Chapter 72:

Confessions (1)

My Demon Queen

Prune looked down from the balcony, the sultry wind caressing her skin. Her silver-white hair swaying gently in fluid waves, her fluffy tail in droop.Bookmark here

Her line of sight was directed at the light rail transit a distance away. From where she was, the 12th floor of the apartment complex, the station situated below looked nothing but the size of an eraser.Bookmark here

She then turned to look back inside the apartment.Bookmark here

On the table was Noel's laptop and his drawing pad. Placed beside neatly stacked books, education material for Liliath's studies, self-help and philosophical books could be seen.Bookmark here

Further up on the partition that separated the living room and kitchen was Liliath's collection of various tea bags.Bookmark here

Prune had already realized Liliath's peculiar tastes that were indeed out of this world.Bookmark here

Despite living with 2 friends, Prune felt that the word 'lonely' described her situation well.Bookmark here

Those two.. were so close to each other, it was sometimes fairly awkward to join in their interaction. At least.. that was what Prune thought.Bookmark here

She let out a frustrated sign, bringing her fluffy tail to the front and hugging it tight, she went inside, closing the sliding door to the balcony.Bookmark here

She was too late.. Prune had never thought Noel would continue to stay in her life. She had expected that they would part that day.Bookmark here

That said.. it was a typical thing for first love to fail-- isn't it?Bookmark here

The doorbell buzzed-- or rang? Whichever the onomatopoeia that suited it most, Prune dragged her sorry self to the entrance, expecting to see Liliath and Noel returning from their trip.Bookmark here

Without checking the intercom, Prune opened the door.Bookmark here

She lowered her gaze to see a boy wearing a cap and bright orange shirt, a large duffle bag on his shoulder.Bookmark here

His eyes met hers, and he smiled-- grinned.Bookmark here

"Are you Noel?" he asked.Bookmark here

The boy, beautiful eyes with long eyelashes, angular chin, crisp hair, suave look.. it was as if he was taken straight out of a super model's magazine. He would've been the envy of every female if only he were taller..Bookmark here

He was slightly shorter than Liliath-- by Prune's calculation. What a pity.Bookmark here

"Sorry, Noel is out at the moment, are you Nine?"Bookmark here

Nine-- it was the boy's name. A number.Bookmark here

Perhaps Prune thought the name wasn't all that weird. Noel-- a girl's name. Prune-- a fruit. Perhaps the most ordinary amongst them was Liliath.Bookmark here

"Yup, so you're Prune then? Wow, so you actually have silver hair-- and a tail too!" Nine exclaimed in surprise.Bookmark here

Prune laughed a little.Bookmark here

"Come on in."Bookmark here

Nine, the fourth tenant of the apartment, someone Noel's mother successfully persuaded just like everyone else. Nine had a 'troublesome' TALENT. Prune just didn't know what it was-- yet.Bookmark here

"Wow, it's so comfy.. there's an awful lot of tea here," Nine commented, dragging his duffle bag into the room. "And it's nice and cold.. sooo much better than the heat outside."Bookmark here

"Your room is at the farther end, follow me," Prune took up the role of a guide.Bookmark here

"Oh, wow. This is my room? Amazing," Nine looked at the place he would be staying for the next three years in amazement. It was incredibly spacious, had a wonderful ambience-- built in shelves, closets, a queen size bed-- a wonderful view of the city, a desk, waste paper bin, chair.. it had everything. Everything Nine could wish for.Bookmark here

"This is your room, hope we get along Nine," Prune said.Bookmark here

"Yes, thank you very much Prune," Nine settled himself into his room, organizing his items-- and let's not forget the importance of checking the bathroom amenities.Bookmark here

Prune watched Nine from a distance since she didn't particularly have anything to do-- rather, she hadn't had the mood to do anything.Bookmark here

"I need to buy stuff.. Prune, are there any extra toothbrushes?" Nine called out after checking the bathroom.Bookmark here

"I think I'll have to ask Noel about that.."Bookmark here

"How about a hair dryer?"Bookmark here

"Hair dryer? Yes, there is one under the drawer of the sink in the main bathroom."Bookmark here

"Also, just to confirm, there's another tenant by the name Liliath right?"Bookmark here

Prune nodded. If anything she was confused about why he would ask for a hairdryer.Bookmark here

"Sanitary pads.. right.. I need to buy that." Nine muttered.Bookmark here

"Sanitary pads?!"Bookmark here

"Nevermind, then I'll be off. I don't have Noel's contact-- so help me tell him that I've arrived. I'll be out to get the necessities, see ya!"Bookmark here

Nine made a beeline to his room, slugged a sling bag over his shoulder and bolted out of the apartment, leaving Prune bewildered and confused.Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

Shops to the left, shops to the right. Basically a shopping district.Bookmark here

Summer is going to be over in a few more weeks, then comes autumn. Hopefully it will be cooler by then.Bookmark here

Liliath was joyfully walking beside me. In her hand was a paper bag filled with various condiments. Not clothing, not jewelry, not soft plushies.. heck, not even junk food.Bookmark here

Condiments. Period.Bookmark here

Tomato sauce, chilly sauce, mustard, seaweed seasoning, mayonnaise, thousand island, tartar sauce, mirin, saysauce, miso paste, chilly paste.. so on and so forth.Bookmark here

It was her latest obsession after tasting pizza the other day.Bookmark here

Oh, I can't forget new tea bags. Yeah, Liliath bought more tea on top of those we already have back at home, the apartment.Bookmark here

Tea fanatic..Bookmark here

But seeing her smile like this.. I don't think I have the energy to retort.Bookmark here

Anyways, I was also holding onto a bag myself, I can't let Liliath carry all the burden now can I?Bookmark here

We were heading towards a coffee bistro we saw earlier for a light lunch. And then we'll get a take away for Prune on the way. I wonder what she would like.. I heard dogs can't eat chocolate but she's more of a half-wolf so.. I guess it's fine to get her a cup of chocolate?Bookmark here

Anyways, I pushed open the door of the bistro-- ladies first. LiIiath entered without forgetting to whisper a 'thank you'.Bookmark here

The bell attached to the door rang and the barista looked at us.Bookmark here

Liliath's concealment barrier was in effect, but she would adjust it based on the situation-- in this case, inside the bristo which wasn't all too packed, she reduced the strength of it.Bookmark here

The barista gave Liliath and I a weird look.Bookmark here

Ah. Makes sense. Liliath and I were wearing school uniforms after all. It would be weird to see a male and female wearing matching school uniforms together on a 'date' when the summer holidays aren't over yet wouldn't it now?Bookmark here

I can only hope the barista doesn't report our conducts to Mondai High-- then we'll be screwed for sure. I commend Liliath over how carefree she's being.. ignorance is bliss~Bookmark here

Well.. there were two main reasons why we were 'dating' wearing our school uniforms. First was because of the shitty quests. Second was that Liliath wanted to feel how it was like to wear a school uniform before she had to wear it to school for real-- something like a test drive-- except she's test-wearing a clothing.Bookmark here

Here's are the quests by the way:Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

Current Points: 3215Bookmark here

Quests: Passion:Bookmark here

Cuddle with Liliath for 5 minutes. 40PBookmark here

Smell Liliath's hair. 30PBookmark here

...Bookmark here

Quests: Commitment:Bookmark here

*Buy something Liliath would need in the future. 20PBookmark here

*Say 'you look beautiful' to Liliath. 30PBookmark here

...Bookmark here

Quests: Intimacy:Bookmark here

Watch a movie together. 25PBookmark here

*Go on a date with Liliath. 50PBookmark here

...Bookmark here

Quests will be refreshed daily. Quests that have been completed will be prioritized, else the user can select up to 1 quest per category to remove. (removed quests will be refreshed the next day)Bookmark here

Max quest for each category: 2 (Upgradable) (67/100)Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

Special Quest:Bookmark here

Complete a full course date with Liliath as a student. 150PBookmark here

RULES: Liliath cannot find out about the specifics of the task. If found out, the quest will be terminated. Special quests cannot be removed and will be refreshed weekly. Special Quests completed before the week ends will only be refreshed the following week.Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

Author's Note: Volume 3 STARTO!Bookmark here

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