Chapter 67:

Mondai High Enrollment (4)

My Demon Queen

"Hello."Bookmark here

"Pleasure to meet you again, how are you feeling, Saria?"Bookmark here

Yeah.. our method of greeting is like the sky and sea alright…Bookmark here

"Hm..? EEKEKKEKEJEK!!"Bookmark here

Saria trampled, staggered and fell to the floor.Bookmark here

"Saria, what's wrong.. um, sorry, she doesn't always act this way.. Saria?"Bookmark here

"P-Pleas.. i-i didnt t-tell anyone s-so spare my life-- spare my life!" Saria cried.Bookmark here

Liliath tilted her head.Bookmark here

The memory of Liliath being hyper scary at the time she healed Saria popped up in my mind.Bookmark here

"I think you were too scary that time, she misunderstood you."Bookmark here

"Was it now?" Liliath pondered.Bookmark here

"Um.. sorry but could you.." Saria's friend wanted to say something but was interjected by LiliathBookmark here

"My apologies Saria, I didn't mean to scare you," Liliath squatted down and gently held Saria's hand.Bookmark here

"HHIIKKH?!"Bookmark here

Saria's teary pale face slowly regained colour and her breathing gradually returned to a normal pace.. a small amount of green light could be seen emitted from the palm of Liliath's hand. Must be some kind of spell.Bookmark here

"How are you feeling?"Bookmark here

"B-better.. I-I'm sorry. I really didn't tell anyone about it.. I didn't tell anyone."Bookmark here

"I know. Thank you for keeping your promise." Liliath smiled.Bookmark here

Saria's eyes opened wide and her face turned red. On the other hand, the guy beside her has eyes that turned into saucers.Bookmark here

"Welp, She's Liliath, and I'm Noel, nice to meet you two?" I sliced the awkward atmosphere into two with a likewise awkward greeting.Bookmark here

"Um, I'm Voux, and.. Saria, are you alright?"Bookmark here

"Y-Yes. I-I'm calm. i'm very very calm," Saria said, supported by Liliath. After which she buried her face in between both her hands while her head bellowed imaginary smoke.Bookmark here

Huh, how familiar.Bookmark here

"Do you know each other?"Bookmark here

"Yes, though it's best if our first meeting is kept a secret," Liliath said.Bookmark here

"Sorry Voux, I made a promise. I can't tell you, I don't want to break that promise." face still buried between her face, Saria said.Bookmark here

"Anyways… wow! Purple hair?!" Voux yelped.Bookmark here

"Yup."Bookmark here

"I didn't see you two before.. how.."Bookmark here

"Magic. A concealment barrier is around us as we speak. I thought to examine Saria's condition, such is why we came out to express our greetings to you two," Liliath said in a diplomatic way.Bookmark here

Voux's eyes turned into saucers yet again.Bookmark here

A peaceful silence ensued-- Saria took a deep breath and came out of hiding. That was when Liliath said something to start up another conversation.Bookmark here

"Noel is my master."Bookmark here

"Will you stop that Liliath!" I bit my tongue saying that.Bookmark here

"Master?" Voux questioned.Bookmark here

"Liliath is a summon?!" Saria raised her voice in disbelief.Bookmark here

"Uhh.. yeah.. something like that.. Liliath isn't my familiar.. she's a free human being from another world.."Bookmark here

Liliath didn't say anything, only smiling. I'm so fortunate no one else is here..Bookmark here

"What?!"Bookmark here

"What the hell kind of TALENT is that.." Voux held his hand to his mouth to cover up for his cuss.Bookmark here

"I don't mind cursing.. it's not a big deal.."Bookmark here

Well, I curse a fucking truck ton in my mind so fuck that shit called being polite right?Bookmark here

"Okay.. let me get this straight, so you're saying Liliath was summoned by you?"Bookmark here

"On a whim."Bookmark here

"W-what a powerful TALENT.."Bookmark here

"Opps, yeah. I should talk about my TALENT too-- Liliath has a TALENT does she?"Bookmark here

"No, I am in no possession of abilities you call: TALENT. I can, however, use magic without any issues."Bookmark here

"Your speaking manner is weird.."Bookmark here

"I agree.." Voux supplemented Saria's comment. "About my TALENT, since you've revealed your's, my TALENT allows me to grow and shrink in size. It's just shrinking ability though.. I can't grow any bigger than my current size."Bookmark here

After which I saw him shrink to the size of my palm. I reflexively took distance.Bookmark here

His size returned to normal in the seconds after.Bookmark here

S-scary..Bookmark here

Scary in a sense that.. i could've crushed him under foot like an ant if i wanted to..Bookmark here

"What an amazing ability," Liliath complimented.Bookmark here

"Why thank you," Voux scoffed jokingly.Bookmark here

"Voux, can i ask what would happen if you keep food inside your mouth when you shrink?"Bookmark here

"Good question, It shrinks together with me. Objects in contact with me can shrink together. I shrank my clothes, remember?"Bookmark here

The image of Voux' jaw being dislocated-- or exploding due to an apple slice in his mouth flushed in my mind, sending shivers down my spine. I'm so grateful God didn't make it so he could die that way because of his TALENT..Bookmark here

In fact, most if not all TALENTS that were bestowed to us are non-lethal, special conditions and exceptions outside our realm of understanding prevents a person from dying due to the TALENT itself. That said, it didn't mean there wasn't such a thing as a TALENT that could harm people.Bookmark here

"Got it."Bookmark here

"Me too, me too. My TALENT is the ability to see each person's colour."Bookmark here

Ah right, Saria did mention something like that the last time we met.Bookmark here

"And you two are definitely a summoned and summoner, your colors are connected to each other."Bookmark here

"So what colour are they?" Voux asked.Bookmark here

"Do you two mind?" Saria asked, a little worried.Bookmark here

"Nope."Bookmark here

Liliath didn't mind it either, but I guess it does violate our privacy somewhat… Liliath looked super delighted in fact.Bookmark here

"Liliath's colour is a.. large deep black mass while Noel's colour is.. something like a small condensed diamond…"Bookmark here

Liliath and I looked at each other in surprise.Bookmark here

That's… pretty scary. Liliath is a large jet black mass huh?Bookmark here

"What kind of colour is that? Sounds pretty dangerous.."Bookmark here

"I think so too.."Bookmark here

"Interesting," still staring at me, those were the words that came out of Liliath's mouth. A gentle smile spread across her face which made me flinch a bit.Bookmark here

"Y-yeah.."Bookmark here

"Don't tell other people alright Voux?"Bookmark here

To Saria's words, Voux made a gesture of zipping his mouth shut while nodding.Bookmark here

"Looks like the rest have left, we have to go," Liliath said.Bookmark here

And she was right-- everyone WAS gone.Bookmark here

Oh shit.Bookmark here

Fortunately, with Liliath's ability to sense surrounding presences, we were able to catch up with the group-- to see Prune all teary eyed.Bookmark here

Next stop: the classroom.Bookmark here

Your typical classroom with a super shiny wooden floor-- polished till it reflected our figures. In a sense, if someone gets the angle right, it might not be impossible to steal a look at the silhouette of a girl's panties.Bookmark here

Gotta make sure the floor is dirty, wouldn't want to become a victim of said pedophile.Bookmark here

Air conditioners and fans decorated the ceiling of the class, two large white boards, a cork board at the back, a large desk for the teacher in front.Bookmark here

There's also an awkward raised platform where the teacher would have to stand if they were going to use the white board. It looked like a useless design choice though. SOmeone could trip from that.Bookmark here

The windows were curtained, overlooking the school garden and past that was the dormitory.Bookmark here

Ah yes.. the dormitory.Bookmark here

Since Gilgamesh only has two schools to accommodate 'troublesome' students, parents sometimes had trouble sending their kids to school due to geological reasons.Bookmark here

As such, dormitories were set up for students facing this issue.Bookmark here

I wonder if my parents would apply for a dorm? The distance between my house and Mondai high is a full hour drive after all..Bookmark here

"I'm sitting in the middle zone," Prune said, scanning the seating table on the door.Bookmark here

"I'm somewhere in the back," Saria said.Bookmark here

"And looks like i'm sitting beside you as always," Voux snapped his fingers.Bookmark here

Curious, with a bad premonition coming on, I took a look at the table.Bookmark here

Hm?Bookmark here

I'm at the front…Bookmark here

Shit..Bookmark here

I'm seated at the very front row.Bookmark here

That's not the worst part… even though I already hate sitting in the front.Bookmark here

What is with the arrangement of the tables? Why is Liliath's table combined with mine?! And she's assigned to sit beside me?!Bookmark here

Everyone's else's seat was separated, there were no joint tables. There wasn't supposed to be any if it weren't for how the sitting arrangements were illustrated!Bookmark here

Bookmark here

"You two really are summoned and summoned huh?" Voux said in surprise.Bookmark here

Now that he mentioned it, Liliath and I are to be considered one right?Bookmark here

"I'm seated right next to Noel, I suppose it's a good outcome," Liliath said optimistically.Bookmark here

We entered class, dragged by sorry butt and sat at my seats as assigned, Liliath beside me, table edge to edge. Directly in front of us was Teacher Glib and behind her were a number of textbooks, leaning against the wall of the white board.Bookmark here

The teacher stared at Liliath and I with a dubious expression.Bookmark here

Awkward?Bookmark here

I don't even know what in the world is going on anymore. Why? Was this Keaaton's doing? I had a feeling that it's gotta be him.. I still remember the bad premonition I felt back at the hospital.Bookmark here

Hah.. no way… no way i'm accepting this. Everyone's attention will only condense around Liliath and I, it's the worst!Bookmark here

"For starters, let me introduce myself, my name is Glib, your homeroom teacher for class E. Can I first assign the class representative and helper? Raise your hands if anyone is interested in picking up the position."Bookmark here

"What's a class representative," Liliath turned to me and asked what a class representative was.Bookmark here

"It's something like a leader to represent our class."Bookmark here

Liliath nodded, Teacher Glib glanced at us for a moment before her gaze continued around the rest of the students.Bookmark here

It's a weird feeling since no one was wearing proper uniforms. By the way, our uniforms could be seen on the teacher's desk, but it still needs to be distributed.Bookmark here

Nobody raised their hands.Bookmark here

"No volunteers? Alright, Noel, pick a person,"Bookmark here

"Me?"Bookmark here

"Yes, you," everyone's gaze fell on my shoulders. Teacher Glib went to the white board and wrote down my name.Bookmark here

"Then.. Prune."Bookmark here

"Selling me out! Why!" Prune shouted in a whispered voice.Bookmark here

Oh, her seat is like-- just behind me.Bookmark here

"Prune, your choice?"Bookmark here

"Let me see.." Prune scanned through the student list. "Eunice?"Bookmark here

"Eunice, pick another name."Bookmark here

I turned to the girl named Eunice, she had wavy black hair. She wore a coat on top of a simple 'stretched' collared collared shirt that looked to be too small for her chest.Bookmark here

"Kai then," she said lazily.Bookmark here

"Good."Bookmark here

Four names were written on the board.Bookmark here

And as you can expect, it was a vote showdown.Bookmark here

"Four of you, please stand outside of class."Bookmark here

Four of us did as ordered, and went outside.Bookmark here

I kinda wonder, class hasn't started yet but the teacher is already picking a class representative?Bookmark here

Prune glared at me, her tails stood on end.Bookmark here

"If I get chosen, I'll kill you," she said, showing her canine.Bookmark here

"How aggressive," I let loose a sigh. Welp, not like I intended to sell her out in the first place.Bookmark here

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