Chapter 58:

Imminent Death (2)

My Demon Queen

Pulling the car into the parking lot, my father first contacted doctor Trisha via his phone. After which, we supported LIliath into the main lobby where she was waiting.Bookmark here

"This is bad," the doctor grimaced, an expression. She probably didn't expect this to happen.Bookmark here

Instructing us with a follow up, we brought LIliath to a private hospitalization room with a number of machines hanging around. It wasn't the shared kind but rather the kind used by big shots you would see in dramas. Furnished with a small table, couches and indoor plants.Bookmark here

We were asked to wait outside while the doctor examined Liliath's condition.Bookmark here

Sitting on the bench with my father beside me, I waited in silence.Bookmark here

"This isn't a coincidence isn't it.." i said.. not particularly to anyone since my mood had hit rock bottom.Bookmark here

I totally wasn't expecting this. It's not everyday someone close to you gets sent to a hospital you know?Bookmark here

I don't really know how to put this feeling into words-- dread? Was this dread? Liliath won't die right?Bookmark here

Heroines don't die right?Bookmark here

Calm down Noel, calm down. There must be some logical explanation to this..Bookmark here

But what if there isn't one?Bookmark here

Taking what my father said into account, what if Liliath's arrival cities the start of a story-like setting? Like how a protagonist's story starts when they are thrown into an 'isekai'? Could my TALENT be something like that? Having me go through these sorts of ups and downs-- the nonsensical drama where I, the protagonist, has to go through a bunch of emotional roller coasters?Bookmark here

"Maybe," I bit my lips.Bookmark here

"Noel, heads up."Bookmark here

"Hm?"Bookmark here

I reacted just in time to catch the package my father threw at me. Food, sushi?Bookmark here

"You haven't eaten yet haven't you?" he sat beside me, sipping his can of coffee he probably bought from some vending machine.Bookmark here

"Ah. yeah. Thanks.."Bookmark here

Right.. what time was it? 8 o'clock? How long has it been since LIliath was admitted? The doctor hadn yet come out of the room.Bookmark here

"I understand you're having a hard time but… you gotta still eat you know? Overthinking doesn't really help anything." My father advised with a smile.Bookmark here

Yeah. It's not just me.. everyone is having a hard time too huh? Liliath, being the one in the worst position.Bookmark here

I averted my eyes and opened the packet of sushi. Disposable bamboo chopsticks were included-- reminding me that LIliath still cheats her way with chopstick etiquette.Bookmark here

"By the way, Liliath can use magic right? Can't she heal herself?"Bookmark here

"Apparently, it doesn't work that way in her world.." to which i replied.Bookmark here

I stuffed the sushi in my mouth and chewed on it.Bookmark here

Tasteless.Bookmark here

Bland.Bookmark here

Tears.Bookmark here

Yeah.. emotions affect taste a lot.Bookmark here

"Wow, Noel. Get a grip of yourself." my father said in an astonished tone.Bookmark here

Wiping my tears with the sleeve of my shirt, I replied, "I-I know.."Bookmark here

I'm weak. Really weak… how deplorable..Bookmark here

Unlike LIliath or my father, my emotions are easily swayed by external events. I understand emotions are emotions and that external events aren't the main cause of emotions..Bookmark here

My father taught me this analogy once:Bookmark here

If a plate of delicious food was presented to you, it would make you hungry IF, you were hungry. If that same plate of food was presented to you when you were full-- you probably won't feel hungry.Bookmark here

Food represents external events while hunger represents one's emotions.Bookmark here

The food isn't the root cause, hunger is-- emotions.Bookmark here

Though the presentation of food makes the hunger worse, it wouldn't be otherwise if the hunger was solved.Bookmark here

That said… I can't help it.Bookmark here

This premonition...Bookmark here

Liliath won't die-- right? She'll be alright.. right? Right?Bookmark here

A heroine won't just die like that right?Bookmark here

Finishing my meal, doctor Trisha came out of the room to tell us that her condition was stabilized. As of the moment, she can't say for sure if her diagnosis is correct but-- it has something to do with her lack of immunity against diseases.Bookmark here

In any case, we were allowed to visit her in the room. Well-- visiting hours are limited to 10 pm but for whatever reason, the doctor said that we are exempted from it for some reason.Bookmark here

My father and I locked gazes.Bookmark here

Another coincidence that made no sense.Bookmark here

Liliath was sleeping on bed, her dress had been changed to a pale green hospital gown-- whatever it's called.Bookmark here

An IV drip attached to her wrist; a tube connected to her nose, a machine reading her heartbeat and breathing; she was sleeping soundly.Bookmark here

"Her condition is unusual, and may fluctuate from time to time so if you see any abnormality, don't hesitate to press the call button. The nurses will come every now and then."Bookmark here

"Doctor, can i ask why LIliath is getting such a treatment?" my father asked.Bookmark here

I'm sure he's thinking about the hospital bills. At least-- that's what I guessed. The bills should be a pretty hefty one.Bookmark here

"It was arranged beforehand, in a way-- you could say I was specially assigned to deal with your case…" doctor Trisha said in a faraway tone, "It's a government secret, anyways, it's my duty to make sure she recovers."Bookmark here

"Government secret huh? How sketchy.."Bookmark here

Doctor trisha flattened her lips, shutting her mouth.Bookmark here

Watching LIliath sleeping, it wasn't long before my mom and Novelle came into the room. My father had notified them of Liliath's condition via his phone and with the second cat, they drove over.Bookmark here

"Big sister will be alright right?" Novelle asked with teary eyes.Bookmark here

"She'll be alright, don't worry, I'll make sure of it." the doctor said with a smile.Bookmark here

"Ah, you two haven't eaten right?"Bookmark here

"I got something for Noel a little while ago?"Bookmark here

"How about yourself dear?"Bookmark here

"I had my fill with coffee.. plus, i'm not really in the mood to eat anyways."Bookmark here

"Please take care of yourself too dear."Bookmark here

"Got it, got it."Bookmark here

To their sweet conversation--i didn't particularly have any comments.Bookmark here

My mind was blank. Just because Liliath's condition is stable currently doesn't mean she's safe.. yet. Anything can happen.Bookmark here

"Noel."Bookmark here

"Hm?"Bookmark here

"I can understand your sentiments as a summoner but please be at ease, she'll be fine," the doctor asserted.Bookmark here

"Yeah.. thank you doctor.."Bookmark here

Her remarks.. it helps.. I guess? I'm a little bit more relieved.. in a sense.. maybe.Bookmark here

I'm too confused to really say I'm alright in an emotional sense.Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

"Stay safe, good night, I'll come back again tomorrow morning," my father said, holding the little depressed Novelle's hand.Bookmark here

"Good night, safe driving."Bookmark here

"Good night, see you tomorrow."Bookmark here

And with that, they left for home.Bookmark here

It was getting late, my sister was drifting off to sleep already. With this, it was decided that my mom and I will stay back in the hospital to watch out for Liliath.Bookmark here

I couldn't really bring myself to return.. I'm grateful my parents took that into consideration. Really grateful..Bookmark here

I can't believe myself.. I'm.. I'm responsible for this right?Bookmark here

But there's nothing I can do about this right?Bookmark here

These sorts of thoughts assailed me as I continued watching Liliath in her sleep.Bookmark here

I wonder how she is doing? I wonder what she's dreaming about?Bookmark here

My little did tell me before that when LIliath first arrived, she had nightmares almost every night.Bookmark here

Though I never questioned LIliath about what she saw-- it had to be something really painful.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Liliath will be alright..Bookmark here

Right.. I have to believe that everything will turn out alright.Bookmark here

I closed my eyes.Bookmark here

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