Chapter 56:

Open Air Market Excursion (2)

My Demon Queen

Liliath's index finger was raised into the air and--Bookmark here

"W-what are you trying to do with 'that'?"Bookmark here

There was a fly, floating just above her finger, as if it was stuck in some sort of 'air-glue' because I could see it's wings beating furiously, trying to escape some sort of cage. That's wind magic right? How in the hell did she catch it?Bookmark here

"Apparently one wasnt enough.." Liliath, seeing my expression said as if pondering.Bookmark here

"Hey Liliath.. what are you.."Bookmark here

And before I could retort, a large number of flies were in the truest sense-- 'sucked' over, creating what looked to be a ball of flies.Bookmark here

I felt my stomach churn and blood drain out of my face.Bookmark here

A fucking ball of flies..Bookmark here

"A gift~"Bookmark here

"W-where did you learn that f-from.."Bookmark here

It was literally a BALL OF FLIES, every little one of those disgusting fellows squirming around on top of each other, trying to escape.. What the fuck.. when did Liliath became like this? Had she been corrupted by my father or something?Bookmark here

Liliath giggled again, "My win," she said, after which the flies were all crushed by gravity, juices and all..Bookmark here

What the fuck did i just see..Bookmark here

I almost vomited.. though, fortunately LIliath turned the compressed flies into dust rather than disposing it in a state with the liquid and flesh remaining.Bookmark here

What the hell happened to LIliath? Was Liliath always like this?Bookmark here

"So.. did I miss something?" my father, who i left, caught up and asked.Bookmark here

"I did a little service for the merchants here," LIliath said if it were no big deal.Bookmark here

Yeah right.. I'm sure the population of flies could go on a genocide run if LIliath wished for it. It would be the perfect service to the world. No more flies, no more accidentally ingesting flies…Bookmark here

Yay~Bookmark here

Though I am happy Liliath was opening up, I didn't expect LIlaith to do something like this.. this twisted personality of her's.. makes my skin crawl. At the same time, it's kind of refreshing.Bookmark here

Drowning in my thoughts, I continued walking without paying much mind and-- bumped into someone.Bookmark here

"Sorry?"Bookmark here

"Hm?"Bookmark here

"Huh? Principal?"Bookmark here

"Ah, long time no see," the first to speak up was the person beside Principal Rachel, it was the secretary at the summoner's department before.Bookmark here

They were wearing casual clothes, holding bags of goods in their hands.Bookmark here

"I didn't expect to see you here," Principal Rachel greeted with a doubt.Bookmark here

"Long time no see?"Bookmark here

"Good to meet you once again," Liliath bowed in a swift manner.Bookmark here

My father raised a puzzled glance at me.Bookmark here

"No way.. so you're Noel's father?! Mr. Dylan was it? It's an honor to meet you!" The secretary's eyes seem to sparkle.Bookmark here

"Yes, good to meet you.."Bookmark here

"You're the author of 'One time with you' right?!"Bookmark here

My father flinched at her enthusiastic declaration.Bookmark here

"One time with you? What is that?" My father lied.Bookmark here

Quinn's face lit up.Bookmark here

Oh yeah.. my father doesn't know QUinn can differentiate between truth and lies does he now? Nice~Bookmark here

"Quinn."Bookmark here

"I know, I know Rachel, don't overdo it. But the author of that manga is right here you know?! He's right here!"Bookmark here

"Author of a manga? I don't get what you're talking about?" my father was sweating bullets.Bookmark here

"I suppose you're a fan?" I asked. Totally aware of what's going on. I'm surprised she recognizes my father as the author. I wonder if she's a stalker?Bookmark here

To be brief, 'One time with you' is the porn manga my dad drew with 17 volumes currently published. Volume 18, which I recently lent to Liliath, was to be announced in a month's timeBookmark here

Welp, you reap what you saw dad.Bookmark here

"Totally, so have you done it with Liliath yet?"Bookmark here

To Quinn's question, I flinched, Liliath merely smiled.Bookmark here

"I can assure you that I look after my son properly, you can't expect things like that to happen in real life now can you?" my father joked. Eh.. he's giving away his stance..Bookmark here

"Fufufu, I see.. so it's a matter of time huh?"Bookmark here

"We'll be taking our leave, thank you for your time," Principal Rachel forcefully dragged Quinn out of the conversation.Bookmark here

Sigh.Bookmark here

Luckily.. the principal was my life line here.. or.. could it be that she's embarrassed that we found out that she also reads porn? Not surprising right?Bookmark here

In any caseee, I dont think it's a good idea to dig too deep into that..Bookmark here

"Wait! WAIT! Noel, one more thing, you have received the registration letter from Mondai High right?"Bookmark here

"Registration letter?"Bookmark here

Mondai High? It's the name of the school I will be going to after the summer holidays right?Bookmark here

"The school enrollment date is stated in the letter, be sure to check your email!"Bookmark here

And with that, the two left the vicinity.Bookmark here

Hm.. I haven't checked my email for a few days now. I should probably change that, there might be some important things I may miss if I don't.Bookmark here

The air felt stiff somehow.. It seemed that Liliath's concealment barrier wasn't all that omnipotent… I made a blunder and bumped into someone after all..Bookmark here

"Father?"Bookmark here

"Ah? Yeah? I'm fine, don't worry about me, I'm good, I'm good," he smiled with cold sweat running down his face.Bookmark here

I'm surprised he would be flustered by his fans, especially when he's literally the person who drew all those indecent scenes in the first place..Bookmark here

"Lil--"Bookmark here

Well, I should've expected this.. Liliath was on the floor, face buried in between her knees. At least she was squatting, not sitting..Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

Hawker stalls lined the inner marketplace, numerous tables and chairs arranged around the hall.Bookmark here

The squeaky fan was spinning above and here I was, walking around the place together with LIliath.Bookmark here

"Do you see anything interesting? Anything you want to try?"Bookmark here

"Could this be how taverns work in this world?"Bookmark here

"Uh.." I didn't expect that, "Well, this isn't a tavern so i suppose.. no?"Bookmark here

"If you ask me about what i should try-- I think that over there caught my interest," Liliath signalled me with her eyes, fingers pointing at a stall a distance away.Bookmark here

I followed her and reached a stall that sold noodle soup. The broth was made with red wine so it obviously had a tinge of red.Bookmark here

I wonder if LIliath has an obsession with blood? I still remember her scent smelling like blood--I should forget that..Bookmark here

"One order of this please," Liliath took initiative to order.Bookmark here

The owner who noticed her asked for the table number.Bookmark here

"It's 33,'' I answered, seeing Liliath's pleading gaze. She probably didn't pay attention to the table number.Bookmark here

"Alright, it'll come shortly."Bookmark here

"Do we not pay first?"Bookmark here

"Well, we'll pay once they bring the food over to our table."Bookmark here

"Is that so? So that's how it works.." Liliath muttered.Bookmark here

As a side note, i orderedBookmark here

Returning to our table, there were bags arranged to one side. All sorts of vegetable and meat items were stuffed inside. I saw my worn out sister leaning her body against the chair.Bookmark here

Good job.Bookmark here

"Liliath ordered red wine noodles."Bookmark here

"Oh, good choice," my mom commented.Bookmark here

"How about the drinks?" Liliath asked in a puzzled tone. Looks like she's used to the custom of ordering a drink every time we eat out nowBookmark here

"About that-- Noel, you're in charge, the usual please," my father said nonchalantly. "And Liliath can have her own serving."Bookmark here

"Got it," I said, sulking.Bookmark here

Jeez. Was it just me or was my family really selling me out to marry Liliath? They're like forcing me to accompany her every time.. not that i don't like it but..Bookmark here

Hm? Wait.. Liliath is my familiar isn't she? Ah, right.. she's my responsibility. Make sense, make sense.Bookmark here

Taking the money my father passed to me, I brought LIliath to the shaved ice stall operated by a burly man in a cute pink apron that did not suit him in the slightest.Bookmark here

"Ah, long time no see, the usual i suppose? How about her over there?" the stall owner asked with a smile, his hands moving busily.Bookmark here

"Yeah, the usual, 2 coconut milk flavoured shaved ice-- how about you LIliath? The menu is here," I pointed at the board with an assortment of shaved ice.Bookmark here

"Could you recommend something with tea?"Bookmark here

"S-sure.."Bookmark here

Tea fanatic.. that's for sure..Bookmark here

"How about this, matcha green tea flavour?"Bookmark here

"I suppose it is good, I'll go for this choice then."Bookmark here

"So all in all it's 3, 2 coconut milk flavoured, one green tea flavoured?" the owner confirmed.Bookmark here

"Yup."Bookmark here

"Please wait a little while."Bookmark here

He got straight to work, turning cubes of ice into powder with his TALENT. Normally, shave is made using a grinding machine, but his TALENT allows him to manipulate and alter the form of ice. Using his TALENT to its maximum potential, he was able to create shaved ice that had an incredible texture while making sure the ice was shaved in a way that made it so it wouldn't melt all that easily. Which makes his shaved ice drink literally one of the best desserts I know about if you ask me.Bookmark here

"Turning ice into powder, what an interesting concept," Liliath who saw the owner do just that created a small cube of ice out of thin air. The ice then crumbled into small little pieces-- like snow, "It's a rather novel way to use magic, i wonder if there are other convenient applications I could learn of?"Bookmark here

Wait..Bookmark here

If Liliath can create shaved ice out of thin air then.. doesn't that mean i could eat shaved ice at home all the time? Oh my gosh, that IS OP.Bookmark here

I should persuade her next time..Bookmark here

"Here you go."Bookmark here

Sprinkling condensed milk, coconut milk, adding condiments and green tea powder, three shaved ice servings were done in a blink of an eye.Bookmark here

"Thank you," I paid for the desserts and went back to our table.Bookmark here

"I've been waiting.." the once lifeless devil regained vitality the moment she saw the shaved ice. She devoured it with glee.Bookmark here

"So how is it?" I asked Liliath.Bookmark here

"Do you want to try?"Bookmark here

"I think I'll pass? I was just asking about your opinion.."Bookmark here

I really wanted to say yes to her invitation but with 3 scary pairs of eyes that shot at us the moment they heard your words.. I don't think my mind can handle it..Bookmark here

"It's decent-- I suppose.. I prefer tea however."Bookmark here

To her comments, the notion that girls liked sweet stuff was crushed in an instant.. I suppose LIliath is an anti-glutton? First time I've even thought of this terminology..Bookmark here

Liliath took another two bites of her dessert, then her main dish came.Bookmark here

That's when I heard her cough.Bookmark here

"Hm?"Bookmark here

It seems that she doest have a good tolerance to eating ice-- was what I initially thought back then.Bookmark here

But that wasn't actually the case.. It was the start of something much.. much bigger.Bookmark here

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