’t let you escape!!!”Bookmark here

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