Chapter 39:

Period (4)

My Demon Queen

I suppose this is how it fits?Bookmark here

I twisted my body in front of the barely visible visible reflection off the transparent glass. The bathroom did not have a full-body mirror. There was one located above the sink but due to the factor of height, it would be impossible to view it without a chair.Bookmark here

The undergarment fit me well— it was called sanitary pads?Bookmark here

Quite a convenient product... if only I knew such a thing existed.. I wouldn't have needed to suffer so many anxious days.Bookmark here

Back in my world, it was commonly known that women would tie a towel around that part to soak up the blood. It was an inconvenience that women had to bear for weeks at a time. Not only was it uncomfortable, it sometimes disallowed me to wear my usual dresses.Bookmark here

This gave others a chance to understand that my 'period' was happening... what a suitable word— period. I didn't have such a convenient vocabulary in my world's language.Bookmark here

Now...Bookmark here

I turned my head to face what needed to be tended to..Bookmark here

How shall I deal with the blood on my undergarment.. there was a lot.. and to be honest, some of it got to my legs. I cleaned the stickiness of blood with water before wearing the sanitary pad— another interesting vocabulary to which I notice.Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

Noel saw it didn't he?Bookmark here

My shameful side..Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

What should I do? I've been exposed. Things like this shouldn't be let known to others.. I clearly remember my caretaker reminding me that showing people blood that came was a taboo..Bookmark here

B-but.. did Noel actually see it? W-what if it was just my assumptions? That wouldn't be correct... he knew that it came...Bookmark here

So he saw it..Bookmark here

W-WHEN WAS THAT?!Bookmark here

My face was flushed.. I could tell..Bookmark here

Back to the issue at hand..Bookmark here

My undergarments need to be washed, I can't have Noel see this.Bookmark here

I have some experience in washing my own clothes in a clear stream.. I believe it isn't any different from my situation now. The exception would be that there was a convenient soap-pump-like machine and a fine brittle scrub used for cleaning.Bookmark here

I thought initially that it was to be used to clean my body with, but Diana-sama told me that it was to be used when brushing clothing.Bookmark here

I could still remember the weird look Diana-sama gave me. Was there anything wrong with that brush?Bookmark here

No. No. No. I cannot be distracted.Bookmark here

I brought my undergarment to the bathtub, the blood stain in the centre.Bookmark here

Spinning the tap water came gushing down..Bookmark here

I was soaked.Bookmark here


I had forgotten that the faucet isn't the same as the one I know back at h-home..Bookmark here

No.. I need to do something about the stain. I should leave the rest till later...Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

I could've used the sink couldn't I?Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

But the sink was in a bowl shape, it would be different to clean the blood away like that.Bookmark here

With my clothing soaking wet, I added some soap to my undergarment and started brushing it under the water raining down.Bookmark here

The blood flowed away, leaving my undergarment spotless.Bookmark here

"Liliath are you alright?"Bookmark here

I heard Noel's voice through the drumming sound of water after he made three knocks on the door.Bookmark here

"I-I'm alright!"Bookmark here

I turned off the unusual faucet, the artificial rain stopped pouring.Bookmark here

Now what should I do?Bookmark here

There's a bucket to put my clothes in.. so I suppose I'll just toss my now clean undergarment there.Bookmark here

"Why was there running water?"Bookmark here

"I-I had to clean my own clothes!"Bookmark here

Not good. I was almost yelling... I didn't think I would be so flustered.. maybe the taboo of not allowing men to see it didn't exist in this world?Bookmark here

B-but.. I remembered the taboo also mentioning that if it was broken, the person who saw it would then be fated to belong to me..Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

T-that can't be right..Bookmark here

"Liliath, are you alright? Like seriously alright? You've put it on right?"Bookmark here

I opened the door and greeted Noel with a smile.Bookmark here

His glossy black hair with that loose clump in front, beautiful onyx-coloured eyes that reflected my own— I felt my pulse quicken.Bookmark here

"I've put in on... d-did I do something wrong?"Bookmark here

I didn't understand why Noel was looking at me like that.. his eyes were round, something was off. He was scrutinizing me from head to toe.Bookmark here

Could he be looking at..Bookmark here

I pulled my skirt down in embarrassment.Bookmark here

I-I'm flustered... I'm flustered in Noel's presence.. it's a rather unusual feeling.. h-he can't look at the sanitary pad. In no way am I going to allow him to check.Bookmark here

Noel turned around and faced the other wall.Bookmark here

"You wait there, I'll go get you another set of clothes.."Bookmark here

Another set of clothes?Bookmark here

I tilted my head as he set off upstairs.Bookmark here

Clothes..Bookmark here

I looked at myself.Bookmark here

My skin showing through the fabric of my white blouse.. the black 'bra' clearly visible to the naked eye.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

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