Chapter 80:

System Down (4)

My Demon Queen

The meal finished with Nine and I responsible for cleaning up the plates.Bookmark here

"Noel onii-chan."Bookmark here

"Stop calling me that-- what?" still bubbling the plates.Bookmark here

"Do I not look cute?"Bookmark here

"I wouldn't want to be gay, sorry. But yes, you are disgustingly cute."Bookmark here

"The LGBT group would be so disappointed if they heard that."Bookmark here

"Yeah. Right."Bookmark here

Nine brushed her hair against my arm.Bookmark here

"Are you trying something on me?" I glared at her, an eyebrow raised.Bookmark here

"It's revenge," Nine grinned.Bookmark here

"What kind of revenge is this?!"Bookmark here

I don't think I would be swayed by Nine. If it was Prune then yes but Nine? This perverted bitch? Nay way.Bookmark here

"Feeling touchy touchy?" Nine giggled.Bookmark here

"Not in the slightest you pervert."Bookmark here

True.. why is it that there's at least one pervert in my vicinity? Back at home, it's obvious every other family member is a pervert one way or another. I'm not a magnet for these kinds of people am I now? Oh, I think I got it, it runs in the family, that's whyBookmark here

"Got-chya'," saying that Nine continued washing the dishes as if nothing had happened.Bookmark here

"Hey Nine… just curious, what do you do holling up in your room so often?"Bookmark here

Since the day Nine arrived, she's most often found behind the door to her own room, coming out during the rare few occasions to scavenge meals-- to put it bluntly.Bookmark here

"Streaming."Bookmark here

"Huh? Come again?"Bookmark here

"I'm a gamer," Nine paused her hands and looked me right in the eye.Bookmark here

"Seriously?" I said after a blink.Bookmark here

"Wanna smash?"Bookmark here

"What the f-- Pervert. Ludicrous pervert-- I shouldn't have asked.."Bookmark here

"Hahahahaha."Bookmark here

Streaming huh? I wonder how far she's gone with her own fan base..Bookmark here

"Noel, do you play games? The wifi is amazingly good here."Bookmark here

"No, I do art instead."Bookmark here

"Owh, so you're that kind huh? Surprising. We should do a collab sometime," NIne grinned, putting the last plate onto the rack.Bookmark here

"Nine, does your stomach still hurt? Prune said she has some medicine," Liliath appeared from the corner and.. "Did I miss something?"Bookmark here

"How about Liliath? Is she good with games?"Bookmark here

"Last time she managed to reach a record of more than 500 pipes in the flappy pig game."Bookmark here

"Oh, how about the three of us have a bout in my room."Bookmark here

"Noel?"Liliath tilted her head.Bookmark here

"Liliath, do you want to try playing games? Nine here is a professional."Bookmark here

"You aren't joining Noel?" Nine asked in exaggeration.Bookmark here

"You make it sound as if I'm going to do 'that'."Bookmark here

"Yeah, 'that'. Ah thanks Liliath, you want to try your hands on games right? Gimme a sec," Nine promptly ate the medicine presented by Liliath and went to her room to prepare.Bookmark here

"Noel, what do you mean by playing games?"Bookmark here

"Do you not want to? Well.. it's hard to explain, but basically, it's like the time you saw my sister and father running around and screaming their heads off."Bookmark here

There was this time in the past where Liliath was confused over why Novelle and my father were yelling coordinates at each other when playing an open world FPS game, thus she asked me about it.Bookmark here

She couldn't understand why such a 'thing'-- the game-- was created in the first place.Bookmark here

"I see…"Bookmark here

"Liliath, everything is ready to go, you coming or what!" Nine who returned, tugged at Liliath's hand.Bookmark here

"I heard you get to kill people-- is that correct?" Liliath stared at me with her beautiful crimson eyes.Bookmark here

Wow. Damn. What a way to put it-- she isn't wrong, though..Bookmark here

To her sadistic manner of phrasing it, I replied.Bookmark here

"Yes, but don't do it in real life."Bookmark here

"I see.. I suppose I should try such a convenient thing.."Bookmark here

"FPS was it? No problem!"Bookmark here

Nine successfully dragged Liliath into her room. Honestly, it sounds pretty odd considering the fact that Nine is a half-male. Well… if Nine wanted to try anything against Liliath, he could-- I would even allow it since-- I'm sure he'll regret it for life.Bookmark here

Well, with this extra time in hand, finishing up the cleaning, I picked up the light novel I was still reading and headed to the living room.Bookmark here

The sun was setting, the light pouring into the room, colouring Prune's silver hair in orange. She was scrolling through social media, as usual.Bookmark here

I made myself comfortable by playing some orchestral music on the speaker.Bookmark here

"Is this music alright?"Bookmark here

"It's alright," Prune replied with a nod.Bookmark here

I read, and read.Bookmark here

The sun slowly sinking into the horizon.Bookmark here

I then realized that Prune had shifted her attention to the city view.Bookmark here

Snap.Bookmark here

She took a picture, and probably posted it.Bookmark here

"The view here is amazing."Bookmark here

"Sure is.."Bookmark here

If anything, with the sun at this opposition, the city streets were as if liquid gold had been poured atop it, skyscrapers that reflected the sky that had gradient into beautiful shades of pink, purple, red and blue.Bookmark here

"You sure do read a lot," Prune pointed at the pile of books on the table.Bookmark here

"Hm? I suppose, they're mostly the ones Liliath brought over from my home."Bookmark here

"A lot of them are philosophical.. I don't think I could survive if I was forced to finish these books," Prune said with a slack voice.Bookmark here

"But it's jam packed with good information though?"Bookmark here

"I suppose it's not my thing," Prune went back to scrolling her social media, "Look at this!"Bookmark here

Bringing the phone to my face, it was a video of a bird pecking on wood. Sorry, not 'bird', it's 'birds'. Bird harassing tree.Bookmark here

"Heh.. Interesting.."Bookmark here

"But you don't really use social media do you?"Bookmark here

"I prefer reading novels and manga."Bookmark here

"Everyone has a difference in tastes," Prune nodded to herself.Bookmark here

"I guess.."Bookmark here

Looking down at the many self-help books stacked upon each other, though I have my own opinion about why one 'should' and 'must' read these, I tried to convince myself that everyone's life path is different.Bookmark here

"Status window open… huh?"Bookmark here

"Noel?"Bookmark here

"Finally.."Bookmark here

An update bar-- or gauge, whatever you call it. 7 days left.Bookmark here

The Liliath running on top of a cog has changed to Liliath waving an entire PC at me. But she was just standing there.. the bar wasn't moving.Bookmark here

You could just walk over to the finish line can't you? It's like less than 2 dozen steps away, why 7 days?Bookmark here

To that thought of mine, it seemed chibi Liliath reacted by pointing at the upper right corner with an angry look. There was a mail icon there with a red dot.Bookmark here

Okay.. got it, got it..Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

Dear Noel,Bookmark here

The system is going through some dramatic changes thus this is a big update, the team would like to apologize for the inconvenience caused, corresponding compensation will be paid out as a bonus during the completion of the update.Bookmark here

During this period of a week, I hope you will continue to support Liliath with utmost care in the absence of the system aid.Bookmark here

Regards,Bookmark here

UNKNOWN.Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

What in the..Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

"Take care, you two," my mom said.Bookmark here

"I miss you big brother! Big sister Liliath! Good night! Take care!"Novelle, who was squeezed in between mom and father said.Bookmark here

"Good night, take care," was my father's words instead.Bookmark here

"Will do."Bookmark here

"Have a pleasant evening yourselves, see you," Liliath waved at the camera awkwardly.Bookmark here

The voice call was cut off and I slumped down my chair, the call was over, I felt rather homesick. Liliath on the other hand got up and just walked out of my room without saying a thing.Bookmark here

Hm?Bookmark here

What's going on?Bookmark here

I walked towards the door, planning to follow her to find out where she was going, but it was unnecessary as she called out behind me.Bookmark here

Teleportation magic again..Bookmark here

Standing at the door, I turned around to see Liliath hugging a bulky biology reference book. Which reminds me..Bookmark here

"Sorry.. I almost forgot. You wanted me to teach you about cells right?"Bookmark here

"Please do, I'm sorry for the trouble.."Bookmark here

"Nah. It's alright."Bookmark here

Liliath and I got down to business-- my room somehow became the make-shift teacher quarter. Liliath earnestly listened to my answers to the questions she had, and she would make some new ones to clarify her understanding.Bookmark here

The questions and answers came and went for the next dozen or so minutes.Bookmark here

"To sum it up, cells consist of atoms, while us humans consist of cells?" was the conclusion Liliath came to.Bookmark here

"Yes, something like that."Bookmark here

"How peculiar.."Bookmark here

"Anything else you want to ask? I haven't explained about single celled organisms yet."Bookmark here

"Pause a moment Noel," Lilith scanned through the text with a serious expression, then, "These cells are also the cause of various diseases?"Bookmark here

"These cells, microorganisms, yup. Our body is like a kingdom, having many moving parts to sustain it as a whole while these microorganisms are like the monsters that have to be exterminated. Every now and then they would infiltrate into the kingdom and turn the people into monsters and this is how it spread.. metaphorically."Bookmark here

Hahaha. Yup. I literally had to come up with these analogues to explain to Liliath.Bookmark here

"I nearly died to creatures that aren't even the size of a pinky?" Liliath was shaking in fear, " I-I'm not going to die again am I now.. Noel?"Bookmark here

I ruffled her hair to calm her down.Bookmark here

"You're safe. Think of it in this way, your body, the entire kingdom was suddenly transported to a world with entirely different monster types. If you lack the necessary info, then it's inevitable that the defences would be breached as the defences didn't know how to handle the new monster species, however, since you've gotten the immunity serum-- metaphorically, it's like a catalog of monster weaknesses and the way to fight each monster knowing their weak points, your body would know how to best defend against them."Bookmark here

"I didn't think our bodies were that smart," Liliath down at herself-- more accurately, she was fondling her own breasts. Um..Bookmark here

"It's weird how it works but yeah, the human body is weird."Bookmark here

"Though nothing here explains how the body is a catalyst for magic, is there?"Bookmark here

"There's no explanation for TALENTS either."Bookmark here

"Thank you Noel-- i have one more topic i would like to ask about," Liliath opened up a book marked page--Bookmark here

The anatomy of the heart?Bookmark here

"Could you explain the heart?"Bookmark here

"Heart? In what sense, it's a broad topic."Bookmark here

"Just.. explain it?"Bookmark here

"It's a pump, you know blood? It's the organ responsible for moving it around the body."Bookmark here

"T-that I know, anything else?" Liliath stuttered.Bookmark here

Hm? Why is she so flustered.. wait, she can't possibly be thinking that the heart is an organ of love can she now? The heart is just an expression, the real organ itself isn't really related to love, it's related to life and death.Bookmark here

"What is it Liliath? Why the heart all of a sudden?" something smells fishy.Bookmark here

"N-nevermind.." Liliath shut the book and stood up. "Thank you for today Noel, I learnt a lot. Good night."Bookmark here

"Are you okay Liliath? You don't look too good.."Bookmark here

She looked afraid for some reason. Afraid of me?Bookmark here

"I-I'm alright Noel, believe me."Bookmark here

Nay way, you're stuttering.Bookmark here

"O-okay.. tell me if there's anything troubling you alright Liliath?"Bookmark here

Liliath nodded, quickly hugging me.Bookmark here

"Please wait for me," she whispered.. again.Bookmark here

"Liliat… good night."Bookmark here

But before I could call out to her, she had disappeared-- teleported away.Bookmark here

Haah.. not this again.Bookmark here

Seriously, what in the world is Liliath planning?Bookmark here

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