Chapter 2:



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BY L. MOONLIGHTBookmark here


Niijigoku-shi, Japan, 2121 AD…Bookmark here

Rie looked over to me before quickly skipping towards where I was seated. “Did I forget to tell you,” she smiled, “We’re youkai!”Bookmark here

I chuckled. “Haha. Good one,” I laughed, “I’ve actually been looking for people who know stuff about youkai!” I explained, “Go on, then. Humor me.”Bookmark here

Kii smiled and put her hands on my shoulders, removing the tarp she had wrapped around my body in order to cut my hair. “She’s not joking,” Kii said, “I’m an oni, you know?”Bookmark here

I stared at her in disbelief, “N-No you’re not!”Bookmark here

Kii winked. “You know oni are unable to lie, right?” she asked. “Cross my heart and hope to die.”Bookmark here

“B-But that’s impossible”, I stammered, “Youkai aren’t real, th-that’s no-not…”Bookmark here

Rie pointed to me, “Your next line is ‘Are those horns real?’ right?” she smiled.Bookmark here

I turned back to Kii, “Are those horns real?” I did a double-take and looked back over at Rie with my jaw hanging open, “How did you…?”Bookmark here

Rie put her hands in her cardigan pockets and swayed happily from side to side. “I’m a satori,” she explained, “Reading minds is my specialty.”Bookmark here

She couldn’t be serious, I thought. Although it would explain the monkey tail.* Maybe it was real after all?Bookmark here

Rie once again looked at me with a perplexed visage. “Yes, my tail is real.” she affirmed.Bookmark here

“You really can tell what I’m thinking, huh?” I asked, “Maybe don’t read my mind too much. Might be something in there you don’t like.” A guy’s gotta have his secrets, I thought.Bookmark here

“I’m quite used to… people thinking about me.” Rie stammered, “I can’t exactly…” she blushed, “I can’t exactly turn off my mind-reading.” She smiled. “So please make sure to only think nice things about me, ok?” She lifted one hand out of her cardigan and put it behind her head as she winked.Bookmark here

“Hah,” Kii sighed, “Honestly, ningen, you really thought youkai were just a myth?”Bookmark here

I scratched my head sheepishly. “Uh, yeah.”Bookmark here

“About 90% of Niijigoku City’s population are youkai,” Rie piped up, “And about 0.5% of the entire world’s population too!”Bookmark here

I stared at Kii and Rie in disbelief. “No kidding?” I asked in shock.Bookmark here

“It’s ok if you’re frightened,” Kii leered, “After all we youkai could easily eat you right now…” Kii gave me a large smile, clearly showing off her sharp fangs.Bookmark here

Sweat rolled down my face. “Y-You can’t…” I stammered, “T-That’s…”Bookmark here

Kii burst into laughter. “I’m joking, I’m joking,” she said through tears of laughter, “You should’ve seen your face!”Bookmark here

“Kii-kun,” Rie began, “That’s not funny! You made You-san’s life flash before his eyes!” Rie paused. “Is your life always that boring, You-san?” she asked.Bookmark here

“Hey!” I snapped back.Bookmark here

Kii looked me in the eye. “Ningen, if you’re staying in Niijigoku for a while, allow me to give you some advice…” Kii said, “Don’t. Fuck. With. Youkai.”Bookmark here

DING-A-LING!Bookmark here

The doorbell chimed.Bookmark here

“Top of the morning!” a voice called out in English. “Good work with the namazu yesterday, Kii-kun! You too, Satou-san!”Bookmark here

“You can call me Rie.” Rie smiled.Bookmark here

“Gotta show respect,” the man who had entered the barbershop smiled, adjusting his sunglasses and peering over them, “We’re hardly acquainted after all.”Bookmark here

I glanced over at the man. He was wearing a gakuran, so I assumed he was a high-school student.** Interestingly, he had a dyed blond pompadour, and a bright pink scarf and leather gloves. A delinquent, I supposed.*** He removed his scarf and tucked it inside his uniform, before raising his hands to his head.Bookmark here

“Hey, Kii-kun, catch!” he said lifting his head off his own body, before tossing it towards the oni!Bookmark here

“Hey, careful, Duu,” Kii said, just barely managing to catch his severed head before it hit the hairy floor, “You almost could’ve caught me off guard!”Bookmark here

“BS,” the student who was apparently named Duu laughed, “You’ve always been quick on yer feet!”Bookmark here

“Kii-kun didn’t mean it,” Rie smiled, “She’s just messing with you.”Bookmark here

“Rie-chan!” Kii blushed before letting out a hearty laugh. “Same as usual, Duu?” she asked the disembodied head.Bookmark here

“Huh? Oh sure…” The head looked over at me as Kii began tending to his hair. “That the tool you told me about, Kii-kun?” he chuckled.Bookmark here

Kii turned bright red, “Duu! He’s a paying customer, be polite!”Bookmark here

“For real?” Duu muttered. “Hey, punk, I heard you caused Kii-kun and Satou-san some bother last night!”Bookmark here

I bowed, “S-Sorry. I’m new in town, and…”Bookmark here

The delinquent burst into laughter. “I getcha. I ain’t originally from here either,” he said, his headless body taking one arm out of his pockets and pointing towards me, “Truth is I’ve only been here about a year.”Bookmark here

I walked over to his body and shook his hand, “Well it’s good to meet you,” I smiled, “I’ll try not to get in Ibarra-san and Rie-chan’s way again.”Bookmark here

“Make sure of it,” his head smiled, as his body returned the handshake, “I can’t stand punks who get in the way of justice!”Bookmark here

I nodded. He certainly seemed to have a delinquent’s sense of honor.Bookmark here

“I’m You Tachibana,” I told him, “What’s your name?”Bookmark here

“I’m Dullahan Finnegan,” the disembodied head replied, “You can just call me Duu though.”Bookmark here

BUZZ!Bookmark here

Kii’s right arm quickly jolted forward, the electric razor in her right hand cleaving right down the middle of Dullahan’s pompadour giving him a reverse-Mohawk. Kii’s eyes widened in horror.Bookmark here

“Duu, I’m SO sorry…” she began.Bookmark here

Dullahan’s torso grabbed a hand mirror and held it up to his severed head, sighing. “Lemme guess, the arm’s malfunctioning again?” he asked.Bookmark here

Rie looked over at Kii and Dullahan.Bookmark here

“Afraid so,” Kii muttered, “Just my luck…”Bookmark here

Rie’s demeanor completed shifted. She suddenly looked as if someone had just informed her that her favorite baseball team had lost a game. No, more like the team had announced their star-player died in a horrible accident. “Kii, don’t…” she began, “You know he’s a bad man.”Bookmark here

Kii placed her left hand on Rie’s shoulder, “I have to talk to him to get this fixed,” she sighed, “You know you don’t have to come with me.”Bookmark here

Rie pouted. “You know I don’t like the idea of you being alone with Gojou-san…” she muttered.Bookmark here

I walked over to the two girls. “What’s the matter?” I asked.Bookmark here

Kii folded her arms and scowled, “My damned arm’s malfunctioning again,” she scoffed, “Which means I’ll have to talk to the guys who made it to have it replaced.”Bookmark here

I raised an eyebrow, “So what’s the problem then?”Bookmark here

Kii looked me deep in the eyes. She sighed, “You clearly don’t know Gojou Kaiji.” she groaned.Bookmark here

Rie sighed, “He’s a very rude man,” she began, “His mind is so impure…”Bookmark here

“Rie-chan,” Kii spoke up, “That’s enough!”Bookmark here

Dullahan grabbed his head and scarf and put them both back onto his body, “Well, thanks for the cut,” he said giving Kii a pretty half-assed smile and handing her a yen note.Bookmark here

“It’ll… grow back.” Kii blushed.Bookmark here

“Yeah, I know, Kii-kun…” Dullahan said, closing the barbershop door behind him as he left.Bookmark here

“Ok, ningen,” Kii sighed, “Get out, I’m closing up shop early today.”Bookmark here

I grabbed my hoodie which I had removed from off of the coat rack and put it back on. “Good luck with the arm!” I smiled.Bookmark here

“We’ll need it…” Rie sighed, as I exited the hairdresser’s, closing the door behind me.Bookmark here

Kii folded her arms. “Alright, Gojou,” she groaned, “Let’s get this over with…”Bookmark here

As I stepped out into the street a saw someone out in the corner of my eye standing in an alleyway. Although they were shrouded in shadow, I thought I could make out a red face and a long nose. A tengu, maybe? No, on closer inspection they were merely wearing a tengu mask.**** I also noticed a metallic object around their right wrist. A watch or a bracelet perhaps? Were they watching me? Were they watching Kii or Rie or Dullahan? Nah, I thought, why would they be? Even if they were, they’re probably friends. I shrugged it off, placed my hands in my pockets and gazed excitedly toward the sky. Fairy-tales were real, I thought, and I’m in the middle of one. …My thesis is going to be a fascinating read!Bookmark here

Unbeknownst to me, as I walked away, the stranger in the tengu mask stepped out from the alleyway as they watched me heading off to explore Niijigoku.Bookmark here

The stranger lifted their mask away from their face and sniffed the air. “A new human?” they smiled. “If this were a story,” the mysterious individual grinned while striking a dynamic pose, “This is where things would get interesting…”Bookmark here


*Satori – A monkey-like youkai said to be able to read mindsBookmark here

**Gakuran – A Japanese male high school uniformBookmark here

***Pompadours and dyed hair are sometimes sported by “yankii”-style delinquents. Dullahan embodies the “delinquent with a heart of gold” character archetypeBookmark here

****Tengu mask – A red-faced mask with an angry appearance and long nose, sometimes used in festivals or Noh performances. It is meant to resemble the face of a tengu youkai
Bookmark here

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