Chapter 1:


Divine and Demonic: Testament 1


Before there were fairy tales such as Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, Pinnochio, and Peter Pan, there were myths. Stories of gods, goddesses, heroes, and monsters. Myths come from all over the world, from the humid jungles of Mesoamerica to the icy landscapes of Scandinavia. From the rocky beaches of Greece to the scorching sands of Egypt. But, as time went by, most of these myths no matter how famous, were lost in history forever. This is one of them. The Never Ending Battle Between Good and Evil.Bookmark here

Every deity was meeting at Babel. Babel was a large Colosseum, fit for every deity and angel. It was located in Heaven of the Abrahamic religions, and was the meeting place of all deities. An old man just got there. He was very old and frail indeed, with sunken yellow eyes, smooth bald, growing a white beard, wears a white and yellow robe, and was never seen without a walking stick in his left hand, and a green horned chameleon surrounding his neck. This was no other than the god Olorun, the Yoruba god of the heavens, and ruler of the Yoruba Pantheon aka Orishas, a group of deities worshipped in the Yoruba tribe of West Africa (mainly Nigeria, Togo, and Benin). Olorun made his way to the insides of Babel.Bookmark here

Because he was the ruler of a pantheon, Olorun had a special place in Babel. He sat on a royal throne chair, near the middle where Jesus sat. Other deities were on their way to Babel, some already in. Zeus (Jupiter to Romans), Greco-Roman god of the sky, lightning, thunderstorms, and king of the Greco-Roman Pantheon was already in. Zeus had long brown hair with gray streaks, a brown beard, electric blue eyes, a gold necklace, gold armguards, black sandals with red socks, and a gold toga tied with a red sash. He was accompanied with two male gods. Hermes (Mercury to Romans), and Ares (Mars to Romans). Hermes was the Greco-Roman god of travelers, thieves, boundaries, and messenger of the Greco-Roman Pantheon. He was one of the few gods who rather dressed modern. He looked like Indiana Jones, except his short blonde hair and winged boots ruined the picture. Ares on the other hand, looked like a muscular Spartan in black armor with a blue cape and a black Spartan helmet with horns. He also had bloody red eyes, and black hair in a buzz cut. He was the Greco-Roman god of war, violence, and bloodlust.Bookmark here

Zeus saw Amaterasu, Shinto goddess of the sun, and queen of the Shinto Pantheon. She had long black hair in a hime cut, yellow eyes, and wore a yellow female samurai suit without the helmet. A small mirror was always seen by her side. Zeus said in a flirtatious way, "Well hello there my blossom Amaterasu! Been a while hasn't it?". Ares sighed and muttered, "You damn pervert". Amaterasu sighed and replied to Zeus, "Hate to break it to you, but you'll never get a date with me no matter what. Didn't you learn that a while back?". Susanoo said, "He'll just keep trying". Tsukuyomi asked, "Aren't you married to Hera, Zeus?". Hermes bowed down and said, "I apologize for my father's inappropriate behavior. Father, take your seat". Amaterasu laughed and said, "Don't stress over it, Hermes. Also, nice to see you, Ares".Bookmark here

Susanoo was the Shinto god of the seas and summer. He had long black hair with the ends dyed fading blue, ocean blue eyes, and wore a blue plain men's kimono. He held two katanas. Tsukuyomi was the Shinto god of the moon. Like Hermes, Tsukuyomi preferred to dress modern. He looked like Michael Jackson in the Smooth Criminal music video, except his long silver hair, eyes that represented the moon, and the absence of the fedora ruined the picture.Bookmark here

The Trimurti, aka the most important deities of Hinduism, were relaxing on royal cushions. Brahma is the Creator in Hinduism. He was an old man with four heads, one on each side. He had long white hair tied in a bun, and a neatly trimmed white beard. He had blue eyes, and wore no top except some rosary bead necklaces and flower necklaces. He had four arms, and four gold armbands, and wore orange loose pants.Bookmark here

Vishnu was the Preserver in Hinduism. He had curly black hair barely reaching past his shoulders, green eyes, blue skin, and has four arms. He wears a vest like Luffy's in the Post Timeskip of One Piece, but pink, a flower necklace, and purple loose pants.Bookmark here

Shiva was the Destroyer in Hinduism. He had long black hair in a half up do, with a crescent as a hair tie. He had blue skin, four arms, the Hinduism symbol on each of his palms, rosary bead bracelets, no top, and a tiger's pelt as pants. He had brown eyes, with a third eye in the middle he always keeps shut.Bookmark here

Brahma asked, "Where is Jesus, the one who called us here?". Vishnu replied, "He will probably be here soon". Shiva said, "I wonder why he called us here". Suddenly, all gods heard a trumpet. It was Michael, by where Jesus sat. Michael was one of the 4 Great Archangels, commander of the Angel Army of God. He had long blonde hair, yellow eyes, silver armor with a red cape, four wings, and often held a sword. He said, "ATTENTION, JESUS, GOD'S REPRESENTATIVE, IS HERE!!! HAVE A SEAT!!!". Jesus Christ arrived and sat down. Unlike most depictions of Jesus, Jesus looked like he was Middle Eastern with tanned skin, shoulder length black hair, and a neatly trimmed black beard. He wore a white robe, and nothing else.Bookmark here

Jesus said, "Hello, pantheons from all around the world, you are probably asking why I called this meeting and demanded every deity come. Michael, speak". Michael said, "The Three Emperors of Hell: Lucifer, Lilith, and 666, are back. They along with their fallen angels force took control over 5 cities: Jerusalem of Israel, Vatican of Italy, Mecca of Saudi Arabia, Tokyo of Japan, and Varanasi of India". Jesus stood up. He said, "666 is currently in Tokyo. Lilith is on her way to Vatican, and Lucifer is on his way to Jerusalem". Suddenly someone said, "What an interesting turn of events". It was Azazel, a fallen angel of Hell. He was sitting by Amaterasu and Odin. Odin was the Norse god of war, wisdom, poetry, and king of the Norse Pantheon and Asgard. He was an old man with hazel eyes, with the right one covered by an eyepatch. He had shoulder length white hair, a long white beard, and wore a winged headband, and wore what Gandalf wore, but blue, and without the hat.Bookmark here

Azazel was a fallen angel retaining a humanoid shape. He had purple skin, a black cloak, long sharp nails on his hands and feet, red lines all over his body, blood red eyes, and long green hair with red and blue streaks. He licked his sharp teeth and said, "Hello, Jesus of Nazareth". Everyone was shocked. Amaterasu yelled, "AZAZEL". Odin asked, "How did you get in here?". Azazel jumped up and said, "I have my ways". Suddenly, a hammer was about to hit Azazel. It was a large hammer known as Mjolnir, hurled by Thor, Norse god of thunder, storms, and strength. Thor had long crimson hair, stormy gray eyes, silver armor, a wolf's pelt, leather boots, and wore iron gloves known as Jarngreipr. Thor said, "I will cleanse Babel of fallen angels, do not worry my fellow deities". Azazel dodged the hammer, but it went back to Thor. Then, he said, "I may miss once, but I won't miss twice". He was about to crush Azazel's head with the hammer, when Azazel said, "Look it isn't me okay". He turned into a Coyote. Coyote said, "It's me, Coyote". Coyote was a shapeshifter and a trickster deity of Miwok folklore. Michael said, "Haha, real funny Coyote. You got all pantheons laughing". Thor went back to his seat, and said, "You're lucky you shapeshifted back just in time".Bookmark here

Coyote laid back and said, "So, fallen angels in this world?". Jesus replied, "Yes, Coyote". Ares raised his hand. Jesus said, "Yes, Ares". Ares suggested, "Why don't we just go down to Earth and OBLITERATE the fallen angels?". Jesus responded with, "I wish it were that simple, but sadly no. The demons, especially the Three Emperors of Hell, are more powerful than you think". King Arthur raised his hand. He was the king of Camelot in Arthurian folklore. Arthur was a muscular man with short wavy blonde hair, sky blue eyes, and wore a crown, and wore the armor of a knight. Jesus said, "Yes, Arthur". Arthur asked, "What is your plan exactly?". Jesus answered, "We haven't planned anything yet as of now. But to any and all who wish to fight for humanity, meet me and the Archangels at the Garden of Eden". Michael said, "Dismissed".Bookmark here

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