Chapter 79:

System Down (3)

My Demon Queen

"Noel, enzymes exist in our bodies? How many of these enzymes exist? What's the purpose of their existence? Why do enzymes look like worms? Could an enzyme be a kind of worm?"Bookmark here

Liliath bombarded me with questions, her small little notebook filled with 'problems'.Bookmark here

As for me..Bookmark here

"I should probably consider getting the academic basics I skill book for Liliath," I muttered under my breath..Bookmark here

"Noel?"Bookmark here

"It's complicated if you still don't understand how atoms work.."Bookmark here

"Atoms are the building blocks of matter, correct? I do understand what atoms are."Bookmark here

"Cells?"Bookmark here

"Cells… prison cell?"Bookmark here

Kai who was sitting next to me-- who had his chair dragged over since he forgot his textbook from the previous class-- slammed his head on the table, bawling out in laughter.Bookmark here

Liliath sent him a chilly gaze.Bookmark here

"I suppose the teacher should've started with animal and plant cells," She probably forgot Liliath is a newbie to science, so she skipped the cells chapter since normal students have already learnt about it last year during junior high school. "I'll teach you about it when we get home since there's quite a bit to explain.."Bookmark here

"Alright, sorry for troubling you.. though, how do prison cells relate to enzymes?"Bookmark here

"Just cells.. there's no prison. Uh.. to put it basically-- it's complicated? Enzymes are like the factories that generate materials for the cells which can be represented as a kingdom-- something like that?"Bookmark here

"What's a factory?"Bookmark here

Ugghh… ah shit. I give up...Bookmark here

"Uh, Noel, I need to do something so see ya," Kai who was beckoned by Eunice said before leaving the class-- probably to the staff room.Bookmark here

When he left, Liliath spoke.Bookmark here

"Nevermind the academic stuff, Noel, be careful around Kai."Bookmark here

"Got it.. but why? I'm just wondering.."Bookmark here

"Because I'm worried, that's why," Lilith pouted.Bookmark here

Worried.. Liliath is worried about me. Cuteness is justice? I think I lost my head there. What did Liliath tell me again?Bookmark here

"Okay, I will try to be careful?"Bookmark here

Liliath nodded with a wary look on her face.Bookmark here

"You two aren't eating?" Voux, who arrived in class with food he bought from the cafeteria, asked. In his hand was a small box of potato fries and tomato sauce.Bookmark here

"Liliath, do you want to eat anything?"Bookmark here

To my question, she only shook her head.Bookmark here

"Well, there you go.."Bookmark here

"Liliath is so small though, you still growing aren't you?" Saria who tagged along with Voux said out of worried.Bookmark here

"It's alright Saria, I'm fine," Liliath tried to dismiss but..Bookmark here

"Here, you can share these with me," Saria offered the chocolate cupcakes. It came in a pack of six.Bookmark here

"Then I will take up the offer, much appreciated.." Liliath decided to accept it but when she was about to grab one of the cupcakes, Saria pulled back.Bookmark here

"We have to wash our hands first, I forgot! Let's go to the bathroom together Liliath," Saria said with sparkling eyes.Bookmark here

Uh.. why do I have a feeling that Saria planned all this?Bookmark here

"Yes, let's go together."Bookmark here

And with that, the two left off on a journey to the girl's washroom. I could never understand why girls do that in the first place.. it's the number one cause of bathroom congestion isn't it?Bookmark here

"Those two are pretty sweet together," Voux said, looking towards the door they were last seen.Bookmark here

"Yeah.."Bookmark here

"Here, want one," Voux offered a potato fry.Bookmark here

"No thanks."Bookmark here

"Suit yourself," He tossed the fry he offered me into his mouth.Bookmark here

Following that, Prune came in with her food-- also potato fries.Bookmark here

"You're not eating again Noel?"Bookmark here

"Nope."Bookmark here

Prune proceeded to her seat-- right behind me and offered a fry, likewise, i turned it down. She nibbled on it one at a time.Bookmark here

Following that, Nine came in with her food-- her group of 'girl' friends.Bookmark here

"Is Liliath around?"Bookmark here

"Nope."Bookmark here

"Where is she?"Bookmark here

"Noel, who is she?" Voux asked.Bookmark here

"Don't ask."Bookmark here

"Tsk, so mean.. so where's Liliath? Tell me Noel, tell me~" Nine begged like a cute ass puppy. Her friends who were looking at us from the door showed a similar puppy-like look.Bookmark here

"What did you do Nine? What are they here for?" referring to the group of girls outside.Bookmark here

"They wanted to see Liliath, I told them about her purple hair and how you're her summoner~"Bookmark here

"You.."Bookmark here

"Owh, they went to the girl's washroom," Voux casually answered.Bookmark here

Oh fuck, why did you have to tell her Voux!? WWWHHHYYY?! Do you know what the hell Nine is??!!Bookmark here

"Voux!" Prune shuddered.Bookmark here

"W-what?" Voux stuttered.Bookmark here

"Thank you! You heard em' girls! Let's go!"Bookmark here

"Nine! Don't you dare!" I grabbed hold of her arm.Bookmark here

"Let go! AH! You molester! YOU MOLESTER!?" she shrilled.Bookmark here

"Says the pervert! You haven't told anyone your TALENT yet have you!?"Bookmark here

"MOLESTER! MOLESTER!"Bookmark here

Nine managed to tear herself away and ran with the group-- not before she snicker at me in triumph..Bookmark here

"N-noel.. what now.. what now.." Prune fell into a state of chaos..Bookmark here

"Should I chase after her..?"Bookmark here

Ughh.. but those stabbing stares from the other girls! If only they knew the truth about Nine, damn bitch. No damn way I'm letting Nine see Liliath in the bathroom...Bookmark here

"Noel.. what's going on?" Voux asked.Bookmark here

"It's you--" Prune growled, glaring at him.Bookmark here

"W-what? I don't get it.."Bookmark here

"You shouldn't have told him.. her..!"Bookmark here

"W-what.. don't strangle me, hey.."Bookmark here

"Did I miss something?"Bookmark here

"""Huh?"""Bookmark here

Liliath and Saria suddenly appeared behind us-- Saria, dead on the table.Bookmark here

"H-How.. I thought you were going to the washroom.." Voux stuttered as he voiced.Bookmark here

"Ah, about that, I intended to 'troll' the pursuers," Liliath chuckled.Bookmark here

Prune and I looked at each other and let loose a sigh of relief.Bookmark here

That bitch Nine had failed in her attempts-- not really, she's still going to enjoy the scene in the bathroom with the other girls. Damn, she's a pervert.Bookmark here

"Did something happen?"Bookmark here

"No.. luckily you teleported here if not.. you'd be pinned down by Nine at the washroom.."Bookmark here

"Is that so? Quite fortunate indeed," Liiath replied in an expression of wonder.Bookmark here

Wait, she didn't know?Bookmark here

"Huh? Did you just say teleport?" Voux looked at me and Liliath bewildered.Bookmark here

"You didn't know that Nine was coming for you?"Bookmark here

Liliath shook her head in denial.Bookmark here

"Then.."Bookmark here

"Ahem. You can actually teleport, Liliath?"Bookmark here

"I attest to Liliath's power," Saria shot up from her seat and jumped at Liliath, rubbing her face against her. Liliath didn't seem to mind however. "Liliath is amazing~ ufufufu."Bookmark here

"Yes, I can bring a number of people along, however it does expend a good amount of mana which would take a few hours to replenish," Liliath added, gently pushing Saria away.Bookmark here

"Noel, You really got yourself a cheat summon.." Voux jaw seemed to drop.Bookmark here

"Yeah, I think so too.."Bookmark here

"Liliath, if it isn't Nine then-- who exactly are the pursuers?" Prune asked the question I was wondering also.Bookmark here

"Is that so? Then I suppose-- it's a secret," Liliath placed her index finger to her lips.Bookmark here

A new crazy mystery is unfolding.. ugghh..Bookmark here

But at least Nine failed..Bookmark here

"Um.. what is Nine's TALENT?" Voux's question faded into the wind.Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

"WAAAAHHH!! PERIOD CRAMPS SUCK!!" Nine who was sprawled on the living room couch, head first in the cushion, complained.Bookmark here

"Why did you choose to be a girl in the first place, huh?" I scowled.Bookmark here

"UWAA… Noel onii-chan is so mean! So mean!" Nine started beating her fist against the innocent couch.Bookmark here

"You can turn back into a male and the period would disappear right?"Bookmark here

"Oh yeah, you're right," Nine twisted her head to look at me.Bookmark here

"So?"Bookmark here

"I'll eventually have to face the pain either way.. better now than later.. uwuwuwuw.." She cried.Bookmark here

"Can you just wait it out?"Bookmark here

Change to a male-- wait two weeks-- back into a female and period gone-- or is it that he'll get a period as a male if she swaps gender at this point in time? I don't dare to imagine the sight of that..Bookmark here

"I can't. It's like this, when I'm in my female body, the male one is frozen-- in a 'save' file-- vice versa. So if I change into a male, I won't have a period but once I change into a female, it would continue where I left off on my female 'save'. Uwuuwuwuwu.."Bookmark here

"Suit yourself.. pervert.."Bookmark here

"So mean.. Uwuwuwu.."Bookmark here

I think it's karma though?Bookmark here

I got up from the other couch and headed towards the kitchen where Liliath and Prune were cooking a meal to celebrate our first day of school-- instant noodles. Yes. Your typical college food-- except this isn't college but it's very similar.Bookmark here

"Should we add one of these sauces?" Liliath asked Prune who wore a yellow apron.Bookmark here

"Not recommended. If you want, you could always add it separately on your own plate later," Prune tossed the sliced carrots and tomato into the pot.Bookmark here

"Smells good," I said.Bookmark here

"Noel, what sauce do you think would suit the noodles?" Liliath asked, pointing towards the row of condiments she bought last time.Bookmark here

"Chilli paste."Bookmark here

"I will add lots on your plate later Noel, hmph!" Liliath turned away.Bookmark here

Hahaha. Looks like Liliath has gotten better at common sense.Bookmark here

The noodles were done, the entire pot was brought to the table-- let's not forget the coaster. Nine dragged her tiny body over, and took a seat.Bookmark here

Liliath consoled the suffering Nine while Prune took a photo of the meal before we started eating.Bookmark here

Liliath poured some of the tea she made into her own noodle broth. Eating heartily, I could only smile wryly at that.Bookmark here

Nine didn't have much of an appetite-- and she was adamant on facing the pain head on. She could always change to her male form and eat but wasn't keen on doing so-- saying something like bringing justice to those who always complain males don't understand the pain of period.Bookmark here

Makes sense..?Bookmark here

Though, my hypothesis is that Nine's female form would remain hungry if she ate with her male form-- since she sometimes eats double the portion when switching between male and female during the meal. It was a weird sight to behold.Bookmark here

"So is it?" Prune asked.Bookmark here

"It tastes good."Bookmark here

"That's great to hear."Bookmark here

"Noel, you wanted chilly paste didn't you?" Liliath who sat beside me pushed the said item over.Bookmark here

"No thanks.." I pushed it back..Bookmark here

"I knew it," Liliath puffed her cheeks.Bookmark here

Ignoring that..Bookmark here

"Thank you two for cooking this though.. rather.. for every other meal.."Bookmark here

Meals, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner were all cooked by either Liliath or Prune. The two girls in the apartment-- not..Bookmark here

"Don't look at me like that.. I'll cry, you know?" Nine looked at us with teary eyes.Bookmark here

"Isn't it a disgrace for a woman to not know how to cook?" Prune smiled.Bookmark here

"I'm a half-woman!" Nine complained.Bookmark here

Half-woman.Bookmark here

The three of us laughed at her response.Bookmark here

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