Chapter 66:

Mondai High Enrollment (3)

My Demon Queen

Here's the gist of what my water filled brain had left of his words. He congratulated us for enrolment, and then sympathized with us, emphasising that troublesome doesn't mean anything negative-- even though it is-- after that he gave a brief introduction of all the other high ranking school officials.Bookmark here

To my surprise, there's even a defence team in the school to deal with conflict between students.Bookmark here

Shit. This is not a school but a war zone isn't it? If not, I don't see the reason why you need a lieutenant on campus.Bookmark here

Also, he talked about school regulations, and we had to sing the school anthem-- referring to the school diary. Case point: Gilgamesh doesn't have a national song like in other countries, but it has a commandment we have to recite as a substitute. Apparently the founder hated singing songs, especially the one from the country he grew up with-- talk about patriotism.Bookmark here

Liliath struggled with it since she didn't know the commandments, looking at me with pitiful eyes.Bookmark here

I'm sorry I forgot.. I'll teach you later.Bookmark here

After that came the student Council. Comparing her with the other seniors sneaking looks at us juniors, the colour of the tie is what differentiates a normal student and a student council member. Normal students wore a light blue tie while a student council member wore a blood red tie.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

I saw Liliath's eyes sparkling..Bookmark here

"I prefer a red tie.. how unfortunate," I heard Liliath mutter under her breath.Bookmark here

Oh no.. don't tell me she intends to join the school council-- go through all the trouble and suffer through the mountain of work just for the sake of the permission to wear a red tie??!Bookmark here

Clam down Noel.. I'm sure you're just overthinking.. yup. Chill--Bookmark here

"Being a student council is troublesome though.."Bookmark here

"I understand, it's best we keep a low profile," Liliath said solemnly.Bookmark here

She really wants a red tie huh? I wonder why she never thought to pick a red dress then? I wonder if she prefers a black tie over a red one.Bookmark here

The many mysteries surrounding Liliath…Bookmark here

"Liliath, I have a question."Bookmark here

Since the student Council President was reciting her pre-prepared cheat sheet (she's obviously an introvert)-- i decided to take this chance to ask Liliath about the thing before.Bookmark here

"Yes?"Bookmark here

"Is there something like charm magic back in your world?"Bookmark here

"T-There is such a magic, anything you wish to know about it?" I saw Liliath's flinch a moment there.Bookmark here

Suspicious… welp, she did say not to trust her after all..Bookmark here

"You didn't use it on purpose when Kai was there right?"Bookmark here

I'm just curious..Bookmark here

To my question, Liliath calmly shook her head.Bookmark here

I let out a sigh. So the problem is with Kai.. what a womanizer.Bookmark here

No.. maybe the problem is me.. I'm overprotective.Bookmark here

I flinch at my own thoughts.Bookmark here

'Excuse me but please pay attention.'Bookmark here

My head shot towards the voice-- the student Council President.Bookmark here

She was speaking as normal up on stage but.. it sounded as if she was speaking right in front of us just now? What the heck?Bookmark here

"What happened?" Liliath's whisper entered my ear, she had to be using some sort of wind magic.Bookmark here

Still shackled by those words, I kept silent.Bookmark here

A few seconds later, she turned towards Lilaith and I, showing us a gentle smile before continuing her boring speech on school regulations.Bookmark here

"I'm sorry Noel, I should have been more careful," Liliath caught on to the gist of what had happened.Bookmark here

"I-It's alright.." I myself couldn't hear the words I spoke properly, but I could tell Liliath grasped my intent.Bookmark here

Though, the main issue remains. How did she bypass Liliath's concealment barrier? What kind of TALENT was that?Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

"That was incredible," Prune's tail was wagging.Bookmark here

"Ah.. yeah.."Bookmark here

You know, if there's one thing I don't get about PRune, it is that she's always excited about having an assembly. It makes no sense. The better the speaker on stage, the more hyped she gets. Though the script of the Student Council President was incredible, it was in the end-- just boring school regulations..Bookmark here

I was following the group out of the auditorium. The second exit.Bookmark here

"Noel?"Bookmark here

"Oh, yes, I think the Student Council President has the ability to send telepathic messages.. she told me to 'pay attention'."Bookmark here

Was the conclusion I came to.Bookmark here

"As I thought. I should have weakened your presence to a higher degree…" Liliath hung her head.Bookmark here

"Nah, It's fine, it doesn't matter anyways."Bookmark here

Well.. it did shake me a little though..Bookmark here

Speaking of which-- i look down at the file that i need to pass to Keaton stuck inside another bigger file that contained the school diary before.Bookmark here

"Class A please line up!"Bookmark here

"Class C here."Bookmark here

"Class E,"Bookmark here

Out in the garden, teachers were calling out to their own students. In the distance I could see two blocks of buildings, our seniors staring at us from afar.. away from harm on the second floor or higher...Bookmark here

"I suppose we get into groups?" Liliath said.Bookmark here

"Noel, what class are you in?" Prune asked.Bookmark here

"Class E."Bookmark here

"Me too," Prune replied with a surprised smile.Bookmark here

And the person in charge of our class was indeed the teacher with a stern face behind her glasses-- Teacher Glib.Bookmark here

"Name."Bookmark here

"Noel-- and Liliath."Bookmark here

Checking our names off the list, she continued,"Please line up."Bookmark here

"And Prune." Prune glared at me. Ah yup, i didn't miss out her name on purpose alright.Bookmark here

"Hoh? Both of you have different coloured hair? Hm.." her voice suddenly dropped into one of suspicion. "Nevermind, go queue up, I'll ask about it later."Bookmark here

"Thank you?"Bookmark here

And we got in line. Kai in the forefront.Bookmark here

Wheewh, fortunately he's like three human beings away. That saves me some anxiety.Bookmark here

"How do you intend to explain to the teacher regarding our inconspicuousness later, Noel?" Liliath turned to me and asked.Bookmark here

"Hah.. i honestly don't know.. she didn't ask about it didn't she?"Bookmark here

"Just a safety measure, she was suspecting us."Bookmark here

"Um, just a quick question, is there a limit to the range of your barrier, Liliath," Prune raised her hand a little and asked.Bookmark here

"I've applied a remote barrier on you, the range limit, 50 meters."Bookmark here

"Hah? A separate one? How about me?"Bookmark here

What? Then why did Liliath tell me to keep in range of her? She could give me a barrier of my own right?Bookmark here

"You're sharing mine," Liliath smiled as if she read my mind.Bookmark here

I staggered a little.Bookmark here

Seriously now?Bookmark here

"Y-you two are that close?" Prune raised another question with a quivering voice.Bookmark here

"Sorta.."Bookmark here

"Noel is my master after all.."Bookmark here

Prune froze to her words.Bookmark here

"Come on.. I told you to cut that out already, didn't I?"Bookmark here

Liliath only chuckled in response.Bookmark here

Seriously, does she really not harbour any romantic feelings towards me? Is it because of the difference in culture between the worlds we came from? I have no idea.. it's so comical, it kinda hurts not knowing why she's acting like this.Bookmark here

Soon enough, the line of students started moving and we went onwards like a train.. I feel like I'm in kindergarten. Ugh.. a heartbroken kindergarten child.Bookmark here

Chuu, chuu, the train blows invisible steam.Bookmark here

Next on schedule is a field trip around the school.Bookmark here

Places include the canteen, school pool, classroom, training court and clubrooms.Bookmark here

The canteen, or cafeteria:Bookmark here

Neither Prune or I brought any money so we could only watch as people empty the canteen's food supply. Teriyaki chicken on a stick looks exotically amazing.. I regret that I didn't bring money.Bookmark here

The pool:Bookmark here

Every male students' wish. Well, the pool was massive, there was a deep pool and a shallow pool. I think I prefer to use the shallow pool; I can't swim. I hope I never come here with Liliath for the sake of maintaining my sanity.Bookmark here

Spare me please-- i've already seen Liliath naked once before..Bookmark here

The training court beside the pool:Bookmark here

Similar to the auditorium except smaller, there were 2 basketball courts and one tennis court drawn on the flat odd tactile anti-slip floor. A running track went around the parameter.Bookmark here

The clubrooms:Bookmark here

This was where all our senpai's carnivorous stares bore a hole into us. Fortunately Liliath had a concealment barrier on at all times, and the fact that we moved in a single file was a life-saver.. not. The line broke half way when we were to visit the makeshift booths for club promo.Bookmark here

Prune went on to take a look, while Liliath and I stood at one side, concealment barrier maxed out and waited for the senpais to finish promoting each of their clubs which I plan not to join since it's very clearly stated that joining clubs isn't a compulsory thing. Moreover, I don't see a booth promoting a manga club. I saw one for fine arts but-- it's not my thing. I specialize in drawing cute girls and cute boys in anime style after all~Bookmark here

"Are you not interested in any of the clubs, Liliath?"Bookmark here

"It's a risk, just like what the beastkin is doing there."Bookmark here

"Oh. Yeah.. right.."Bookmark here

Directing my gaze towards the crowd surrounding the exotic individual called Prune, a commotion was on an uproar due to her fluffy tail, wolf-like ears and silver hair. Everyone wanted to pet and play around with her wolf-like nature.Bookmark here

"You didn't remove the spell did you?"Bookmark here

"There is a limit to it. I cannot possibly make it so not even the sand-pies would ignore her existence no matter how she tries a tantrum can I now?"Bookmark here

Pfftt.. sand pies.Bookmark here

"Y-Your right," I choked those words out while laughing.Bookmark here

"I have a feeling I have done something wrong." Liliath pouted.Bookmark here

"It's senpai, not sand PIE. Got it," chuckling while saying that.Bookmark here

My gosh my innards are fucking messed up because of her accidental joke.Bookmark here

But Liliath didn't do anything wrong-- Prune herself wanted to check the clubs out.Bookmark here

"Noel."Bookmark here

"Yes?Bookmark here

Still laughing, I turned to her and asked.Bookmark here

"That girl."Bookmark here

Wiping a tear away, I followed Liliath's thumb pointed at-- a familiar person standing near two bonsais. It was the girl Liliath cured back at the hospital-- Saria was her name i think?Bookmark here

"Should we follow up on her condition?" Liliath asked.Bookmark here

"You can cast a barrier around them right? Rather.. it's inevitable isn't it.. no matter how we try to hide, your existence is still going to be exposed in the end.."Bookmark here

"I can only agree," Liliath heaved a sigh.Bookmark here

"Since they're away from the rest of the group, let's go."Bookmark here

We walked towards Saria who was talking to a male friend of hers.. i think?Bookmark here

Saria, whose hair was shoulder length, wore a shirt with tight jeans, a bag strapped to her chest while her friend who had neat combed hair wore a striped collar shirt and dark blue long pants.Bookmark here

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