Chapter 9:

This Escalated Quickly

The World After

“Alright Kai, we need all these ingredients listed here.” Kiko explained before handing me a long piece of paper.Bookmark here

“WHAT!!!?” I exclaimed shocked at the number of ingredients I saw “But, these are like 50 things!”Bookmark here

She Pulled my ear to her mouth “*Sigh* keep ya voice down would ya?” she angrily whispered before letting it go. “Besides, I’m buying like twice that, so stop complaining.”Bookmark here

“Ummm, are you sure this basket will be big enough?” I asked a bit concerned.Bookmark here

“It’ll be fine. And if it’s not enough, we can just buy another basket.” She insisted reading the contents of the long paper she was holding before turning to me brightly smiling. “So stop complaining okay?”Bookmark here

“How do you even have the money for this much stuff?”Bookmark here

“Ohhhh don’t worry about that ha-ha.” She nervously laughed while waving her hands in a “forget about it” manner.Bookmark here

We proceeded to move around the market square looking for the 150+ ingredients in our list. I saw many people with different colors, races and clothing. I even found a dragon clansman that was buying things as well. The market was surprisingly big, like a maze. I always wondered how people even found their way through these.Bookmark here

“Allllright, Right here.” She mumbled before stopping in front of a store. The store was big and surrounded by a huge crowd. The label read ‘Ken’s store.’Bookmark here

‘What a cheesy name.’ I thought to myself as we made our way in.Bookmark here

In the store, the floor was made of wood as well as the walls and ceilings. Food and drinks were being served to a group of men seated on a table as they laughed at something.Bookmark here

Kiko pulled me to her side before whispering, “Don’t focus on them Kai, you’ll just attract more attention than what’s necessary y’know.”Bookmark here

“This place looks more like a bar than a store.”Bookmark here

“Well, I guess it is sorta both.”Bookmark here

We made our way to the counter where we would get the ingredients. As we got there, Kiko did something shocking.Bookmark here


“I thought you said not to attract more attention than what’s necessary!” I said a bit shook by her sudden shouting.Bookmark here

“Yes I did, but this is necessary y’know.” Bookmark here

I looked at her partly confused, and partly ticked off. “Fine, just warn me next time.”Bookmark here

Just then, a man came out of a door behind the counter Kiko and I were resting on. He had green skin, a very muscular build, whiskers on his face and quite large nails. He wore glasses that covered his eyes, and a blue apron that covered his bare chest.Bookmark here

“KIKO!!” He exclaimed, his voice gravelly and excited “How’s my favorite costumer doing?” he asked showing off some large canines.Bookmark here

‘Those are some scary teeth!’ I thought.Bookmark here

“I’m good.” Kiko calmly responded.Bookmark here

“Hmmm? Who’s the kid with YA?”Bookmark here

“Just a friend, he owes me one so he’s helping me out.”Bookmark here

‘Friend?’ I thought to myself.Bookmark here

“Anyways, here are the things I need ya to sell to yours truly.” Kiko said as she gave Ken the long list.Bookmark here

“Hmm, some of these stocks won’t be around till later in the day. They’ve been selling out a lot y’know?”Bookmark here

“Is there anything you can do?” she asked looking desperate.Bookmark here

“Well, I could just save some for ya the next time I’ve got it on stock”Bookmark here

“Thanks Ken!” she exclaimed smiling at him.Bookmark here

“Mhm, for now I’ll just get ya’ll the ones I can.” He said as he walked back into the store.Bookmark here

“So do we just wait?” I asked Kiko who turned grabbing a seat beside her.Bookmark here

She pulls out the seat in front of the counter and tried jumping on it, “Yup we’re waiting for a while.” She finally gets a grip on the chair and pulls herself up on it.Bookmark here

“Ohh… ok.” I mumbled looking at the men who were arm wrestling.Bookmark here

“Ya scared?" she whispered in my ear with a cheeky tone.Bookmark here

"N-No! I-I could easily take them.”Bookmark here

“Sure ya can hahahaha!” she laughed patting my back “Don’t worry bout them, ill protect ya.” She winked at me while smiling brightly.Bookmark here

“Of course ya will.” I teased before softly smiling back at her.Bookmark here

I don’t know what happened next, all I remember was her head in my hands, blood splattered all over the floor and my blood stained face  shocked so intense that the only word I could let out of my mouth was…Bookmark here

“KIKOOOOO!!!!!!”Bookmark here

2Bookmark here

….Bookmark here

“Ryuu please don’t do this. You’re hurt.” Mariam said trying to convince the dragon guardian.Bookmark here

“Didn’t I tell you that if war ever broke out again, I would treat you as an enemy… little sister?” Ryuu questioned with his croaky voice.Bookmark here

“… Yes.”Bookmark here

“What do you want Ryu?” Araya asked as he pulled out his sword.Bookmark here

“What else do you think I want to do?” Ryu asked as he pulled out his sword as well “I WANT TO KILL YOU AND THAT DISGRACE OF A DRAGON CLANSMAN!!!” Bookmark here

Ryuu rushed the family in blinding speed, but Araya teleported them themselves just a few feet away.Bookmark here

“Run!!” Araya shouted as he turned to face Ryu.Bookmark here

“But!-” Mariam attempted to object as she reached out her hand.Bookmark here


She hesitantly nodded before running into the forest.Bookmark here

“This is between you and me… Ryu.”Bookmark here

The two guardians dashed at each other before instantly clashing their swords. Their swords clashed each other multiple times in quick succession before Araya immediately attempted to kick the dragon guardian on the stomach. Ryu dodges this before taking Araya’s leg and throwing him towards a tree. Araya lands on the tree with his feet only to be instantly attacked by Ryu with fire breath. He dodges the fire breath landing on another tree before throwing hundreds of enchanted knives at Ryu which he blocks incredibly swiftly. Araya teleports behind Ryu trying to stab him. Bookmark here

“That won’t work Araya!” Ryu side steps while at the same time, swinging his sword almost cutting Araya’s face in the process.Bookmark here

“Killing you is too risky. Here’s what is going to happen, let me kill your disgrace of a wife and abomination, and you can walk freely out of here.”Bookmark here

“LIKE HELL THAT’S HAPPENING!” Araya roared as he teleported in front of Ryuu, attempting to kick him on the face. Ryu blocks with his hand pushing him back in the process.Bookmark here

“I’m ending this Araya.” As Ryu said this, his eyes began turning green.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

“So… that technique?” Araya asked as he began to glow a golden color. “Then I won’t hold back anymore as well.”Bookmark here

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