Chapter 65:

Mondai High Enrolment (2)

My Demon Queen

The first thing that appeared past the double door was a humongous space. I think 6 tennis courts is about the right size. I wonder how much electricity they were using to cool down this huge auditorium.Bookmark here

Chairs conglomerated in the front, which would've left the rest of the auditorium if not for the other students loitering around the place.Bookmark here

The auditorium also had a second floor, and there, I could see a number of our seniors observing us from above. They wore the official Mondai High uniforms, which was just like my previous white uniform except black in colour. Pretty cool I think.Bookmark here

Next objective would be to find Prune.Bookmark here

And it didn't take 3 seconds to do so cuz she's the only person in the entire auditorium with silver-white hair.Bookmark here

"Liliath, are you still evoking a concealment barrier?"Bookmark here

A dumb question, i know.. since no one is lookign over at our direction.Bookmark here

Liliath, who was busy reading the brochure, nodded her head.Bookmark here

"Thanks for keeping it on."Bookmark here

I can't imagine what would happen if Liliath didn't. Just look at the pitiful Prune out there in front. Everyone is peeking glances at her. Her shoulders were stiff, ears drooping and she was seated, still as a rock on her seat.Bookmark here

The seats were labeled with names and, what'cha know, my seat is right beside Prune.Bookmark here

"Beastkin, we have arrived." Liliath called out before I could say anything.Bookmark here

Prune shot her head towards us, her eyes glistening as if she had found salvation. Though, the big problem here is the way Liliath addressed Prune..Bookmark here

"Liliath, do you have a grudge against Prune?"Bookmark here

"To answer in an honest manner, yes. In that regard, I hope it can be quelled in time." Liliath frowned.Bookmark here

Hah.. So this is Liliath huh? Her true colours are totally different from when I met her. Well.. it still comes as a shock despite realizing this point time and time again.Bookmark here

"Hi Prune, it's been a while, sorry about Liliath," I glanced at her, she dismissed it by averting my gaze.Bookmark here

"No, it's fine. It's fine," Prune showed a troubled smile-- her fluffy tail wagging.Bookmark here

Hmm…Bookmark here

A green jacket over her casual shirt, knee-length pleated skirt, that was what she wore today. Oh, also, I can't forget her scrunchy.Bookmark here

Liliath and I sat down on our respective seats and the attention around us slowly diminished with time.Bookmark here

"Thanks Liliath."Bookmark here

"Alright."Bookmark here

"W-what's going on.." Prune didn't seem to understand what was going on. I mean.. yeah, I doubt anyone would.Bookmark here

"Well.. Liliath can use magic so.. she's using a type of concealment barrier to hide our presence since your hair and her hair stands out a lot..."Bookmark here

That's the truth..Bookmark here

Wait..Bookmark here

Two beauties with exotic hair colour, one velvet-purple, another silver-white, acting like my two wings on the left and right-- I think I would be the one in the most pickled position if Lilaith revokes her concealment spell. Shit.Bookmark here

I crane my head over to look at Liliath, and as if she realized my worry, she raised her head to look at me and took the chance to reaffirm her cooperation.Bookmark here

"I wont remove the barrier, it would only spell trouble for us both," Liliath smirked.Bookmark here

"I-I owe you one Liliath," I hope she keeps her word. I don't know to what extent my father or that little devil has corrupted her.. scary..Bookmark here

"Thank you Liliath," Prune took the initiative today.Bookmark here

"My pleasure, i hope we can get along beas-- Prune," Liliath smiled as she said that. Prune's ears and tail stood on end.Bookmark here

"Y-yes.. m-me too.." Prune forced those words out of her mouth.Bookmark here

Scary huh..Bookmark here

I could only think of such. I guess Prune will need some time to get used to Liliath's unnatural aura.Bookmark here

While waiting for things to start, I took out the magazines, brochures and school diary from the file and started reading.Bookmark here

In Gilgamesh, Mondai High is one of the only two schools built by the government to accommodate students with 'troublesome' TALENTS. Though, from the magazine i'm reading, they emphasise that 'influential' TALENTS are also categorized under 'troublesome' TALENTS'. TALENTS that affect other TALENTS is an example, like Enoch's TALENT.Bookmark here

The fact that my TALENT has something to do with altering reality still bugs me though.Bookmark here

Moving on, Mondai high accommodates around a few thousand students. The entire high school course, 9 semesters in total, lasts around 3 years. Which is different from typical highschool where it only takes 2 years. Education for the first two years is the same here as it is for other highschools, while the third year mainly focuses on preparing the students to enter university.Bookmark here

Well.. if a person was scouted as 'useful', the third year would be used to train the individual to work for the government. That kind of thing.Bookmark here

Costs of the school fee are partially paid by the government and I can apply for scholarships if I have good academic achievements or co-curricular achievements, club activities, societies, sports and the likes.Bookmark here

Hm.. I wanna join the art club..Bookmark here

If anything, I would say that most people regard Mondai High as a prestigious school. There isn't any prejudice towards us individuals with troublesome TALENTS-- rather, those without troublesome TALENTS envy those with. Mainly because people like us are given the opportunity to take high school classes in a university/college setting, every student's romance.Bookmark here

I'd say I'm pretty happy with this school. WIth Gruan gone, I'm free to stop worrying about being bullied. Like seriously, senior high school students have to be more mature than junior high school students right?Bookmark here

I'm not a masochist, I don't like being hit, but I may be a sadist.. to be frank.Bookmark here

So the principal of their school is called Navy. Principal Navy. Okay, good naming sense, no where else in the world can you find such a name except in Gilgamesh-- not.Bookmark here

I felt something flash in front of my eyes so I turned to look up on stage. There I saw a number of teachers and students seated on the chairs prepared beforehand.Bookmark here

It's like.. they're supermodels or something..Bookmark here

Not to mention, there's even a gaudy looking guy wearing a soldier uniform, emblazoned with all sorts of medals and white stripes.Bookmark here

Oh. That's Principal Navy, the guy with a cool nice bold head. And to be honest, I like how it's shiny, literally reflecting the light into my eyes-- it burns..Bookmark here

Okay.. enough of the jokes. There are a few students sitting together in front-- and if I'm not wrong they are student Council members.Bookmark here

Student Councils don't really exist in most highschools in Gilgamesh, this is a first for me. My previous school didn't have one. it did have prefects but it's an entirely different system.Bookmark here

I referred to the school diary to confirm my suspicion.Bookmark here

Ah, so the girl with the tried look with a side ponytail is the Student Council President. And it seems she's sleeping with a straight back.Bookmark here

Huh. Acting as the Head of the student Council sure is tiring huh? Definitely not my cup of tea..Bookmark here

Speaking of cups of tea, Liliath who had finished all her reading material was scanning the auditorium for something. Is there anyone suspicious here?Bookmark here

Or someone? I couldn't tell.Bookmark here

At the sound of a screeching microphone, a yelp was raised by a number of students.Bookmark here

"Testing, testing. Testing. One, two. Testing, Okay it se.." the emcee's voice trailed off as she put distance between her mouth and the microphone. After getting a nod from the Principal, the emcee continued, "Please take a seat everyone, please take a seat, the event will be starting soon."Bookmark here

Her voice was like a serenade, a honey sweet voice that seemed to sink into my soul. I had the urge to follow his every command-- especially her first command that was to sit.. oh wait. I'm already seated.Bookmark here

While I was having such thoughts, the other students scurried back to their designated chairs and in an instant, everyone was sitting in absolute silence.Bookmark here

Wow. So this is the effect of a TALENT?Bookmark here

"H-her skill is incredibly scary, even I was affected," Liliath said while shivering.Bookmark here

"Yeah.."Bookmark here

Looking at the emcee leaving the stage, I'm coming to understand why students with 'troublesome' TALENTS have to attend special schools.. I can't imagine what would happen if she used her TALENT for 'other things'.Bookmark here

Her voice was like a serenade, and I have a feeling that I would even lick her feet if she requested me to. This place is dangerous.. really really fuckign dangerous.Bookmark here

Heck, is this a school or a battlefield? What the fuck..Bookmark here

"Noel."Bookmark here

To Liliath's strained voice, I look around to see everyone in a half-dreary state, as if in a trance.Bookmark here

There were those who looked wary and vigilant. Perhaps different people recover at different paces.Bookmark here

Hm?Bookmark here

"Dear students, let's give a round of applause to our first speaker, Principal Navy!"Bookmark here

It's a different emcee this time? The voice changed. I wonder if there's a reason for it.Bookmark here

The Principal stood up and went to stand at the podium. Then he started his boring speech.Bookmark here

Hah..Bookmark here

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