Chapter 76:

Confessions (5)

My Demon Queen

I love you.Bookmark here

Those words that came out of his very mouth.Bookmark here

A sense of elation, joy and warmth spread in my heart. An unusual fuzziness.. murky.. confusing.Bookmark here

"Noel, I.."Bookmark here

I wanted to reciprocate.Bookmark here

I wanted to accept.Bookmark here

Noel's feelings, his confession, I'm delighted.Bookmark here

However..Bookmark here

"..I cant accept your feelings."Bookmark here

Was the answer that came out instead.Bookmark here

It was an answer that became so because of my title.Bookmark here

My title as a demon lord-- an undeniable truth, one that I cannot but accept.Bookmark here

It was, is and will forever be a part of me.Bookmark here

I can't deny it, can't act against it.Bookmark here

"I-I see.. I suppose let's.."Bookmark here

"DOn't be too hasty Noel, I haven't finished now have I?" I surprised myself at the light giggle I made. The look of remorse on Noel's face however.. It pained me. "I can't accept your feelings.. at least.. not yet.. until the prerequisite has been met then.."Bookmark here

Noel is mine, mine alone. My one and only vessel.Bookmark here

I will make him my vessel, then the rest will certainly come naturally.Bookmark here

Yes.. calmly now.. only if I could…Bookmark here

"Prerequisite? W-what do you mean.." Noel stuttered at his words.Bookmark here

I believe he too wouldn't approve of it.. not until i have everything in place.Bookmark here

That's it. That should be my plan for the future.Bookmark here

But I'm scared.Bookmark here

Should the ritual fail Noel will cease to exist..Bookmark here

Furthermore, there is no certainty in the ritual Demon Lord Javiel informed me of.. anything could happen. And if it was all but a lie-- false information. I would lose Noel-- forever. My life would then be over, that will be the end.Bookmark here

I stood up with unsteady steps, confused in my thoughts and tittered towards him.Bookmark here

"Liliath?"Bookmark here

I embraced him.Bookmark here

I can't have him run away. No. He has to stay.Bookmark here

"Please wait.. I will make sure everything happens accordingly… wait for me.."Bookmark here

However, I had no plans. I didn't know where to start… I only know now that I need to start. I need to start now.. I don't know how much longer Noel can wait, i don't know how much longer I have. Perhaps a month? Maybe a year? Forever would be too far..Bookmark here

If there's even a tiny shred of possibility there-- I will have to grasp it.Bookmark here

"A-alright.. I will wait.." Noel brought his arms around my shoulder and pulled me closer.Bookmark here

"Wait for me Noel.. I'll definitely make it work."Bookmark here

Noel will be mine.Bookmark here

Mine alone.Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

I opened my eyes to find myself back inside my own room.Bookmark here

The contents of yesterday's confession with Noel remained in my mind. A small smile crept onto my face.Bookmark here

I'm glad Noel confessed.Bookmark here

Please wait a while longer-- I don't know how long it would take but I will definitely return your feelings..Bookmark here

With such thoughts, I should continue to build Noel's trust. The hard part would be to refine and confirm the method and contents of the ritual…Bookmark here

I had no clue where to start.Bookmark here

I got up from bed, drank some water from my water bottle and exited my room.Bookmark here

I stopped in front of Noel's room. He was still in bed. It was unusual, he would be up earlier than me in most circumstances, which proves the mental strain he placed on the confession.Bookmark here

Hoping that he wouldn't misunderstand my wishes, I proceeded to the bathroom.Bookmark here

There I met Nine, a gender-unknown human brushing 'her' teeth.Bookmark here

The act of brushing one's teeth came as a surprise when Noel first taught me about it. It seemed that such was the habits of the inhabitants of this world. I can't seem to understand why swallowing 'toothpaste' was not allowed. It wasn't poison, tasted good yet was a taboo item to ingest.Bookmark here

"Mornin' Nine," I greeted.Bookmark here

"Hm? Owhw, mourn'in Liliatth," she replied with a lisp as her mouth was filled with a delicious cooling taste.Bookmark here

"You're rather early, I suppose I'll go use the other washroom."Bookmark here

"Giimee a sec," Nine spat the toothpaste and rinsed her mouth. Wiping the water off, "I'm done, you can use the bathroom now."Bookmark here

"Much appreciated Nine."Bookmark here

"Gotcha."Bookmark here

Nine was a beautiful girl dressed in a yellow flower dress. She had probably cleaned herself in a bath. I wonder why she would wake up so early though.Bookmark here

"Nine, is there any reason why you're so early?"Bookmark here

"Early? It's my habit, I wake up at 4am everyday. You're early too ya know?" she spoke in a cute voice befitting of her small stature.Bookmark here

"Nine, were you originally a girl or boy."Bookmark here

Perhaps I should take this chance to get to know her better.Bookmark here

"I'm a boy. But I prefer being a female because it's funnier that way. I'm officially bisexual and I get to troll people like this," Nine giggled.Bookmark here

Trolls? Bisexual trolls? What is bisexual? Can a single person actually fall for people of both genders? It seems that language comprehension has its limits… No, rather, trolls have no gender in the first place.Bookmark here

"Are there trolls in the world?"Bookmark here

"I'm one of them," Nine grinned.Bookmark here

I flinched, prepared a defensive stance, narrowing my eyes.Bookmark here

"You look human though.. I have never met a troll like your kind.."Bookmark here

To my surprise, Nine flashed me a dumbfounded expression.Bookmark here

"HUh, what. You're serious… ah.. I get it now.. terminology issue, yeah. Liliath, by 'troll' I mean, 'prankster you know?"Bookmark here

"Prankster? I do not know."Bookmark here

"What… I guess this is to be expected of an otherworlder. Noel must have it hard.. but it's funny," Nine giggled again. "Ah, speaking of which, are you interested in knowing what happens here when I change between genders?" Nine pointed at her crotch with a shrewd smile.Bookmark here

"I rather not," I shook my head with a frown.Bookmark here

"Oya? I'll answer it in a roundabout way then. I'm not gay if I hang out with another male in my female form-- I'm sure that answers your curiosity right?"Bookmark here

"You're not happy if you hang out with another male?"Bookmark here

Ponderingi my words for a moment, Nine then shouted, huffing, "Not that 'gay'!!"Bookmark here

If Nine never mentioned it, it was hard to imagine she was originally a male to begin with.Bookmark here

I tilted my head.Bookmark here

"Whatever.. enjoy your bath, and see ya around Liliath," Nine laughed as she ran off.Bookmark here

I stood there confused. Gay in the context meant: happy, right? Perhaps such misunderstanding is why 'transgender' is a popular story genre in this world.Bookmark here

Locking the door, I look at myself through the mirror. Velvet hair, crimson purple eyes-- features that did not exist in any other person.Bookmark here

I wonder what face I showed Noel yesterday night?Bookmark here

The obvious reaction to that thought was my face turning beet red.Bookmark here

I hope he continues to treat me the same from here on…Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

Finishing my shower, I headed to my room. On the way, I noticed that Noel had still not awoken. It seemed that he was bothered by the matter yesterday.Bookmark here

I could only pray that he would come out alright.Bookmark here

I had a hair dryer in my room that I do use at times, though recently I have come to realize magic is much more convenient and versatile.Bookmark here

After which I picked up my phone and sent a message that said good morning to Noel's family group. Continuing, I entered the gallery app to see the various photos of tea bags in the display. Mixed in between were pictures I took of different interesting places with Noel.Bookmark here

I admired the photos, bringing back pleasant memories.Bookmark here

I don't want it to fade.Bookmark here

I don't want it to end.Bookmark here

Such were my thoughts-- my unneeded emotions.Bookmark here

It would only get in the way of my goal.Bookmark here

Leaving the photo gallery, I went to check the quests for today.Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

Current Points: 3215Bookmark here

Quests: Passion:Bookmark here

Cuddle with Noel for 5 minutes. 40PBookmark here

Have Noel smell your hair. 30PBookmark here

...Bookmark here

Quests: Commitment:Bookmark here

Have Noel do house chores. 20PBookmark here

Have Noel thank you for something. 10PBookmark here

...Bookmark here

Quests: Intimacy:Bookmark here

Watch a movie together. 25PBookmark here

Cook a dish together. 20PBookmark here

...Bookmark here

Quests will be refreshed daily. Quests that have been completed will be prioritized, else the user can select up to 1 quest per category to remove. (removed quests will be refreshed the next day)Bookmark here

Max quest for each category: 2 (Upgradable) (67/100)Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

I should pay attention to Noel's attitude towards me before deciding which to cooperate for a completion.Bookmark here

Putting that aside, we have already accumulated enough points for the item needed for the ritual.Bookmark here

Shifting away from the quest list and into the shop, I spun the item catalog, stopping at one item.Bookmark here

The philosopher's stone.Bookmark here

Perhaps I should start taking the studies of 'doctors' seriously. It might contain some clues to Javiel's theory.Bookmark here

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