Chapter 73:

Confessions (2)

My Demon Queen

Ignoring the gaze from the barista and the other customers, Liliath and I 'courageously' walked to the counter. An assortment of cakes were on display, the drink menu listed on the blackboard that hung on the ceiling.Bookmark here

This in one fancy ass bistro alright..Bookmark here

"What tea do you want this time?" I asked LIliath. Counting this, it would be the third time LIliath and I came to this place. The barista was the same every time. I think his name was Bob.Bookmark here

A common name.Bookmark here

"Strawberry flavoured tea please," Liliath requested.Bookmark here

"Ice or no ice?"Bookmark here

"Iced."Bookmark here

At the end of it all, I got myself a latte, and for the food, it was three chicken pies. Two for Liliath, one for me.Bookmark here

We went and sat at a corner seat further away from the entrance.Bookmark here

There Liliath dug her bag and took out the condiments-- arranging them in a row. One by one, she began to check the packaging and ingredients.Bookmark here

Liliath probably loosened the barrier. I could feel a number of stares directed at us.Bookmark here

Bob came-- in his bistro-like attire and nearly dropped our drinks together with the pie because of the spectacle created by LIliath.Bookmark here

I could only smile wryly. Bob, likewise, understanding how peculiar the person LIliath was, could only accept it as it is.. this wasn't the first time Bob was shocked by her conduct.Bookmark here

Taking a sip of my iced latte, Liliath took delight in opening the various different packaging types of the condiments, every packaging was different. Some with tabs that needed to be lifted, others with a simple twist of the cap. There was one that required her to cut the tip with a knife-- but she sliced it off with an air blade.Bookmark here

Magic is convenient.Bookmark here

She then proceeded to dope the condiments on the chicken pie-- dividing it into multiple quadrats? Each quadrant had a different sauce to it. And from then on, LIliath savoured each and every flavour with a radiant smile-- with questionable eating etique.Bookmark here

She looked like an obsessed alchemist, one of her mad experiments-- except that she was experimenting with food, which made it a million times cuter-- and weirder.Bookmark here

Taking a few bite of the chicken pie, Liliath looked at me and asked.Bookmark here

"Do you want to try any of these sauces?"Bookmark here

"Well.. I've already tried most of it. I guess I'll leave the decision to you then. Please do," I pushed my plate of chicken pie over to her.Bookmark here

"Very well," Liliath said as if saluting.Bookmark here

I wanted to laugh there.Bookmark here

Looking out the window-- towards the avenue, benches, palm trees and fountains in the distance-- i started to ponder.Bookmark here

Lilaith has changed a lot hasn't she? From the first time we met-- it has been a month now. Yeah.. summer vacation is long..Bookmark here

Anyhow, I realized that LIliath is in fact a curious, and open person. She's the kind who doesn't really give a shit about people's opinion-- of course it doesn't mean she doesn't take into account what others say-- just that she's very conscious that other people's opinions are theirs to keep. Everyone has their own opinions after all.Bookmark here

Furthermore, I've also learnt more about the twisted side of her personality.. She can be quite creepy at times. I guess it's to be expected as a demon lord. She's not afraid of blood, gore-- sometimes she goes all the way and does things that would send chills down anyone's spine. Quite literally, a sadist.Bookmark here

Then again.. I'll admit it's kinda like this side of her? I swear I'm not a masochist yea?Bookmark here

Sounds stupid.. I know.. but I've come to realize that I like Liliath. Genuinely. Or would 'love' be a better word?Bookmark here

I love her… so to speak. Which is frustrating because I have no clue what Liliath is thinking. She's so proactive when it comes to completing the quests set up by the system-- even though it's supposed to be like 'couple-related'.Bookmark here

It's not like LIliath is unfamiliar with 'love' either. She clearly understands the concept of and requisite of it.Bookmark here

Which is confusing..Bookmark here

I suppose it's very soon that I'll have to talk to her about this huh? I have to be the one to confess… i guess.Bookmark here

Sigh.. Living together in an apartment with an ex-crush and a crush is crazy.Bookmark here

I look at Liliath, seeing her smile at each bite warms my heart-- at the same, a prickling feeling could be felt. She's so close yet so far.Bookmark here

I can't use the normal human standard of her behaviour to judge whether or not LIliath feels the same way about me. It may be different-- after all, she may just be doing the quests out of guilt-- a way to repay the debt she said she could never pay back.Bookmark here

Which is not true-- since the debt exists nowhere else except her own mind.Bookmark here

I hope the fourth tenant can help alleviate some of the awkwardness between us three.Bookmark here

Prune has been acting distant. The first few days since we moved in two weeks ago were fine, but coming to this week, there was like a wall between Liliath and I and her.Bookmark here

Rental would become Liliath and my expenses. Father and I decided that we would slowly cut the allowance bit by bit each month. So I'll have to find a way to earn money ASAP. My first idea is to open up commissions, which is something I find funny I haven't done yet because I was scared.Bookmark here

Yes. I'm scared of opening art commissions. But I'll have to push myself to do it. There's a lot i don't know, but sitting and waiting without doing anything isn't the right way either. I have to move forward.Bookmark here

I looked down at my chicken pie that had been dyed yellow.Bookmark here

Yellow.Bookmark here

What sauce is yellow?Bookmark here

Mustard.Bookmark here

Yeah, mustard.Bookmark here

FFUFUUFCCK WHAT?!Bookmark here

"Liliath.. you.. why mustard?!"Bookmark here

No.. the point isn't why mustard.. but why FLOOD my h-half eaten pie with MUSTARD!!!???Bookmark here

"Hm? Mustard has a tangy, spicy feelin' I thought you would like, or could I be mistaken?" Liliath's replied with a questioning voice.Bookmark here

"Y-yeah, i know it's tangy and spicy but sauces like these should be used in moderation ya?"Bookmark here

"I apologize," Lilith searched through her paper bag for something, "How about I make up for it"Bookmark here

Liliath then took out a can of whip cream, the spray kind. How suspicious..Bookmark here

She turned it over a few times, unbuckled the seal, test-sprayed it on her chicken pie a few times and beckoned me over.Bookmark here

Whip cream and chicken pie combo? Wut?Bookmark here

"What are you.."Bookmark here

She pressed the trigger, and whip cream sprayed out of the nozzle, splashing on my face--Bookmark here

"Liliath wha.." i was about to raise my hands to wipe the cream away but was stopped by her.Bookmark here

She cupped my face with both her hands, brought her face close to me-- licking the cream off my face.Bookmark here

Her slippery tongue on my skin. Blood rushed to my head and a sensation that sent a chill down my spine.Bookmark here

Parting from me, LIliath licked her lips seductively and smiled at me.Bookmark here

Ding.Bookmark here

'Liliath's Special Quest Completed.'Bookmark here

"A modest 250 points," Liliath said.Bookmark here

WwHwwwhhaaa????!!Bookmark here

It took me a moment to realize what had just happened.Bookmark here

I looked away. Taking the provided tissue I wiped her saliva off my cheeks.Bookmark here

And this is what I mean by Liliath being creepy, twisted and proactive. It's impossible to measure her by this world's standards!!!!Bookmark here

Timidly turning my head to look at Liliath again.Bookmark here

She had her fingers pressed against her lips in a bashful manner, her cheeks a little redder.Bookmark here

"It surely is contradicting," she whispered to herself.Bookmark here

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