Chapter 70:

[Intermission] Liliath's Phone

My Demon Queen

"Here you go Liliath, you're own phone," my Father passed the boxes to Liliath looking a little haggard. Yawning, he continued, "Noel will teach you the rest, i'm going to take a nap."Bookmark here

"Then i'll accompany you dear," my mom joined, "See you later this evening."Bookmark here

"T-thank you.. I'm undeserving of such a gift.." Liliath forced those words out of her mouth.. sounding guilty.Bookmark here

"Don't mind it Liliath, you're part of the family after all," my father said with a yawn.Bookmark here

And with that, my parents went upstairs to sleep-- or cuddle-- or.. Whatever. Not my problem, better not think too much about it.Bookmark here

Liliath looked at me, revering the small white box in front of her. We'll be leaving out the larger box-- which contains the tablet for now.Bookmark here

The little devil on the other hand was looking at Liliath, puzzled at her conservativeness.Bookmark here

"Open it Liliath," I nudged.Bookmark here

Liliath timidly raised the cover, to reveal the black screen of the phone. OH, looks like the screen protector has already been stuck on top.Bookmark here

Bringing it up to her face, Liliath examined the foreign object and clicked the button that was supposed to bring the screen to light.Bookmark here

"Is this how it's supposed to work?" Liliath pouted, unsure why the normal screen isn't showing up.Bookmark here

Obviously because it's still powered off.Bookmark here

"Lemme do it!" Novelle took the phone from Liliath, "You have to hold down this button here for a while to start it up."Bookmark here

The screen lit up, and the usual phone applications appeared on screen.Bookmark here

No.. there was a peculiar app that looked oddly similar to the gacha app on my phone.. It's not just 'similar'.. it's the actual app.. the same one on my phone.Bookmark here

No fucking way..Bookmark here

And as one would guess, that was the first application Liliath entered.Bookmark here

Novelle looked at me, with a grin.Bookmark here

"It's slightly different from the one Noel has."Bookmark here

"How different?" I asked out of curiosity.Bookmark here

Liliath turned the phone to me. The gacha option was blacked out, only the store was accessible. Not to mention there was a small circle on the upper right corner that showed Liliath's face in chibi form with her username attached to it.Bookmark here

Cute.Bookmark here

Hey-- why don't I have that too..?Bookmark here

Besides that, everything else is the same, the items in the store and LIlith-specific quests. Looks like Liliath won't need to share my phone to refer to the quests anymore.. that makes me a little lonely for some reason.Bookmark here

In other words, Liliath can buy items at her own discretion. Though, I doubt she would do that since she never really wanted anything from the store in the first place.Bookmark here

Ah, which brings me to the main point-- so perhaps there's no risk in losing my phone? Not like I'm inclined to destroy my own device, ahem…Bookmark here

I have no clue how that app appeared on Liliath's phone but-- could I possibly assume that the app will appear again if I got myself a new phone?Bookmark here

That's relieving…Bookmark here

Again, Novelle isn't able to use any of the functions, only Liliath and I have the authority to do so.Bookmark here

Moving on, Novelle guided Liliath in downloading the messaging app our family uses. And a game called 'Pig Pipes'-- of all things.Bookmark here

While waiting for that to settle, we went to try out the call function.Bookmark here

"What do these numbers signify?" Liliath asked.Bookmark here

"It's your mobile number, a special code that.. um.. you can give to people you want to connect with?" Novelle looked a little troubled.Bookmark here

I mean.. it's not like Liliath would understand what a mobile number even is or why every number is different--Bookmark here

"Mobile number? So this is what many people kept asking me for? I thought it was something to do with flying numbers." Lililath sounded like she had just learnt something life-changing.Bookmark here

PFftt. what? Which reminds me.. Liliath flat out rejected that guy who asked her for her mobile number didn't she? Wait.. how many people had she rejected since that day? I don't remember seeing anyone approaching Liliath though?Bookmark here

"Don't simply share your number to strangers alright Liliath," I warned. A little worried that Liliath may very well attract unwanted visitors.Bookmark here

"Isn't it important to build connections?" Liliath questioned.Bookmark here

"Nah, Big brother is just being overprotective," the little devil grinned.Bookmark here

"Is that so?" Liliath.. looked convinced?Bookmark here

"That's not it. Put it in this way, you don't just connect with every person you come across right?"Bookmark here

"That is true," Lilith nodded.Bookmark here

"Wait, Big sister Liliath, exchange contacts with me first!" the little devil said that in such an ecstatic manner, it was as if she was about to steal away Lilaith's first kiss.Bookmark here

The devil stood up to go get her phone.Bookmark here

Liliath looked at her as she left, then at me.Bookmark here

"What does exchanging contacts mean?"Bookmark here

"Novelle will explain it to you, gimme a second, i'll go get my phone," I proceeded to my room where i left my phone--Bookmark here

Even since the gacha app appeared on my phone, I've been using my phone relatively less due to the fear of losing my phone. But now I know it's a pointless worry.Bookmark here

Taking my phone and learning that mom and father are actually sleeping and not actually doing what i thought they were about to do, I headed back to the living room.Bookmark here

"Liliath already exchanged contacts with me first!" Novelle stuck out her chest in triumph. I wouldn't say her chest is flat.. but it's still relatively small for a typical girl. It's alright though, she still has a fighting chance, after all, she's only 12.Bookmark here

"Yeah yeah.."Bookmark here

Then I turned my line of sight to Liliath who stood up at my arrival.Bookmark here

Hm?Bookmark here

She looked at me, then averted her eyes, responding by opening up her arms.Bookmark here

Huh? Are you kidding me? A hug?Bookmark here

If i were dumb then i'd go for it but.. I'm still a virgin so no thank you. Wait, aren't virgins even more susceptible to an invitation like this?Bookmark here

Control yourself Noel.. self control.. hnngg..Bookmark here

What stupid logic did the devil teach Liliath this time I wonder?Bookmark here

"What did you teach Liliath?!"Bookmark here

Ah shit, I raised my voice like a flustered pip squeak going outta control. NOt good.Bookmark here

"I-Is this not what exchanging contacts mean?" Liliath queried in a stuttering voice.Bookmark here

Snap.Bookmark here

Novelle took a photo of a crazy me and flustered Liliath using Liliath's phone.Bookmark here

"Come on big brother, I prepared the perfect chance in front of you yet you don't go for it? You're even condemning me?" The little devil clicked her tongue.Bookmark here

"Novelle!" Liliath fummed, all embarrassed.Bookmark here

The little devil merely grinned, escaping Liliath's wrath by running to who knows where.Bookmark here

Damn, that little schemer..Bookmark here

Though, I was a little surprised by how Liliath acted.Bookmark here

In any case, I got to exchange my contacts with Liliath.Bookmark here

"I was tricked, I apologize for the misunderstanding Noel," Liliath hung her head.Bookmark here

"It's alright.."Bookmark here

It's alright, but it's also bad for my heart.Bookmark here

"Noel."Bookmark here

"Yes?"Bookmark here

"D-do you perhaps want to exchange contacts?"Bookmark here

"I thought we already did.." I distanced myself. Not because I didn't want it, but because I was afraid I would actually jump at her.Bookmark here

"I-I see," Liliath sounded relieved.Bookmark here

Hey, isn't this supposed to be where Liliath sighs in disappointment? What's up with the difference in reality?Bookmark here

While i thought of such a thing, Liliath's phone rang, causing her to jump.Bookmark here

A video call.Bookmark here

"It's Novelle."Bookmark here

"Novelle?"Bookmark here

"Try swiping to the green button."Bookmark here

Doing as I told her, the figure of the little devil who was laughing cackled through the roof, destroying my eardrums with all the static and hissing.Bookmark here

I cut the audio.Bookmark here

And the call was cut off.Bookmark here

Damn it. A prank call? Really now? What era is this?Bookmark here

"That was Novelle?" Liliath said, her back against the couch, staring at the phone as if it were some cursed object.Bookmark here

Ah heck, look what you did Novelle-- you've caused Liliath to contract 'phone-phobia'.Bookmark here

"Yes, that was Novelle.. a prank call. Not how you're supposed to use a phone.."Bookmark here

Rather, isn't that what phones are made for? Else why would prank calls even exist?Bookmark here

Novelle came from somewhere laughing, we gave her a look which she ignored and taught Liliath da way to properly call someone.Bookmark here

Next up was the messaging app. We had Liliath set up her account and added her to the group chat, personal chats too.Bookmark here

"Liliath, send this one," guided by the little devil, Liliath sent me her first message.Bookmark here

"No.. that implies something.."Bookmark here

And it was a sticker of a rabbit blowing out heart kisses… in the group chat.Bookmark here

I glared at the devil, Liliath shaking her head saying that she wasn't the one who sent it.Bookmark here

Ignoring that, the next message-- actually typed by Liliath, was a simple 'ashdlajbdsoua'.Bookmark here

Liliath struggled with the keyboard-- I digress.Bookmark here

"Noel, this is what you use to send information to the beastkin correct?"Bookmark here

"Yeah."Bookmark here

Yeah. I think it's hopeless to have Liliath change the way she addresses Prune.. as long as she acts respectful in front of her.. I think I'll leave it at that.Bookmark here

"Could I also have her personal cat?"Bookmark here

Whatever 'cat' Liliath may refer to.. Prune's profile picture is a cat, so I guess that's what Liliath means? Huh? I didn't think Liliath would pay attention to something like that.Bookmark here

Taking the chance to pull the phone away from the little devil-- deleting the blow kiss stick on the way, I added Prune's personal chat to Liliath's account. Prune is going to be living with us for the next few years so I suppose it's essential for Liliath to get along with her.Bookmark here

Next was 'Pigs and Pipes'. I had no idea what the devil was plotting but it's basically a simple game where every time you utap on the screen the 'holy pig'-- as I call it, since the pig has angel wings attached to it-- would jump in the air. The point is to dodge the incoming pipes.Bookmark here

"Did you know angel pork is an expensive delicacy back where I came from?" Liliath told me.Bookmark here

"WHat seriously?"Bookmark here

Angel pig? SOmething like that exists in Liliath's world? What kind of isekai world is that??Bookmark here

Liliath nodded seriously, "Though I've never tried it, it was said that eating too much would cause a divine retribution to befall on said individual."Bookmark here

Which reminds me.. if i'm not wrong.. I saw something like an expensive pork chop in the shop catalog.. maybe it should ask Liliath if the meat is the aforementioned one. And hey, since we're not in Lilaith's world, it should be alright to eat it right?Bookmark here

No.. I thought of something good, next time I bump into Kai-- and if he is the person i think he is-- i'll invite him to eat a piece of the divine pork, maybe that'll do something.Bookmark here

Hehehehehe.Bookmark here

"Big brother has a creepy smile," Novelle commented.Bookmark here

"Is that so?"Bookmark here

The little devil and Liliath had a bout. In the end, Liliath won by a margin of 561 pipes leaving Novelle dejected. Heck, Liliath's superhuman reflexes are crazy.. I wonder what she would do if she tried FPS games. I'm inclined to think that she would ace it.Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

Evening, I'm in my room, posting my latest artwork and..Bookmark here

Arthub-- I've finally hit a 5 digit following.Bookmark here

Yahoo!!!Bookmark here

I leaned against the chair and pumped my fist into the air.Bookmark here

What's next I wonder? I should probably focus on getting art commissions? That might be a good idea. Though, I don't really have any means of transactions-- I'll have to ask my father about that.Bookmark here

While writing key insights and notable items in my journal, I heard my phone buzz. It was a notification.Bookmark here

'Good night.'Bookmark here

My heart skipped a beat.Bookmark here

From Liliath huh?Bookmark here

Hm.. I wonder if this means Liliath wouldn't come over and personally say good night anymore? Sometimes I would be the one to head over to my sisters room to do so but most of the time Liliath was the one to take initiative.Bookmark here

I wonder..Bookmark here

I suppose I'll go over today.Bookmark here

Raising from my seat and exiting my room, I headed on over to where Liliath was.Bookmark here

I knocked on the door.Bookmark here

After a little while, the door opened, I had to squint my eyes to adjust to the sudden shift in brightness. The corridor was dark, Novelle's room was blinding. It took me a bit before Liliath's figure registered in my eyes.Bookmark here

"Good night," I said. It has probably become this little tradition Lilaith and I do every night.Bookmark here

Honestly.. I don't think I want it to end. Messages are nice and all but-- it's kinda distant.Bookmark here

"Good night Noel," Liliath looked a little surprised, and with a smile, she responded in kind. "I thought of going over if you didnt come," she chuckled.Bookmark here

"I see.. Novelle?" I peered behind Liliath's shoulders, Novelle, furiously typing away at her phone-- Liliath's phone.Bookmark here

Liliath's phone.Bookmark here

Wait..Bookmark here

"What's Novelle doing?" I wonder why I'd even ask this dangerous question in such a casual tone.Bookmark here

"Novelle? She asked if I could lend my phone to her. She told me that she was doing something called 'SPAM'," Liliath turned to look at Novelle as if a mother looking at a child.Bookmark here

SPAM, not as in the canned meat, but as in-- my phone is going to blow up.Bookmark here

"NOVELLE!!!"Bookmark here

"Heheheheeh!" She threw Liliath's phone on the bed and went to hide under the bed sheets.Bookmark here

Damn it..Bookmark here

It was later when I returned to my room that I realized my phone had 99+ messages, all of which were from Liliath-- I mean Novelle-- all of them saying 'Good night'.Bookmark here

That said, I felt a warmth inside my heart at the last message from the real Liliath as the 'good night' was missing the initial capitalization.Bookmark here

The many mysteries surrounding Liliath. How does she feel about me anyways?Bookmark here

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