Chapter 63:

Imminent Death (7)

My Demon Queen

"Good to see you are well Liliath, how are you feeling?"Bookmark here

"I am well mister, thank you for your concern." Liliath waved her hands as if to dismiss Keaton's remark.Bookmark here

Very princess-like..Bookmark here

"Enoch."Bookmark here

"Yes sir."Bookmark here

Keaton's subordinate who was apparently named Enoch placed the flower on the table beside Liliath. I see-- there's a little card there that says 'get well soon'. How thoughtful.Bookmark here

Though..Bookmark here

I glanced at Liliath who looked at me, understanding that our plans had just begun.Bookmark here

Before this, Liliath, being the hyper smart princess and demon lord she was, discussed the risk of having the information regarding the elixir exposed. Not to the general public but.. based on what she says, in normal cases, the information would definitely be divulged to the higher ups, as the doctor has already said.Bookmark here

As such, Liliath and I had to come up with a story to explain the matter.Bookmark here

Having a capable princess who knows her stuff is truly a blessing huh?Bookmark here

"Let's get straight to the point, mister Keaton," Liliath said, upholding her divine smile.Bookmark here

"And what do you mean by that?" Keaton looked-- genuinely confused.. ah, right.. this is the modern world. No wonder Liliath's political manner of speaking makes no sense, rather, her political speech doesn't even match the ones used by politicians in my world anyways...Bookmark here

I should have told her to tone down a little. Opps.Bookmark here

"Uh, mister Keaton, just.. well, I know you have questions you want to ask so we just want to get that over with," I gestured my hands to invite both Enoch and Keaton to sit on the couch.Bookmark here

Liliath sent me a funny look, as if wanting to ask if she did anything wrong.Bookmark here

Yeah right, princess speech literally destroys the mood.. sorry for not saying it sooner… we're not having a meeting.Bookmark here

I sent her an apologetic look in response.Bookmark here

"I think i get a gist of what you're trying to say here," Keaton sat down on the sofa, leaning against the soft cushion, "About the elixir, first of all, where did you get such a thing?"Bookmark here

"I'll have Liliath explain that.."Bookmark here

Enoch, who had a bewildered expression, continued to stare at me.Bookmark here

I get it, I get it. You're weirded out because there's an actual princess in the room-- not that he knows.. or does he know?Bookmark here

Keaton looked towards Liliath in anticipation.Bookmark here

"It was something I brought along with me when I was summoned, does that answer your question?" Liliath spoke in a confident manner.Bookmark here

"Interesting. Thank you for the information. Next question, was there anything else you brought along with you? Anything else crossed over to our world?"Bookmark here

Enoch showed a look of surprise.Bookmark here

Yup. Crossing worlds, totally didn't expect that huh?Bookmark here

"The ragged clothes I wore.." Liliath muttered, "Though, it had been disposed of."Bookmark here

"I see.. then it's alright then. And just a side note, the tube that contained the elixir before is sent to the lab for testing, I'm sure you two wouldn't mind that would you?"Bookmark here

I saw Keaton's brow flinch a little. Don't tell me he's interested in that rag too? No fucking way.. no.. in fact, It would makes sense wouldn't it? It might be made of some unknown material. Heck! Why didn't I think of that?! It could be sold for thousands of dollars!Bookmark here

I killed the voice in my mind, maintaining my stiff, cramped smile.Bookmark here

Damn it, I knew I should've used my brain a little more.. or did my mom not dispose of it yet.. I'll have to ask her.Bookmark here

"I don't foresee any issues with that. Though, I digress that Elixir is something bestowed by the Gods and cannot be procured through ordinary methods."Bookmark here

"Really?" I asked.Bookmark here

I'm surprised I even asked. Maybe this would make the play more realistic.Bookmark here

"Yes," Liliath graced me a diplomatic smile.Bookmark here

A diplomatic smile..Bookmark here

I slap my hand to my face. Gosh darn, we aren't in some kind of political meeting for gosh sake. I couldn't help but hit myself.Bookmark here

I heard Enoch's suppressed laughter.Bookmark here

Keaton flashed a troubled smile.Bookmark here

"Next on the agenda. Enoch, please introduce yourself."Bookmark here

"Yes sir," Enoch stood up and gave a gentlemanly bow. "My name is Enoch and my TALENT is the ability to decipher another person's TALENT to an extent."Bookmark here

"Well, every student starting from this year has to go through his screening, but please be informed that the information won't be improperly divulged and be kept in secrecy."Bookmark here

Keaton supplemented.Bookmark here

"Okay.. so that means you can tell what my TALENT is?"Bookmark here

That's… surprising.Bookmark here

"To give you a brief rundown on how it works.." Enoch's voice was the sharp, freshman kind of tone. He looked like he just graduated or something, barely 20 years old in my eyes. "My TALENT allows me to put into words the ability of an individual's TALENT."Bookmark here

"So I'll ask for your permission here.. though.. your parents are not around?" Keaton looked around. It was apparent I needed to sign some sort of form or get permission.Bookmark here

"I can contact them if needed?"Bookmark here

"It's just a few forms, I think I'll just pass it to you. Have them sign after confirmation and pass it back to me during school enrollment, no problems with getting a cool name for your TALENT I presume?" Keaton held out the file to me.Bookmark here

"Yup, no problems there."Bookmark here

School enrollment. Ah right. There's that too.. I totally forgot..Bookmark here

"So, Enoch, what reading did you get?"Bookmark here

"It's a surprising one actually," Enoch replied, furrowing his brow.Bookmark here

"What could it be?" Liliath raised a cute surprised voice.Bookmark here

Urged by all of us, Enoch spoke.Bookmark here

"Something to do with creation.. and real life?" Enoch said, a finger to his chin and pondering, "I think it's something like 'Manifestation into Reality', that's your TALENT."Bookmark here

Huh?Bookmark here

What?Bookmark here

My mind went blank for a second there.Bookmark here

"Come again?"Bookmark here

"Manifestation into reality. I think that's the most accurate name I can come up with."Bookmark here

What in the fuck? My TALENT isn't a gacha app thing? No, rather, I should be surprised that I even had a TALENT. So it's confirmed, I HAVE a TALENT after all. That's relieving.. not.Bookmark here

The name of my TALENT sounded like something crazy big somehow..Bookmark here

Manifestation into Reality?Bookmark here

Huh?Bookmark here

Seriously?Bookmark here

WHat the hEck?Bookmark here

"It might have a large impact on the world.. I think.." Enoch's voice echoed as we indulged in our stupor. Keaton, like me, had his mouth agape.Bookmark here

Don't tell me my TALENT could possibly have the potential to destroy the world-- t-that can't be the case can it?Bookmark here

"T-That's not an error right? Isn't my TALENT just a summoning.."Bookmark here

At this rate, all my secrets would be unravelled huh?Bookmark here

Sucks to know but I guess I have no choice..Bookmark here

But there's a danger to it.. if by any chance they learn that my TALENT has something useful, especially the shop function, I'll inevitably be recruited by the government, just like little Enoch there. Oh, right, I forgot to mention that Enoch is shorter than me-- taller than Liliath though.Bookmark here

I want my own freedom..Bookmark here

I gritted my teeth.Bookmark here

"Have you experienced any unusual abilities besides summoning Liliath, Noel?" Keaton, who regained himself, asked.Bookmark here

"Liliath's sudden illness is one right? And the Elixir.."Bookmark here

No.. i can't tell him about it.. not yet.. give me some time to think over my next plan. Should I or should I not reveal it?Bookmark here

"I see. Be sure to report if you learn anything new about your TALENT," Keaton said in a serious matter-of-fact tone.Bookmark here

"I understand." I replied while hanging my head.Bookmark here

"Is there anything wrong Noel?" Keaton asked suspiciously.Bookmark here

"Nothing. I just didn't expect to have this sort of TALENT. I'll be on watch 24/7 from now on isn't it?"Bookmark here

"Relax, we don't intend to violate your privacy," Keaton replied with a shrewd smile.Bookmark here

Yeah right.. I can tell from that smile of yours that you're hinting at my interaction with Liliath, son of a..Bookmark here

"Next thing on the list, Liliath."Bookmark here

"Yes?"Bookmark here

"Regarding your education, It seems we would have to decide on an option to deal with that matter. I understand that you are very familiar and well equipped with knowledge in your world, but this world practices a different education system. With this said, can I first hear your opinion regarding how you would like us to help support you in furnishing yourself with knowledge from our world?"Bookmark here

"Noel can help out with that, correct?" Liliath replied a little puzzled.Bookmark here

"So as long as Noel is there huh?" Keaton shot me a suggestive smile.Bookmark here

Ugh.. What did you just say Liliath..Bookmark here

"Alright, I guess it's alright if you study together with Noel is that right? Though, there will be a steep learning curve in the beginning but if that's your wish then I won't go against it."Bookmark here

"I never did say that such was my wish, I merely expressed my thoughts about the matter. That said, I will accept the proposal, I intend to give my all in regards to assimilating the knowledge of this world."Bookmark here

Like shooting bullets at each other, I shifted my gaze between Liliath and Keaton. Was it just me or is Keaton trying to speak like a medieval politician? No.. real medieval politicians wouldn't speak in this way.. it's the 'made-up' and 'exaggerated' kings and queens kind of discussions found between the pages of light novels.Bookmark here

"I guess we can end it here."Bookmark here

"Eh.. what?"Bookmark here

"Let's go Enoch, thank you for your time Noel and Lady Liliath."Bookmark here

"Likewise. Thank you for dropping by," Liliath smiled.Bookmark here

"Uh.. what.."Bookmark here

I felt like I just missed out on a truck ton of information there.. so in the end.. what did they decide on? I had a bad premonition.. not like a super bad one.. just 'bad'.Bookmark here

Welp, I'll know about it when it comes to it..Bookmark here

With them gone, I heard Liliath leak a heavy sigh.Bookmark here

I turned to her to see her staring right back at me with a serious look.Bookmark here

"Yes?"Bookmark here

"It's a serious matter don't you think? Your abilities are to be exposed if they continue piecing the puzzle pieces together. You mentioned before that you wanted to keep yourself under the shadows didn't you?"Bookmark here

"Y-yeah.."Bookmark here

Liliath is sharp.. I kinda wonder what goes through her head at times like these.. must be some serious shenanigans.Bookmark here

"Doesn't that put us at risk?" Liliath queried.Bookmark here

"Not really.. it's more of an emotional thing.. i think? It's not like we'll have to enter politics if we were found out, just.."Bookmark here

I couldn't really think of anything. I myself don't really know why I'm trying to hide my TALENT. In the first place, hiding my TALENT would be much riskier than what I think.Bookmark here

I guess I should really just tell Keaton about my TALENT huh? It's inevitable that it will be found out about anyways.Bookmark here

"I think i can understand your sentiments Noel," Liliath said, "It's to do with each person's values, perhaps working for those with high position, being requested to do tasks against your will due to the responsibility you bear as the individual in possession of a powerful ability."Bookmark here

Wow… how the heck did Liliath figure that out? I didn't even say anything?Bookmark here

Liliath smiled wryly at my dumbfounded expression.Bookmark here

"I understand how you feel Noel, I've been there myself."Bookmark here

Bookmark here

So the hypothesis where Liliath and I have the ability to tacitly understand each other's thoughts are true? How convenient..Bookmark here

How the heck does that work?Bookmark here

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