Chapter 81:

The Stalkers (1)

My Demon Queen

"Elyja."Bookmark here

"Y-yes!"Bookmark here

"You better have an explanation for your request," Glib turned her head to face Elyja who was standing in the corner.Bookmark here

It wasn't just Elyja, there were two other men-- third year students standing together with her. Third year students that were selected to be part of the government force, differentiated by the yellow coloured tie they were wearing.Bookmark here

Intern spies-- to say the least.Bookmark here

"I wanted to test Liliath, that's all.. is there anything wrong," Elyja fidgeted with her fingers.Bookmark here

"Brusq, your report?"Bookmark here

"She's alright.. I'm surprised she didn't get mad what-so-ever. The reading I got was surprise, stun, and even a little skeptical. For the most part, she was extremely calm, what a lady," Brusq explained.Bookmark here

Brusq's TALENT was the ability to read the other parties' emotions.Bookmark here

"See! I knew she was a great student, I needed to find a way to drag her to work for us. I think she has the capability to become the next student council president.."Bookmark here

"Elyja, you know how scary that was right?"Bookmark here

"Yes, sorry teacher," Elyja hung her head.Bookmark here

What happened was that Elyja used her TALENT to request teacher Glib to treat them rudely mid-way when Noel's TALENT didn't seem to manifest properly via telepathy. Elyja was an unwelcome guest-- but she was curious, so she ended up joining the incognito group-- Niel and Brusq.Bookmark here

Nile on the other hand, was responsible for erecting an optical barrier that distorted light. They were able to hide while listening to the conversation.Bookmark here

Though..Bookmark here

"Good luck watching over them, I have to return to work," Glib rubbed her forehead before heading out. "Remember to notify me if Noel's TALENT returns to normal."Bookmark here

"Thank you for your assistance, and i'm very sorry for the abrupt request. With this, I have found a suitable subordinate," Elyja bowed before exiting the counseling room.Bookmark here

"Hey Nile," Brusq nudged his elbow.Bookmark here

"She's quite a beauty isn't she? Never in my mind would I have imagined to see someone with natural born purple hair," Nile looked towards the ceiling, "I envy his TALENT man.."Bookmark here

"He practically got himself a wife from another world," Brusq added.Bookmark here

"Anyways, we better do our job properly, it's part of our training. We have to watch over them unaware for a full month."Bookmark here

"You think she's dangerous?"Bookmark here

"I don't know man.. the more beautiful, the more dangerous right?"Bookmark here

"True.."Bookmark here

And that was how it all started-- of course, Liliath already knew their existence.Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

\\Bookmark here

"Nile, they're going," Brusq, who was watching over her emotional fluctuation, called out in a whisper. Nile's TALENT could not only cause distortions in light, but also sound and material. Though, it wouldn't hurt to whisper right? Makes it more 'sneaky'.Bookmark here

"Okay, operation start.. Do you think she's going to do something bad to her?"Bookmark here

"Stop it with your illusion-- quick we're going to lose them."Bookmark here

"Relax, didn't you hear just now? Their destination is the girls bathroom-- what? You want to peek?"Bookmark here

"Just go, she's movin' outside my view."Bookmark here

"Got it." Nile said in a flat voice, dragging himself.Bookmark here

Priority was on 'stalking' Liliath, Noel wasn't deemed much of a threat.Bookmark here

"See, they're going into the bathroom. It's fine isn't it?"Bookmark here

"You do know we've lost her a few times before, right? Didn't you feel something was off?" what Brusq meant was Liliath's presence concealment barrier-- of course, it wasn't like he knew about it. All he knew was that Liliath was like air, one moment she's there, the next she was gone. They had to keep tabs on her carefully if they didn't want to miss her.Bookmark here

That said.. her weak presence had already been notified to them.Bookmark here

"You're overthinking. I'm pretty sure she hasn't noticed. My TALENT even fooled the best watchman in class you know?"Bookmark here

Bursa only rolled his eyes.Bookmark here

True, Nile was able to even trick people with TALENTS that could pin-point one's location.Bookmark here

"We wait," Nile leaned against the window.Bookmark here

"Yeah.."Bookmark here

In fact, it was as Noel predicted, there was a human congestion where the girl's toilet was, the two stalkers watching as the 'relieved' girls come and go.Bookmark here

Nile's barrier was able to trick the student to naturally avoid them, it was like a barrier that shunned people under their awareness.Bookmark here

"Wait.. Nine, are you sure the person called Liliath is here?" One of the girls asked.Bookmark here

"I don't think they would act so desperate if she wasn't here," Nine's cute voice rang like a silver bell, "We have to catch her quick, you two stand guard outside, i'll scrape them out together with Jenn and Pynn."Bookmark here

"""Affirmative!"""Bookmark here

"Oi, you see that?!" Brusq exclaimed.Bookmark here

"No f-ing way.. that's Nine?"Bookmark here

"He-- I mean, she's real. I can't believe it."Bookmark here

Nile and Brusq had been given a list of the more 'problematic' students that could cause issues to the school, Nine was one of them.Bookmark here

Nine-- TALENT to change between male and female-- originally a male.Bookmark here

A fucking womanizer.Bookmark here

"She's not here!"Bookmark here

"Then where is she?!"Bookmark here

"Most probably the cafeteria, we have to intercept her quickly!" Nine took the lead and ran, the other's running after her.Bookmark here

Nile and Brusq looked at each other.Bookmark here

"Wait, what??"Bookmark here

"No, it could be because of her TALENT, remember, the report said something along the lines of the possibility of her TALENT being the ability to hide her presence."Bookmark here

"Then we really have to keep an eye out."Bookmark here

"Yes."Bookmark here

Nile and Brusq focused their full attention on the entrance to the girls bathroom.Bookmark here

"See her?"Bookmark here

"Nope."Bookmark here

Brusq had already grasp Liliath's emotional signature somewhat, so at times, even if he can't properly see, Liliath, he could see her emotions.Bookmark here

They watched as the girls came and went, some laughing, some with their hands wet.Bookmark here

Nile gulped.Bookmark here

The scene of two idiots staring into the girls bathroom, waiting for their target to appear.Bookmark here

And class break ended at the sound of the deafening bell. Still no sign.Bookmark here

They had been standing there for 25 minutes now.Bookmark here

"Brusq?"Bookmark here

"This isn't right.. i'm really realy sure she hasn't come out,"Bookmark here

"What? So you're suggesting we enter the girl's bathroom? What if he managed to sneak past our senses?"Bookmark here

"How about you? Are you sure she came out? Your sense is first rate right?"Bookmark here

"True.. i even extended my barrier to make a human filter.." thus why the girls were unusually organized when entering the bathroom.Bookmark here

"This is our job.. what if something happened to her?"Bookmark here

"Maiden in distress? No way, come on hero! You go! "Bookmark here

"Hey.. I'm just saying.." Bruaq was a little hesitant to enter the girl's washroom.Bookmark here

"I doubt there'd be anyone in the bathroom at this sort of time, class just started. You just go check, and if she's not there then we assume she sunk past our senses. You suggested this-- moreover your TALENT allows you to grasp her location better."Bookmark here

"Tsk. Barrier me."Bookmark here

"Roger that."Bookmark here

Mustering all the courage he could, Brusq entered the girl's bathroom.Bookmark here

"Anything?" Nile's voice echoed.Bookmark here

"No.. wait.."Bookmark here

But there was a locked bathroom cell.Bookmark here

Brusq came closer, the obscene sounds of something inappropriate could be heard-- something dropping into water-- and a moan.Bookmark here

Brusq thought there was no way Liliath could be her.. but he wouldn't know unless he looked. His TALENT required the target to be in his sights.Bookmark here

Brusq shook his head and retreated. It wasn't worth the risk.Bookmark here

"So?" Nile asked.Bookmark here

"We'll check the class.."Bookmark here

"Hey, I heard a moan though."Bookmark here

"That's not her."Bookmark here

"Wow, so you saw something inappropriate? Good job man!"Bookmark here

"It's not like that!"Bookmark here

And like that, down this path of 'legal' stalking, many troubles lie await.Bookmark here

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