Chapter 0:

Facing Discrimination

DALNO: The Beginning

On February 27, 3130, the leader of the village and his wife risked their lives protecting the village from the possible threat caused by their alchemist by taking over the powers of the leader.Bookmark here

As they fought a surprise occurred. The leader had a gasp and realized that they've got company making the leader outnumbered. And with the villain's unexpected teamwork the leader got defeated and brainwashed its wife.Bookmark here

In the process of taking its power, the leader suddenly felt consciousness and sliced half of the Arcanae energy then scattered it to the sky into 11 pieces and casted an enchantment.Bookmark here

"Whomever shall get this fated power— thou shall defeat the fated risk" Used its remaining strength and died.Bookmark here

After the fight, the alchemist stated to the villagers that the leader and his wife got killed by the bloodline known as the Ashites, being made as a frame up and made them an outcast and those who befriended or cared for them will be named "outcasts" as well or will get a death sentence.Bookmark here

12 years later after the leader's death, a group of young bullies, who are relatives of the luxurious people in the village, beat up a boy which is related to the Ashite bloodline named Vincent.Bookmark here

While he's beaten up mercilessly, no one of the students cared to report the scene to their teacher because of the term “village devils”.Bookmark here

It continued in a meantime until the bell rang, everyone was on their way to their classes and suddenly, Vincent tries to get revenge on the bullies covered by rage and blood with a rock on its hand.Bookmark here

On the right time, their teacher, Raiden came by and rushed to stop the boy.Bookmark here

"What happened here?"Bookmark here

"The devil is bullying us again"Bookmark here

"Says the one's who —"Bookmark here

"Yeah, he beat them with the rock, then hits himself till he bleeds"Bookmark here

At the moment, the teacher clearly knows who is the victim and not. But because of the said “law” he can't say it nor heal the boy's wounds.Bookmark here

Instead of reporting the boy to the higher ups, the teacher told the boy to go back home with blood all over him.Bookmark here

On the way home, he noticed a girl with messy hair covering her eyes watching him from a windowpane in his classroom.Bookmark here

When he looks back to the girl, it hid itself on the desk slightly turning red still watching him. Vincent ended up confused and continued walking.Bookmark here

When he got home, his parents said calmly.Bookmark here

"Oh, looks like an another bad day for you"Bookmark here

They got inside and healed the wounds and injuries.Bookmark here

"Mom, dad, why are we treated like this?"Bookmark here

"It's because of that law that is made for our clan about the leader incident, even though we didn't do the deed"Bookmark here

"But why didn't you tell them then? I'm tired of this abuse... Everyday, I got bullied in school, then went home... if not, receives discrimination from people, why?"Bookmark here

His parents got speechless on what he said.Bookmark here

A while later, his dad stood up.
Bookmark here

"Hey, we can just forget that it happened, c'mon let's train your abilities in the backyard."Bookmark here

But deep inside, even the father needs to get revenge on everything the alchemist did for their bloodline. And the clan leader, who is one of the deceased leader's closest friends.Bookmark here

After the training, it was afternoon. After lunch, Vincent went for a walk to the forest while his parents and relatives went on their secret missions.Bookmark here

While Vincent was on the way to the woods, an unexpected big flying burning object fell from the sky and landed in the woods.Bookmark here

"I wonder what that is... I'll go and check it"Bookmark here

When he got there, he took a breath and looked at the mysterious thing.Bookmark here

"Ok, why is this object thing not burning... As I estimate it, the trees within 5 meters were intact with the flames... And the actual object isn't? strange"Bookmark here

Out of curiosity, Vincent checked the object's insides. The moment he looked in, a mysterious black goo got stuck to his body making him panicked.Bookmark here

It spread through his body and to his conscience, then the black thing became a mask.Bookmark here

"You’re mine"Bookmark here

As Vincent hears the mask's deep toned voice, he lost words and panic even more and starts shaking.Bookmark here

"Your hatred and despair is overwhelming, I can be powerful or be more powerful, so begone, because this body is mine"Bookmark here

As the mask is about to conceal Vincent, a weird manuscript appeared and shined in Vincent's back making the mysterious mask sealed, preventing it from moving while Vincent got out of its consciousness and faints.Bookmark here

While falling, he saw a glimpse of someone's shadow watching nervously with the seal sign and ran away.Bookmark here

"W-who —"Bookmark here

Vincent gained consciousness during night time, on his way home he saw a shady man holding-up a mother with her child.Bookmark here

"Is that woman, the weird girl's mom? Why are they looking scared?"Bookmark here

To avoid getting in their business he continued to walk and suddenly heard a cry.Bookmark here

"Give me your bagels or you will both die"Bookmark here

The mother kept saying "no" while trembling, protecting her daughter while Vincent is confused.Bookmark here

"What the heck, all of that for a dang bagel? Let's get this over with"Bookmark here

Vincent walks to the scene, menacingly, with seriousness in his face.Bookmark here

"Stop doing that man, its not cool"Bookmark here

"Get off my business, demon... go back to your place with your fellow killers"Bookmark here

Vincent snapped his cool off, and clenched his fingers into his palm.Bookmark here

“Wasting time huh?—how about wasting your time by killing me—A DEVIL... let’s see what you dickheads have”Bookmark here

Vincent rushed to the shady guy and punched its guts, with enough impact to raise the shady guy to midair.Bookmark here

"Weird girl's mom, escape with your daughter now... And report it to any teachers that you could find as soon as possible"Bookmark here

"Her Name is Yumichi you idiot, one of the future owner's of the Yachi Pastry"Bookmark here

"Yumichi or Bakamichi, whatever, just find someone"Bookmark here

As the mother and Yumichi run, Vincent is struggling on holding the shady guy.Bookmark here

"Get off me, YOU RASCAL"Bookmark here

As time passed by, the mother found teacher Raiden and reported the situation regarding Vincent.Bookmark here

Without any response, Raiden proceeds to run.Bookmark here

In the fight, Vincent suddenly destroyed the shaded guy’s mask and as he realized, he was shocked because it’s one of the teacher staff at the school, Naiyhto Makushi.Bookmark here

"Tsk, rotten devil, getting to my business like this... JUST DIE ALREADY"Bookmark here

Naiyhto started attacking Vincent constantly.Bookmark here

"You— and your pesky— rotten clan— doesn't belong— to this village— you all deserve— to die— you fucking killers"Bookmark here

And then, Vincent suddenly released a sword that looked like a knight blade.Bookmark here

Vincent swung it around and hit Naiyhto's back badly.Bookmark here

"Stop talking about that shit-chat already"Bookmark here

Inside, Vincent is happy because his Arcanae ability finally came out.Bookmark here

“Arcanae, a type of energy located in the veins and can only be used by everyone born in Homura... This manifests to its physical form when the user finally controls his/her Arcanae energy... The way you got your power is how you thought for life...”Bookmark here

“—Even if your power hasn’t awakened yet, you can guess what power you get from your parents Arcanae. Either you get either of them, both, or develop a new type of power related to theirs and their kinship... Tch, this bastard”Bookmark here

"—His Arcanae energy flow is different... more different than the rest of the Ashite's..."Bookmark here

In the Homuran Secret Missions, Hyu and Ku, Vincent's parents, are with the Ashite clan which is currently on a break after a mission. In the blink of an eye, a sword-based Arcanae energy emerges from a distance.Bookmark here

"Commander Aston Lissclion, may we have a petition"Bookmark here

"What (wait, it didn't came from any of them?)"Bookmark here

"We felt an enormous amount of Arcanae energy in a distance that feels similar to ours... May we have the permission to follow it?"Bookmark here

"Affirmative, but i'll go too"Bookmark here

"Got it"Bookmark here

In the battle, Raiden arrived at the location.Bookmark here

"What the hell is going on here Naiyhto?"Bookmark here

"Shut up, you weakling"Bookmark here

Naiyhto kicked him in return with “10 seals: paralysis” making Raiden paralysed and got flown to a nearby tree.Bookmark here

"(Dang it, I can't move... And what the— is this the power you hide from us?... Vincent)"Bookmark here

"Raiden... Naiyhto... The Name is Vincent Ashite... From Ashite Bloodline... Arcanae... Dual Sword"Bookmark here

"Tch, flexing too much huh?"Bookmark here

Naiyhto closes his hands and proceeds to incant “20 Seals: Flash Step” making him teleport to Vincent.Bookmark here

As Naiyhto draws closer to Vincent:Bookmark here

“Sword Style, Manipulate: Slash Barrier”Bookmark here

As their attacks collided, Naiyhto shouted in pain as he realized, he teleported too much that his hands were starting to go inside Vincent’s slash barrier.Bookmark here

Naiyhto managed to jump before getting in the slash barrier but his shoulders got severed in the process.Bookmark here

Vincent is left with a small Arcanae energy after the attack.Bookmark here

"(Looks like I don't have— wait, WHAT THE FU—)"Bookmark here

Out of the blue, Naiyhto suddenly become bigger into a monster-like creature, covered with wood-like roots coming out from his body.Bookmark here

"How's that, ASHITE... (I don't know what happened, but whatever)"Bookmark here

As Vincent is already terrified of what's going on, he clears his mind and rushes for a head slice in midair.Bookmark here

While in midair, Vincent got ambushed with a rushing sword-like roots, getting barraged around him constantly.Bookmark here

"Hmm, Naiyhto Makushi, Arcanae: Wood Flesh... enjoyed it huh?''Bookmark here

"(I can't die now, no— I need to do this, for the reputation of my clan... and family)"Bookmark here

While Vincent is storing his power, a second sword shows up and both turn into claw blades.Bookmark here

"WAIT, TWO?"Bookmark here

On the other hand, Hyu, Aston and the others noticed the power flow got doubled, so they rushed even faster thinking an Ashite member was either rampaging or fighting someone.Bookmark here

"That's it! I will make you— and everyone— accept my clan”Bookmark here

When Vincent finally regained his balance, he proceeds to incant “Sabre Claw, Imitate: Cat Slash" and slashed the wood roots as fast as a cat.Bookmark here

"HAHAHA, That thing is useless to me, IDIOT"Bookmark here

Naiyhto covered his head with a wood barrier and proceeds to incant “Wood Flesh, Manipulate: Double spike barrier", making the first wood barrier cover his body. And a second wood barrier has spikes in it.Bookmark here

The attack’s collision made a sharp noise, resembling a metal being grinded to sharpen.Bookmark here

A while later, the noise stopped.Bookmark here

"Looks like he's dead... These killers should have already disappeared years ago. They don’t have any place in this village-country.”Bookmark here

As Raiden watches Naiyhto open the barrier:Bookmark here

"(What, why did you stop Vincent?, er … what are you doing on his back?)"Bookmark here

At the back of Naiyhto's barrier, Vincent’s veins flowed more energy into his hands, a stream of overflowing Arcanae energy appeared around him. Slowly forming a katana that is as sharp as a diamond blade.Bookmark here

"Focus and concentrate, just like father always said"Bookmark here

The moment Naiyhto’s barrier is completly gone, Vincent opened his eyes, drew out the katana and jumped.Bookmark here

"Signature Form, Ashite Style: Sword Tein Sixfold"Bookmark here

While Naiyhto screamed from pain, Vincent sliced him 5 times with the 6th slash from feet to head.Bookmark here

Vincent slowly got covered in the smell of Naiyhto’s blood that tastes like metal as he fall.Bookmark here

"I'll make everyone accept me and my clan, even killing them in the process... (Wait, I can't move... did I just ran out of Arcanae and energy. Fuck, I— I can’t move)”Bookmark here

While Vincent is falling:Bookmark here

"Oh, you're finished boy... YOU GOT LIMP AT THE WORST TIME POSSIBLE"Bookmark here

Naiyhto made a giant stalactite-looking-root thing and aimed it in Vincent's direction hoping to end the fight.Bookmark here

At the middle of Naiyhto incanting the technique, Hyu came in between of the battle. Cutting Naiyhto’s last resort in the process and incants "Ember Sword, Imitate: Fire Whirlpool" burning NaiyhtoBookmark here

As Naiyhto is getting tortured by the spinning ember, the Ashite clan made it in time.Bookmark here

Some Ashite clan members continue to torture Naiyhto in rage for doing something wrong and hurting one of their members. While Aston commands Ko to take Vincent home, some members bought Raiden in the hospital.Bookmark here

After the Incident, the Ashite clan goes home leaving Aston behind. While Aston is investigating Naiyhto’s deceased body, he notices a suspicious dart-like syringe behind his neck. He picked it up and called a mysterious guy on the way to the leader’s office.Bookmark here

Tomorrow when Vincent got to the school watching his classmates graduate. He didn’t realize the law against the clan is gone. As he walks, the bullies are getting scared of him.Bookmark here

"What's up with them?"Bookmark here

During the graduation ceremony, the teacher mentioned the graduates.Bookmark here

"... Blaze Lissclion, Keicho Monoma, Karuma Jen Reiss, Vincent Ashite"Bookmark here

"WAIT, why am I incl—"Bookmark here

"In the Academy, the most important thing is the power to help and protect, yes having high scores and grades are needed too. But, in times of battle, all you need is strategy. And you have potential."Bookmark here

In the distance, from the village office, a shady old man sees the new graduates, the moment he sees Vincent.Bookmark here

“Looks like it has begun”Bookmark here

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