Chapter 55:

Open Air Market Excursion (1)

My Demon Queen

Today, we'll be going to the open air market. First reason being, we wanted to have LIliath experience the many facades of this world, second being it's been a while since we went there. The little devil was crying for shaved ice.Bookmark here

In any case, let's check the shitty quest list for today shall we?Bookmark here

Current Points: 820Bookmark here

Quests: Passion:Bookmark here

Kiss Liliath. 30PBookmark here

Have Liliath lean against your shoulder. 20PBookmark here

...Bookmark here

Quests: Commitment:Bookmark here

Say 'yes' to one of Liliath's ridiculous, selfish request. 30PBookmark here

Stay within 3 meter of Liliath's range for more than 5 hours. 30PBookmark here

...Bookmark here

Quests: Intimacy:Bookmark here

Teach Liliath about different foods. 10PBookmark here

Kill 100 ants each. 15PBookmark here

...Bookmark here

Quests will be refreshed daily. Quests that have been completed will be prioritized, else the user can select up to 1 quest per category to remove. (removed quests will be refreshed the next day)Bookmark here

Max quest for each category: 2 (Upgradable) (6/100)Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

Welp, that's great. 5 hours huh? Bullshit..Bookmark here

"These quests do go together with today's activity," Liliath said.Bookmark here

"Yeah, sorta.."Bookmark here

Liliath was wearing casual clothes as advised by my mom. A brown shirt and short black-blue pants that reached her knee. Her hair was tied up with a scrunchy and a pin secured her bangs in place, exposing the side of her face, her beautiful ears and neckline.Bookmark here

Yeah.. I'm a pervert. Can't help it, Liliath is just that beautiful.Bookmark here

"I wonder what kind of place an open air market would look like," Liliath pondered.Bookmark here

"You'll see in time."Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

"Cute." LIliath was staring at the small wriggling thing in a basket, her mouth moving as if chewing on something.Bookmark here

Small, fat. Dozen upon dozens of them crawling atop one another, their white bodies expanding and contracting like worms in a very disgusting way.Bookmark here

Sago worms.Bookmark here

Yes. Live sago worms imported from Malaysia.Bookmark here

Fat and plump, you could almost call them juicy--Bookmark here

Some people eat them raw, even the clerk told us to try a free sample. I don't understand why anyone would, my father and I opted to stay out of the trend. But LIliath insisted, so she ate one.Bookmark here


I could still remember the wiggling figure of that pitiful creature in her hands, its beady eyes looking at me, pleading for it's life.Bookmark here

But it's chance of survival was denied by harsh reality. Liliath tossed it straight into her mouth.Bookmark here

"It has a peculiar taste, though not too bad," she commented. The clerk looked rather satisfied.Bookmark here

"So, how about it? 2 USD for 100 grams."Bookmark here

"I think we'll pass," my father said, waving his hands. I could see cold sweat flowing down his neck.Bookmark here

"Y-yeah, thank you very much."Bookmark here

"It was a great sample, th--"Bookmark here

Before Liliath could finish, I pulled her hand and quickly escaped with my father in tandem.Bookmark here

Jeez.. Liliath sure is Liliath. It scares me to think what Liliath has ever tried eating in her life.Bookmark here

"Hey LIliath, did the worm really taste good?"Bookmark here

"OPinions may different from person to person, though, I do think it would've tasted nicer if it had been sprinkled with some salt."Bookmark here

"O-okay.."Bookmark here

Right.. Liliath was an otherworlder.. better not mix up her logic with mine… yeah..Bookmark here

We had been split into two groups. My mom and the little devil in one group, father, Liliath and I in the second. The former is mainly to go shopping while the latter was to bring Liliath around to experience the market.Bookmark here

The open air market, as the name suggests, is a market selling raw ingredients and the likes. It is separated into two zones, the main zone which are the stalls inside the market building, and the second zone surrounding the outside of the building where various tents and makeshift vehicle-stall hybrid stores were set up selling various goods.Bookmark here

The sultry summer air wafting through the market, sweat trickling down my eyebrow.Bookmark here

We were walking around the second zone. If anything, the second zone is obviously more populated than the first zone.Bookmark here

Which also translates to a crazy amount of attention because of LIliath.Bookmark here

I turned to Liliath, wondering if she was alright with all the states.Bookmark here

She turned to me and as if she read my mind asked, "Should I deploy a presence concealing barrier?"Bookmark here

"That would be for the best.. I think.."Bookmark here

"I agree," my father also voiced his opinion.Bookmark here

"Be sure to maintain a distance of 3 meters of me and pay attention when walking as it makes people unaware, hence the chances of bumping into another individual is high."Bookmark here

Nodding, the stares slowly faded, and in time, it was as if we didn't exist at all. Store owners that were screaming at the top of their lungs to pitch a sale no longer bat an eye at us. BEfore this, all of them looked like they were whistling at Liliath, and it was hard to dismiss them.Bookmark here

"Thanks LIliath."Bookmark here

Wheewh, with this, one problem solved.Bookmark here

I was surprised that Liliath wasn't sweating despite the heat, weird. Maybe it's part of her constitution as a demon lord? She doesn't seem to be affected by temperature change all that much.Bookmark here

"Look, a head. Can I ask for the creature's name?"Bookmark here

"It's a deer," my father replied. "A deer head."Bookmark here

"Could it be a trophy or heirloom?"Bookmark here

"Definitely not.." I replied so.Bookmark here

"Alchemy material?"Bookmark here

Alchemy? The fuck?Bookmark here

"Nope.."Bookmark here

"Science crafting material?"Bookmark here

"No.."Bookmark here

Okay.. now that's just weird.Bookmark here

"Why would they sell such a thing here then?"Bookmark here

Sigh.. Liliath.. I should really invest in common sense I huh?Bookmark here

Liliath got down on her knees and bent her head to stare into the eyes of the decapitated deer head. It's horns had been sawed away.Bookmark here

The stall owner with weird eyes didn't seem to notice us, continuing to stare at the passersby. It was a weird sight in a sense that an old man was ignoring the cute little curious girl right in front of him.Bookmark here

My father made a difficult expression.Bookmark here

"Liliath is really OP isn't she?"Bookmark here

"Yeah.. honestly.."Bookmark here

LIliath poked the pitiful deer head with her finger a few times before leaving.Bookmark here

She probably took caution when doing that. I remember her seeing the sign, once broken at one of the stalls and asking me about it. Well-- the deer was 'broken' anyways, though to put it into perspective just how careful LIliath was, she can literally punch a hole into a tin can with a single finger without hurting herself.Bookmark here

And how did I learn of this? Don't ask..Bookmark here

"Noel, do you remember where that guy who sells tofu is?" my father asked.Bookmark here

"Um.. I think it's somewhere around this area.."Bookmark here

"Tofu?" Liliath's expression lit up.Bookmark here

Yeah. Mom's group was mainly focused on buying actual 'groceries' while my group was focused on entertaining Liliath. Pitiful Novelle-- not like she had a choice hah!Bookmark here

Anyways, our only item on the list of things to buy is tofu. Since it's a little further away from all the other necessary items.Bookmark here

And because Liliath recalls tofu as something 'legendary'.Bookmark here

"So this is how it looks raw-- how interesting," Liliath observed as the large white mass jiggled slightly.Bookmark here

The stall owner whom I recognize gave a warm smile, cutting two blocks and then scooping it into a bag. He passed it to me while my father paid.Bookmark here

Then I saw a small black 'object' fall from the sky.Bookmark here

Well.. I already know what it was but thinking about it just gives me nightmares. Anyhow, in short, the tofu stall owner possesses a special TALENT to shoot down a 'certain' bug with a single stare.Bookmark here

"Was that.."Bookmark here

"Let's go," before Liliath completed her sentence, I dragged her away.Bookmark here

"Could it be that you have acquired a phobia of that insect now?"Bookmark here

"Yeah, sure. I just don't want THAT to happen again," I rolled my eyes at her.Bookmark here

She giggled. "You already had your share of revenge back then, so we are equal now aren't we?"Bookmark here

Bookmark here

She was kinda right, I forced her into cockroach territory to pay for her sins after all.Bookmark here

"Noel, look at this~"Bookmark here

Liliath called out a sweet voice that seemed to echo in my soul...Bookmark here

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