Chapter 61:

Imminent Death (5)

My Demon Queen

"Where is it.."Bookmark here

I had to find my parents somewhere around the hospital and have them bring me back home because, dumb me-- i left my phone at home.Bookmark here

Now in the car driving towards the hospital once again, I scrolled through my phone in the most desperate manner possible, I scoured for the item called elixir.Bookmark here

I already know that there's an item called 'basic disease immunity (permanent)' that's an instant version of a vaccine, that's based on what the descriptions says at least. Another item would be elixir, or rather, that was what Liliath told me to get after having a hasty discussion with her.Bookmark here

Damn it, if only there was a search bar--Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Fuck.Bookmark here

The answer to this quest was so simple all along.. why didn't I think of this earlier?!?Bookmark here

I typed in elixir, and saw a number of different options.Bookmark here

Based on what LIliath told me, a small quantity of the liquid is potent enough to cure basically anything. And the smallest possible amount is one super small vial of 5 drops.Bookmark here

5 freaking drops. And it costs 500 points.Bookmark here

Whatever. For the sake of LIliath's life, this isn't worth much at all.Bookmark here

"Noel, are you done?"Bookmark here

My father called my name from the front seat of the car.Bookmark here

Tap.Bookmark here

And held the vial of elixir in my hand.Bookmark here

"Alright, let's go."Bookmark here

Both items are in vial form, just that one is larger than the other.Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

"I've already called for a disease specialist," that was the first thing I heard when I entered Liliath's hospitalization room.Bookmark here

"Noel!"My mom looked at me with a frantic expression.Bookmark here

"I got it, i got it."Bookmark here

On the bed was LIliath but-- with an oxygen mask around her face.Bookmark here

I took a deep breath.Bookmark here

Calm down Noel, calm down. LIliath still has a few more hours..Bookmark here

Novelle tugged at my clothes.Bookmark here

I nodded at her to tell her that it's going to be alright.Bookmark here

After which I took out the elixir.Bookmark here

She stared at it with wide eyes.Bookmark here

By the way, the elixir has a beautiful golden colour, sometimes refracting a tint of mint green or mint blue. I kinda wanna drink it but.. ladies first.Bookmark here

In the room currently, besides my family, doctor Trisha and the nurse who was in charge of bring Liliath's breakfast earlier was present.Bookmark here

The doctor narrowed her eyes at the elixir in my hand.Bookmark here

"Can you give this to her, right now?"Bookmark here

"What is that?"Bookmark here

"It's called elixir. It's something from the world she came from."Bookmark here

Doctor Trisha glanced at the vial and then at Lililath.Bookmark here

"Please," I pleaded.Bookmark here

"And where did you get such an item?"Bookmark here

Great. I knew she'd ask.Bookmark here

"Ask Liliath, not me."Bookmark here

Well.. I'm not lying right?Bookmark here

UGh, damn it, this isn't going anywhere.Bookmark here

I pushed the vial into the doctor's hand.Bookmark here

"I'm not taking responsibility if she dies from this liquid, are you sure about this?" she gritted her teeth.Bookmark here

Is that supposed to be a threat?Bookmark here

"Just give it to her, please.. She needs to ingest it. I don't know if injecting it directly into her is a good idea."Bookmark here

"Nurse Colyn, help me support Liliath to a sitting position."Bookmark here

The nurse nodded.Bookmark here

Wearing gloves, the doctor then removed the mask, opening the vial of elixir, she then poured it into her mouth.Bookmark here

From the sideline-- if you look at it… It was a pretty 'professional' sight of administering oral medicine. I was thinking the usual way to go about it was for the protagonist to hold it in his mouth and then french kiss the medicine into the heroine's mouth.Bookmark here

But-- this is real life.Bookmark here

And if you asked me if i wanted to do so, my reply would be fuck off.Bookmark here

Liliath's body seemed to glow in a rainbow light, her ragged breathing slowed to a normal pace and her complexion regained normalcy.Bookmark here

The nurse then laid Liliath back down on bed.Bookmark here

Ding.Bookmark here

Noel's Special Quest Complete.Bookmark here

"Elixir, was it?" doctor Trisha, turned to me, seeing Liliath's condition take a 180 degree turn.Bookmark here

"Yeah.."Bookmark here

The quest was completed so that means..Bookmark here

I turned to my mom and gave a nod, and a smile.Bookmark here

She who was at her wits end, loosened her shoulders and fell on my father's shoulder where he soothed her. Very couple-like, go explode.Bookmark here

"Big brother, L-Liliath is going to okay.. right?"Bookmark here

"She's going to live," I said.Bookmark here

"I'll have to report this, do you mind?" Trisha asked.Bookmark here

"Can it be kept as a confidential thing?" I returned her question.Bookmark here

"In the first place, something like elixir should be declared to the government."Bookmark here

"Are you alright?!"Bookmark here

"I-i'm… "Bookmark here

The nurse who was dumbstruck by LIiath who woke and LIliath who turned to my direction let loose a relieved sigh.Bookmark here

Sle clenched her fist a few times and tried twisting her bodyBookmark here

"It's a miracle drug isn't it?" the nurse asked the doctor in an astonished voice.Bookmark here

"Excuse me, but, could we have a moment with Liliath?" my mom who had recovered requested.Bookmark here

"Alright," the doctor checked her vitals first-- healthy signs, expressing a little dismay before leaving the room.Bookmark here

The moment the door shut, I took out the second vial and brought it to LIliath.Bookmark here

"Are you alright?"Bookmark here

"Big sister Liliath is alright, right? How are you feeling?"Bookmark here

She averted her eyes, biting her lips.Bookmark here

"Drink this first."Bookmark here

Nodding silently to my words, she downed the liquid in the vial, the 'basic disease immunity (permanent)' serum.Bookmark here

After which she coughed.Bookmark here

"The taste is awful.." LIliath commented.Bookmark here

"Water, here," Novelle, who was quick to react, passed her the bottle.Bookmark here

"Thank you.."Bookmark here

Liliath drank the water timidly.Bookmark here

"So, how are you feeling LIliath?" My mom asked.Bookmark here

"A lot better.. elixir can cure almost any disease or injury, large quantities of it can even restore lost limbs.." Liliath explained, tears started to condense in her eyes, "And-- I thought I was going to die."Bookmark here

"Big sister.." Novelle crawled onto the bed and hugged Liliath.Bookmark here

"We're lucky. You sure have an OP TALENT Noel." my father said.Bookmark here

"Yeah.."Bookmark here

Honestly, I'm surprised at my stupidity. I don't really understand what I should be feeling right now. Relief? Regret? Confusion?Bookmark here

I let loose my tense shoulders and hung my head.Bookmark here

At least..Bookmark here

--I managed to save Liliath's life..Bookmark here

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