Chapter 78:

System Down (2)

My Demon Queen

"Noel, your position as the class helper will be reassigned to Eunice, is that alright?"Bookmark here

First period was English, teacher Glib's class.Bookmark here

"I don't mind."Bookmark here

And honestly, I don't really get what Liliath meant about Teacher Glib testing us. Though, she sounded genuinely apologetic when talking about my change of position for some reason, a stark contrast from her pissed attitude earlier. It wasn't a simple 'I feel sorry for changing your post' kind of apologetic-- but there was a little reverence to it.Bookmark here

After shifting the post from me to Eunice-- a life saver-- teacher Glib continued with class as usual.Bookmark here

Kai looked pretty gloomy when he heard that, but he didn't try to reprove it. In any case, all troublesome tasks are now pushed to them. Things like taking attendance each morning, keeping the class in shape, silencing loud students, and assigning students to a class cleaning duty.Bookmark here

At least that creates distance between him and Liliath-- though, nothing is for certain.Bookmark here

Biology class was next and everyone was to head over to the laboratory. It's the first time I've come to the laboratory in this school so you could say I was quite interested.Bookmark here

Of course, Liliath asked if the lab was some creature dissecting cult or something--Bookmark here

There, teacher Eyl-- wore a white coat over her work clothes.Bookmark here

The lab was for the most part, clean and neat, infographics on the wall stating the regulations in the lab, and numerous models of various sciency stuff-- atoms, skeletal system, volcano model, etcetera.Bookmark here

8 large tables-- supposedly where students would do experiments in groups were arranged in columns of 2, stools were used instead of lean-able chairs.Bookmark here

"Take a seat class, anywhere is fine, limit yourselves to 5 to 6 students at a table, giddy yup!" teacher Eyl exclaimed.Bookmark here

The students in Class E numbered 36.Bookmark here

Liliath and I exchanged gazes-- and we parted ways.Bookmark here

It isn't all that good to stick together all the time.. is probably what I felt when i saw her eyes. I don't really get why either but it just happened.Bookmark here

In any case, I was sitting in the middle back row, together with Voux when Kai joined in.Bookmark here

Teacher Eyl introduced herself-- a young maiden whose age was unknown-- literally inciting the class to roast her when the truth would be revealed.Bookmark here

It was a tradition of hers to give out pizzas to the class who managed to figure out her age-- you could call it bribery to shut the student's mouth but it was considerably effective? Since she mentioned that a number of her ex-students managed to guess it correctly-- but they kept their word.Bookmark here

Jokes aside, teacher Eyl started to teach while us students sat and listened-- at least that was supposed to be how it is.Bookmark here

Referring to the notes I've created before on enzyme function, I listened as teacher Eyl's voice brought me closer and closer to dreamland.Bookmark here

"You're quite the hardworking person Noel."Bookmark here

"Hm? Not really.."Bookmark here

"Noel, can i ask-- who is Liliath, by the way?"Bookmark here

"Hm? Liliath?" I turned to Kai, the person who asked such a question, "What? You fancy her?"Bookmark here

"Come on.. I don't mean that. I was just curious. Her mental aptitude is amazing, not to mention her EQ. I remember the first time we met, I felt a shiver down my spine. I literally ran away after that," Kai laughed. "Must be her TALENT."Bookmark here

Bloodlust? Did Liliath use bloodlust back then?Bookmark here

"Probably. And you're still trying to approach her?"Bookmark here

"Well, of course. Why not? Everyone is curious about her, you know? She has like-- purple hair, natural purple hair. Where else can you find someone like that? " Kai tilted his head.Bookmark here

"True..."Bookmark here

I looked to the front of the group where Liliath was sitting. Sure enough, she's getting quite a bit of attention. Those from the other tables were obviously trying to strike up a chat with her. Same goes for Prune. The two stand out a lot.Bookmark here

Wait.. what kind of person is Kai again?Bookmark here

Liliath told me to be careful about Kai but-- he doesn't seem to be all that bad of a guy..?Bookmark here

That time Kai may have just been scared away by Liliath on purpose-- then the reason why he wanted Liliath to be the class helper may have been justified as Liliath being the most suitable candidate. Kai can tell one's mental ability to a certain extent after all..Bookmark here

Could Lilaith be over sensitive?Bookmark here

Confusing.. no.. iIm judging people, that's why I'm confused. That's not good..Bookmark here

"Liliath is my summon," I confessed.Bookmark here

"Really? Figured as much. Though summoning a girl is as ridiculous as it gets," Kai's eyes were wide open.Bookmark here

"It is.. i suppose… you're not surprised?"Bookmark here

I might have held the wrong image about Kai?Bookmark here

From the corner of my eye, I checked the update screen on the status window again-- Liliath was still walking on the cog. Darn, I wish the update had a status bar where Liliath was walking on a straight line instead, then I'd be able to tell the progress of completion.Bookmark here

"I've heard of worse.." Kai said in a gloomy tone.Bookmark here

"Are we going to do the-- what's the weirdest TALENT we've encountered challenge?" Voux chided all of a sudden.Bookmark here

"Good idea, who goes first?" Kai's expression brightened.Bookmark here

Weirdest TALENT. The first person that comes to mind is Nine.Bookmark here

"You go, since you said you've seen ones weirder than Noel's TALENT," Voux recommended.Bookmark here

"Have you heard of the guy who poops coal?"Bookmark here

"What, seriously?"Bookmark here

Poops coal.. poops coal.. what in the fuck?Bookmark here

"Yeah, dead serious," Kai gave us an unnerving stare. "I'm not here to divulge who he is but-- his TALENT is the ability to eat plastic forks and turn them into coal and oil through defecation. No joke, I pity him… luckily he's not in our class."Bookmark here

"Says the guy who already divulged the guy's gender and narrowing his general whereabouts,"Voux laughed.Bookmark here

I have no words to comment. And here I thought Nine was the weirdest. Honestly-- wow.Bookmark here

"Noel?"Bookmark here

"No, you go next Voux, I don't think mine is that great."Bookmark here

"Okay, here it goes," Voux takes in a deep breath, and in the most regal tone he could muster, he made a hissing shout-like whisper,"MAKE PUBERTY GREAT AGAIN!"Bookmark here

"PFFTT..""Bookmark here

"Ahahahah.."Bookmark here

I choked on my breath while Kai let loose a silent laugh, clenching his stomach.Bookmark here

"What the hell, explain Voux," Kai asked, choking in between breaths.Bookmark here

"I know a friend of a friend that has a TALENT that makes it so his pimple grows diamonds."Bookmark here

"Hah?! What?? PFFTT. AHAHHAHAHA," Kai slammed his head on the table.Bookmark here

While I'm here wheezing, trying not to laugh.Bookmark here

Oh my god, the guy is absolutely rich-- provided his diamonds sell well. Truly a blessing for those who grow up to have a lot of pimples. Heck, with this TALENT, pimples are very much welcomed. Puberty sure is great for a guy like that~Bookmark here

"Too loud, too loud!" Voux hushed.Bookmark here

The two of us went silent in the next moment and shot a look in front where the teacher was teaching-- she didn't notice us. Luckily.Bookmark here

Kai let out a relieved exhale, his shoulder shaking, trying to stifle his laughter.Bookmark here

I noticed Liliath turning to look at me with a worried look.Bookmark here

I placed my hands together and made a bow in apology.Bookmark here

Must be the effects of the concealment barrier. Thanks for covering for us Liliath.Bookmark here

"We're lucky, hey, Noel, what are you apologizing for?" Kai asked.Bookmark here

"Nah. We were probably saved by Liliath."Bookmark here

"Saved by Liliath? What do you mean."Bookmark here

"Concealment spell. That's why the teacher didn't notice."Bookmark here

"What?"Bookmark here

"Noel, you said Liliath came from a different world right?" Voux asked.Bookmark here

"Well, yeah. In fact, she can use all sorts of magic.. not limited to concealment spells, elemental magic and-- bloodlust."Bookmark here

"No way.. she's a jerk! No wonder she's so scary to be...hiikkh?!" Kai suddenly sat up straight. Looking to the front, Liliath was glaring this way.Bookmark here

I gestured an apology once again.Bookmark here

She dismissed it with something like a 'hmph!'.Bookmark here

I'm sorry..Bookmark here

"Wow, so that's bloodlust," Voux was surprised. "You have to be careful Kai, no badmouthing or you'll be dead."Bookmark here

"I envy you Noel, you have an overprotective summon.." Kai whispered the latter part as if to prevent Liliath from hearing. Ah-- no.Bookmark here

"Yeah, yeah," I dismissed it by checking the update screen again. The chibi Liliath on the cog was glaring at me, and I instinctively flinched. What the hell, don't tell me even the UI has a personality?! For the moment our eyes met, she averted my eyes by looking away in the next second.Bookmark here

"Noel, why do you keep staring at the table?"Bookmark here

"Yeah, you've been looking at 'something' for a while now."Bookmark here

You know.. since it has already come to this--Bookmark here

"Uh.. it's my TALENT. I kinda messed up this morning. I actually wanted to explain my TALENT in depth but.. it's.. updating? You know those kinds of status screen windows in anime? That kind of thing.."Bookmark here

"Huh? I thought your TALENT is summoning?"Bookmark here

"Apparently not," I scratched my head.Bookmark here

I've already decided to reveal my TALENT anyways, so there's no risk in telling them.Bookmark here

"So what exactly is your TALENT then Noel?" Kai pressed me this question.Bookmark here

"Manifestation into Reality, that's what Enoch calls it. You two know Enoch right?"Bookmark here

"Yeah-- That sounds.. deep," Kai expressed his surprise while Voux furrowed his brow.Bookmark here

"I don't even know the full extent of my TALENT you know? It's confusing. Before this it was just a simple status screen, I wonder what's next after the update."Bookmark here

"By the way, what is the weirdest TALENT you've encountered? It's your turn right Noel?"Bookmark here

"Oh yeah, about that, it's.."Bookmark here

"Let's see… Voux, can you please come up and answer this question here," Eyl, who fumbled through the students list glanced around class, cutting our conversation short.Bookmark here

Looks like Voux had been chosen on a whim.Bookmark here

"Oh no… Noel, save me.."Bookmark here

"Here," I point to the answer to the question on that black board that had been highlighted in my notes.Bookmark here

In the end, we weren't found out for not paying attention in class.Bookmark here

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