Chapter 57:

Imminent Death (1)

My Demon Queen

Cough. cough.Bookmark here

I turned to the direction of the sound-- Liliath.Bookmark here

She was coughing.. it had been what? Two days now, and it only looks to be getting worse by the day. Her complexion was pale, and her expression was tired all the time.Bookmark here

She was reading a book talking about productivity. Thinking fast and thinking slow. She asked me about it so I thought of borrowing it to her.Bookmark here

Actually, if I really think about it, having LIliath study the normal educational material like mathematics and science is itself-- a pretty bad thing. I mean, it's not like it provides many benefits. If another person tells me that it would help her learn the common sense of this world.. I would reply with how she asked me why balls? Why were balls used to represent planets and atoms and…Bookmark here

I couldn't reply to her question. Ask the scientist-- i'm totally innocent alright? And why balls? There were so many different questions she could have asked me so why something so suggestive?Bookmark here

The eight wonders of Liliath's mind-- it shall forever remain a mystery.Bookmark here

On the topic, I found out that the school that has to be attended by troublesome students like me and Liliath is called Mondai High. And as you can probably tell, it literally translates to 'Problem High'. Greeeat naming sense~Bookmark here

Sigh.. it's not like everyone invited to that school has a bad or problematic talent per se so..Bookmark here

Again, thinking about it with more clarity-- i wonder how they would go about Liliath's education? I mean.. since everyone in Mondai high is technically 16 years old and above because that is literally when TALENTS manifest in the individual, LIliath is 14 years old.Bookmark here

Or at least-- that was what she thinks she is. She said she lost count due to the unknown amount of time being locked up, but that was a rough estimate. I feel sorry for her..Bookmark here

But age isn't really the issue because Liliath has absolutely no foundation of how this world works. So in the end, it is decided that Liliath would be eating the common sense I skill book when the time comes.Bookmark here

Well.. at worst, LIliath can become a doctor and heal everyone with a single touch-- or at scale with an AOE spell. That's stupidly OP but oh well.. that's just Liliath.Bookmark here

Cough. Cough.Bookmark here

Liliath's coughing spells have only become more obvious.Bookmark here

She started taking medicine when we came back from the open air market, but it didn't seem all that effective. In any case, we'll be visiting the doctor again today for LIliath's second vaccine jab.Bookmark here

"Liliath."Bookmark here

"Cough. Yes?" Her voice came out weak and kind of rough.Bookmark here

"Remember to tell us if your condition is getting worse alright?"Bookmark here

LIliath nodded her head, smiling slightly with her sleepy eyes.Bookmark here

I felt a bad premonition.Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

"It's to be expected, since the vaccine would cause the body to react. She just needs a few days of rest," the doctor said, with the big egg glasses, Doctor Trisha. "But-- if her condition gets any worse, bring her to the hospital right away," she stressed.Bookmark here

"I understand," my father replied in response.Bookmark here

Liliath who had gotten her second dose sat on the chair staring blankly at the wall. Every now and then she would cough or yawn.Bookmark here

"Panadol can help with the symptoms but be sure not to take antibiotics."Bookmark here

With that as the last advice, we returned home, Liliath in tow. She slept in the car, her condition was getting worse but-- the doctor said it was a normal reaction so..Bookmark here

I held my hands up to her forehead and as expected, it was abnormally hot. Even her breath was rather feverish. Her once pale complexion was now abnormally red.Bookmark here

I don't have much knowledge regarding disease so I can't help but worry. Damn it.. I need to calm down. Liliath is going to be alright.. She's going to be alright.Bookmark here

Back home, my mom made porridge for lunch, Liliath drifted off to sleep while sitting with her back straight mid-meal, and quite skillful at that.Bookmark here

"Liliath, how about you have some medicine and take a nap?" my mom shook her shoulders to wake her up.Bookmark here

"S-sorry. I-I will do as proposed," Liliath said, coughing again.Bookmark here

Taking the medicine in the 'appropriate' way, which was swallowing it with water rather than chewing it like the first time she did, my mom brought her upstairs, probably to my sister's room to sleep.Bookmark here

"Don't you find it odd?" my father said.Bookmark here

"Odd what?" Novelle questioned.Bookmark here

"I don't know if it's normal for demon lords to get sick," I said. I think this was what my father is referring to. I do find it odd.Bookmark here

"That's one thing, another thing is that LIliath came to this world without immunity. So it's a weird time to be sick."Bookmark here

"Maybe it's because we went to the hospital last time?"Bookmark here

"Maybe.. I have a hunch. Honestly Noel, I think your TALENT is a lot more profound than you think. Try to learn what exactly it is, maybe it is related to this 'event'-- from a drama point of view.."Bookmark here

"What? What do you mean by that?"Bookmark here

"Don't you think the coincidences are weird? In the first place, falling for each other in such a short time makes no sense, you know Noel?"Bookmark here

"Yeah, that's right! You two are so lovey dovey the moment you met!"Bookmark here

Hearing my father speak about his opinion, and the little devil's crappy summary of my relationship with Liliath, I couldn't find the words to reply.Bookmark here

Yeah, like he said, it's too weird. Ever since Liliath entered my life, it has become like a fictional world. Coincidences here-- coincidences there. And most importantly, my interactions with Liliath.Bookmark here

It's too unrealistic…Bookmark here

'You can't trust me'Bookmark here

Those words Liliath said rang in my mind again.Bookmark here

What does she mean by that?Bookmark here

Also, my TALENT. It's true that I still don't really understand the full extent of it..Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

Squeeze. Drip. Drip.Bookmark here

Dipping the cloth into the bucket of water, taking it out and then squeezing the excess water, I folded it again before placing it down on Liliath's forehead.Bookmark here

"Thank you," she muttered in a sleepy voice, her eyes still closed.Bookmark here

Rolled up in a blanket and on top of my sister's bed, her entire body was flushed and she was sweating quite profusely.Bookmark here

Can demon lords become sick? How about magic?Bookmark here

"Liliath, when was the last time you got sick?"Bookmark here

With an exhale she replied, "It waas a rather.. long time ago. I think it was back when i was 4 years of age."Bookmark here

"Hm.. sorry if i'm asking the impossible here but-- you can't use healing magic on yourself can you?"Bookmark here

She shook her head, "It would be nice if I could. Cough. Healers can heal everyone asides themselves, that's why. Cough. It's common for them to form a group of two in a party.."Bookmark here

"I see.."Bookmark here

If Liliath could cure herself with magic-- that would be amazing wouldn't it now? TOo bad it's not possible. I think I've heard somewhere in a light novel a quote that said healing oneself is like picking up oneself and then throwing oneself, which is impossible… though in most cases, characters in novels should be able to heal themselves using magic.Bookmark here

So Liliath came from that kind of world… heeehh..Bookmark here

"Can I. Cough. Ask for some water," Liliath said, trying to get up.Bookmark here

"Here," making sure she doesn't fall, I supported her as she drank from a bottle.Bookmark here

"Thank you," LIliath made no effort to look at me since she looked to be really struggling to keep her focus and just laid back down onto bed. "I'll rest a little longer.."Bookmark here

"Alright. take care, have a good nap."Bookmark here

Then I left the room.Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

I helped my mom in the kitchen. In a small pot was some leftover porridge from the afternoon, reheated with extra ingredients to hopefully improve the taste. Well.. the portion wasn't a lot, about 2 people's worth but it's mainly for Liliath.Bookmark here

With the table cloth, I brought the pot to the kitchen table, settling it down onto the coaster.Bookmark here

"Novelle, can you check on LIliath? Can she eat?" I looked at the little devil, with two hands on her chin while she looked at me upturned eyes and said.Bookmark here

"A-okay," hearing my words, her expression turned to a serious one and she left for her own room where Liliath was.Bookmark here

Father came into the dining room, stretching his arms up into the air. He had probably just finished work in his office, seeing his languid but satisfied expression.Bookmark here

"So what's for dinner?"Bookmark here

"Leftover porridge or a new batch of rice with some stir fried meat in soy sauce and bitter gourd with salted eggs."Bookmark here

"Okay," nodding with a smile, my father went into the kitchen where my mom was.Bookmark here

After a little while, Novelle's footsteps came rushing down.Bookmark here

"Big brother, I think there's something wrong with LIliath," she said with a grim expression, panicking.Bookmark here

Something happened?Bookmark here

"I'll go check, call father just in case.. i don't know if we need to send her to hospital.."Bookmark here

I had a premonition..Bookmark here

Rushing to the room LIliath was at, I saw Liliath breathing raggedly. Sweat all over her forehead while moaning as if in pain.Bookmark here

"Are you alright?" I asked, a little flustered. She doesn't look alright at all..Bookmark here

"H-help…" her words hit like a truck.. quite literally.Bookmark here

Yeah.. she's seriously in pain. What the hell.Bookmark here

"Her condition is worse, isn't it?" my father who came into the room asked.Bookmark here

"Yeah."Bookmark here

"To the hospital it is then." sighing, he added, "Novelle, help me open the car door, Noel, help me support her."Bookmark here

Following his instructions, with her arms around me and my father, we descended the stairs and then laid her down in the car.Bookmark here

"Take care," my mom said with a worried tone as she sent us away to the hospital.Bookmark here

Liliath continued to moan as if in pain. I sat in the back seat together with her, father driving in front.Bookmark here

"We're almost there.. just bear a little longer.."Bookmark here

I honestly had no idea what to really say. I'm not the one sick here so.. I can't really say I understand the pain she's feeling.Bookmark here

"Noel.." Her small hands grabbed mine.Bookmark here

Cold.Bookmark here

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