Chapter 1:

The Day That Changed Everything

The Other Worlds Association

Ever heard of the Many-worlds interpretation? A theory based on quantum mechanics of which implies that there is a possibility that there are multiple worlds that any idea or anything can or has happened in a separate world or universe.  Though it's just a theory, there are many people out there who believe and hope that there are other worlds. Bookmark here

Me on the other hand... I just don't care. It's not that don't believe it, that's far from the truth. It's just that I have too many things on my mind to think about a one in infinity chance that there is a parallel world somewhere.Bookmark here

What is it I'm busy with you didn't ask? Thanks for not asking. Bookmark here

Life.Bookmark here

I work a part-time job in retail all while having to worry about whether I have enough money for food, electricity, water, and entertainment. Do you think I have enough time to fit quantum mechanic theories into that? Neither do I.Bookmark here

Well, I should change something in there.Bookmark here

"Akita, you're fired!" My manager yelled.Bookmark here

"Huh? But why?"Bookmark here

"This was the fifth complaint about you this month."Bookmark here

"Don't tell me the pants lady filed a complaint against me. She needed a bigger size than what she had."Bookmark here

"People don't like being talked down to. I know that you are trying to be helpful, but when people keep thinking you're talking down to them thinking they are in the wrong it makes people angry."Bookmark here

I responded with a depressing sigh and stood up.Bookmark here

"Well... Thank you for the job sir. Though it didn't last long, it was fun."Bookmark here

After a bow to my ex-manager, I left the store and decided to walk a bit through town, then to my place of slumber.Bookmark here

My town was like most small towns. Silent,  but still somehow has a lot of people walking around. I passed about 40 people on my way from my place of no longer employed to my humble apartment that people usually call home.Bookmark here

I live there yes, but I don't really think it's a home. At least considering that it's a subjective word for everyone.Bookmark here

Home is my family. Home is where I live. Home is that city in Kansas. Home for me is just the town itself. A place that is familiar, full of people I know and care about. But like most kids, it's hard for me to leave home. Though I desperately want to, I don't have enough money to get out of town or get an apartment somewhere in Japan.Bookmark here

My walk through the town was normal. Full of shops, people walking, while some talking, and the occasional stray cat. As I was walking past an electronic store I overheard the local news station.Bookmark here

" This is the third missing person this week, as more people disappear with no trace bringing the total to fifteen. The police are on the lookout for these missing people, and we will keep you informed, as the story develops."Bookmark here

Missing people? Here? Thats odd, there hasn't been anything like that in years. We only get news about a Local police officer saves a stray cat from a tree, then adopts it, or Local volleyball team won regionals and is their way to nationals. This unexpected news brought a shiver down my spine, made me decide that its time to head to my apartment.Bookmark here

On my way there  I walked past a local park. As is usual, kids are playing, parents are watching while chatting to other parents, and that one kid is sitting all alone trying to play by himself on a seesaw.Bookmark here

Whoosh!Bookmark here

Just as I was about to leave the park a ball nearly hit my head, over a wall, and landed in someone's yard. Bookmark here

As I was standing in shock seeing my life flash before my eyes, a group of 8-year-olds runs up to me in a panic.Bookmark here

"Our ball!" one of the kids screams.Bookmark here

Wow. You worry more about the ball than the person who almost had a visit to a doctor due to your ball. Well, I guess I didn't get hit so whatever.Bookmark here

"What are we gonna do? If I let my mom know I'll be in so much trouble!" Bookmark here

No, I don't think you will. It's a ball. and I didn't hear a smashing sound when the ball landed so I don't think you will have to pay anything.Bookmark here

"Excuse me, sir?" A small kid asked as he walks up to me.Bookmark here

"Our ball went over the wall, can you get it for us? We are too small to jump over it."Bookmark here

I let out a sigh and responded.Bookmark here

"Fine."Bookmark here

As I was walking to the wall I overheard the kids whispering to each other.Bookmark here

"He's gonna jump the wall! So cool!"Bookmark here

"Wow! I can't believe he's that brave."Bookmark here

"I want to be as cool as him when I grow up."Bookmark here

I let out a smirk, and get ready myself for what could be the most amazing thing these kids have ever seen. My arms and legs get into position, while the kids are staring in amazement. I start running with my arms position to get me over the wall.Bookmark here

Three more seconds.Bookmark here

Two more seconds.Bookmark here

One More...Bookmark here

Buzzzzzz.Bookmark here

"Hello? Who is it?"Bookmark here

"Hi. A ball fell on your lawn from the park across from you, I wanted to see if I can get it back?"Bookmark here

"Sure, hold on a second."Bookmark here

When the call ended I turned around and saw frowns all over the kid's faces. What did they expect? Me to jump over a wall with style and toss their ball back to them without being spotted?
Bookmark here

As much as I want to show off my ego, this is the safer option. I  don't have to put much effort into it, and I don't have to worry about accidentally breaking something. Bookmark here

After a few seconds, I heard the door open, the sound of something getting picked up, and finally the sound of the gate opening.Bookmark here

"Here's the ball is-."Bookmark here

To my shock, the person who opened the gate was the woman from earlier who bought some pants from me.  Her smile quickly changed into a frown.Bookmark here

"Oh, hi... Nice to see you again..." I responded with fear in my voice.Bookmark here

"..."Bookmark here

As expected. She's still angry.Bookmark here

"Uhhh, So the ball?"Bookmark here

She stood there for a bit before walking away, ball in hand. Bookmark here

"HERE'S YOUR BALL!" She screamed while quickly turning around and throwing the ball directly into my face.Bookmark here

The impact of the ball caused me to lose balance and fall onto the cement. This event caused the kids to start pointing and laughing at me. I think the lady also snickered at me before closing the gate.Bookmark here

Without saying anything, one of the kids runs up and grabs the ball, runs back to their laughing friends, and continues to play whatever they were playing before I showed up.Bookmark here

Wow, they could have at least said thank you, I thought to myself while letting out a sigh. I pushed myself off the ground and got back to walking.Bookmark here

Finally, I returned to my resting place, plopped down on my bed, and tried to relax after a stressful and embarrassing day.Bookmark here

Blink.Bookmark here

That didn't last long. The power to my apartment suddenly turned off. Though relaxing though this was on my mind, I decided it would be better to see if the neighbors also don't have power. If they do then that means the breaker went off and needs to be reset. If not then that means that the power is actually out.Bookmark here

As my luck today has shown, the ladder is what happened. The entire apartment is out of power. Not only that, but the entire town is somehow without power. Bookmark here

Missing people and no power. Sounds like a start to a horror movie. But unlike most horror movie protagonists, I try and play things safe, and smart.Bookmark here

I opened up my closet and took a look around. As I expected, all I had was a flashlight and a headlamp. I took out the headlamp and put it in my pocket.Bookmark here

The blackout is supposedly going to take 3 days to fix, so I should get some more lights to help illuminate the apartment.  I decided to get Glowsticks, they are cheap and tend to have more than enough than I need.Bookmark here

I wandered through the dark town, with nothing but a sunset lighting my way. Unlike earlier the town was more silent, as everyone was at home with their families during the blackout.Bookmark here

Eventually, I made my way to a supermarket that still had power thanks to generators, went down the party aisle, and bought a 200 pack of glowsticks for 2,000 yen. As I waited for one of the registers to open up, I took a look at the glowsticks packaging to pass some time.Bookmark here

The box labeled generic stuff, like what the product is, how many there are, and what it can be used for, and warnings like For ages 4 and up. Contains Sodium salicylate, and Fluropores. After some more looking, I saw a notice that surprised me. Bookmark here

Emits Ultraviolet lightBookmark here

That notice brought me back to school when I learned about Ultraviolet school. I remembered the experiments we did with backlights where we put fluorescent dust on our fingers and put it under the light to reveal that the dust starts shining. Now that I think about it, I heard that the sun also emits ultraviolet light.Bookmark here

"Next please."Bookmark here

The register was open and I was able to purchase the glowsticks. I placed them down to get scanned when the cashier decided to have a conversation.Bookmark here

"Glowsticks eh? Having a party in the blackout?"Bookmark here

For some odd reason, I was embarrassed to say the real reason I was buying glowsticks. This response caught me off guard, resulting in me coming up with some excuse.Bookmark here

"Uhh, no. I'm uhh using them for forensics. Since it produces Ultraviolet light." I responded with a broken smile.Bookmark here

"...Okay... Well..."Bookmark here

Beep.Bookmark here

"..."Bookmark here

"Here are your glowsticks. Enjoy searching for fingerprints ..."Bookmark here

What the hell is wrong with me. I could have just said yes and avoid this awkwardness. I really don't understand myself sometimes.Bookmark here

As I left the store, I noticed that there is no more light, as the sun has fully set, and the moon is out for its time to shine. I took the headlamp out, strapped it around my head, and finally turned it on.Bookmark here

Now that there is light, I started to walk back to my apartment, taking the same route I took to get to the store. Wandering in the silent, lonely night.Bookmark here

That's what I thought, except I had an odd feeling I wasn't alone. It felt like something was following me. But whenever I passed a reflective surface I didn't see anything behind me. It could just be my imagination, but the sound of shoes taping at the same time wouldn't leave my mind.Bookmark here

Except the steps were not stopping. In fact, it was getting louder. I was thinking about how I wanted to deal with it. Ignore it, and hope it's just someone else walking home, or stop and confront the possible stalker.Bookmark here

Being me I decided to play it safe and choose the ladder. I slowed down and turned my head around. But at that moment I knew I should have continued walking.Bookmark here

The silhouette of a man was about five feet from me, wearing a hood that helped conceal his face. Bookmark here

He got closer, and closer causing me to flinch out of fear of my life.Bookmark here

Bang!Bookmark here

A large bang of what sounded like metal screeching came from the direction of the man. I checked my body quickly to make sure I wasn't hurt, then looked to see what just happened.Bookmark here

There I saw a  silver-haired girl in a black hoodie and blue jeans carrying what appears to be two daggers. The one she was pointing the daggers at, being the hooded man, except his hood, fell, revealing his piercing red eyes, and longed canine teethBookmark here

The man stalking me was a vampire.Bookmark here

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