Chapter 74:

Confessions (3)

My Demon Queen

Liliath and I returned to our apartment using the light rail transit.Bookmark here

On the way, we got Prune lunch and the chocolate milkshake-- though it would've melted if it weren't for Liliath's temperature preservation magic. OP.Bookmark here

Prune ate the takeaway on the kitchen table-- Liliath sitting opposite to her counting the number of teabags she currently has. Liliath has been getting along with Prune just alright, though, she still refers to Prune as beastkin at times.. but it's not like Liliath purposely distances herself from Prune.Bookmark here

"Right, Noel, the new tenant had arrived this morning," Prune spoke in abrupt, noodles muffling her voice.Bookmark here

"Oh, yeah. So where is he now?"Bookmark here

"He went out to buy some necessities," PRune said, swallowing the food.Bookmark here

"Did he mention when he would be back?"Bookmark here

Prune shook her head in denial.Bookmark here

Ah well.. It's not like I have any other plans for today. Dating Liliath is a good achievement for today. I suppose I'll work on other things.Bookmark here

The living room and kitchen was separated by a partition, so I could see Prune wolfing down her food and Liliath now making her own cup of tea.Bookmark here

"Prune, do you want tea?"Bookmark here

"No thank you, I already have this milkshake."Bookmark here

Liliath nodded with a smile, proceeding to boiling water using magic-- which is much more convenient than an electric kettle.Bookmark here

I started writing an art commission information list on my laptop, adjusting the pricing and whatnot. Everyone is different-- even though I've watched a number of videos talking about how to do commissions, it's a lot harder when I'm actually doing it.Bookmark here

Ding dong-- or buazz.. or whatever the doorbell sounds like-- echoed inside the apartment.Bookmark here

"I'll get it," I got up from my seat and walked to the door. His name is Nine-- if i'm not wrong.Bookmark here

Checking the intercom, what I saw was a girl with shoulder length hair in a bright orange shirt, wearing a cap standing loosely, the bag of bought items in tow.Bookmark here

"Prune.. is Nine wearing an orange shirt and a cap?"Bookmark here

"Nom.. that's him." Prune chucked a few words between her teeth.Bookmark here

Him? What.. the fourth tenant is a girl for gosh sake? Why him? Mom said that the tenant was a male right? Perhaps I heard wrong.Bookmark here

I gingerly pulled open the door just to be greeted by a short lollita whose face was blocked by the visor of her cap. She had to raise her head up to look up at me.Bookmark here

"Who are you?" Nine asked in her squeaky cute voice.Bookmark here

"You're Nine right?" I snuck a look at the items she bought-- sanitary pads-- erm.. let's not look any further.Bookmark here

"Yup that's me and you are? Prune's secret boyfriend?"Bookmark here

"I'm Noel."Bookmark here

"Noel.. heehhh…. why are you a male?"Bookmark here

What in the actually fuck is this girl talking about? Of course I'm a male.Bookmark here

Sighing, I continued, "Well.. ask my parents, they were the one who made me in the first place.. anyways, come in-- and I guess.. nice to meet you."Bookmark here

"Nice to meet you too NOEL~"Bookmark here

Her voice was so cute-- i wanted to puke sugar then and there. It was a nightmare to hold it in.Bookmark here

"Nine… wha?!" Prune jumped in shock.Bookmark here

"I'm back-- could you be Liliath? Oh my gosh, you actually do have purple hair!"Bookmark here

"Pleasure is mine. Likewise, I extended my greetings to you, Nine," Liliath nodded as a simple greeting.Bookmark here

"So you're the person who bought all these tea bags-- an amazing collection you got nare'."Bookmark here

"N-Nine.. why are you a girl?!" Prune was freaking out.Bookmark here

"What's wrong?" I asked.Bookmark here

"He's supposed to be a boy! A boy!"Bookmark here

"What are you talking about, I'm a girl," Nine stuck out her chest in pride. Quite literally-- she doesn't lose to Liliath in the slightest. The only thing she's missing is a gothic costume. It would be perfect then.Bookmark here

"No.. Noel.. you have to believe me, Nine isnt a girl, not possible!" Prune said frantically.Bookmark here

"Calm down Prune.." Liliath placed her hands on her shoulder, "I believe your claims.. Nine does seem rather suspicious. I've heard of assassins disguising themselves as the opposite gender."Bookmark here

Nine frowned in response.Bookmark here

"Nine, what is your TALENT?" I asked, a little doubtful. Something is amiss alright.Bookmark here

"You first Noel, what is your TALENT. It's rude to ask for other's before you own."Bookmark here

To Nine's words, I pointed at Liliath.Bookmark here

"I don't get it."Bookmark here

"She's an otherworlder."Bookmark here

"I now get it.. WHAT COME AGAIN???!! An otherworlder?" Nine kept glancing to and from me and LIliath. "Do dragons exist?"Bookmark here

Liliath nodded at his question.Bookmark here

"Angels?"Bookmark here

Liliath pondered a bit before nodding her head in.Bookmark here

"God and goddesses."Bookmark here

Liliath nodded.Bookmark here

"Magic."Bookmark here

Liliath pointed her finger at Nine and nodded.Bookmark here

Nine's mouth kept flapping out and down but no voice could be heard. Silencing magic or something like that I think.Bookmark here

Liliath then turned to me.Bookmark here

"She's quite an eccentric one."Bookmark here

"Is that so?" a little surprised at her words.Bookmark here

Nine who realized her voice wasn't registering started flailing her arms.Bookmark here

Liliath snapped her fingers and Nine's yell shot through the roof.Bookmark here

"SOMEONE HEAR ME!! Oh. So this is magic," Nine who reimagined composure after seeing me pressing my fingers to my ear came back to reality.Bookmark here

"And your TALENT Nine?"Bookmark here

"I'm not convinced. I still don't get your TALENT."Bookmark here

"Then would it be made clear if I told you that Noel is my master?" Liliath blinked.Bookmark here

"Liliath.." seriously? Is this going to be a signature joke of ours for life?Bookmark here

"Is that so? Pretty good TALENT you got there Noel," Nine grinner, "Gimme a sec, I'll go arrange my items then I'll tell you."Bookmark here

"You better," Prune growled.Bookmark here

"I will. I will. Be patient," Nine said, sounding displeased.Bookmark here

Nine headed to her room.Bookmark here

"I swear she's a boy," Prune said to me.Bookmark here

"We'll see about that.." I actually have no clue what's going on either but..Bookmark here

"I'm back, what-sup."Bookmark here

Prune's tail stood on end, Liliath rubbed her eyes while I had my mouth wide open.Bookmark here

"What?" Nine, who looked like a first rate male model called out with his crisp deep voice. But he was short! He was freaking short! A midget! A male lolli!Bookmark here

I'm innocent! I'm innocent! Don't call the FBI!!!Bookmark here

Nine shrugged, passed by me to the fridge holding a few can drinks.Bookmark here

"Permission to use the fridge?" Nine asked.Bookmark here

"Y-yeah.."Bookmark here

"Thanks."Bookmark here

"Hey Nine.. what is your TALENT exactly?"Bookmark here

Don't tell me...Bookmark here

"Still can't guess even though you've seen it in front of your eyes?" his voice changed to a female voice all of a sudden! I don't know how the hell it happened but his-- I mean his-- her hair grew back to the original shoulder length??!!Bookmark here

And when Nine finished rearranging the canned drinks, she looked at me-- I mean, us with a frown.Bookmark here

"I-Illusion magic?"Bookmark here

"Hah…" Nine looked like she had given up, "C'mon' you can do better than that right?"Bookmark here

Her swaggy manner of speaking only sounded weirder considering her cute high pitch voice.. I feel like his male voice was better suited for this role..Bookmark here

Prune and Liliath looked at me pitifully-- it seemed they too didn't dare to guess his/her TALENT.Bookmark here

No fucking way.. tell me it's a lie.. such a TALENT can't possibly exist in this world right?Bookmark here

Bracing myself, I squeezed the words out of my mouth.Bookmark here

"C-changing genders.."Bookmark here

"Bingo!" She said in a cheer.Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

WHAT IN THE FUCK?!Bookmark here

And with this-- I learnt that the fourth tenant has the potential to become, gay, lesbian, bisexual and gay. An absolute weirdo.Bookmark here

I regret underestimating the 'troublesome' TALENTS of the world…Bookmark here

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