Chapter 59:

Imminent Death (3)

My Demon Queen

Weakness, fatigue.Bookmark here

All sorts of negative ailments continued to weigh upon my body.Bookmark here

I never thought diseases would be this dreadful.Bookmark here

It started with a cough. Then a sore throat. Followed by a sluggish body. Then a fever.Bookmark here

Before I could make sense of it all, I fell into anguish.Bookmark here

With a tube inside my nose and the occasional beeps in the distance, I looked up at the unfamiliar ceiling.Bookmark here

It was dark, an orange lamp illuminated this unusual place slightly. The 'hospital'?Bookmark here

I tried to get up, failing to do so due to my current, weak constitution.Bookmark here

How could this happen?Bookmark here

Why this pain?Bookmark here

Demon lords possess incredible recovery don't they? So why?Bookmark here

Why?Bookmark here

"You're awake, Morning Liliath, how are you feeling?" feeling the tears slide down my cheek, i heard Diana-sama's voice.Bookmark here

"Better," I gasped.Bookmark here

This was a disease, not a curse, yet… for it to progress to this sort of stage..Bookmark here

WIth all my might, I desperately turned my body towards the direction of the couch to the side.Bookmark here

There, I saw Noel sleeping, albeit in an uncomfortable position. I hope he won't acquire back pains once he awakens from his sleep.Bookmark here

"You'll be alright Liliath, the doctor is here to treat you." Diana-sama consoled, caressing my hair and forehead. Through the warmth of her touch, I assume her words were also directed to console herself also.Bookmark here

I nodded with what little energy I had left in my body.Bookmark here

As I was about to close my eyes and fall back into slumber, I heard a ring, then appeared in front of me the status window for the 'special quest'.Bookmark here

It seemed that a week had passed.Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

Special Quest:Bookmark here

[LAST RITE] Confess your honest feelings to Noel. 150PBookmark here

RULES: Noel cannot find out about the specifics of the task. If found out, the quest will be terminated. Special quests cannot be removed and will be refreshed weekly. Special Quests completed before the week ends will only be refreshed the following week.Bookmark here


Complete quests before the time runs out: 1D 05H 32MBookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

"Liliath?" Diana-sama who saw the window and closed in a fraction of a second addressed me.Bookmark here

"Imminent death.." I drawled, asserting a tone of remorse. My voice growing weaker by the second, consciousness fading.Bookmark here

It was apparent.Bookmark here

I was going to die.Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

In a space that looked like a vast expanse of the red void, in the distance I could make out two silhouettes.Bookmark here

Letting out an ephemeral sigh, I walked forward to approach the two.Bookmark here

Liliath, the part of myself that though could be considered weak but caring and gentle was bound to the black throne. The other Liliath, horns growing from her head, eye posing a domineering glint, who could be considered as my cunning but strong self was bullying the other.Bookmark here

"Cut it out," I admonished.Bookmark here

Demon lord Liliath stopped and turned to me with a slack expression. Meek Liliath, likewise, looked at me though trembling.Bookmark here

"Say~ what do you want, me?" demon lord Lililath queried.Bookmark here

"You already know the answer to it dont you?"Bookmark here

"How deplorable," she sneered, "Do you truly think there's anything we can do about it?"Bookmark here

"Dont want to.. dont want to die.." meek Liliath cried out softly, tears condensing in her eyes.Bookmark here

"I myself cannot be so sure of it, however, I presume it's best to have a contingency plan.. to put it in other words, i suggest a meeting."Bookmark here

"Sweety, that would be quite a boring meeting dont you say? I want to spend the rest of my limited time playing with my sweetheart here~" demon lord Liliath drawled in a sweet tone.Bookmark here

Meek Liliath cried out in fear.Bookmark here

"What is your opinion, regarding the matter, me? If.. it was true that death is upon us?"Bookmark here

"My opinion, you say? I suppose-- I'm grateful. We had a moment of bliss before death. It's a rather good deal considering the fact that we should've died back in our own world."Bookmark here

"How about you?" I asked the other Liliath.Bookmark here

"I-I don't want to die.. why must we d-die.. why can't we just live peacefully-- hiikhh?!"Bookmark here

"Stop that."Bookmark here

"Oh sweetheart, don't be scared, i'll always be here with you-- even after death," whispering the last few words, demon lord Liliath clung to the meek Liliath, caressing her skin.Bookmark here

Pondering the matter while observing their frolic-- If death is the only outcome then, I can only ask the heavens to give me a quick and painless one.Bookmark here

I swept my hands forward, and both Liliath were pulled away, forced to sit in chairs separated by a long gloss black triangular table.Bookmark here

"What now--" the LIliath with four horns groaned, annoyed that she had been separated from her prey.Bookmark here

I sat down on the last, unoccupied chair, bent forward and placed my chin above my palm.Bookmark here

"Next question. WHat do you think about Noel?Bookmark here

"Noel? Isn't he my vessel? What more is there you need to ask about him?"Bookmark here

"D-dont kill hiiim.. Noel shouldn't die.."Bookmark here

Shaking my head in resignation, I realized that both Liliath had varying opinions. As the demon lord Liliath said, Noel, is a vessel, a catalyst required to achieve our goal. At the same time, I cannot deny the other Liliath's plea to protect his life.Bookmark here

I should've known that I've grown emotionally attached to him somewhat. I should take note of this.Bookmark here

"How about you? Your opinion about Noel? A confession of truth, we can't consider Noel our beloved just yet can we now?" demon lord Liliath said with a slack voice as she sipped on a wine glass filled with blood that manifested somehow.Bookmark here

"It's hard to put into words.. My intuition is telling me that it's too soon to confess something like love. Then, what does the task require me to do in the first place?"Bookmark here

Meek Liliath raised her hands at my remark.Bookmark here

"Yes? Speak."Bookmark here

"B-be honest..? T-true feelings d-don't necessarily have to be a love confession," she said.Bookmark here

"True, true," I nodded to myself.Bookmark here

No matter how I think about this, I have been indebted to them. There was nothing I could do to repay their kindness. I lack knowledge, skills and information to properly contribute to anything in their life.Bookmark here

Perhaps.. just perhaps. All I want-- is to contribute just a little, the last contribution I make to this life of mine before it ends.Bookmark here

"You got your answer sweety? Your expression cleared up for us to see?" demon lord Liliath asked.Bookmark here

"I suppose i have found my answer," standing up, i put two hands on the table while benign forward.Bookmark here

"Great, now, grant me the permission to play with my dear sweet heart over there?" as she spoke, meek LIliath started shedding tears, shaking her head in retort, "Time is limit now--"Bookmark here

"Permission denied, from hereon, I will end the meeting."Bookmark here

This may very well be the last time I get this opportunity to work out my emotions. This stifling feeling in my heart-- i understand wherever fate brings is inevitable-- but it just won't go away..Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

I raised my eyelids, realizing that the room was now lit in white. I turned to the first thing that greeted me-- Noel.Bookmark here

"Morning," he spoke with a fake smile. "How are you feeling?"Bookmark here

I was surprised that I could feel myself-- surprised that I could move.Bookmark here

This is, I suppose, somewhat similar to the calm before the storm. The disease will lighten up at one point, bringing enlightenment for a few brief moments before plunging myself back into the abyss.Bookmark here

"A bit better?" I said in a not-too-sure tone. I managed to get myself up into a sitting position.Bookmark here

"Hopefully," Noel muttered in a pained voice.Bookmark here

I tilted my head at.Bookmark here

Does he know? Seeing his reaction, it would be so. Perhaps his special quest, like mine, does mention the limited time I have left.Bookmark here

"It's alright Noel. Everything will be alright, everything will be alright," I smiled, clasping his hands in between my.Bookmark here

"Liliath.. why.. no.. i will definitely find a way.. there has to be a way.." Noel said, looking down at my hand. He placed his other hand atop mine and squeezed it.Bookmark here

There has to be a way?Bookmark here

"Noel, you ought to be resolved to face the inevitable," I giggled.Bookmark here

"Why.. hey LIliath.. why are you so calm? How can you be so calm," I could feel his hands shake, he was shivering, his moist eyes hinting dismay.Bookmark here

Just as I was about to continue, a person wearing a white uniform came in with a tray of food.Bookmark here

"How are you feeling Liliath?" she asked with a smile.Bookmark here

"Slightly better," returning a smile of my own.Bookmark here

"Now, I don't mean to interrupt your intimate moment but do you mind if I ask you two separate for a bit?" to her request, I had come to realize that her smile was a thirsty, cunning one. Like a maiden starved of love.Bookmark here

Though.. I suppose that isn't the main issue as I continued to stare at her befuddle before turning to Noel who was desperately trying to tear his hand away from my grasp in a flustered state.Bookmark here

Ah..Bookmark here

Feeling heat rush to my head, I released his hand and rolled into a hugging position, burying my head into my knees. Such a moment lasted a few seconds before I peeked at the situation.Bookmark here

"Now, please take these medicine, do them slowly alright."Bookmark here

Seeing the person in white present me with what seemed to be an assortment of multicoloured pills, most of them white, with a smile. I felt a chill down my spine.Bookmark here

Obediently, I swallowed the pill with water-- the proper way.Bookmark here

"Remember to eat alright? Even if you don't feel like eating , it's a must to eat a bit to prevent the side effects of the medicine." the woman in white advised before rushing out of the room.Bookmark here

Recollecting my thoughts, the food presented in front of me was placed on top of a board that was supported by the side rails of the bed. Congee with some additional dishes to the side. There included a drink in a packaging that looked like milk?Bookmark here

Noel was still sitting close to my bed, though, his gaze was still afized to the door. No, affixed to his status window.Bookmark here

"Where is the rest of your family, Noel?"Bookmark here

"My family? Ah, right, about that, they went out for breakfast."Bookmark here

"Breakfast? How about you?"Bookmark here

"I decided to stay back.." his voice trailed off into silence.Bookmark here

"N-Noel?"Bookmark here

"Hey Liliath, is there anything you wish for?"Bookmark here

His question came as a surprise. Looking away to ponder-- the view of the blocky city through the city in the morning light--Bookmark here

I turned back to him and in a serious voice, I asked of him, "Feed me."Bookmark here

"Wuah?"Bookmark here

" That's what I wish for."Bookmark here

That was the best I could come up with in this situation. Though I could've said something to align the lines of-- it's alright, I don't wish for anything, Noel might not be able to handle the guilt of my passing when the time comes. This much should help ease the emotional pain he will face, albeit a little.Bookmark here

"S-seriously?" he said with a crooked smile, implying disbelief.Bookmark here

"It's alright if you don't want to." I pouted.Bookmark here

"Alright, alright my princess," he laughed.Bookmark here

And to his words, I felt the tear in my heavy heart widen a little more.Bookmark here

Do I really have to die?Bookmark here

WIll i actually die?Bookmark here

Do I want to die?Bookmark here

"LIliath? Liliath? Earth to Liliath, hello?"Bookmark here

"S-sorry!"Bookmark here

Realizing I had fallen into a trance with Noel calling out to me with a spoon in hand, I responded in haste.Bookmark here

"Here, o-open your mouth," he held the food up to my mouth.Bookmark here

Smiling, I gladly accepted his feeding.Bookmark here

"Thak. u," i spoke, food still inside my mouth on purpose.Bookmark here

"Sheesh, really now.. what should I do," Noel said half-sighing, digging into the congee before bringing it to my mouth.Bookmark here

This repeated several times over, a moment of bliss.Bookmark here

We did not speak, merely the moment of his hand and my mouth.Bookmark here

"Noel."Bookmark here

"Yes?"Bookmark here

"My turn."Bookmark here

"Hm?"Bookmark here

"Let me feed you," snatching the spoon from his hand, I scooped the congee and brought it up to his mouth.Bookmark here

There was no way I could possibly allow Noel to do all this without compensation. I've already incurred a debt that could never be repaid.Bookmark here

Moreover, Noel hadn't eaten breakfast, hadn't he now?Bookmark here

"No.. Liliath.. seriously?! I-I can't!"Bookmark here

I pouted, resolved to complete my task.Bookmark here

"Fine," he relented.Bookmark here

Presenting his open mouth, I shoved the congee into his mouth.Bookmark here

"How is it?"Bookmark here

"It's good… It's.."Bookmark here

He wiped his tears with the sleeve of his shirt.Bookmark here

"Noel."Bookmark here

"W-what is it.."Bookmark here

"Thank you. I understand that I'm in no position to say this as I could never repay your family and your kindness.. that said... Thank you. Thank you for everything."Bookmark here

My confession. The true feelings that reside in my heart.Bookmark here

"What are you s-saying.."Bookmark here

Ding.Bookmark here

'Liliath's Special Quest Complete.'Bookmark here

Noel lifted his hands away from his face, staring at me in disbelief.Bookmark here

"There. My last contribution. It's not much, but I hope you spend it properly." I said, under my awareness, tears had formed in my eyes.Bookmark here

"Say that again?" Noel blinked at me.Bookmark here

"My last contribution," quickly wiping away my tears.Bookmark here

"No, not that, the latter half."Bookmark here

I tilted my head, "Spend it properly?"Bookmark here

For a moment I saw his face brighten up as if he had found a solution before turning ghastly pale.Bookmark here

"T-That's it.. why am i so dumb. Why in the fuck did i not think of that sooner!" he pulled on his hair.Bookmark here

"N-Noel? Stop it, stop it, you'll hurt yourself."Bookmark here

Confused by his statement, I tried to calm him down, but it was taken aback by the look in his eyes.Bookmark here

"I-I got it.."Bookmark here

Something about it lit a flame of hope within me.Bookmark here

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